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The Properties & Purpose of Names & Nouns

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The whole Arabic language is made up of three parts. So we're going to look at that, we're going to look at what makes up the entire Arabic language.

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And one of those parts is a Smith names and nouns. So we're going to look at

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the properties

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of the Islam.

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Islam is a noun,

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or a name, I think or object just like in English.

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So we're going to look at how to identify an SM. And then you might ask, Okay, great, what's the purpose behind all that identify that this is a name? What does that do? So we're going to look at the purpose

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and role of the SM

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very important.

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So once you know this universal principle, you can apply for years on end, isn't it? Whenever you look into the Quran, and the Sunnah, or anything to do with Arabic, and you can identify an ism and name a noun or a thing, then you apply the same principle, you play the same principle.

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As for the Arabic language, the whole language, every single word in the Quran, in the Sunnah.

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In all the Arabic newspapers, magazines, Arabic cartoons, everything to do with Arabic, is either one out of three, it can be split the whole language into three categories. A word is either one out of three.

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It's either an Islam

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and Islam we said is

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a name correct or a noun? Or

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an object. Meaning a thing.

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Even an adjective.

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Say, Jamie, which was beautiful. So a small town a tall, right? It's to name something to name something.

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Or it could be a fan.

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So a fan is

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like jealous or a killer. Sorry, well, it's a failed a verb of doing work. Correct? The suck English.

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It's an action.

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So it can be past tense, present tense, future tense.

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All apply.

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Have I lost anyone yet? Okay, very easy. so far. Yes.

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I want Arabic is either a name, or a verb? Or if it doesn't fall into any of those two categories?

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Yeah, it's a house how you could translate that as letter or connective would sometimes it's a word itself, but on its own, it doesn't have any meaning. On its own doesn't have any meaning. The only way you can give it meaning is if you add it to another word. So you can call it a connective word, or a supportive word, or even a letter at times, like for example, be in Bismillah the be translated in so if I just said to be, you say be what?

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What doesn't make any sense. If I said, run as inaction, it would make sense it would. So now we're talking about the third category have

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this half is a word. So it's not an ism, it's not a fairly it's not a name, it's not an action, then it will be in this category of health and wellness at the heart of it's very hard to translate. But by definition, it's something that does not make sense on its own.

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Yeah, that's right. And a preposition however, is a type of health correct harmful jargon? As a type of have correct Mashallah. But I didn't want to use preposition because there are other types of proof is other types of how to food is one type. So it's by definition, a letter

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or word

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that doesn't make sense on its own.

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Mashallah, Elif is a hot lamb is a health meme is a health. So you could say supportive

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or connective

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or even liberal.

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So an example would be the be

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In the name of Allah Bismillah. R is in.

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If I said Illa Allah means to said Ella and I walked away, you know what to wear? I think you should go to the hospital you're not feeling right. So it doesn't make sense to what Allah means on mana What? At least if I gave you a name, I said Mohammed, I have met the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam.

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That's the whole Arabic language summarized for you right there. Right there. Every single word in the Quran and the Sunnah open up the Mazel Tov, every single word that you will find it's one of three, one of three.

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Would you please give some more examples in the Arabic?

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I don't want to.

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Why? Because in the beginning, if I were to go deep into these other things that are going to lose focus off today's objective. And that's why I think people when they teach Arabic, fails most of the time in Sydney, Australia in the West, because they delve into so many concepts, and the person walks out of there. And think, man, it's just too hard, too many concepts, terminologies, but rather, hone your energies and concern, preserve them, there will be Bismillah et CIE, that's enough because everyone knows what this man lives. So I'd rather preserve your energies right in the morning, to just focus on what we're going to take today, which is this. So think of Arabic

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language, like, you know, when a person wants to sculpture, or carve out something from a block of ice? How do they carve out in the beginning, they just take off chunks, or is it

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chunks chunks, they don't start with fine tuning, right? It's gonna take you forever. So rather than take off chunks, they're just giving you a general general outlook. And then later on, they can fine tune that sculpture or that statue. So likewise, in the beginning, it's going to give you the chunk this general concept. And as we improve in Arabic, and you understand those bigger concepts, those chunks, then we can fine tune and go into detail. Like I said, a lot of brothers, and don't feel bad. The brothers asked me also a lot of questions, and I didn't answer them, I deflected them. I'm monitoring that my entering this, what's the difference between Muslim and Muslim Muslim mode? I'm

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not going to answer. What's the difference between this and this? Because that's not the purpose. And other people are sitting there thinking, but I just want to I want the objectives. So I don't want to take away your attention from and focus from what we're going to inshallah, in the future. We'll look at all those concepts. So as we said, it's a year and a half course.

