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We placed our trust solely in Allah subhana wa Taala, who created us who gave us life gave us the ability to start, who gave us the ability to have a break, who gave us the ability to have sustenance from the last time I saw you till now a lot fed us. And between that time Allah subhanaw taala introduced new bonds and you met new people. And between that time you prayed fudger love her as her mother and a Sha, Allah chose you five times a day, to become part of all of creation. We started with the fact that creation doesn't have a choice to pick a law or not. A law gave two of us creatures that choice now gin and insaan. Right. And Allah gave us the facility to be human beings.

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And that facility doesn't. It's not exclusive. We don't realize that it's not everyone gets to pray. Allah subhana wa tada created us chose us and gave us that opportunity for that we say Alhamdulillah

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I praise the last panel Allah for so many things that I cannot enumerate. And Allah subhanaw taala reminds us in the Quran, or

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near Madame la

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If I stopped now to introduce or to talk about one niyama Allah gave me from December Till now I wouldn't be able to finish counting the blessings of Allah. If you told me how your vacation was how your time was in between. and you started with Well, you know what I could see from December till now. And you could just describe what you saw from December till now. You could say I smell you could say I felt I thought I learned. I smiled at my mother You could have said any one thing and that would be enough time for us to enumerate the gifts of Allah subhanaw taala so I encourage you one time to repeat the praise the blessing of Allah subhana wa Taala with me once by saying Suhana

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la he will be handy he

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Suhana la de la leave

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a Santa Monica Monica de la

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so welcome back family home delight, it has been a very long period of time. And for those of you who wondered about the gap first we had a small gap. Then that gap widened. And then after that gap widened, I fractured my ribs and that gap widened a little bit more and then Shangri La with a less pantallas mercy I can breathe normally and I feel perfectly fine. So all of you who made da do make dua for me make to offer the Oman my practice factoring ribs is not because I was out taking you know, helping the oma. It just felt so it's wasn't a great thing. But does that love played on to everyone who made to Davey isn't and I'm not going to do a summary from what we did last time,

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because I would rather share a good news with you. I traveled with a lot of mercy to nine different cities in the last a lot longer maybe six, seven weeks. And every place I went St Louis Tulsa, Tucson, Arizona, New York, Dallas, New Jersey, Florida St. Louis Kent, Louisville, Kentucky, they all said say sellout. I okay. And I was like how do you know I okay, people, they're like prophetic dynasty bro. And I was like Subhana Allah. So what we've been doing for those nine weeks, it's gone all over the United States with mercy, not because our class was good, but because the lumpwood Baraka in it. And remember the first day I said, Oh, a lot, make the people who sit here make their

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accent acceptable and your recordings not mine. Our recordings went out and people from all over the place I met five and six year old kids who are telling me about she thought a lot about music. I met little adults who are telling me you know, before dinner we sit with our children and we watch these 510 minute clips every day. So from your brothers and sisters from all the way from the UK till here with the Abu layth included setting his alarms to you are from everywhere in the United States, including the UK your brothers and sisters say to you is that the level head on and they made to offer you so we make in turn to offer them a lot of money. Are we becoming Zawadi neomatik What the

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hell we are theoretical Pooja athenia chromatic or Jeremy subotic La ilaha illa Anta Subhana caring economy nobody mean Allah we ask that you open our hearts and make us love that which is Hello. have difficulty and disgust for that which you don't like a lot and have hatred for that which is how long

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Allah we ask that you open our hearts again and keep us steadfast in this path la vida highlanda subhanak annual income inequality mean? So the last place that we left off, I'm going to literally pick up from that statement and you can find it online because Ioh k has done a fantastic job of kind of

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Keeping them all organized all of the prophetic dynasties organized. We left off in Ibrahim Ali Salaam, Ibrahim Ali Salaam, the young man broke his that idols broke the town's idols, and he stood up, we're in the third dynasty now are the Malays, Sonam up to Noah dynasty one new Ali Salam update Ibrahim dynasty to these people, these prophets, are they so that was Salam sacrificed? And today I'm only going to add one anthro anthropology statement. Sometimes when I tell you a story about Ibrahim alayhi salam, you're kind of like, Yeah, he was a prophet. Of course he could do that. Sometimes when I tell you about Hydra or about Sarah, and I tell you about their character, you stop

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and say, the wife of a prophet, I can't do that. And we distance them because they were prophetic. Allah subhanho wa Taala reminded us when he created all of mankind, that 124,000 souls, remember whenever you want to stand in front of Allah 124,000 souls, they were illuminated, they were special, not that Allah subhanaw taala created them perfect, but Allah subhana wa tada put fitrah inside of them, and the same fitrah that was put inside of them is inside of us. So Allah is not mocking us when he shows us profits when he shows us Sahaba who can lay on on molten lava when he shows us women who could sacrifice their family. This is not a lot mocking us. He's showing the

