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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Riyadh, Rosie and we're still talking about the has school madrasa to has. So we talked about the first pillar which is hellam. And we've talked about the conditions and we talked about the obligatory actions and the sunon. We're talking about delvia.

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And now we're going to talk about the second pillar of Amara and Office of hedge, which is a power. What is tawaf?

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tawaf is going around the callback seven circuits. That's the definition of life. But remember, when I said earlier in the other no previous episodes, I always talked about the doing you know, the head arm of the hard to tell beat of the heart. And, and the and now we need to talk about also the power of the heart. The Love is that you you go around the Kaaba seven times.

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Some people the they asked that question about, you know, why do Muslims go around the stone? You worship a stone. And if remember, in the maybe the first episode that talked about, you know, has as as a submission, you know, we just submit, we were towels. That's where towels. You go around the Kaaba go around the Kaaba, you do say you do say

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go to alpha, we go to alpha, come back from alpha go to Moz verify. We spent an item was there if I go to Mina take stones, but hit this other stones. We just do as we were told, as the Prophet Mohammed that is a term used to tell the Sahaba head to the bordered by wisdom, narrated by Shabbat, who do any monastics Who are you people take your rituals from me. Whenever we saw the prophet or they saw the Prophet deed, they followed the law. And we will do the same thing we take from the Prophet Mohammed Ali, his Salatu was so Tom if you go around the campus seven times, but as you can see some ham a lot people when they do tawaf, they do our anti clockwise, anti clockwise, right they

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go like this.

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Why, like the clock was like this, some handle can.

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You can do your own research, everything in this universe, from the smallest thing to the biggest thing, everything revolves or rotates in an anti clockwise rotation,

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the stars, the sun, moon, even the, you know, in our bodies, those blood cells and so penetrating everything in that rotation, so panicky, and not only that, also when you are going around the Kaaba, anticlockwise, your heart is the closest to the

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power of the heart, before the power of the mind.

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And then we start that off, of course, you have this intention and the intention is in the heart as we mentioned, and the purity. What is this a condition of purity? I need the state of Ohio reported by the best because the Prophet Mohammed Iser says the wife is sada except that you speak you know in it, we can talk, we can talk we're doing the talk, we can talk the Salah, you cannot talk. So what's the difference between tawaf and Salah is just that so Pamela, at the wife is you can speak in it. But

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when we're making often sometimes you see a lot of people nowadays with these cell phones everywhere and then they're taking their phones and making it all going around and taking these selfies and now I have and here I am and making what kind of tower is this your heavy the Tower of the heart You're making power in this space that all the profits have made them off all the profits they came and they made power

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cheap and you are making tough in that same spot. He used to walk walk whenever he used to walk into desert he used to make very short steps and used to say maybe my step my footstep I would step away the Prophet has stepped in some somebody said so he didn't make him fall off and maybe a foot will make the the maybe that footstep that in or wherever the profit or system may have stepped in Salalah loosen them and your heart and your eyes shouldn't be focused. Focus on the carrier heavy focus you make him fall off and also we will talk about what you use. Should you say what you're doing throw off.

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Forget about these pictures and whatnot. Yeah, once you're done, you can take pictures all you want but now is your making Power Focus on your thoughts. You have to have will do what you make in power, but some of my llmd have explained you know if

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Making tawaf and then you know, it's so bad. And then you only have one shot left one circuit left, and you lost your widow, what should you do? Well, a long time ago, it used to be difficult because they hadn't, you know, a long time ago to make well do you have to go outside of the masjid to make the life it was really difficult. But now it's easy. Because Allah have, you know,

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he said, if you have one or two, you know, circuits left, and it's so difficult for you to come out, you can finish your power. But if you just started, and then you have broken your little do, go make your little do and come back.

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If you have left to make a little do, and then you came back an hour later or two hours later, than you need to make it start all over again, Nick, you came in the next day, then you have to start all over. But if you just went to make goodwill took a few minutes, you know, to come when and came back, you start where you have left off. But you have to start with the wood

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you have to be in the state of purity.

