Reminders Is Allah Not Sufficient For You Part I

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Under salatu salam ala rasulillah. Earlier you had the woman with a bad luck Mandela as the question

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unless there is an Elisa low regard for you and

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let's write that I said, is Allah not sufficient for his slave?

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Is alone not enough for you? Allah is asking a question to us individually.

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Of course, we say Valera, Bellarmine. Visa, not your Allah and definitely ally submission for us. But the question is that if you are saying that our lives our vision for us, what is it? What is he talking about?

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He's talking about our call on Allah, Subhana. Allah, Allah Allah.

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But our goal is a function of two things.

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It's a function of knowledge.

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And it's a function of relationship,

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not knowledge plus relationship. Unless these two things are there, you cannot have

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alkalis trust

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you cannot have trust on somebody about whom you know nothing.

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That individual may have many qualities, but you know, you are not aware, you do not know what these are. So obviously, you cannot trust somebody who you don't know.

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Second thing is, you will know the qualities of the person.

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But you have no relationship with a person.

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Right? I know the King of Saudi Arabia Alhamdulillah has so much money. But do I know the king? No? Does he know me? No. Do I have a relationship with the king? No. So therefore, the wealth of the King of Saudi Arabia is not available to me, even though I know about it.

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So one is

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to have knowledge about somebody or something. And secondly, simultaneously is to also have a relationship with that person.

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Only then can we trust in that person?

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Now take the same thing to the alcohol analyst version of that.

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Why is it that Allah Subhana? Allah has said Allah is Allah because Allah is Allah Subhana Allah, not sufficient for his slave? What is the what is the need for Allah to ask this question in the voiceless LS if Rama needs and as they need I don't mean as if Allah needs something. No, I'm just saying that question. Why is it that because the problem is that most of these layers almost ran out and most of the available law

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do not have trust on Allah.

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We trust everything else. We trust our parents, we trust our children, we trust our jobs, we trust our employers, which has the government or that government, we trust, some money that we have in the bank, we have we trust some property that we have.

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We trust everything except Allah subhanho wa Taala. Although with our tongue, we save it trust Allah.

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If we actually do this with knowledge, then it's the fact inshallah we do not do this with knowledge. We do it because of lack of knowledge. May Allah forgive us. But the reality is that for everything we trust, other than Allah, I know that

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one of my Israel used to say that the thing about is you get a headache? What is the first thought that comes in your mind? Make God or get the medicine?

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He was a doula or Tylenol. In America, it is the cold tide and of course, you know, which is the first it's not Haram, medicine is giant 111 you should take the medicine if there is a problem, but definitely we have to, we should take whatever is required, nobody says it is but what is the first thought?

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The what is the first thought law or the first thought that we need the middle?

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That is debacle. Why? Because coal is a function of knowledge. So the question I ask myself is number one, if I want to have trust in Allah Subhana Allah if I want to have Docker Allah, how well do I know Allah? Who is Allah?

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Who is the lowest of Israel in the Salah, and which Allah

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we talk about is more subtle reminders. We don't want to make them long, but the point is, ask this question. This question Do I know Allah?

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Because if I don't know Allah, how do I trust Allah? How do I have faith you don't have to have that on what basis?

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Trust is the deepest, the most intense, the most sincere of emotions.

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Trust is the emotion by which you take a small child. A little child was one year old, one and a half years old. You put him on a I placed on top of the fridge or you put it on top of a cupboard and you tell him to jump.

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He will jump forward further.

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He will not jump for a stranger even though the stranger may

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Look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, he buys this there is change, there might be 10 times the size of his father, he will not change. But the father says Why? Why? Because he has faith that my father will not let me follow

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the stranger. I don't know maybe this ginger is stronger, but who knows? I don't know what he will do. But by far I know yes, you will catch me or you will get the jelly jam for somebody who trust and this trust comes from knowledge. What is the knowledge of Allah subhanaw taala The

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first question to remind ourselves, we'll do this in more detail tomorrow. And the second question, I just want to leave the two questions. Second question is, what is my dialogue with a lesser I know what I had?

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I may have all the knowledge in the world about Allah Subhana Allah somebody tells me make a ban on the glory of Allah subhanaw taala maybe I can speak for three hours. But what is my dialogue with Allah? What is the state of my Salah? What is the measurement? What is the thermometer what is the meter which measures the talaq was Allah, Allah,

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and we know this from the head, these are the reason the dial is the part of the rail about a son.

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And that was Allah Kanika da da, da Vinci.

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That is the measurement that is the,

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the meter by which we can judge our the Allahu Allah Subhana Allah that the two questions I want to leave with myself and you today, one, what do I know about? That? What is my Allah that Allah is Allah Gavin abda? Is, am I not sufficient? is Allah not sufficient for Islam and if you are going to the army and you are the vision for us, then we have we have two things one knowledgeable was that who is Allah?

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What do I know what Allah and the second one is? What is my connection with Allah? What is my dialogue with Allah? And inshallah in the next few days we'll see how do you get knowledge of Allah and how do you build is going to show that was one of them was Allah Allah Allah Allah will carry while he was heavy has been dragged on