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An explanation of one powerful chapter of the Qur’an: Surah al-Hadid – The beauty of Iron.

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rubella banyuwangi Bismillah

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Allah Mia de la Vina

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Allah Mia Nila Neela de la

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Shaku Cal

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Poly Bonhoeffer Paul

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Baba, no tiene

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la Haim and hamdulillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa

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salaam aleikum, I would like to

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welcome my dear brothers and sisters, continuation of source of Hadith. We have reached verse number 16 Hamdulillah, the previous verse or in the previous lesson, rather, there was the conversation that took place between the believers and the hypocrites and YOLO pm and they say the fate of the horn was spoken about very horrible, miserable thing that will meet them and after. Now, verse number 16, follows to speak about something which seems very different unless he's lmds needed leadin armano and dark charcoal only the

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rough translation is

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hasn't the time come? For those who believe that they have to develop who sure out of the remembrance of Allah and that was a must send down of truth meaning upon.

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This is the basic translation I haven't translated the word crucial. This verse, you should read it as if it is a complaint in the Quran. Yes, that Allah is expressing his displeasure at the fact that people who claim to believe their hearts do not have something called Whoa, sure inside of them. And that hole Sure, is supposed to be nurtured by two things. The first is by the remembrance of Allah decree law. And the second is what matters and that which came down of truth meaning the Quran.

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So what is he sure? Yes, what is crucial, and we have a similar word in Arabic also in the Quran called hatia. Which means fail. Who sure doesn't mean fail. The word who showed the Arabs will call a low lying Hill who shot

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a hill that is not very high. They'll call that a Crusher, because it is quite low. Yes, it is quite low. And so the idea of something being low or lower,

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is embedded in the meaning of who? Sure. So I'm not saying to put on harsh iatan a basato that on your piano, the eyes of the disbelievers will be cast downwards. Yes, they will look down out of a feeling of embarrassment, shame, terror, etc, etc. Also, law says, well, Harsha, tell us what that the voices will be lowered that day out to the fear of a loss of panel data. So the idea of things being lowered has been mentioned alongside those who assure here I spoke about who should have the heart. Now what that means is that the heart of a believing person when it feels a sense of humility, and lowness before Allah. Now, it is experiencing for sure, yes, when the hearts become

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lowered into submission of a law that that is the feeling of horseshoe and the scholars explained that it is not something just theoretical. When a person has who sure in their Salah for example, like Allah says in Surah Tomomi noon, but after Hammami noon, alladhina houfy. Salatin harshly wrong that they've already successful the videos and losses melomakarona. The first quality is that when they pray, they have who sure yes, the feeling that you

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stand before allow your heart feels a sense of humility before a lot a sense of loneliness. So the school as they explain who you are here, it means that your your, the humidity you feel in your heart is expressed in the way you behave towards Allah.

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So naturally if you feel humbled before Allah, you behave as a humble slave of luck following his commandments and staying away from his prohibitions. So if we read that back into the verse, Allah is saying, What is the matter with the people that your hearts don't have? For sure of me? If only you would make more pictures of me, and you would be more connected to the forearm, you would find your hearts become transformed with for sure. But the way the verse is worded is all very interesting. And I says lm yet me the word Anna yet me literally means to become mature and right. Yes. So am I saying that hasn't the time already come? Or hasn't the time already come that your

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hearts have reach the station? of who? Sure.

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What is the matter with you? Yes. And the wording is such that it's already supposed to happen by now. Why isn't it happened yet? It's almost like for example, someone who studied you know, has done a GCSE, a level in chemistry and then now they in university and they ask the lecturer, you know,

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the composition of water organism, h2o, and the lectures now Oh, my God, shouldn't you know this already? Like seriously, then you go GCSE?

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GCSE, then you do a level chemistry? Like you're asking me for the basic question. That's the type of feeling we should get from this verse. Am I saying what is the matter with you? And the thing is sort of a headache was revealed in Medina. So some people have been Muslim for over 13 years now.