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potential of human beings. In the last few weeks, you may have maybe watched some videos and you constantly see how human beings can keep pushing their physical capability. You've probably seen the YouTube clip rights called people are awesome. No, I will culture you again. I think you all have been out of touch for a little while. So these videos like people are awesome people jumping off of cliffs, people doing crazy things. And the physical bounds of a human beings are pushed and we are amazed. But sometimes when we think about the spiritual, the tolerance of human beings, we're not sure we're like, oh, no, I don't think I could do that. So now taking that into consideration, open

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the chapter of Abraham it so now the third dynasty where he opens five stories. Story number one we did. He looked at the idols around his dad and said, Dad, this doesn't make any sense that you're worshipping these idols, we have idols today, green paper, right will live and do anything for them. He says that it doesn't make sense that you are worshipping these idols. So he broke the idols he was thrown out of the city. Next what happened? He went and saw the sun the moon, the stars, right. We talked about Twilight, we talked about the Lakers and the jazz. We talked about all sorts of things that we worship here today. Then after that, we found out that he married who who did Ibrahim

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Ali said I'm married. This is where I left you off. We said the last story was the story of nim Ruth, where he said he was God, this this king and Abraham Abraham said, Yeah, maybe. But just why don't you make the son come from the other side? That's where we left off. Can you tell me who did Ibrahim Ali said I'm married first?

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saw so he married a woman a free woman named Sarah. And this was in our narration where we are right now. There's going to be two parts of today's story hard, cold fact. And then it's la Eliot sisters, Can you remind me is la EDS? Do we take them blindly? Or do we have to kind of take them with a grain of salt?

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You could just say grain of salt, grain of salt. So we have to take them with a little bit of grain of salt. And today you're going to realize that any story from bunnies brought you the story from the Torah and the Bible about Syrah or about Hydra. We won't take them fully, wholeheartedly. So let's start off now. We're in Egypt. Ibrahim Ali Salam is approximately 86 years old. He travels from Egypt to Palestine. What is now modern day Palestine. And in this travel, he realizes that he wants a child he keeps asking Allah subhanaw taala we start out here with the real person. Ibrahim, don't make him prophetic yet. A man who had a problem Adi salatu salam, he wanted children. So he

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comes at 86 years old, he is blessed with a child. Now keep in mind he's waited his whole life but he never gave up hope in the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala surah Ibrahim Ayah number 37. It should rock all of us from the core because we have discussed not giving up the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala as gifts and love, don't give up in Allah but Allah says himself, we did these is Surah Nisa i a 26 through 28. When we talked about Allah who said, even that Allah is the only one as to La La kume Allah only wanted to forgive us. But then Allah says in Surah Ibrahim i a number 37 he says or my

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monkey he

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On a una Mirage Mattila de la orden de Lune a la reminds us while telling us a story epic Brahim, anyone who gives up the hope and mercy in a law in love bombing this person's way astray. And we've talked about this in a nutshell, Aladdin created us to punish us. And alike gave us the stories of Ibrahima, a salon to say, look, never give up in a law you're making to offer a child and you're 86 did he put his hands down? Not at all. 86 year old man. And he says, No, I'm not giving up in the mercy of Allah. Allah subhanaw taala blesses him with a child, can anyone tell me the name of the child

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is smart enough? The first son is la Elliot, the Jewish stories and the stories from the Torah kind of mix up the order of who was born and they say that his heart was sacrificed but we wait here. So at some point in the story in Palestine, husband and wife are together and I want you to look at the character of this woman, sisters and brothers. The wife sada looks at her husband and says, it's been 86 years and you've been asking for a child and making da You know what, this is my servant. Her name is sisters. hydrilla and hydro. I don't give her to you as a person, but I give her to you as a spouse. he marries hajima and now the bunny is law. He the Israelite idiot, tell us that they

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didn't get along that Hydra and Salah didn't get along. But wait. Do you think someone who gifted their husband someone in marriage would not get along? No. What we believe with certainty is that a Lost Planet Allah instructed them to move into the desert, the soraa EDS tell us that there was a TIFF and Sara said to her husband, you know, just take her and go somewhere else. I can't deal with this anymore. Just hang on for a second. When we read these islaam EDS, we have to also look down the lineage. The bunnies slaughtneil weren't happy who came? Ibrahim Ali Sana makes dua that Muslim metallic arena marassi Kanawa to Ballina that in my oma should come a prophet who was that Prophet

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at the end is smart is married and from all the way down the lineage who was the last prophet Musa la Edison was he was he a jewel was an Arab. He was an Arab so when you read these, you'll probably go into college class and read these and you start hearing them defaming sada or Hydra or the character of our humanity, Islam. Just keep in mind, when you're jealous, you do a lot of things. You do things to defame the lineage of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam so when you read this in react, I want you to be confident Why? Because we have an original text. What am I gonna

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do? Neela the Quran was introduced from anyone except the law or just the philosophy in a day, but it the Quran confirms what came in the Bible and the Torah what I've seen Al Kitab and it explains what we couldn't see before. So our narration the narration from the Quran and from the Sunnah, is that a lot instructed them Ibrahima, a salmon Hydra to go into the desert. Now as they're walking, they get to a specific point. And they stop. Now, Ibrahim alayhis salam is still following the instruction of Allah. But I want to ask you a question. If a lot told you to walk into the middle of the desert, what's the first thing you would do? Like if I liked it to be speak to you somehow you

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got a letter? What would you do first?

