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The shaming process for Christmas celebrations is discussed, emphasizing the importance of avoiding getting too caught up and not rushing to work. The speaker also emphasizes the need to rest and not take time to work until the end of the day to avoid getting stuck. The success of hedging the media and staying until the end of the day is also discussed.

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Smell out from the north south of summer. So let's talk about the cat on the others as he were talking about the has school motto sort of Hush. We're in alpha, we finished off I was talking about alpha and we talked about the last pillar, the final pillar of hedges, which is our

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we went and then we thought about the pebbles on the 10th of the hijab, you know, as Yamato Cobra, we threw the pebbles, you know, then, as we throw the pebbles, we say Bismillah, our kebab Bismillah, Allahu Akbar, can you tell on behalf of somebody who cannot Yes, you can. You can't on behalf of somebody who cannot make it. And then you start throwing the pebbles throwing the pebbles is an obligate reaction. If it's not done, then you can pay either somebody can do it on your behalf, or you have to pay them if you cannot do it.

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And then once you are done, the slaughtering would be done on your behalf. And then you shave and use or shorten and for the sisters to,

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to cut up to a finger joint, until this point, everything can become on will become permissible for you except intimacy, except being intimate with your spouse. And then whatever you decide with your group to go to Mecca, because you need to perform the final or the last or the other of the get reaction, you know the tawaf alpha, the top of alpha, so you go to Mecca, and this time you can go in, because you have taken a shower, and you have shaved, or shortened, so you wear your normal clothing, and then you will go to perform power from a father, or as they call it,

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a father or this or right after you once you do that, because you're doing the mentor has with the mentor. So you will do tawaf a father, just like the set off we did earlier. To do this is to have a father was the Allah and and you will do the suffer suffering in between, say, between the suffering model, the same as we have spoken the same

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way that you have done it before, you know the same power, except that you are within your clothes, so you're not doing it. And you're not doing the ramen, but the walking briskly. And then you will go and you drink your Zamzam and you make up and prehistoric art behind mechanical when you go towards the Safa doing the same way, like there's a station of the DA starting from a sofar going to on my walk, and then you are gone, there is no need to shave because you already have shaved and shortens. And here officially only

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the only thing that is left is basically the ayama tashlich, the 11th 10th and 11th 12th and 13th of the Asia once you are done without a father hamdulillah everything becomes permissible, including your spouse, including intimacy, right? So then you go back to Mina, and you spend, you know, depending on what the group have decided or has decided, you know, the level of the Asia, the 12th of the Asia and the 13th of the Asia for those who don't have the metadata for Yeoman, if Allah is married woman to marry the man, the man is Taka. So as Allah subhana wa tada says, Those who want to do your honey only die Julia Annie, who has has opened the account, they would only do 11th and 12th

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of the hedge in minute, and then they will leave after you know, after the before the sunrise or before the sunset, I'm sorry, before the sunset of the 12th those are fine. No, there is no, there is no than on them, there is no sin upon them. And those who stay on the 13th Also, there is no it's all permissible hamdulillah depending again on what you have decided with your group. What do you do in the during those times in in May. It's not like a time of have fun and and Halcyon you think you're it's all done? Allah has accepted your hash for you. Yeah, you have to be very careful. This is the time where, you know, one shouldn't be making lots of Doha and dicker

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young man who died of a young man who that you know, when he mentioned that make mention of a lot in these days. These are really one of the best days Allah Subhana Allah to hire right. So make lots of mention of Allah Xhosa, lots of declaw Allah subhana wa tada during that day and then you will do a force to summarize and he will do the three shamala the small, the medium and the large and the big right? When do you do them from you know from after vote of law until you have the whole day and the whole night and some even have given the first way that you can do them after fun. Right. So but the Prophet also said he did them right from after the one after vote. And till the end you have the

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whole time the whole the whole day to do

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shamala is not as hard as it used to be, it's a lot easier to handle in that, you know, there are many levels, you go the group, you know, you can go after Vogue or after, after money, it's all up to you and hamdulillah. And then you go to the first drama, you start with the first drama with seven pebbles, you picked your seven or 21, either you need to pick 21 or little bit, you know, more than 21 you know, you would pick them before, and then you will go seven, and then you Bismillah Allahu Akbar, right, you will hit the first Ramallah the small one Bismillah Allahu Akbar Bismillah, whatever, seven times, and then you move to the side, face the Qibla and stop making that.

