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salatu salam ala rasulillah I

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have thought about what I can do with all these.

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What I can do about them whether they can have the will of Allah, whatever lambda we use them when you're going to have to bid even can have the boiler kills you're

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faced with almost panic attacks.

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Who is the creator, who is the door

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who is the controller of this universe,

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nothing can happen

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without his will subhanho data

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this entire universe,

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not even a single atom can move without the will and the provisional robots can with that.

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Even if a leaf from a tree was default,

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Allah subhana wa Taala orders that leads to fall from that tree. And Allah subhanho wa Taala orders that leaf to turn and in fact, how many turns should it make in the air before the falls and where it should fall?

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Everything that happens, it happens with the work and the permission

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under the greed of Allah subhanho that

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they have said things

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they have said many things.

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They have said that we can make a human being.

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They have said that a man can turn into a woman and they have said that a woman can we can turn into a man they upset so many things. They have challenged Allah Subhana Allah in His creations.

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They said we can go in the lab and make a human being.

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This reminds me of

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one of the signs of the hereafter.

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This reminds me of the Jews

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when they will come.

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It's a creature with Allah subhanho wa Taala has given him some power that he has not given to anyone before it's an hour that

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so much so that this was one of them would take a sphere

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and he will throw it into the sky. He says we will kill Allah,

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we will kill Allah,

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they will take despair and they will throw it into the sky and the Spirit would come back with blood.

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And they said we have killed Allah.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala challenge them

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and inflicted upon them. insect,

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an insect that attack the next.

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They have become like locusts, that

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whatever is happening today

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It makes me personally seem or look like I'm so small.

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You're just like this.

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A small virus, they couldn't do nothing about

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a virus which you and I cannot even see it with the naked eye.

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They can do nothing about

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the same people who've said we can do this and we can do that. And we can make this and we can make that

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there's nothing that they can do about this. unless Allah wills for something to happen. Because he is a chef. He is the one who gives afia subhana wa Taala Nothing happens without his with the very well known handy

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long one. I don't have time to mention it all but it is a hurry that brings serenity in the hearts for me, it brings peace to the heart. Yeah, for the

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for the Lucha digital Jacques. He does ltfs Allah Wait is that the first time we learned

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that we still adding insult to injury? onion Pharaoh can be a linnaean electrician in Calcutta hula hula

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is what you know Allah.

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Allah Bishop in Calcutta

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and the human

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mat or subject matter

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when most of us have what follows

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is the use of

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things as if you pour milk into the heart. Something makes you feel so peace.

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This beautiful had it long when the Prophet says about our best who was riding behind him. It's a

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Long had it this had it particularly I can spend at least one month talking about. He says he was riding with the Prophet Mohammed is was selling he was writing a movie, which also shows the the power of the Prophet Mohammed Al is of the humbleness and he was writing together. And then he took an opportunity to give him an advice and he says, Be mindful of our webinar best be mindful of Allah, Allah shall take care of you. safeguard has commenced, he shall be with you. When you ask, Allah.

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When you ask, ask Allah, when you seek a fusion, someone secret efficient, and rest assured that if the entire mankind they get together to benefit you, they won't be able to benefit from something that Allah has for ordained for you. And if they were to come together to harm you, they won't be able to harm you, la colonna Walla Walla, Walla Walla, and I would add, I would add, if they come together to harm you, they won't be able to harm you except with something that Allah has pre distant for you.

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The beds have dried, have been lifted, and the ink has dried. And then another narration, he says,

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rest assured

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that Mal, Mal can receive whatever has stricken you.

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It was not meant to miss you. If something was supposed to happen to you, it was not meant not to happen to you. And if something happened to you, it was not meant not to happen to you. Yeah, and in either case, whatever. Let's say you drive in and you say, I almost got into an accident. Initially that accident was not meant to happen to you.

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Or if something was to happen to you, it was not meant not to happen. Jesus just put this in your mind's eye then he says in Psalm a sub victory comes with patience.

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A relief and we don't want to really go into this mostly but I was supposed to be in Ramadan today. Like a lot of you may be. I was supposed to be for three weeks there. And then I was supposed to go to Morocco for another trip. Yeah. And he used to work my work. Everything is gone on flames. Now. I was supposed to go and leave a couple fundraisings in Vancouver and hamdulillah a relief we want the relief and everything has gone down the drain. But can you see by la la, la la la, la la la, la la la la token

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of vs Quinlan, you see by the Illa Macaca Baba holiness say that nothing can happen to us except that which Allah has decreed for us is Maulana is

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phenomenal what he said when he was in his deathbed dying. And if you were to look into the body of Herman worried

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you will not find the

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span of a finger, you will find a wound to

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stab his whole body is has some some sort of wounds in it. And he was seeking martyrdom, Shahada, and he says look at me now dying like camels nowhere to die.

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He wants to share the Allah did not give him shadow although, of course the LMA said he died in his bed and he's seven certainly eat Malaviya must be safety matter. He

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covered cassava as verbal and motor we're headed

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whosoever does not die with the sword, he will die with something else that means are so different, but the death is one

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that is one bit. But rest assured. If this Corona will, whatever her name is, or its name is was meant to happen to me, or to somebody else, even if I were to lock myself out in not only my room in my grave, inside the earth, it was meant to get me to Allah it will get me despite all the precautions I take.