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And as somebody said, muramyl and Madame La Habana Joomla. Over six nodes, you Mongo will lose it in one go. Although your question is very important, but just so we don't

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get off track.

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So the whole Arabic language made up of three categories and me one of them

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is some what is an ism?

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Name noun,

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object, or an adjective? Correct.

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it could be a fair lots of fun.

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Verb, a command, right? It's like sit down a drink, correct. Or it's a heart of which is

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a letter or a word. That doesn't make sense on its own. So you could say it's a connective word, it connects with something else.

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So let's focus on Islam and then in the upcoming weeks, we're going to do these inshallah. The rest.

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So have I lost anyone yet?

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Okay, good. And you want me to answer those other questions? When I lost the five minutes?

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Isn't so let's just focus on this. Just think of this in English like a noun and noun. So your name isn't isn't a thing. A chair? Isn't isn't an adjective to describe someone like a beautiful short, tall, big, large, they all isms, right in Arabic is called a SMAP. The plural is asthma.

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So the plural

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for SM is a smart.

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So what are the properties?

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mask how to identify

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and ism.

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There are many ways but I'm going to limit it to five today.

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The scholar said the whole Al Azhar if the whole Al Azhar if

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it accepts

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al in the beginning.

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URL is translated to what URL?

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The correct so it takes the word v.

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Or the depending how you wish to say. If a word accepts a URL,

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then no doubt it's an essence. It's a name to thing.

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Give me an example.

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I love it tonight. No doubt. I love Alif Lam. I lift lamps except I live

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treasure recipe. And then no doubt it is a name. And

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what about Islam? Can you say al Islam? You sure can. It's a name. Other except to be allowed to be a correct a lot of be a perfect what is what is this called in Arabic? Yeah, call me. I'll call him the pin, you can call for anything. I will curacy the che

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Al Bab. What about surah? surah from the Quran

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as surah you can say, what about Al Baqarah? At the cows are cows a thing? So if you can add, you can place a list the beginning of it, no doubt it's a name.

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Secondly, that's at the beginning. If it can't accept, and in the beginning, they look towards the end, it takes 10 when jacobellis 10 when it accepts, then we'll explain what that is. And

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we said 10 winners were beginning or end end.

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So we looked at the beginning of the word. Now look at the end of the word,

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then when is a

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double Val so the double dama or the double fat house or the double kasra and what's the double double? Does, it gives you the sound of own at the end of it sounds like on then it's then when Oh, and oh, in? Good. So if you have that at the end of the word, then it's also a name but then when I'll give you a clear example in the Shahada, you say why shadow Mohammed then why shadow Mohammedan Rasulullah Mohammed Mohammed Mohammed in so those are all that's of course it's a name because it accepts anything. So if a word accepts then when at the end, when you can almost have you pick it up so many times. Open animals have any page

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you find so many words that have a double Val double will

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mean correct perfect. Are we mean correct? Are we mean in correct?

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Now rule of thumb I will never have al Anthony in the same time never have Island etc. So if it's al Islam Rumi will never be al Islam will never it will be al Islam will never be al Islam, I don't

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know, Arabic. This is how it is just how it is. I word in Arabic If it's a name, it will never have both at the same time Impossible. Impossible. So either have an O that so you want to say al Islam or wrong it's either al Islam or Islam

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as salaam

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assalamu Aleikum nhatrang Assalamu alaikum AsSalam alaikum. Or sometimes you might say, Salah Monaco is a so it'll either be al Alton when.

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Now, if you don't find an aloe vera Fontan mean at the end, it doesn't mean it's not an Islam. It can have other properties, other ways to identify it. And as long as you find one of these, then it's a name. It's a noun. It doesn't have to have all five at the same time. We even just said you never have an antenna with the same way at the same time ever. The scholar said another property another way to identify a name.

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They said Annie akuna Mona de nada in Arabic snyderman needed to call so you can call it you can call it an akuna monada and usually that's done in the Arabic by saying Yeah, yeah.

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phoolan Asante Oh, so and so. Yeah. For Lana for the female. Yeah, love example. Yeah, you have Lavina Amano correct. So Allah Deena is Islam. It's called s Mo Mo Sol.

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Yeah, Allah perfect. Whatever comes after, if you can call it whatever you want to call your sister. Yeah.

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Yeah, okay. So okay. is a name? Yeah.

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Yeah. lol. Kita perfect. It's a name.

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Yeah. Yeah, Shay. Take it easy on us. Yeah, mm. Slow down in the prayer. Yeah, banaya perfect. Oh, my small baby boy. What Habibi, yeah buena. Yeah, yeah, Betty mighty father. So yeah, I can call ya abubaker. So these are many examples. Yeah. Muslim moon. Perfect. Yeah, Muslim moon. Yeah, Moon.