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I would say why that's the first thing I'm going to do as a human being religious, non religious About what? When? Whoa, that doesn't make any sense. Does he question a lot? No, but we get we keep going. So he gets to the middle of the desert. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Go home without your wife and kids. But what? Wait a minute, that is the one I waited 86 years for. Can we hang on? Can we renegotiate this? Nope. Does he look at the hokum? Does he look at the halal and haram or does he look at Who said it?

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He said he All he did was Allah said it done.

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But Abraham, it doesn't make any sense. According to sound narrations that we have that mom and mom and child had one day of food. Let's make it one and a half days of food. She was breastfeeding at the time. So now we take the narration. He's walking away with a day's ration. She goes, sister, what are you going to ask her husband? We start walking away.

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Abraham, what's wrong? I won't complain anymore. Just come back.

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He doesn't know but think about you have to put yourself there. It's a joke in the beginning. But now now your thinking is teasing you right? Like, oh, you're gonna come back. And then he takes 10 more steps and you're like, what does she asked him when he doesn't respond? My sister's telling me this is a level

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Spirituality human beings can do amazing things. She asked her husband What?

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law Who?

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she asked. And if you look at this mud in the Quran, this stretching question. She didn't say Allah. She said, What? Ah, long, she asked a long stressed out question just to be completely content in her heart. Like, wait a minute, did I tell you to do this?

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And then what is what does he respond after not responding to any questions? He says? Yes. And after she heard, now let's put the halala her on this side. Go to the desert, leave your kids there. He didn't question. But what was Ibrahima? They said I'm not a trick question. He was the first What? Think about this question for me second, Bernie nadesan was the first what first person to use a title. We use it to refer to ourselves, but he didn't use it as a name. He used it as a verb. We use the Esma the name Muslim, Ibrahim Ali Salam use the verb or the adding name making them up URL. He called himself one through segments. And he said, Allah, I submit, I took my family into the desert,

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and then he's walking away his wife said, Did Allah say this? And she and he says Yes. What did she do? Wait a minute. Can you pray to Allah? Can you renegotiate? Can you help? What did she say? Okay.

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And she did something that I wish I could do. I lay hit What can she put all of her trust into a bag? And she put it on the scale of Allah. Allah you ain't gonna leave me here in the dark. You ain't gonna leave my baby without food. Yangon, leave me here to die in the desert. Allah you can take care.

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And she said, Allah I trust you. May Allah give us that trust along my knee. I was becoming zawada neomatik What the hell would they ask you to take what Pooja de nomadic Raja Marisa has to be Allah? May Allah make us there because we make this thicker they lived this thicker and I'm going to prove that point now. So now she's left in the in the desert. Ibrahim Ali Salam is walking home if you want to jot this down with me, it's in Surah hedger i a number 37. If I'm correct, I'll give you the exact reference in Surah hedger, which is right before the 15th just begin starts surah hedger Ayah number 56 is the ayah that says don't lose hope in the mercy of Allah. I told you 37 Ibrahim, it's

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hedger 56 in Surah. sulfat. So are 37 just take the numbers down quickly. 102 the entire story of the sacrifice of Ibraheem alehissalaam him sacrificing his son that's 37. Anyone know what's your number? 37 is after Yes, incomes. Soft? Exactly. So a soft fat in Iran number 102. The story of Ibrahim Adi Saddam's sacrifice comes but out of nowhere, child and mother are waiting in the middle of the desert. We press pause. According to some of the narrations he found this place because there were markings there is no one. There is a conversation to be had that there was a remnant of Aqaba there. There is a narration it's not super strong. That other money Suriname made the original

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Kaaba, and then presumably when did it get destroyed?

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During the floods, so during the floods, the foundation was destroyed. But you saw remnants like in the middle of the desert, all of a sudden you're like, Okay, here we go. There's something here.

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So he turns to Allah subhanaw taala as he's walking home, but I keep thinking to myself, we all make this drop. What was the difference between our doula and the Deborah hemmati ceram we read it thinking Allah will fulfill our need. He read it knowing Allah had already fulfilled his need. He just had to wait for it to come. You see the difference? Oh, Allah give me something good in my life and you're like, I didn't get it. You keep moving on. Right? Ibraheem alehissalaam raises his hands and says abana

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me as

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to me?

