Fajr Reminder – Going through Diffculties

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salatu salam

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ala cancer,

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I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala

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accept our Salah.

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And put it in our region of happiness in the devil judgment in sha Allah who died.

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Alone, like,

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while I stopped liking,

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sharing personal things with people in my lectures, and I used to do that a lot before service sharing a lot of stories of things happening or people calling and complaining about things, if I were to do that now, we like

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things that will turn your hair not gray but green problems that we hear from people and what not. But

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talking to people, and I see sometimes that a lot of us. We suffer from things sometimes go through hardships.

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Sometimes some of us go to difficulties in their lives.

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But somehow what I've seen is that no matter how tough your hardship is,

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there is for sure somebody else who's suffering from something much worse than what you're suffering from or what you're complaining of.

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And there is a reason,

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because some of us sometimes could be going through some sort of hardships for months, if not years. And sometimes they wonder when,

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when is this going to end

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when this is going to stop

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even some hunger from some of my loved ones, people who have been suffering from some sort of diseases,

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or black magic

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for years.

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They spoke to some of them, and some of them they they said we want to die is really bad. Sometimes things are we just imagined for 15 years, 20 years, 25 years, that person is suffering. We're human beings, I know where we are, sometimes we're not supposed to despair. But we're weak. And some people will just tell us we want to leave this we want we want to, we want to die.

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But here's another thing, which is really amazing on how Allah subhanho wa Taala deals with things.

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Oftentimes, Allah subhanho wa Taala does not solve your problem, or your hardship, or brings you out from your hardship

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until things get really, really, really severe.

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And when you go through some sort of hardship, whatever the hardship is, maybe you have a son who's who's maybe 30 years old now in so many marriage proposals, but nothing is happening. Every time sometimes they're about to set the date or something and then something goes off and it doesn't happen. And then you wonder it's not once not twice, not three times,

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or some disease or some whatever the problem is.

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To the extent that sometimes you wonder

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it's not happening and it's never gonna happen.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala would not and does not sometimes solve your problems. Enter subhana wa things become really in dire and very severe. Let me give you some example maybe an example. Ibrahim arisa.

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You blame I didn't sit down when they lit up the fire.

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Allah subhanaw taala could have saved him right there picked him up and saved him subhanho wa Taala but the lit up the fire.

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These stripped him out from the schools.

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They put him by this magenic the catapult

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they tied him up

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and he's a man did not move a bit. Did not shake a bit

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is going to be thrown into the fire.

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Look how severe now things have become. Not only they took him and

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they have the fire and he says the fire they could have thrown him under the fire. He could have done something a lot. He could have helped him right there and then but Allah does not help right then and then

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these tripped him up from his clothes. They put him by

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Caterpillar, they tied him up, and they were about to throw him and blame them matters as I imagine he didn't shake on top of the gbd and who he believed

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the CEO.

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When he shot she describes in Bahari, she believes. She says this engine with 600 wings.

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Imagine 600 wins. Let me put things into perspective for you. He says or she says, out of beta feature now Hey, with the tip of his wing one week, not 605 99, a tip of one of his wings, he lifted up the whole ability of the dome. The people have loaded seven tribes Some said 13 tribes, lift him up with the tip of his wing all the way up into the heavens answered the angels heard the dogs, the dogs barking, and flipped him and destroyed the whole nation of saddle with a tip of his tongue of his wing in Djibouti with 600 wings. He comes to about him at that very particular time. And he says, oh, Ibrahim, Do you need any help?

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And Ibrahim goes to him. Although he is going to be thrown into the fire.

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He says I know someone

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who is stronger than you.

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I know someone who even if you want to help me and he does not want to help me you will not be able to help me Oh, GB Fermin Kala wamena Lahaina from you I need no help. But from Allah, I do need help. And then he says, has to be alone that metalworking Allah is sufficient for me.

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And this talk is for me more than anybody else. Because we all go through difficulties. And sometimes I need myself to talk to someone for things to resonate with me, has the Allah

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Allah is sufficient for me. But when he says that from his heart, because Allah Subhana Allah Allah says with regard to him, or in dementia, he that Ibrahim IJA

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been selling and from the people who follow

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know, Ibrahim

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ijarah been selling he came to his Lord with a sound heart. This is the key point right here with a sound heart we've been selling.

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And then you make that to Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah will certainly come to your rescue inshallah Lodi.

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The people of the cave you all know the story of these kids in the home 52 Amano Bella beam Fijian between 13 to 20 years old, their boys

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they came out is a well fitted fitted for Carlo.

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Hi, Lana, inter inter Hi, let me know.

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These kids when they came out, after people, they tried to kill them after the king jr pose, they tried to kill them. They came out they fled that town to refuge. And if you want to help someone, right and put them to the future, you don't put them in a cave. You put them somewhere where they're safe. Allah subhanho wa Taala once again, you know, it's not gonna come and help you right then and then and two things become so severe. And then sometimes you may despair. And to sometimes you may say,

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I don't think this is happening.