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But what about if it's useful to you late and he come to Toronto? No, because it's not for calling. Yeah, lately. I wish let me come to Toronto. I wish I was destroyed when a person says it in a state of remorse. Set of humiliation. I wish I was dead. I wish I was dust. Yeah, later No, no, that's not now we say it's not useful calling. You're not calling upon yourself. You're really making drama due to remorse and so forth. So when you can call it so? Yeah, I see.

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Yeah, Allah.

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Yeah. Are you Halloween is constantly in the club.

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So one way to identify a name is it has in the beginning.

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Like Islam, Al Khattab? Correct. Second way we said,

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it takes 10 when at the end of the word, give me an example. What does that sound like? It can sound like on in? I

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have done I've done? Correct.

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What do you find that in the Shahada? washa. Do anna Muhammadan and Mohammedan.

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Or it takes the calling? Yeah. And whenever? Give me an example.

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Yeah, Al Kitab. Yeah.

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Yeah, Allah. What about Yeah, Layton? No, because that's, we said it's not to call correct. For

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number four Lahu. Gemma has a plural. If a word has a plural, then 100%. It's an ism. It's a name. That's a noun. It's a thing. It has a plural.

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Give me a word that has a plural. What's the plural for column?

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A column correct. What's the plural for Muslim? Muslim?

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or Muslim? That's a plural.

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Therefore we know the word Muslim is a name. muslimeen is a name.

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Man, what's up? Man? may know and medium correct.

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So if I word has a plural 100% It's a name. It's in a

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GitHub repo. GitHub is couteau perfect. The plural for oily hair?

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oily hot muslimah mostly matte, Banita, Banita, etc.

00:17:35--> 00:17:42

Yeah, so usually for a feminine word. If asked Mr. Botha, we're gonna take a whole lesson on that. You remove the tomato button, you add olive

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oil, Allah had Muslim, a Muslim at tala Batali, but correct. It has a plural 100% It's a name. It's a noun. It's a thing. So what about Surah Surah from the Quran does have plural, sewer, whatever area

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correct. They all know their smart names. Number five, last one.

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And you saw her and you saw her you specify the Iran it can be shrunk. It can be shrunk. If a word can be shrunk, it's a name. It's an assembly.

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We have a whole lesson in this later. The power of letters. A single letter can

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make a word grow. It can make or can make a which shrinks upon one letter. one letter.

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Sometimes you have word

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Ahmad Ahmad Omar. As you can shrink it to mean Omar Jr. What is? No I'm homemade.

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This, I'll show you. There's something abracadabra sleeves. It's the other shrinks the word when you insert it in the middle of a word. The producers Oh made that. Yep. Sorry, in Arabic.

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There's the out there. So I'm odd.

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doesn't have the so you insert it. They're all made or made means smaller model. We're not talking about shrinking in terms of the number of letters it actually increased that is talking about the reality of that thing.

00:19:21--> 00:19:26

So omae literally means small hammer. I'm a junior. I'm a junior

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on our brother named Omar

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is called the son Homer. Homer Jr. His name is Ahmad he called the sinamay Mauritania. So

00:19:37--> 00:19:44

you could say that as you're going to translate it Yeah. Oh ma literally means Armada Jr. A small llama mini mini

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correct. In other words is a fish a fish is a shark? That's right. There is a shark. So a mini shark at the end of this leading it becomes koresh right yeah.

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To remember all these words, but just understand the concept as long as a word can be shrunk, then 100% It's a named so there is Quraysh

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Amara homemade perfil to file young little boys have to file. So hail and so why is good? There's so hail from San Sohail, and there's so why, perfect.

00:20:23--> 00:20:53

There's keytab, which is a book called A game that yeah is inserted qutab and acid is aligned, and oh, say there's a small line. So you can apply that to many words, but not every single word. For example, you can do it for the name of Allah. And that's, of course, that's not allowed. That's mockery. And laws, of course doesn't have doesn't accept such insults. So those are five properties. There are more, but those are among the most popular, most popular properties how to identify a name. So it was the first we said

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except Alif Lam correct. al al Islam al Muslim? Oh, 10 when at the end, correct. Oh,

00:21:05--> 00:21:08

yeah, you can use the app to call someone like Yeah, he

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has a plural give me a word has a plural kuffaar. Perfect. gaffer? kuffaar. What about nebby? Prophet

00:21:19--> 00:21:24

ambia? Perfect. That's another name. Oh, number five.

00:21:26--> 00:21:31

It can be shrunk. A word can be shrunk, literally. And we said not not literally in the number of letters but in the meaning. Yes.

00:21:34--> 00:21:38

There are other ways, but we'll dedicate to that later and show them that was just one way.

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Okay, good.

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Does anyone need what's on the show?