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next door to Allah. Oh, Allah, I did what you said, I'm following your path. It's not going to be easy, but I'm leaving my wife and kids at this place. Meanwhile,

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he says Allah, I'm leaving them in your custody, please take care of my family. But then he really opens up and he says, look, Allah, this place that you called me to. I didn't know I was gonna

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Leave them out there, this place that you called me to. He said, Well,

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he says, Oh Allah, make this place not for my wife and find kids. But for every human being in history, I am building this house for you Allah. So don't make people take care of my wife and kids know anyone who comes to that barren land where there are maybe a few rocks and a few sticks. For john to determine and NASA, we lay him

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and then what does he say? Was Oh,

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Allah in the middle of the desert. Look what he asked for he could have asked for water but a lot he knew Allah was gonna take care of that. He asked for fruit. Where did he ask for fruit though? In the middle of the desert? Was he doubting the fact that Allah could bring plants and fruit and sustenance from the middle? Not at all. He trusted that whatever he asked from Allah he was going to get anyway. But all he had to do what kind of hang on for the ride. He had to wait. Today I'm asking Allah give me risk. Give me good kids give me health in a nice house. And they're like, okay, where is it? But Allah subhanho wa Taala gave Ibrahim Ali Salam patients, and he said fill this place

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Makkah with fruits and vegetables. So I'll take a positive move the bank did. We're in this room right now in 2013. One day away from February. Is there anyone who would rather be in this room? Other than being sitting in Makkah right now? That we lay him? Aren't your heart's already there? Aren't your hearts Can you now? Are your hearts with saara? Are your hearts with Hydra and the baby? Yes, your hearts are still there? They're dead. But our heart is still there. This is the daughter of someone who has your cleaning Allah Do you see the difference? We asked a lot because the prophets a lot of time did because other prophets did. They ask a lot of the difference between

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profits because Allah was going to do it anyway. Allah created us so we can meet him back in paradise. And this is just the right in between. So he's walking away he's making god he's asking Allah subhanaw taala to shower upon them. Now we stopped that was the third story. He's walking away What can we trust in Los Angeles? But again, the point that I want you to take away he never lost hope and mercy and a lot and point number two, may Allah bring it in us a lot of my Indian Lucas Genova makabe Tony Wyman, can we all get to the point where even when it doesn't make sense, up till now I can rationally speaking to you leaving your wife in the middle of the desert, walking away,

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praying for fruit in the middle of a dead land? doesn't make too much sense sense. Did he look at the law? Or did he look at who was saying it?

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I'm asking brothers, if he did he look at what Allah was saying or Who said it? Who said can we get up to that point? I said it was the third dynasty it's not easy. First dynasty we just opened the concept of Allah second dynasty we said make it that far right? It knew how they Salaam taught us to say stuff for Allah. Ibrahim Ali sometimes teaching us to be Muslim.

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Really Muslim not I'm Muslim because my parents were born Muslim Muslims.

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Islam is peace but it also when I add a meme at the beginning becomes submission. This is the key factor but we wait so now who was the second person who had a who had submitted Ibrahim it Sam said what Allah did what Allah told him, he walked away. Now who's in the middle of the desert hacia. Now she's in the middle of the desert day one passes day, day and a half passes and approximately a day and a half. You give after you don't get any carbohydrates or proteins. Your milk you're going to stop producing milk mom went dry.

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Now she's holding baby, does she cry that she wailed that she breaks down? Does she have any trouble? Nope. She gets up and says, I am a slave of Allah. And Allah will never let me go. All I need to do is make a little bit of effort just kind of flail my arms up and down, and I will never drown. So she gets up. She runs to the right inner slough.

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She runs to one mountain, she gets to the top she does three things. She looks around she does the human effort. Then she asked a lot then she's patient three things goes up. Anybody there anybody there she says nobody a lot please. A lot my in the garden. manaphy ah Mata mata chapala what is Ava she waits. Nothing happens. She comes down. She's an intelligent woman. She's a woman who had an idea so she comes down from the mountain when she comes down the down the slope of the mountain. She gets to flatland. What does she do on the flatland? She starts running with swiftness. Why? Because in the time, it took

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me to come down someone might pass over there she goes back up again a lot. I need your help trust in Allah. She looks around she looks she hunts to see anyone. She waits up and down, up and down, up and down. After seven times, and the six times she hears the noise, she comes down and her baby is laying there. From the from the sound narrations, we find that either gibreel la Salaam, like smashed his wing into the ground, we see this happening several times in history, where jabril will come and kind of hit the Earth he will instruct you will remember when the prophets a lot is some came out of the cave. And then jabril li Salaam opened himself in a real full form. And the Prophet

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gazed at him and said, this is your enormous his entire mid session mix section took up the horizon. And he had over 600 wings and the prophets a lot is him stopped and said you have 600 wings, and Angel Gabriel very casually, only a like an angel could do this. And goes 600 he goes there are angels with 5000 wings, don't worry about it. Put them to look, this is not your discussion. Don't worry about go you have a Quran to deal with. So either this happens or the spring comes from itself. But there's something that I need you to understand here. The water comes gushing out take this as fact, and I'll explain why. Water comes gushing out. And what does she say? And I know some

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mama is gonna help us out here. What did she say? them? them within their language meant? Stop? What does she do? She's taking the wet sand in the clay and she made like a basin out of it like a sink. So you saying stop, stop. What did she want to do? She wanted to drink the water. She thinks Stop, stop. That's okay, thank you Allah, we're good. She was pleased with what Allah gave just that much when Allah gives us something good.

