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Fortress of the Muslim, Learn A Du’a from The Prophet Everyday


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The host of a YouTube program discusses the importance of remembering the Prophet Muhammad for his guidance during a crisis. They recommend a book called "the Fortress of the Middle" and encourage people to pray for their loved ones. The host also reminds people to stay at home and pray for their loved ones.

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Wada, Allah, he was so good to me. Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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All my beloved brothers and sister wherever you are,

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this is the last 10 tips that we like to share with you in this special program.

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When we are facing a 14 day movement control order.

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It's very important for us to be connected to Almighty Allah. And the best way is to remember him to our prayer. And

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there's a lot of room for us to recite. And one of the best book that we can recommend all of you, if you have a book called fortress of the Muslim, this kind of book is very important because all the dough there is been collected in this book is from our Prophet, some of the best men, the one that Allah has choosen him to be the

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last messenger of Allah.

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If you want to make any dough, our brother and sister, just follow the drop, the prophet will be the best to go his two is the most powerful.

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So you can try to memorize some of the example every morning the Prophet have recommend as what to resign, how to call upon law. I will share with you some of the do's that the Prophet highly recommend us. Number one, in the morning after project prayer, you just said after praising Allah, because don't always start with praising Allah Alhamdulillah and slower upon the Prophet Allah more solid Muhammad, this is the adapt, then we see Allahumma bigger as BATNA will become sane or be cannot Yeah, what we can move away like I'm not sure as Allah for his blessing in the morning, under the evening and evening to the next morning. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala meet us people who are

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prepared for our departure back to him. And also we say to Allah Bismillahi lezzy laiya rumus Nisha Otto de Waal F is sama he was sunny, olive tree. These are very important to our when we are facing this crisis of wires COVID-19

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to seek Allah maximum protection, that whatever may come down from the sky and that surface from the earth, Allah will protect us to his power, and to all the knowledge that he has. And we can keep on saying and ask Allah, a lot more appealing agenda three times what our children are mean and not treat them. Because the Prophet did mention that whoever asked a lot every morning evening, a lot more at killing a janitor three times. And a lot more junior than not treating the capital of Paradise also will pray for us to welcome us to paradise and the capital of hellfire. We'll also ask Allah to protect us from hellfire. And this is how important for us to remember are these important

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and after each part of the prayer, don't forget to sit at least treat them a step further in law, as long as the trauma, the one that the Prophet recommend, don't have to add or minus anything more than what the prophet have recommended. Because there are so many types of doula, but the time the Prophet make it so simple, do it in a simple way, get and you can prolong then you can add more, but not at the time where the Prophet said our stuff, blah, blah, you add more than that. That means you are not following the way of Prophet Muhammad, Allah and Allah commanded us to follow him, not for our liking. Follow what the prophet has taught us. Now a lot of people who connect and remember him

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making dua to him, while standing while sitting or lying down, wherever we are.

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We are laudable elements of our prayer brothers and sisters. And again, again, I like to remind all the good practices was staying at home. Don't forget when you pray, to pray for those who are working very hard outside, non stop, the doctors, the security forces, the police, the army, and also the nurses and whoever get involved in helping all of us and don't forget to at least help them

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By staying at home,

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we are lost how except our prayer is sincere from the heart.

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And we are lost behind us people who always remember a lot not only in bedtime, good bedtime, wherever we are. Don't forget Allah Rasool Allah mean Allah promised us. First Clooney as whoever remember me, I remember him, and I'm always there for him. So May Allah subhana wa Taala protect all of us from all the Phaeton that we are exposed to, and purify our heart, our mind, that it's time for us to be focused, to be a better person by helping each other, pray for each other. And in the same time, don't forget to pray for those who have passed away. Allah know best. One day we are going to pass away too, that Allah will give all of us a good ending. And may Allah protect us, our

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country, our leader, our children, our grandchildren, wherever they are, and fellow mankind wherever you are, from all the trauma and challenges and all the viruses, the sickness

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and the problem that we are facing. I mean, Yoruba, Allah mean, you hope we will see you soon. And we hope that you will not forget to connect yourself with your scholar. Truly the YouTube program will be like 250 we're afraid that one and 100 will either mean some hand up lahoma behind the eyeshadow Illa Illa and that stuff will go to a like brother and sister. We love you for the sake of a law and we hope that all of us will be together here to the hereafter.

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Amin Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.