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So what does that mean? So Mr. Oz, he explains a number he said, the first meaning could be,

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excuse me, that my speaking about demonaco that those who claim to have believed? Isn't it about time now that you change that claim into a real belief of belief from the heart? With who? sure that's the first interpretation? Second interpretation is no, it's about believers. Allah says nmba needed lilina among those who have believed that Isn't it about time that you truly have to show our loss of power? Now, the way they understand this is because in Medina, life was very different to Makkah, in Makkah, Muslims are always, you know, being persecuted subject to abuse and ridicule. And those that kind of tough, hostile environment, made the believers very close to online, because to

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be a believer, in that time, when you had to sacrifice a lot, so your heart was really aligned with faith. Well, when Muslims you know, they came to Medina, now the living as a independent, you know, unit, a community, almost experiencing some kind of prosperity now, which increases year upon year as they win their battles. Now, it becomes

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not it doesn't become as difficult to be Muslim anymore. So they experience luxury and comfort. And when that luxury and comfort, their hearts began to suffer, and the hospital had to decrease with for sure. And that's very similar to the times we live in, isn't it? That when Muslims they experienced comfort and luxury, their hearts start to suffer as well. Now one of the things that suffer is for sure, and Halley's the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Oh, what do you say in your Pharaoh? minute that the first thing that will be lifted from this earth? is for sure.

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Until you won't find a man who has for sure.

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Yes. So that's the process of that how many years ago? You think there will come a time that this could show be lifted from this earth meeting, it will be a rarity. To find a human being that has true I'm sure a lot.

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There's a story connected to this to this verse as well. Has anyone heard of a very famous famous terview His name is Landon many years before for

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many quotes, many wise words came from him. Yes, that are shared even to today. For daily Marielle.

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He began his life as a criminal. Someone very far away from a law contract. They used to call the set he was a highway robber. Yeah, so highway robber used to go out in the middle of the night. And the side of the streets, okay by people today with the hoodies waiting for vulnerable people to come along and then he used to rob them.

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So what happened is that for them, he's, he tells his story firsthand. He said, You know, this is what I used to be a criminal. And also I used to be infatuated with this woman as well. Yes, I was chasing artists lady and oh,

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One night, I visited a house and I wanted to jump over the wall. So I could go inside the house. So he said I was climbing up the wall. And as I climbed up the wall, I heard someone reciting for us, they read the verse, Allah Viet needed leadin de la palabra de la, someone recited isn't about time, that those who have believed the hearts melt into the remembrance of Allah.

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And I stopped, where I was

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speaking to me, I need to fix myself up, what am I doing to climb back down from the ball, and he made his way back home. As he's walking back home, he stops outside. And there are people gathered travelers, and they're having a discussion amongst themselves the discussion is, should we continue throughout the night? Or should we stay here? So a man says we should stay here, because fellated may yell, he may be somewhere out there lurking around, he will rob us. And for those sitting right there listening to them, Oh, my God. He says to himself, and I have a man who goes around the night sitting. And now I see some believers there remaining in their place out to film me. What is the

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magic movie? So that night, he changed his life around and the reason he changed his life around it because he heard this verse. Yeah, so this verse, whether it's to do with monarchy report, whether it's to do with those believers in reality, you can turn the verse and point it towards yourself. Isn't it about time now? How do we develop her? Sure. Here's two things I've given him. The first is an unmet need letting me know and tuck Shaku leading karela through the remembrance of Allah

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one of the lessons here is that the way your heart you know becomes closer to Allah develops humility is when you increase in the frequency of the decode that you make. For example, we know that the prophet SAW said he taught us after the Salah, a person should sit and do what

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check his Twitter account.

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See, see my cigars blowing up a lot

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is how easy it was to do.

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Or to turn to the person next to you man here's a bottle and narrow karma is killing me.

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Is that way to also do

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it needs to be told me that there's a whether it's true or not. It's a story anyway, that so there was once a brother who was very zealous trying to do that to others. So he found his friend his friend was personally used to prayer anything. He said,

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Come with me to the machines. Okay? Just once. And his email he receives very beautifully so it's affected. Okay, I'll come with you. So he took it to the lesson. And for some reason, the Imam decided to recite sort of backup, sort of Baccarat so his friend was collapsed in that salon.

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The next day, he found it. Yes, he said, Look, yesterday I don't know what happened. Okay. Today I'll say no, he's gonna recite surah to the theme

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the friend said what it means to not yesterday he recited the cow today's recite the elephant

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a lot of it's true.