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I don't think shift is happening. I don't think that job is going to happen. I don't think that boy is going to get married. I don't think that daughter is going to get married, I don't think and sometimes you're about to lose despair. And then the follows comes from an hour

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is our featured guests. When they come they fled to refuse. And they say on banner. Tina lead on Kawashima. They ask the Lord for him. Well, hey, Linda. I mean, Marina Rashida, you're the only one who can facilitate our affairs. Nobody else can facilitate our affairs. So my brother's Allah subhanho wa Taala knows I don't think he is oblivious. He knows what you're going through. He knows the hardship that you may be suffering from and you know why, you may ask, well wonder, why am I going through all this? Why? For Allah subhanho wa Taala to greet you for Allah subhanho wa Taala to beautify you and eventually for Allah subhana wa tada to grant you

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Jen, how bossa nova

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is in it. I wouldn't say even fair.

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Isn't it worth it?

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All that you're going to unfold at the end? Jenna alto has our two gentlemen, the width of it is the distance between the sky and earth. The whole data set and beam. Can we I mean, we all want that piece, right? Sometimes you want us, well, I am tired. I just want peace.

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Sometimes you'll live with someone at home that you've been living with for 30 years.

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And you just say I'm only here just because of

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things because of the kids because of the family but there is nothing that connect me to this person.

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Sometimes you say things like that.

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And then you may say, I just want peace of law says lemon law was lm ended up being just an American Veteran. They shall have the house of peace. It was the house of peace agenda. Just an American

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in the in a plan or Panama

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in Medina, Paulo, Panama Muslim

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that really mean?

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Valentina via

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the MB Mecca.

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In the Medina, those who say Our Lord is upon things are really difficult for them. And then at the end, they say, it is only Allah who can solve my problem. In the Latina Carlo Hakuna Lhasa, Mr. Karma, and then they remain in the state of steadfastness further how from Allah him Allah whom he has no, they have not interfere. And they have nothing to worry about.

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What will be there? Just the word from Allah subhana wa, tada, Jenna.

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Gen X.

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It's worth it. I know it's difficult, difficult for me, it's difficult for anybody who's going through things, but at the end of last apana what data will definitely be in the lab, solve whatever problems that you're going through, and turn on your bed. It's integrantes inshallah.

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I think what you and I need to do is this.

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I think what you and I need to do is maybe today,

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go to your home. Maybe in the evening after Asia, you go back to your home before you go to sleep.

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Close your door in your room. Make sure

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if you have a rug that you pray on blankets, if not face the fibula.

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And pray Taka, you know what it is called this dollar car. It's called a casa Tsushima Allah

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tala castle. reconciliation with Allah. What does it mean? The conciliation is different? So they say it's different. And it's the Faria and erotica. Those who speak Arabic they would know.

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It's default vimana ality that they say is different means to apologize. When you do something wrong to someone, you're going to apologize to that person. All right. So how about Allah subhanho wa Taala. With so many times so many times every day, sometimes we do things that are wrong, we need to seek an apology. And that apology will be in the form of Takata Allah subhanho wa Taala asking him subhanho wa Taala, to forgive us, and to alleviate whatever we may be going through, because he is the only one who can.

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Nobody can

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is the only one who can.

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And your problem. And my problem is because we're weak. Sometimes we go to someone thinking he can help. But that person, there's nothing they can do.

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The very first thing that we need to do and we need to learn how to do is if we are faced by any calamity, the first one that we need to go to is hope.

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He is the only one who can help us out and who can save us and who can alleviate whatever we go into Savannah with that, oh,

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stay strong. And I'm saying this to me not to you. Stay strong. Don't deviate. And don't despair. He is there. He knows what you're going through.

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He knows what your children are going through. He knows your problems and your difficulties.

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And he shot in sha Allah tala. So whatever you're going through in sha Allah hotel,

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Hello and remove this cloud that's above you he will remove it in shallow data and one day the sun will repeat again

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one day it will be up again inshallah tada and rest assured of the word from Allah Xhosa. Jenna, digital.

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inshallah sha Allah, may Allah grant your genetic dose for the with being patient. This is another very good component an important component for you Be patient and persevere inshallah who died. May Allah subhanho wa Taala

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whoever amongst us or our loved ones who go into any difficulties, yeah, yeah. Mooji Yamaguchi Yamaguchi.

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The one who has the keys to all your mobile affair. grant them Yeah, that'd be an open which is difficult open that which is difficult because there's no one who can open that which is difficult except your enemy, your enemy, your enemy. Anybody amongst us who is who is someone from his family who is sick, you're happy there is no one even the doctor. There is no one. Even the doctors and the surgeons, there is no one who can give the Shiva except you your big random Shiva. Yeah, Shafi.

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Shiva, be anyone who amongst us who's maybe go into some sort of difficulties with their families or resolve their problems. Anybody amongst us was going through some sort of difficulties, financial difficulties or health if interest is your baby, solve their problems. Yeah, I mean, by virtue of this blessed day, as we have just prayed, Father, yeah, I mean, solve all their difficulties and their problems. No, but I mean, make them happy. make them happier by them. make them happy? Yeah, I've been filled their hearts with joy. filled their hearts with serenity, filled their hearts with happiness. There is no one who can make you happy other than Allah subhanho wa Taala. Well, who

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wouldn't add the APAC or Africa He is the one who makes your life and he is the one who makes you cry. Allah subhanho wa Taala May Allah make you all have a blessed day inshallah Tada, as I'm gonna love him by the color vehicle, some panic from handling shadow later in the film coming into the week.