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Because Allah has decreed for it to happen to me.

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Yes, Mojave quarantined one full tribe, he quarantined them. And away they went to him. He said, Yeah. Are you running away from Alabama? Are you running away from the decree of Allah? He says, Oh,

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I wish somebody else would have said this. I wish somebody else would have said this. He says I'm running away from the cradle of Allah to the other.

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I'm running away from the credit card. I gave, I washed my hand with that hand sentence sanitizer. I watched and then Cortana cuts me then I run away from the color of Allah to the color of Allah.

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I can't run away from the bundle of allies that we say yes we need to take precautions but we have to put our trust in Allah and I'm here to bring I'm sick man, excuse me to say this ya know all we hear about and all we talk about and this is my only first time to take the stand here in order to be able to address the you know my community although so many other communities that have approached me but this is the only my community that I feel my only opportunity to maybe to talk to them Allah knows what I'm going to be able to talk to you again or not, but I just wanted to give some bring some hope and I do have some good news some happiness for all of you salehoo Tada all we hear is

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this this this and that even our home we go and we talk about this that call us put our trust in Allah subhana wa tada yes we take the means we took the precautions yes the handler now we pray now we make will do five times a day Allah even if you have what do you make with organ why because you want it to stay you know keep clean, good date, eat things immune system your immune system has to be strong measurable, eat dates, eat honey it episode all these things to you know, give some power some some energy to your immune system to fight these diseases and to really work out. Just the fact that you come for federal martial law court and it's a workout in its own. But the rest assured that

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nothing can deviate from the will and the decree of Allah subhana wa tada put your trust in him. Don't be afraid. Don't be scared.

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We heard of so many things before they came and they left and a shallow shallow tada distinguished leave, we could make into a we have the weapon of the believer was the weapon the weapon is there. And this is why we made the after first and I hope we can make

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that make that

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be you you have

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your You are a Chevy you are who can give life brothers who gives life and who keeps death? Who brings diseases. You think China who brings diseases who brings harm a lot and who can remove

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a lot. connect yourself to him somehow not what

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you think about he's oblivious to what Allah is oblivious to what's going on today. But you know in so many countries how many people embrace the stem just because of this? You know, so many Muslim countries how many people started coming to Alaska just because of this? de la muchacha de la if you have an issue

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but I want to end with this inshallah

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we have the key, I don't have the cure.

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If only we put our trust in Allah subhana wa Tada. The Prophet Mohammed Salah, Larsson says whosoever says in the morning, and in the evening three times Bismillah under the law Don't ask me to shape fill out the will of his Salah or was sent me Ronnie

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Bismillah Allah the logo as well energy, what energy what Corona shake, you understand? And they say what they say what happened Malachi Quran that

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the Prophet says, Who so ever says In the name of Allah, under whose name there is, no harm can happen to you whether it's in the earth or in the sky, no harm can happen to you what was the meaning? So let's say this this Mashallah three times together, try in the morning and try before or after, or in the evening shallow data three times with the intention, the RP I'm saying it and there is no harm that can happen to me not to my inshallah, no harm will happen to you because the Prophet said, Oh, man, Carla, Hey, have you seen this reliability later on as measured by Filipino?

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From from harm, that's what it means in Arabic law, law, you know, the harm can happen to you Bismillah Allah the labels will repeat after me Bismillah unloving Ly, oh, my smiIe shape fill of the whatever he said. What was Samuel le Bismillah Allah de la Lu. Mass me he she fell out of the water.

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What was the Milani Bismillah ar ledi nyatoh Massey he shakes Phil out of the office Mr.

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Sharma who shall happen to be it mean that nothing should happen to you at lunch about data, this thing has come and it will go in sha Allah hota Allah very soon inshallah. inshallah, keep that hope and keep that in mind and never despair in the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah knows what is happening. And as much as Zeynep Xena she has got a sort of law you

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is distinct can happen to us and amongst us,

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amongst us as righteous people like my uncle like my brother, this thing can happen to us and amongst us other side of the Prophet said yes, either careful on Sabbath. When immorality spreads, these types of things would happen. And as you can see now, immorality has spread and fashion has spread. So this is a really good time for you and I to come back to Allah subhana wa Baraka love people. May Allah make these words resonate with all of you. I asked the last panel to protect gender protect us all I asked about to protect our kids. I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to predict them and to guide them I ask Allah Subhana Allah to alleviate this Mercy by this calamity upon us, I

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asked Allah Who is the only Shafi I asked him to give a Shiva inshallah tada to all those who are sick. I ask a lot to predict us all. I ask lots of guard that's all I asked a lot hafid

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to protect our wives and to protect our children and to protect our parents and to protect our loved ones to kind of work together. I asked Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, I asked him Subhana Allah Allah to give us the patience to endure this mercy but until it's done inshallah tada I ask Allah subhana wa tada to make us among those whose last word in this dunya will be La ilaha illAllah Muhammadan rasul Allah, to live in accordance with the commands of Allah subhana wa Taala. To live with the truth and to die with the truth and we meet Allah subhana wa tada Baraka lofi come May Allah bless you all, may Allah reward you all. May Allah decreases in health and well, is that Kamala Harris

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said Mrs.