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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of finding the right mount in a plane to be valid, offering a sacrifice, and praying for someone to be there. They stress the importance of staying at home to rest and pray for someone to be there. The speakers also advise people to focus on praying and not just overdoing things, as it can lead to anxiety and stress. The segment touches on the rules for the upcoming TV show, including the number of people to pick up the pebbles and the number of people to do the shaming of the shaming of the shaming of the shaming of the shaming of the shaming of the shaming of the shaming of the shaming of the shaming of the shaming of the shaming of the shaming of the shaming of the shaming of the shaming of the shaming of the shaming of the shaming of the shaming of the shaming of the shaming of the shaming of the shaming
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From the Last Supper, so let's take a look at the ad was as you were coming in to another episode of The has mother's application, the madrasa, the hedge scoop.

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Today insha, Allah will talk about the fourth pillar of Ahaz, which is alpha. Alpha is the main pillar, in fact of hash and hesitant alpha

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provinces and has is alpha.

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The pillar here is what is out of alpha is a plain

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alpha, it's not where that mount is, you know, some people are thinking that if you have to go to that mount, the mount is mounted,

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is inside the plane of alpha, but that's not what alpha only is, the whole plane, it's a huge plane, it's called out of the Prophet stood on that where the mouth is, and he said, I stood here and the whole plane is out of

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the standard on alpha is the fourth pillar of hedge and one has to be present there

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to for the hedge to be to be valid, as long as they make it before

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if you come to alpha, after modeling, after sunrise after sunset, your hash will not be valid. And even you cannot pay

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jizya you cannot pay them or offer a sacrifice, because like we said, a pillar one, if a pillar is missing, then you have to redo that pillar, it's not like I need two pages, yeah, I need to pay Yeah, and then offer a sacrifice for it, that it will not these offering the sacrifice

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Would not

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it does not fix with that problem that you have done with the cut with regard to the with to that pillar, which you have used. So

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you've got to be there. And normally people they go after

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or before thought. But now what happening now in Saudi Arabia, the the comas, the coma, of Saudi Arabia, the Assign times to different, you know,

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companies, hedge companies, for instance, maybe a hedge company might come and say, we have to leave after 2am or midnight, you know, on the night of the Asia, because alpha is on the night of the Asia. Normally, the sooner is to go there after you pray in minute, like the Prophet did. And then you go towards however right. But sometimes, sometimes you cannot do that. So because the government has issued timings for different companies, so you have to abide by the, by the rules of the of the company that you go with. So you sometimes some people, like I said, with the, with the traffic and because that this of how not everybody is going to Alabama, and sometimes it's so hard to reach out

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of and sometimes some people they reach there right before sunset, but like I said, as long as you're there before sunset, your head is validated. hamdulillah so you you go there, you know, and a lot of things that one has to do in the day of

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you will reach there, depending on what time you wish to take some rest. And then there's this, the the the the prayer, you know, of how different people pray. And so, you know, together combined a chortens. And then there's that speech, the speech of alpha, right, and then after that, people will take a guess some rest, you know, and then get ready for the main work that happens in alpha, which is, you know, right before moderate, you know, from us of time and to the mother is the time of the app, the time of the hat. And the Prophet Mohammed ideas are certainly used to say, the best I have said me and the prophets before me is you know, that

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this, you know, the the heart of the heart, you know, of the day of alpha when the Prophet Mohammed, as he said, in the reporting, you know, authenticated Muslim and others when Allah subhanho wa Taala asked the angels and he looks upon all the people, all the servants who are there in Iraq, and he says, What have brought my servants here and he knows what kind of data you have a bit they keep seeking your forgiveness the angels may apply and that Allah subhana wa tada says, Oh, my angels, you bear witness that I forgive all of them on the day of alpha. So that's why, you know, you spend you try to focus a lot on burlap and cloth, and and Vicar on that particular day of arafah. Right.