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Got lost now. So the first thing the kind of along the process I'm told us after the Salah, you're supposed to sit down in contemplation and remember the law by saying I had a law 33 times I've handled in law 33 times 33 times 101 Why couldn't you shave? And then he said, Whoever says this he sins will be forgiven even if they are as much as a scum on the ocean. You know the frost builds up on the ocean, all of it even if it's not much it will be worth doing such a simple deed. Such great rewards isn't it? So Canada the current law every morning every evening the prophets are some used to remember a loss of Canada even Tamia Rahim Allah He said that I will not move from my place from

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federal salon until I've had my photo photo means breakfast.

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So some people said, breakfast straight out to visit he said no, the breakfast is the thinker of Allah.

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I will not move from my place until I have had my fill meaning until I have fed my soul with a click of a mouse.

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Yes, this is one way another thing is in the beginning, it may not be enjoyable. It may not be enjoyable, it may be quite a chore to do that is one of my teachers said that most people the way they finish this a lot It has if they were imprisoned, and when they moved to Santa Monica, Santa Monica, they become free and they can run about. He said this is Pamela, you might remember was earlier when I said that when the email says

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Santa Monica Santa Monica Uppsala, the heart of the believer should swing like a pendulum

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moving from one side it fail that he saw wasn't good enough Allah to the other side of hope that inshallah Islam is accepted. And this is the way we're supposed to be thing God does not know how many people honestly sorry to rant about this. The first thing they do after the slide is they put down in their pocket, pull out their phones.

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That's not good. What does that say about your smile? You're just having a conversation with a mom. Yes. The other meaning of liquor of a law here is not just to say words, remember, is to be affected by the reminders in the Koran, that Allah He reminds us that believers in the Quran gives advice in the Quran to the believers, those things should affect the heart and they will, they will develop the sense of humility and assure in the heart. The second thing what that means, and that which came down of truth, a law refer to the poron as the truth. Why? Because sometimes, when people hear the Koran said something, they automatically switch off. Yeah. In the Quran is a holy book, I

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understand. But what's the truth though? what's the what's the real, accurate position to take on this matter? Don't tell me what the Holy Books say. Tell me what the truth is a lie saying that is the truth. man doesn't I mean, that is what has been sent down on the truth on is the purest form of truth that you will find on this earth.

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After telling us what to do, a lot of it tells us what not to do. The law says, Oh Allah kulu can Latina Ooh, to look at me. And don't be like the people of the book, who are the people of the book, the Jews and the Christians. Allah said, Don't be like them. felpa Allah, Allah, He will ever do. kosaku Allah said, a long time past and their hearts became past our past our means to become hard like stone. See, Allah first said, make your heart soft, and humbled for sure. And then lastly, don't be like those guys. They messed up so bad that their hearts became hard like stone, as if to say if you don't listen to what I'm saying whole believers, you will end up like those people. Do

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you want to be like them? No, you don't want to be like them? For kosaku? What does it mean a long time pass number of interpretations. The first is that between each Prophet, many years passed, and because of the long duration, the hearts became hard. However,

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it seems as though that's not a very strong interpretation. Because what it kind of means is that it's not really their fault. It's because the next lesson that took so long to come, do you see but if they are balanced and know what it means is that they became obsessed with the world and neglected the advisable for so long that the hearts became hard like stone and that's a lesson for us. That one of the you know real harms of engrossing yourself in the world of working long hours of always thinking about what you want in this world is that your heart begins to become hard. And when it becomes hard, you start to feel like your life has no meaning anymore, you start to feel like a

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waste man basically start to feel like you know what, I don't feel like I have a soul anymore. You know what happens? I'm sure every one of us and experiences usually people that work a lot that if you work constantly, long hours, after a while you start your second segment start to feel like my heart has become hot. This is what life is telling us that those people for so long were they neglectful of Allah that their hearts turn to stone metal or predict or some such thing factors and kulu

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One of the interesting things I learnt Tajweed rule here okay, I was reading to one of my teachers, but you know the Egyptians Mashallah they are very precise when it comes to surgery. So in touch we there is a rule called nebra. And nebra is very difficult to explain what it means is that you stress on the meaning of a word stress on the pronunciation of a word. And that stressing gives a different meaning. English we would say the way you ask a question, okay. So if someone said for example,

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are you okay? Yes. Are you okay? Sounds like a question

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about if somebody said, Are you okay?

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Do you get the difference? But I said, Are you okay? It means like, he's saying what's wrong with you? Tonight? Why are you saying something so silly? Bye.

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said the same words I do, man. Are you okay? Are you okay? What was the difference?