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And you start your

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covering, of course, the profit areas of the body, you know, just like you're making, you know, you're doing the,

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in the Salah, in the southern part of your body was centered enough for the watch, you have to cover, you know your body. And, of course, we're here we're talking about you wearing, you know, your towels. And then of course, for men, we've talked about the fact that they have to uncover the right shoulder. And that is called eppley bath, you know, if the back cover uncovered the right shoulder, and then they start doing the power and you start of course the power should be inside the machine not outside you cannot go and take a cab so lights tools difficult today, it's very fact it's gonna be very hard. I'm just gonna hire a cab and go outside of the Hammond till the cab to

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make a law demo. This is not about my friend this is I don't know what you want to call it right? You may just stay in your home and breathe or go to your refrigerator and then put the black cloth in it and then go around the to know maybe you can call this tower that does not all has to be inside them as I've had inside. So now it's the and now they have many levels of handler you know, for me, I prefer always to make it in the main salon, the main plaza, but if you cannot, you can go to the other levels, but the tower has to be inside the Madrid seven circuits.

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If you were to forget the numbers of how many cigarettes you made, let's say you're you think maybe is it four or five, you always go with the lesser number if you think is three or four I forgot maybe three maybe it's four go with the less remember always and the camera Of course should be on your left right when you're making thought should be on the left.

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And the top should start from the Blackstone that's where you start your thought from you start with our from the Blackstone These are just some talking about the pillars and then you know later on I will talk quickly like you know on the step by step like when you when you come out from the airplane and then you go to your hotel and so we'll talk about that as well and shallow to add and then what you do when you enter the measured what you do when you look at the Kaaba, who was talking about those things as well inshallah Tada, now I'm just telling you about the the rituals, you know the father, they are cat.

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What are the sunan of the tawaf the son of the tawaf is number one, you enter the machine with the right foot, now you're entering the masjid, you enter the middle, the right foot, and then

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you see the door of the Prophet Mohammed Al Islam, Bismillah Alhamdulillah, WA salatu salam, ala, Lama fully the movie of magic, out of the lobby, most often, he came in a shape on the machine. He says all of the Prophet Mohammed while entering the masjid, with the right foot, and then once you go towards the right, you enter the message. And then you go towards the making enough to gather to start making your throw off, since you look as soon as you look at the car, but you there's no some people they they,

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they, there are many to ask you can you know you can make your own? No, is it anything really that the Prophet said? That there is no nothing specific,

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in in terms of authenticity, that the Prophet is to say this, or that, when entering the Kaaba, or when seeing the Kaaba but abnormal. It was reported, whenever he used to see the Kaaba he used to say aloha matters to them, woman cosanta Baraka

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Yes, you can come and then you know, you can pause you can make on your own it's all good.

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It's all good Subhanallah sometimes I do it with my you know, with my judge, and they let them you know, give them some time to make that. You know, as you start watching, especially those who are the first time coming to his camera, the first time seeing the camera, and then some probably see some some people crying and

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They don't know what they're crying, sometimes people aren't in the state of shock. So, make that if you want to make the die you can.

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And then you proceed towards the, the black stone, the Black Swan, there is a green, you know, sign nowadays, that points towards it, of course, you cannot go straight into it because it's virtually impossible. But that that green light, it points towards it. And then once you reach that, where the black stone is for the brothers to uncover that rightsholder called the playback and to waive your need to sign like you know, with your hand, you know, with just the right hand because you will see people using both hands, you will see people kissing, you know, sending kisses and, and I don't know, flowers and stuff like that you see people sometimes, you know, kissing both hands and doing

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this, you know, the Profit System, he went, and he kissed it. And then he started from it, saying Bismillah Allahu lankester. But now it's like I said, it's virtually impossible to go and kiss it. And then to start your power. You just, if you know, the professor, he said, If you cannot kiss it, you did. He took also his stick philosophy stuff. And then he touched it in the Blackstone, and then he kissed his steps on lightning send him You won't be able to do that either. So what do you do from far Bismillah Allahu Akbar, and you start making your life you start making the Torah the brothers going to the ramen, ramen, is that you know, they

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they, they walk briskly, you know, with their, with their finger with their Lakatos tippy toes, and then just like, in a not going fast, but just like a brisk walk, you know, for the brothers, but not for the sisters. But if you're in Jamaica, you just walk with the gym so you don't use each other. So you start Bismillah Allahu Akbar. And then you start doing your, you know, you

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these are some of the sunon of our power.