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So you may say, Great, I understand this is a word. It's a name. It's an ism. What does that do for me? So that's what we're going to look at now in the

00:22:08--> 00:22:10

so what's the purpose of this?

00:22:17--> 00:22:21

So if you're doing titles, if this is your next title, purpose of the

00:22:22--> 00:22:33

what's the role of it has many functions. Among them, the LMS said your doula Alice about Allison. Yeah. doula alphabet indicate a constant nature.

00:22:38--> 00:22:40

In other words, it's more permanent.

00:22:43--> 00:22:53

As opposed to a verb, which is temporary. If I said I ran yesterday, I went for a jog. Does that mean I'm gonna run today? No. Does it mean I'm gonna run tomorrow? No, a verb is temporary.

00:22:54--> 00:23:11

Whereas an ism, he's a runner. It's a name, title means he's constantly running. It's more of a permanent nature. So that's how the system is different from the verb. So it's a constant nature. It's permanent. So temporary.

00:23:14--> 00:23:17

And also, you don't steamroll repetition?

00:23:19--> 00:23:22

It is indicator repetition, always happening constantly.

00:23:26--> 00:23:29

In Arabic, yes. Allison. Allison.

00:23:32--> 00:23:32

You're doing

00:23:35--> 00:23:35


00:23:37--> 00:23:39

Well, is Tim Braun.

00:23:42--> 00:23:44

Well, that he its essence.

00:23:48--> 00:23:58

And indicates the essence of something. It's become part of the essence, its core nature. part and parcel of its nature, you could say.

00:24:00--> 00:24:21

Good. So this is the crux of the lesson reader just in time. I've identified it's a name. What does that do for me? Well, names indicate it's a constant nature. It's always happening. It's permanent. Not temporary, like a verb. We gave the example of a runner. If I told you Marina I ran yesterday, does that mean I'm gonna run today? No, what about tomorrow?

00:24:24--> 00:24:42

But a runner, he's got the name and title of runner is always running as his job. So indicator repetition, and indicate it's the essence and part of something's nature. So for example, AR Rahman, is that a name or not? It sure is. How do we identify?

00:24:44--> 00:25:00

The we said we could put a letter if so because it's a name, it indicates Rama is part of a loss. essence is part of his nature, a lot or Rama. Rama is part of his essence upon a lot. In other words, a lot

00:25:00--> 00:25:34

Always was always is always will be merciful, always, always was always is always will be. So upon law, it indicates a more permanent nature of something as opposed to some of those attributes. Some of us afterwards, like Allah will get angry on the Day of Judgment. That's a verb. It's a verb. So it doesn't indicate permanent, it doesn't indicate a permanent nature. In other words, Allah is not always like that. It's only at set times. That's what allows names none of them deal with. Alma has the Punisher

00:25:36--> 00:26:11

called they are the angry one. No, all of those names, because their names, they deal with a constant nature, the essence of Allah, and therefore none of these names deal with the punishment Punisher, or the angry one or anything negative upon Allah, none. And we challenge any non Muslim to find a name of Allah, that is actually negative. None of them, they're all positive, and they're all lofty. And that's one of the kuffaar they say, Oh, your God is a God of vengeance. And that will, if that's the case, show me one name that deals with that one name, it's negative. And we said the verbs if temporary, Allah will get angry in the desert but no doubt, Allah will punish some people

00:26:11--> 00:26:28

no doubt, but it's not part of it's not a constant thing. Or is it part of a loss, constant nature to be merciful, and forgiving Allah for also allow for the one who wipes sins clean from your record, then just cover them up, but he wipes them clean.

00:26:29--> 00:27:06

alcovy is always been always is and always will be alcovy the most strong, the most mighty, the most powerful. So once again, that's what the name gives you. So you understand now that's the purpose of it. It gives you a totally different outlook on that word in the Quran, or in the Sunnah on the Hadith, different approach all together, and thus we're in there, and next week, inshallah. I'm going to give you examples. So you might say, Okay, great. I've you've given me one example. I don't know, man. Give me more. Next week. I'm going to give you more examples where you find names and what that does and gives you totally different meaning as opposed to the English translation. So for

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example, we can look at Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah is a name because of LS. l hummed. It's different from a Hamidullah I praise or Namah de la la praise. They verbs. We said verbs are are they permanent or temporary? temporary? Did we always exist? No. Are we always going to exist? No, there's no I praise and we praise we're not always going to praise but I'll humped means it's constant. Allah always was praised always is praise always will be deserving of praise. It's,

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it's constant. Allah is always deserving of Hamed of praise. That's the that's the difference between the name and the verb and we're gonna give more examples. Next week inshallah. So panic Allahumma Al Hamdulillah, Shadow en la ilaha illa. And just Africa want to lick