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We are sad, isn't it? Last novel. So in this verse, I recited it to my chef. And he began to laugh. Yes, so I recited.

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Well listen carefully, what kulu can let me know tokita

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any mistake,

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he started to laugh, he said, this is a big mistake.

00:20:37--> 00:20:45

What's the mistake? He said, fat parser. If you look at the muscle fat parser from the opposite

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is a word in and of itself. And it means to crack an egg open.

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As for the Quran, it said foul persons, the far mean. So, an asset means become hard like stone. So it became hard like stone, the way you recited it falfa set, it meant they broke like an egg

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was like what? No, wait. He's like, associate How do you say that? He said, Listen, we're size like this.

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football? he

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Did you hear the difference?

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Very subtle, isn't it? You just stress the difference between far and possible. For asset?

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Yes. Anyone want to try that now?

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Now you're thinking, how many mistakes do I make?

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Sorry to depress you only? Yes. But this is the this is a true audit. A true party. When he recites he implements rules like this? Yes. That he would recite it with the pronounciation. That gives that distinction that there are two words here. For example, submissions not become parallel. That lady holla

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is it for so well, one word office always two words.

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Obviously, you need to know Arabic is fat. So what? Yes, submission is one of our other, then

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some smaller, bigger, louder.

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And then the halaqa for silver, the one who created far and so you became in your phone? So you became in your phone? Yes. Not even in English. When you say the one who created and then you became a new form. See, how are you going to get that in the recitation? That's the that's the art of novels. Yes, shala. Maybe in a few years, we will reach that position.

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Okay, so Allah says, Don't be like them because their hearts became hard meaning the second type of patient that they became so engrossed in the dunya and so neglectful of a law, that their hearts began to suffer like this.

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Then Alliance by saying, what I think of mental physical, this last part of the verse always fascinates me. Listen carefully, Allah said, so most, no one ever said most.

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Allah said many of them, many of them became fast upon. Okay, I'm going to come back to that many and most in a second. First, what does it mean? First of all, first of all, is approved the word fast.

00:23:40--> 00:24:27

And the word fast sip, comes to the root of fiscal and fiscal literally means to exit and to come out of something. Yes, they call the Arabs have a word for the for the mouse, they have a number of words. One of them is for waste, for waste. homosassa. Consumer doesn't for waste, for waste, is referred to the mass because it comes out of his hole. Yes, he comes up with this whole now in the context of morality and being immoral. What that means is that a facet is someone who he blatantly disobeys online, openly blame, he doesn't care. He does things that he knows allies disputes, but he doesn't care. He just does it openly, you know? And when I think of the word for ways to come up,

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could you come out of hiding? I think of those things that people say I came out of the closet. Yes, I came out of the closet as they

00:24:36--> 00:24:39

come out of the closet with words, that which displeased Allah.

00:24:40--> 00:24:53

So Allah said that many of them are first of all, meaning many of them loosely say, many of them engaged in major sins. Yes, major sins. So now we're learning something

00:24:55--> 00:24:59

is not just your heart that suffers. Your behavior also follows as well.

00:25:00--> 00:25:22

Your behavior follows your heart. If your heart has for sure, you will behavior will be that of humility and humbleness. If your heart his heart has passed our you will behave like an immoral, unethical person as well. That is what we are being taught that because their hearts change, their behavior also changes well.

00:25:23--> 00:25:59

Therefore, Allah is telling us that if a person wants to leave bad habits, somebody is struggling with a bad habit he just wants she just wants to be able to break free from this indecent thing that they do. How do I do it? Yeah, Allah, Allah is teaching us make more thicker of me, your heart will become more humble, and your behavior will change as loss of control. And the opposite is Whoa. If you neglect to remember me, your heart will suffer, you will continue down this dark path.

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What can we do for support? So Allah said, many of them, not most of them, not all of them. Even as Damian said, look at the justice of Allah. He did not generalize the effect. Allah specified using the word many of them, because some of them, they weren't like this. Some of them did listen. Some of them did have for sure. But how many of them Meola?

00:26:31--> 00:26:40

How many of them did listen? Only a little bit. Many of them however, didn't listen. And this is a very important lesson.