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And then you move forward again to the second zamana, the middle one, and then you start taking the Xiomara to seven or one, not altogether, you cannot just take seven and the two them all at once. That is counted as one. So you have to you know, one pivot at a time Bismillah Allahu Akbar Bismillah Allahu Akbar. But

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be careful actually not an SR, when you're close to the Israelites, you know, when you finish flowing, don't turn your face in and go back because there are people flowing, they may hit you and hit your face. So you have to be really careful, you know how to close your mouth, and how to come out from it, you know, from the genre. And then after the second drama, you move to the side as well facing the Qibla. And you start making and then you go to the third drama, the last one, again, we do the same thing, you go with a lower one. And then you move to the side is that any dot there is no line after the third one, once you finished the third jamala you move on? And then you go back to

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your gap. Can you talk on behalf of somebody? Yes, you can, like I said, right, you can talk on behalf of somebody. So you do that on the 11th, the 12th and the 13th. If you can stay until the 13th then, but if you let's say on the 12th you have if you want to leave on the 12th then you have to talk to Samarra and leave if you are to stay until after Madrid then you're stuck you have to stay and spend the night in was in Milan. Alright, so for those who want to only short again, don't stay this three days, you want to only stay two days, they do do some a lot on the on the 11th and the 12th of the Asia and they have to leave before sunset. And then those who are staying on the

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onto the 13th they will go on the 13th and then they will go back to their hotels or whatever they're staying in Macau as you see or whatnot. And the house. The last thing that is amazing is the love and without the awful weather, which is the federal of the off, it's also considered to be an obligate reaction, except on women who have their menses, it you know, for women who may have their menses, then it drops then they don't have to do it. Other than that, everybody has to do the power hour that and that is the last action or the last ritual you will do before you head to the airport. You cannot do powerful with that. And then go out shopping, leave do everything first and then leave

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the awful weather until the end. If you don't offer that for instance, and then you go back to the hotel and then you get stuck. Right? The past does not come and it's okay. It's not up to you. You have to eat go buy food you need to eat right? Can I rest because the bus is late. This hour we get stuck You stay out of the salon, you go and pray Salah. Right? Because it's not up to you. But you cannot go out and do your shopping and whatnot. The last thing that a person should do before leaving Mecca is to leave with you know after completing a class and whether we call it the federal staff. And after that your husband

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is all complete.

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What an amazing journey.

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really an amazing journey my brothers and sisters that started in fact from your home, preparing for it. Don't prepare when you go there that you prepare from your home, praying on time, the flesh of Asia the silhouette on time, the vehicle and even your diets you have to prepare it when you are home in your home. Right some exercise because there's a lot of effort there. love walking. So you get people who are maybe not out of shape you know, if you're out of shape you're gonna suffer when you go there. Maybe start you know a month or so before try to start little you know, exercises and maybe walking and and watching your diet and things like that because it's it's hazard it's it's

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it's a big thing really it's a lot of efforts it's not a it's not a pleasant trip by all with all due respect that by all means right? And then shout Allahu to Hana. Like I said philosophy. No, you're on your plane. You take your plane and then you land once you land people travel to Allah would be waiting for you at the airport. Right? You meet them you go to your hotel. Once you go to your hotel, depending on the time that you reach your hotel, do you want to go and perform, you want to go perform your power, it all has to be discussed and decided within you know, would you go inshallah tada Oh

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Try to remain with your group. And with your if you have your father or your parents with your your mother or your kids, your spouse, make sure okay sometimes you know like don't just keep going and you know they're behind you make sure that you stay together. Especially sometimes people that don't speak the language and then they get lost and then they don't you know, they will not know how to find their ways back. So it's very difficult sometimes always carry your your ideas with you. Everybody will have some sort of ideas with the holy scarier items you can also never carry all your cash in one pocket.

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This is wrong. Some people do that you know all your cash in your belt and what happens if you've lost your belt. If you lose it and what happens if it drops and whatnot then all your credit cards and all your money is gone. Now be careful you know living in your safe and living here in London you know carry whatever you need for that you know for when you're out and the thing that you need and then the shopping and whatnot I know I need to talk about that as well. Now Medina tends to be a little cheaper in terms of shopping. You want to wait to Medina to do your shopping you can do that. Right? You want to do a little bit more expensive and don't just sometimes people they think they

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don't have nothing dated MCI will have to buy everything for me my toothbrush my this and my that they have ever more than you can imagine. Everything you need however you will find it there. All those nonsense, you know soaps and shampoos and whatnot, everything you need Subhanallah you will find it there must only have pharmacies, free health care for the Hajaj free medication for the judge Alhamdulillah Yanni This is it's a mash up of America lately. They're doing an amazing job. Regardless of what you might hear from people, but really the government they're in Saudi Arabia, they're really doing an amazing job to facilitate the process of hedge upon the pilgrims, you will

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find that people everybody wants to greet you, everybody wants to serve you. Everybody wants to feed you why because you are blue. Man, you are the guest of Allah. Allah Allah Allah. You are the guest Nam Allah has invited you to go to Mecca to Medina to allows anybody to go to his house, the sacred house, the house, you know the the Kava so you are the guest of Allah subhanho wa Taala take advantage of District only Allah knows whether you're going to be able to go back to Mecca again. So make it as if this is your last hash inshallah Allah May Allah bless you and bless your families and may Alexa from you Baraka Luffy comas, akmola hair was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.