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So you're like I said, you pray you

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You know, you're under

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the age of the hedgehog, right? You, if you are in your hotel, let's say, you go to minute, you know, with your hedge company or you know, or whatever the problem is, and then after the age of the hedgehog on the night of the hedgehog after,

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or whenever they assign you to go, you head towards, you know, you leave me that, and then you go to alpha, and then you spend there, you know, you you, you pray.

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And, and then after that you listen to the hotbar. And then you start, you know, a new restaurant, yes, some people, you know, food, of course, then we talk about the food there. Because sometimes depending on the company, sometimes people offer lots of food. And then they, you know, there's also very vague in terms of you have to be careful in terms of the soft palate, the washrooms when you add in modify, because it's on the plane, and not that many mushrooms and whatnot. So that's why you have to try to

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be light on your food, don't just go and over, you know, over eat and whatnot, because not only that, what's going to happen after it was delivered, and then was that it gets even worse, because Mozart Effect is, you know, there is no seven star six stars hotel, it was an era it's 1000 million stars in a one. Why, because it's all from you and the sky is all the stars, there is no hotels, it's all on the ground. And then the washrooms again, are very scars. So that's why you have to be very careful, you know, try to you know, drink lots of water on there and focus on an Vicar and right from specially from hustle and

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once some people they want to go to mission Nebula you know, the music was in or near that way the Prophet Mohammed also said, you know, he offered that, that that speech and praise on there combined and shortened with us. But again, stay with your group stay with Judah math, you don't want to get lost a lot of people sometimes they just want to do things you know, on their own and whatnot. And then we've experienced a lot of them get lost and then it's so hard to get back to where you are and as you're reading old things inside out, but here I commend your reading and I strongly you know, men that stay with you and stay with us

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after Mahara right after sunset, the mother should not be printing right after mother because we delay normally what we do we delay mother until we

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go into was dead. Now we finish the cat once you finish, you know you have finished the pillars of hash right and then you move into the obligatory actions and has like most delavan was identified as an obligatory but not a hokum not a pillar, the difference between obligatory and pillar pillar if you miss it, you have to redo it, you cannot pay over them for it, but an obligatory action if you were to miss it, you can pay you know demo for them immediately and you sacrifice for it. So, you are right after sunset, people will start moving towards Mustang, you can use it for whatever your company or the group that you have traveled with, they would arrange whether you go in by train or

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you go in by bus, they would arrange some sort of a plane for you where people would just like a cap where you would go and camp there for the night.

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And then as soon as you reach was dead, you would pay money but in a shot together combined and shortened more than three and a shot to the cat. Yes with the with the prey with it other than what the cost is no, I'm gonna create the the sun that is a tropical storm like those two solid and then you go to sleep. And

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it's gonna I know you're gonna be tired that day and a lot of people everywhere and and so Pamela but that's what has is has is that she had so Pamela it is yet right as the Prophet Mohammed Ali Santos himself. It is not an easy trip, just so you know, it's not like a pleasant trip regardless of your package. You may have VIP package you may have whatever you call it, but it is difficult, somehow have like any experience it's not an easy read, expand just so you you set the record straight, don't think that measuring everything will be that make it easy to a certain extent to for whoever you know, wants to make it easy for but there will be some difficulties my brothers and

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sisters, the kind of love that the crowd and the buses and sometimes the buses may get stuck and sometimes with the crowd you get lady to get into the trains you know, so things do happen.