00:26:41--> 00:27:28

Allah has every right to generalize if Allah generalized and said and they will all farcical would anyone say anything? No, or say anything? You know what say yeah, but what about if and but no one will say anything. Allah, despite that wanted to show us that even from a position of authority, you should still be just just with new people who are forced upon. If Allah is just to the fastball, what then about the believers makes you think, isn't it? Justice is such a, you know, an honored concept of Islam, that no one should be deprived of justice, even when you are speaking about evil people. It's panela. Now the thing is very difficult to be like this, isn't it? It's very difficult

00:27:28--> 00:27:29

to be measured.

00:27:30--> 00:27:38

People usually go to extremes. You have an argument with someone. And the brother says, Man, you are a horrible person.

00:27:39--> 00:27:56

But hang on, I only said one mean thing to you. I said 10 other good things to you the day before I forgot about those. I mean, obviously the husband and wife jokes come into this narrow I'm gonna go there. You know, one bad thing and harass you go to extremes. You always like this. I'm always like that though.

00:27:57--> 00:28:01

Oh, you go to the other extreme, someone does something bad and you don't even say anything.

00:28:02--> 00:28:04

You never say anything. You never say no to anyone.

00:28:05--> 00:28:11

Either this extreme weather extreme not to be a measured person that is what we've been taught, be measured, criticize someone

00:28:13--> 00:28:49

you criticize, but when you criticize be measured. For example, okay, you fall out somehow you fall out or something yeah, somebody for something. Something happens and you are talking to each other. But on the day of read you see one another maybe chalet come to eat in the vault. You see it as a distance. chances. Don't talk to him. No, he said, then your good side speaks. Yep. Is today ready, though? Shall we? Shall we just bury this? Yes. Now the thing is, the person used to felt that he'd do something wrong.

00:28:51--> 00:28:58

If you want it, you could go up to him and say, You know what? Whatever happened, it was wrong. It shouldn't have happened. Let's make things up.

00:28:59--> 00:29:06

You are measured in your response? Yes. But you could also come and say to him You know what, whatever I don't care what happens

00:29:07--> 00:29:12

I was wrong in your mind you don't believe that? He's I was wrong Forgive me.

00:29:13--> 00:29:20

Okay was good thing but second day you're thinking man when I do that for hate that guy for what he did? And he made me think that I did it was wrong.

00:29:21--> 00:29:27

Yes. See this? What happens to people when they go to extremes? They find that they are they don't

00:29:28--> 00:29:35

they have stress in their heart and anxiety now is the measure people okay to be known first second.

00:29:36--> 00:30:00

Then a lot to handle that and the second verse, and this is the last verse for today. Blood MCs. Yeah. You fill up the burden Oh, to know that Allah is the one who gives life to the dead birth. Now it seems as though this has moved to something completely different. We're talking about rain coming down barren Earth, you know, being touched by rain and then flourishing again. What does it have to do with the previous

00:30:00--> 00:30:30

Verse images he said that the previous was if a believer read it, he would feel disappointed himself a lie saying what is the matter with you? In your heart, you're so far away from me, you're going to become like the Jews and the Christians, hardness in their hearts. And that disappointment is then uplifted in the next verse because Allah says that I have the power to bring the dead Earth back to life, don't you think? Are the power to bring your dead heart back to life is

00:30:32--> 00:30:54

beautiful, isn't it? Allah is saying, talking in similar tunes. And this is what your mama probably explain is that though Allah says no that I give life to the dead barren Earth, the in reality alive speaking about the spiritually dead heart. Now the question arises unless you can answer this.

00:30:55--> 00:30:59

Why didn't a larger saying I can bring your dead heart back to life?

00:31:00--> 00:31:27

Why did Allah choose to use what they call a method, a similar tude? Instead of saying that directly Allah said it indirectly. To make you reflect that, oh, Allah can bring an abundance barren land back to life with flowers and plants and fruit, vegetation and crops. That must be that doesn't matter how far away from Allah how hard My heart is. Holla can also bring that back to life.

00:31:29--> 00:31:38

Who can answer this question? What's the benefit? Why not just say, No, I can bring your dead hotbox beside yourself who attended my course?

00:31:40--> 00:31:43

What's the benefit in saying it? indirectly?

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Okay, let's work with that. Then the brother said to to motivate us, how does it motivate?

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okay, to motivate you by saying that there's a chance it could happen. You could do something and then things would change.

00:32:15--> 00:32:17

Okay, interesting to us.

00:32:18--> 00:32:21

Why don't you say directly? What what's the benefit of singing directly?