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Brothers and sisters, you know, when you're hungry, and you go home and mom made like the rice that you like, what do you usually say, Man, I should have wished for something else. Because then it would have been even better. She had a little bit of water and she's like, that's it. I'm done.

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I'm good, only to live. But the water never stops she made the basin.

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On this story, I need to point out something that I never knew. Did anyone know from the Surat area from the Jewish Christian tradition, from the Buddhist writings from all writings, even folktales. There is not one other narration of this story.

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Nobody refutes the story. There is not one religion. There is not one historian but it gets even more. Does anyone know the tribe that was passing by? It was a private tribe, okay. There's a tribe that was passing by, they saw birds in the sky. And they came and they they sent a messenger over and they asked Hydra. May we come in live here? Because they realized I mean, they could have sniped her and they could have killed her in the baby easily. But they were like, yo, there's water coming out of the middle of the desert bro. There's something going on here. We better ask her. They took her permission and she said something amazing, which today affects us. She said, you may live here

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you may drink you may take feed your animals, but I and my son own the water. From to that moment till today does well of Zamzam has never stopped in its intensity, nor has it ever

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weakened. We were there at the original source of it and you know when you put a bucket into something water goes down right? doesn't go down at all 510 million people drink on a consistent basis. Do we look to the grants a brother Can you tell us some scientific idea i things that are blow our mind and make us more Imagine you're cleaning in Allah? I could do that. But why? Go to the local store? There's probably some some grocery store here, right? Get a little can of water and sip that and know that that came from the feet of a smile at a psalm and a lot of promised one. That's just one. One thing and no history, no National Geographic, no Discovery Channel. No one has done a

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refutation of this story. Why? Because every religion accepts it miracle number one that you can tangibly touch, take your kids to monka. So after this, and this blew my mind, but after this, we now realize gem who I believe the

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I believe the tribes name. And when she when they came by they took her permission. They stayed there. And after some time, they started to raise a smile Ali Salam and Ibrahim Ali Salman, I'm fast forwarding a bit. He comes in he goes he comes back to that place. And at some point when he's back at that place, Allah subhanho wa Taala makes his heart content and the child and mother are being taken care of. He leaves them there. He travels back and forth. They start Abraham is my era Sam starts to be raised. And now what language is he learning mom's language? No, the purest of Arabic because that tribe that was passing by Own your autumn

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They only spoke with him in Arabic And there's something that maybe only the elders will understand. Today we teach children a language in in any animals or any

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time. Did we teach children language? Or did we teach children how to use language? How to use language what language to use today we teach children how to speak. Then they said, this is how you speak in front of whom elders are in the room, you raise your voice, young men come into the room and your sister You hold even if it's funny, you hold your laughter because it's a gift from Allah subhanaw taala. So that communication was taught to smarty Lazzara. He didn't only learn the Arabic but he learned the phrases he learned the etiquette, what you would call an will do, like getting up and sitting down eating, sitting with the elders. He learned this. Now Ibrahim Ali Salaam comes and

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he tells his Ibrahim alayhis salam comes and he tells his son

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I saw a dream.

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And it is a very interesting conversation because in light Allah maybe we can discuss it just for a moment. So after 86 years of waiting for a child going through all of this process and cheesier leaving wife in the desert, and then leaving them without ration, then coming back and forth being settled with this. Allah subhana wa tada in Surah. slaw, fat surah number 37. He says this most unbelievable conversation now I want to stop here for a second. What was the name of Ibrahim Ali Salaam. I want you to point this out up till now leaving your wife and kids. Okay. other prophets have been tested. They're having trouble and difficulty with your people getting banished. It's been

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done before. What's never been done, ever.

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sacrifice your son. No one perfect, awesome son died and he was overwhelmed and beside himself. Ibrahim Ali Salam waited 86 years. Now, I know there's no way to explain this to you. We just read it from Isaiah 186 years he waited for a child. And now he says he now look at the relationship between father and son. My dad and I have maybe 2030 years difference. Look at the age difference between the 1314 year old is married and the 93 year old Abraham he comes to his son with majesty with honor only like an old man can you know when you see grandpa playing with the kids? He comes down to the lowest level you think he became a child? He comes to his son he says but I'm mama who's

00:32:42--> 00:32:44

me out all

00:32:48--> 00:33:02

because Look, son, I had a dream. When is your dad start a sentence with I had a dream. You never hear that. That's always like, why didn't you go brush your teeth? Right? That's basically just commands. Because Look, son, I had a dream. Can you imagine this 13 year old mines opens up?