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This the Herman, by the way, is only for the first three circuits, as the Prophet arson did not for the full seven circuits.

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And then every time you pass by the Blackstone, you point it with your right hand and you say, Bismillah, Allahu Akbar, is that any Doha that you need to make what you're doing? What should you do? What should you say, listen to this,

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you will see people chanting, in groups, you will see people reading from books. And okay, I'd say, and this is my opinion, you are here, your heart and chest may be a so you've got so much thing happening in your life, this is the time to pour everything out. And to talk to Allah subhanho wa Taala. in any language, you know,

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you don't necessarily have to read from a book, or the data from a book, let the data come from the heart from the depth of your heart, and talk to unless I wish I shed some tears, talk to him, tell him complain, he is destruction, our data, he's there, go and tell him so.

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So every you know, sometimes there's these books that that tells you every show every circuit, you should say this and that and whatnot. This is not authentic, you can say you can make any you want. You can put any, let's say one secret you can make one secret you can make one secret, you can make this be once you could do concrete, or add every circuit You know, every show, you can do as you wish, as long as the heart is present and engaged. And again, remember, after each circuit, you pass by the hazardous wood, and you point at it and then you say Bismillah, Allahu Akbar, there is only this drop that, in fact was prescribed by the prophet Muhammad was to that he was prescribed that,

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in fact, whenever you reach between the two corners, the black stone corner and the Yemeni corner, the mid corner is the corner that comes right before the black stone. It's called the Yemeni corner, right? So the prophecy is to say about bene attina dunia has an awful lot of escena joaquina. either been, I've been a 13 F in dunya has Anna marfil, Afro Latina, Latina either when I wish you can go with a with a with a shift who knows what he's doing. So he can, you know, lead you and you know, in the spirituality in sha Allah hota. Right. So it's nice to go into group, but also some people they like to do it individually because they feel more engaged. However you feel and whatever you feel

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it's up to you if you feel more comfortable doing it by yourself, and so you can get more engaged. Do so if you feel like you want to be with a group. So you make sure that you know what you're doing and do that. What however you feel insha Allah who died. So this is again the power of seven times in the last short as you

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Point to the cabinet Bismillah Allahu Akbar. And then you hit towards Mohammed Ibrahim, same with didomi mahkamah Ibrahim A Muslim. Right? So you hit towards the makanda station of the station of Ibrahim you can you cannot miss it nowadays. It's like this pullback like a dome and then it's sometimes you see some people praying right behind it which is wrong. And there are a lot of officers now that you know, they're patrolling and they don't let people praying right around because it creates you know, it's difficult and hard and and very dangerous as well. So you go to the back, right, and then you face to face. You face the Kaaba and then you pray Taka in the first

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car once you're done in the first of the car you decide to put your your capital in the psychedelica you decide kohala head of course with the fact that it is up to the cat that you recite right that you do. And then after you finish your tilaka you go simsim is right behind the that what people now they go and they pray you know behind this dictionary by him that Samsung is right next to it now and then you can go to Samsung and drink some some This is the son of the Prophet Mohammed also sent him a drink and make lots of Zima Shiva whatever you make in sha Allah tada as the Prophet used to say drink and pour on your head and your hair and you face and will keep on pouring and drinking the

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lotman the Muslims and you drink so much and make lots of chances are in sha Allah who to Allah, that Allah subhanho wa Taala will answer your what do you do after

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there is another pillar that you do after inshallah inshallah we'll talk about it in the next episode, and the others as a saint salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.