00:32:23--> 00:32:24

At the back, there's

00:32:27--> 00:32:28

shout out for me.

00:32:32--> 00:32:35

He could do more than just bring a heart back to life. Explain that sounds interesting.

00:32:42--> 00:33:00

Huh, that's interesting. So he said that your heart in comparison to the earth is tiny. If I can bring the entire Earth back to life with rain cannot bring back your tiny heart? Yes. And that analogy does is more inspiring, isn't it? Very good. What other reason?

00:33:02--> 00:33:06

Why the possible reason what the possible benefit is then striking an analogy. Yes.

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Right. Okay. Interesting said when rain comes down. Look, every part of the earth responds positively some soil doesn't doesn't produce any life. Likewise, revelation comes down to the entirety of humanity. But does everyone respond positively? No. It's interesting. So this is a June right? The Koran, yes, known as unfathomable harm, I'm federal for honest, those verses, we Allah, He uses symbolisms or Allah uses similar tools with his analogy. And the reason that is used and this is, you know, one of the reasons often cited by suppose is that the teaching is quite theoretical. So in order to bring it closer to home a lot brings you a physical analogy, something

00:34:18--> 00:34:43

that you can see something that you can experience. So if you were to for example, you know, you're driving down the motorway and you find that there's a huge part of land that just dry barren no growth and then you drive past it after a few months and you found wow, you know, this is all green this plant is flowers is animals. There's birds flying around. Now you've seen something

00:34:44--> 00:34:59

a lot in uses a concept which is theoretical and fara, which is about spiritual guidance and about your spiritual heart. How can that heart be touched by revelation? What did you just see in the field that you passed away? Oh,

00:35:00--> 00:35:52

Okay, interesting. Now I get it, that's the benefit of the method is to bring something far, close to you. So if that is the case, then we can learn many things. The comparison is between rain and dead Earth, and revelation and dead hop. So you follow me so far. Now look at the comparisons. Just like the rain, touches the soil, and produces many different flowers and crops and vegetation. So to dysregulation touched the heart and produce many good actions, amazing instant, many good deeds, many good characteristics can come through that being touched by revelation. Also, just like rain comes down on the dry, barren Earth and transforms it to look completely different. So to can

00:35:52--> 00:36:33

revelation come down and transform the face of the earth by changing the hearts of the believers. And that is what happened. If you visited the deserts of Arabia more than 14 139 years ago, you would have seen a completely different picture of people worshipping idols, baring their daughters, I have an injustice etc, etc. But then over the course of 23 years, only, all of that transformed into completely something different and beautiful. What was the secret ingredient behind the transformation? It was the revelation of Allah subhanaw taala Yes, so there are many things that also dry, barren Earth, no one likes to be around that type of place. No animals like to live in

00:36:33--> 00:37:18

inhabit with is no plants and growth. Similarly, dead hearts are unattractive to other people as low. The analogy it goes on and on and on. Then Allah says at the end of this with other baby, another common lion in that way. does Allah clarify his science? Yes. See, Allah is telling us that there's more than the surface of the meaning here. I'm not just talking about the earth. I'm talking about something deeper. I'm trying to clarify my science to you landlocked out hidden so that perhaps you will use your mind your intellect. See, this verse is teaching us that you need to apply your intellect to the Quran to benefit from it. A lot of people don't look at the Quran like this.

00:37:18--> 00:38:01

They think of the Quran is the holy book, which they will chant and recite. Not ever reflecting over it's meeting by law says pattern a another common area Tila Allah taffy Loon. The reason I'm telling you all of this is so that you apply your mind and your intellect so you can discover the truth. So this is another beauty of the analogy. And the symbolism is because human beings, the way they learn, sometimes they learn better when they discover the truth. Now the opposite of discovering the truth is being spoon fed. You know the teacher say about spoon feeding, isn't it? They don't like spoon feeding. Why? Because Easy come easy go. But when you discover the truth through using your

00:38:01--> 00:38:25

mind, applying yourself struggling the when you discover it, you keep it longer, it becomes more meaningful for you as well. This is the finance power. Look at the way Allah teaches us. May Allah subhanaw taala enlighten us with the Quran and make us of those who truly reflect over it. Now there was some loss of being a Mohammed rod earlier. An image right. Just enough in part I think there'll be no class tomorrow. Tomorrow's Monday, right?

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Yes, tomorrow's Monday. So no class tomorrow, the day after that, Charles here.