00:33:03--> 00:33:06

What happened in your dream? He says

00:33:20--> 00:33:27

I had a dream. And he uses a very specific verb. When you do Qurbani, what do you call it?

00:33:28--> 00:33:37

Right? It's not a it's not a nice thing. I'm going to go and slaughter a calf. It's a very heavy word. I'm going to slit the throat. And I saw I was doing

00:33:38--> 00:33:48

this pre pubescent boy either he's at the age of puberty or he just started he's able to go and come with his dad to work. And he says on.

00:33:55--> 00:33:55


00:33:57--> 00:34:03

May Allah give us children who can utter these words to our face? He says, Yeah, Dad,

00:34:05--> 00:34:07

do what Allah instructed you to do. And he used the word

00:34:08--> 00:34:11

fear. What does it mean? In the simplest term?

00:34:12--> 00:34:25

You the verb that you got to do, do what you got to do that do what you got to do tomorrow. Can I add one more name to this list? Did is smarter you look at what the commandment was? Or where it came from?

00:34:27--> 00:35:00

May Allah make us submit? May Allah make us amongst those who can say why not nullah who must be moon. Not that we were born Muslim and on our passport when we go to get a visa it says Muslim now May Allah make us amongst those who submit to the command of Allah when it makes sense. And I'm going to say it today because we're confident enough in our 12 weeks of study and when it doesn't make sense, because the hadoo double lot don't make sense to human beings all the time. Ask a sister about when everyone around her is not wearing the job. And she's the only one to like and this is supposed to be

00:35:00--> 00:35:04

Make me more covered I stick out. They make doesn't make any sense.

00:35:05--> 00:35:42

When Allah subhanaw taala asked for something we can either question or we can move on. It's my daddy Sam says that, gotta do what you got to do. Let's do this pops. And they go forward and he goes, these are the words may Allah subhanaw taala give it young people just think about it. How many times does your dad come up to you and say, can you go get me that glass of water? And it takes 10 minutes of discussion to go get the water and come back? fam. His dad came up to him said I'm going to cut your throat. He goes in Asia, a law. He says said that you do nee Shah

00:35:43--> 00:35:46

Nino's slow beauty.

00:35:47--> 00:36:08

Only profits can talk like this, I'll give you that much. He adds a scene at the beginning. Said Teddy dooney means when the time comes, because dad right now I'm all emotional and I'm ready to go. But we're not doing this right now. Dad, right? And he looks at us and goes, No, not now. He goes Saturday dooney when the time comes for me to get slaughtered.

00:36:09--> 00:36:55

Insha Allah with Allah as grace, because I submit to Allah, mina slobby, you find the patient that I'm ready to do this, that what would it take to cultivate this type of love of a law in our children. And if I may, it is when the children love their parents. Now, because they give them everything they want. But after a lot, the to ILA, and it's tough to use this word, but they use it in Farsi poetry a lot. When you can look and see the fate the gifts of God through your parents, then your child will say, Well, I really don't have a choice in this. Y'all gave me life. So it doesn't make any difference. said that you do need insha Allah who mean a sloppy Dean, and he says

00:36:55--> 00:36:56

fine, as

00:36:58--> 00:37:00


00:37:01--> 00:37:03


00:37:04--> 00:37:43

when I use the word a slammer, what does it mean to you? It means Submit. So what's this dad in center now walking up the altar, it was an actual altar where the slaughtering was to take place. Remember, up till today, this might throw you for a curveball up till today. When we eat meat, you do realize why we say Allah's name on it right? You're taking another creatures life, to consume for yourself and ingest. So in that time any meat was slaughtered in the name of God, I want you to keep in mind with how much protein we put in our bodies. today. No one thinks about everyone thinks whether it's cut halal or haram. But we don't think about how much meat we put inside of ourselves.

00:37:43--> 00:37:59

So they're going up to the altar. And they both the narrations tell us that Ibrahim Alayhi Salam turned his son, his face turning away from him, covered his eyes, turned his son away. And his son literally tilted his neck up because over here that

00:38:01--> 00:38:39

may Allah make us amongst those who submit to His will. Now the key point here and there's something for us to understand. We don't clarify the story because we're worried about kids. They're totally fine. He sharpened the blade as a last you kids okay? Y'all, okay. Okay. If anything gets too graphic this time. So he's sharpening that I am sure they're like Call of Duty. We do that every day. It's okay. Right, guys? Okay. So at some point, he sharpens the knife, and he's about to move the knife forward. So the narrations tell us the knife went over his son's neck. And so he believed in his heart, that he had sacrificed his son.

00:38:40--> 00:38:57

Now this key moment of emotional change. Allah subhanho wa Taala allowed him to cross through the door where he did slit his throat son's throat. Has Allah asked anyone to sacrifice their son in this room? No. Did he ask you?