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They remember my golden advice sub patience, you will hear this a lot sub patience patience patience, busy yourself with what busy yourself with Vicar and craft and have lots of water with you, you know lots of water with you and maybe some

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those power bars you know, if you get hungry at some point, you know use them in shallow Tana but lots of decorum and, and and sell up on Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam you'll pretty much live in Asia you go to sleep and then you wake up to a profession in Muslim

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after you pray for God in was dead if then yes, you will get to pick up some people they want to stay until sunrise, but you can pick up the and some people will get to leave before which is also permissible as best when he did when the Prophet Mohammed also sent me sent those those who could not spend the night and then he sent them with him some of the letters send them and then they left before you know sunrising they left after midnight or so. So this is also permissible. But if he can't stay until sunrise until the any you prefer that's Mashallah that's really good. So you professional and then you take your jam a lot. This is because you're going to use them for the next

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ritual which is I mean, as Ramallah you pick up the pebbles and the first Ramallah will only be you know, seven Jamaat because the first lomilomi only going to be the low end seven tables for the Xiomara Cooper was talking about the drama.

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The drama that the SOA will start with Cobra the small, the medium and large, on the 10th of the Asia, which is the day of eight. They call it the hazard. This is the biggest takeaway has come up because most of the rituals are performed on that day. The first is you go and then you float the biggest Ramallah seven, you know, seven peoples? How many should you pick up a little bit more than seven just in case if you drop one or two and whatnot, you have extra, some people they say that I have to pick for all the three days any more than 70 shama

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pebbles, not necessarily really, you pick whatever you need for the 10th of the hisher just to go through, and then you will get to pick up the pebbles for each day for a minute. And that is also the sun. So Pamela, for each day, you pick their pebbles from Mina, for most edify you pick for the 10th of the Asia, seven peoples. And then you go, you know, saying, of course, the bay column and a big tent, right, the big alarm and a vague answer until you reach the drama because that's the day of a yo yo mama Bismillah

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Bismillah Allahu Akbar. Again, it's to commemorate You know, there's a history behind this you know, the one of the reports is that Ibrahim Ali said that when he wanted to slaughter his son

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say Tom came to whisper and then he threw you know the pebbles at him as for some of the reports by Kathy and others, so he It is not like you hit into

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some people they think were stone in the shade. And some people they picked some depict some some some depict some huge stones and rocks, you know, they think I'm gonna kill this guy, I'm gonna hurt him. I'm gonna He is the one who really destroyed my life, my destroy my family and divorced my spouse. And because of him, I'm going to just athletes, it's a member, it is a it's a ritual the profits they do and we do as we did some aligning, we send them you are not really hitting the shape and per se, it's the it's the ritual of cash, you take pebble, you know, seven, as big as a garbanzo. Beans. Yeah, the beans almost a little bit bigger than others than the lentil a little bit

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bigger than the others. And, and in between the headers and the hummus, yani right between the lentils, and the and the beet.

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And then you throw the Shama once you told me that, you go back to your camp.

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That's the day of hate, and then you start the tibia. And after you start the stop the tibia, that day is the day of the technique that can be out

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there in a lot right?

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Or the, or the tickets that

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you go to your cat.

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And then it will be the day of the slathering as well. Normally, the slot slaughtering is done on behalf of you by your company by you shaken by the company that you are traveling, so they may let you know as to what time the slaughtering would happen. You know, normally around 9:10am in the morning or so the slaughtering is normally done. And then you know, some

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They elicit Can I shave before I slaughter? It is all permitted somehow Allah, the prophet was asked, Can I do this before that the Prophet used to say, if I want to hash if I want to hash, so now it is a law that it is the best. Again, like I said, out of all of this the app, you know, as you're in the in the mazetti, for a minute.

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And then like I said, you make two via until you reach the minute and then you start the test via and you wait until the slathering is done. Well, if you don't want to wait, you can shave. But if you want to wait, it's fine. Wait until the slavery is done. And then you perform your shortening or your shaving of the head. For the sisters, we talked about it last time is that you know, they cut up to a finger joint, right? So you shave, and then you take your shower, and then you rest and based on whatever you decide what your company. The next thing is to go to makeup to perform tawaf as a father and that is the power of a father, right of a father is broken here of

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of a hash, and we'll talk about this look and shotwell data. In the next episode, Mark lafay comes in America.