00:38:59--> 00:39:13

But Allah asked us to take care of our children to teach them about a law to give them yaqeen in that book, to raise them not with rules but with principles. Ibrahima, they said um, move the nice board.

00:39:14--> 00:39:23

Allah subhanho wa Taala. Remember I told you no prophet has ever been tested like Prophet Ibrahim, what death was Allahu Ibrahim

00:39:25--> 00:39:47

karela Yeah, they're going to be leading Salah brothers. What does Allah Ibrahima Khalid Allah, Allah never called anyone his friend? Only one person he called his friend and a young person asked me in St. Louis right before coming here. How do you become an earlier and I said though that's debatable even if it's possible. But I said how can you become the friend of Allah?

00:39:48--> 00:40:00

I want you to think about this for a moment. Anyone have youngsters won't get this adults. I want real friend, not American friend. Friends in America are not real. Friends overseas are real are most Won't your

00:40:00--> 00:40:33

friends die for you back home. How many people have a real friend a real friend, right? When your friend comes to you and says, come over for dinner? Do you ever ask him why? When my friend, my real friends, they come to me and they say, we some I need you to do this one thing a real friend never does. You never have to explain to your true Beloved, when your beloved comes to you and says, I need you to be here at six o'clock. Do you ever say guys ever say, Well, why don't you just like, Okay.

00:40:34--> 00:40:35

I'll be there.

00:40:36--> 00:41:00

What does a lot of people like? malita Ibrahim asked. And his friend it hurts to say this right? His friend asked him to do something. And even when his friend told him to do something that hurt a loss of Hanwha I like called out to his friend and said pardons long down. Oh, yeah, he can. He can

00:41:02--> 00:41:29

see me and then he says these words. He goes you follow it? You did it. Even even shavon himself was gambling on the fact. Yo, is Abraham gonna do this one bro. This. Human beings are crazy. But if he couldn't do this, it will shatter everything I've built against insaan if Abraham can pull this off, I'll have nothing to hold against him son.

00:41:30--> 00:41:43

And Allah says other slides up the road here in Calgary, Canada did Marcin in in LA one Bella mubin. He brought him he was just a test.

00:41:45--> 00:42:11

Ibrahima was testing our friendship. You didn't ask for an explanation when you went into the desert. You didn't ask for an explanation. When I told you to leave your kid. You didn't ask for an explanation when I told you to slaughter him after 13 years. And he says wolf a day now who believe in our dream. Allah subhanaw taala sent a ram and I want you to look this up. He sent her ram from Jenna

00:42:12--> 00:42:59

when you when the stakes are that high? that gift is going to be that high to Allah removes is married are they saddam puts the ram Why do I say this with so much confidence? This story as well? Guess what? No book, no Bible No. People who don't believe in God, no one has a reputation of this. Number two. No one has a refutation of the of the Zima of Islam. It's a standing testament. He removed it. The Ram was there, he slaughtered it. And then he says what's our block now I lay him. Ouattara he fell asleep. And then he says something. I need you to absorb yourself for a moment. I need you to put yourself on the four steps before Jana. Everyone will take four steps you just drank

00:42:59--> 00:43:15

out of the hands of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you kissed his cheek or his forehead. You took the four steps into Jenna and two steps are outside. Two steps are inside. And as soon as you touch foot inside Gen.

00:43:17--> 00:43:30

two angels come the case both sides of the high cheekbone. And they say someone sent salon to you. Allah wishes, your happiness.

00:43:31--> 00:43:45

Imagine that moment and listen to the knife still in the hand the blood splattering forward. Listen to the experience when Allah subhanho wa Taala tells Ibrahim Wait a minute, this was all a test. It's okay. Salah

00:43:52--> 00:44:06

Allah says he did it. After this point. I won't bother you at all. After this point, our friendship is not etched in stone. Our friendship will be etched in history forever.

00:44:07--> 00:44:09

I asked you what for one moment

00:44:10--> 00:44:12

in Ayah number

00:44:13--> 00:44:18

104 Ls has something that I don't even know if I can read to you. He says on

00:44:29--> 00:44:40

a law we say Yato b we say Yara Allah called Ibrahim Ibrahim, you're done. Your tests are complete for you is

00:44:41--> 00:44:46

Ibrahim it Sam here is a loss of Hannah Darla sees this slaughtered goat

00:44:48--> 00:44:59

Ram. He turns to a law and for one moment can you imagine his heart saying I'm so glad I've never questioned the law. I'm so happy I never questioned a law because today Allah is not

00:45:00--> 00:45:26

asking me for anything. When you tell your friend I need you to meet here, you never take their name because that would be soft. You say, Bro, I need you here. I need you. But then when he gets here what I say, Lee, thanks, man. You didn't come? I wouldn't be. I wouldn't feel felt good. A lot took his name twice. Yeah, but you did it, you finish. We close on one small concept.

00:45:27--> 00:45:52

Alive, pleased with Ibrahim Ali said I'm not for anything except one concept. he submits to Allah. He submitted to the law of Allah. And I promise you in the last seven weeks, things in my life and in the life of the oma have happened. That don't make any sense. That doesn't make any sense to us. Islam is actually harder. seven weeks ago, it might have been easier. And every seven weeks Islam gets harder to follow.

00:45:53--> 00:46:22

And I used to get exhausted trying to figure out let me give a rational explanation why we do these things. And I was supposed to give a talk and I'll close on this on the miracle of Quran. So I did grammar points I did the historical points of grammar. This in itself is a miracle the fact that we have this much history preserved. There's a small example about sulamani. Lisa, just to kind of blow your mind for a second. So so the Mona Lisa stops and the answer in front of him, right? What are the ants say? They say everyone goes to

00:46:24--> 00:47:01

go into your homes, and they have a communication. So we as young people read it and say, okay, whatever. He had some way of understanding them. Last year, they did they were studying blue butterflies. We all know what those big blue butterflies are. It's completely blue. So they were in National Geographic was 10. And you can find this online. They were studying blue butterflies. So they were trying to understand their patterns. So they placed microphones all around the the cocoons of these blue butterflies around them happened to be ends. So they tried to record the blue butterflies. But blue verifies wouldn't say much because they were in cocoons. What did they record

00:47:01--> 00:47:18

the communication events. And with the technology that we have now, they actually decipher the language of worker ants. So if one worker ants gets sick, they have a way to communicate and say he's sick, carry him back, and then someone else 10 more ants come and take over his responsibility. But wait, it gets better.

00:47:20--> 00:47:47

And the mother and makes a certain sound when the mother and makes a sound, everyone goes back and takes care of her. This is ant language. They found that the blue and the blue butterfly, it learned to emulate the same sound as the mother. And so when the cocoons would fall down, these little like slimy larva, things would start making ant sounds What did the ants do to the blue cocoon?

00:47:48--> 00:48:25

They took it back to the ant hole and did what? for seven weeks they took care of it like it was their mother. Why? Because the butterflies spoke their language. Mind blown, wonderful. But wait, there's one more miracle is that a lot allowed us to say the same words he said. Allah said these words and I'm sitting in front of you, a human being made from dirty water I couldn't explain in front of kids. And I get to say the words of Allah. Wait a minute, what do I have to do? Who do I have to pay to read this book? Nobody. I actually get all of this for free.

00:48:26--> 00:48:37

He brought him on Instagram was an exemplary in doing good genes. He was exemplary in accepting Allah said it that's all I need to know. Allah said it and that's all I need.

00:48:39--> 00:49:19

We wait for next week isn't en la hit Allah was something even more amazing happen and you're thinking like what what could be more amazing than this? A lot talk to him. But even when Allah loved him Did he put his guard down be like okay, I made it. Let's go have a good time. No, you stop because a lot what else could I do for you? And Allah instructs Ibrahim it Sam so this is your homework for tonight. It is the last quarter of the first juice so it's just number one. Bara number one the last three pages of the first just I'm trying not to give you a number because I want you to get used to touching this book.

00:49:20--> 00:49:22

I could charge you whatever works for you.

00:49:23--> 00:49:29

The last three pages What if we have Ibrahim will power a dominant will be diwa

00:49:31--> 00:50:00

ismar Ibrahim bait is married father and son built the house of a love but how they built it is I now I'll fast forward. What is standing in front of copper today. So you have you have the slaughtering of Isa is married on a syrup. You have the running of zum zum today is a miracle it is something that you don't need to have a degree in his Quranic sciences to accept zum zum runs today and no religion has it has a reputation

00:50:00--> 00:50:02

Now, what's the second thing that we have?

00:50:06--> 00:50:07

Muhammad Ibrahim.

00:50:09--> 00:50:39

I still tell you to today and look this up. But I've done extensive research for today. No religion, no science, no anthropologist, no archaeologist has refuted the fact that what stands inside that golden case are the footprints of Abraham. And I'm only going to ask you one question. Was Ibrahim Christian? Jewish? I'm going to push your buttons here for a second, or was he Muslim? Like we accept today? He was, he was neither.

00:50:40--> 00:51:18

He was a slave of Allah. So I'm putting us under the lamp to because we love the coffee or infidels going to hell? Right? What about us? We go and touch those things. How can we turn away from the laws of Allah? Donna when we are Muslim, and so is he. So we don't need to wait for some huge replication we don't need it's a gift of Allah subhanaw taala. And after they did that, they said Robin and I have taken a little bit of extra time today I asked for forgiveness. May Allah subhanaw taala bless you give you the opportunity to live healthy and strong and in commitment to Allah. I closed on one basic concept.

00:51:20--> 00:52:00

We are not going through the stories of the prophets so that we can be entertained. We go through the stories of the Prophet so that when I announced I won't be here anymore. prophetic dynasties done, we're gonna do something else or I won't be here. Whenever that day comes. You all will be like, great. We drank from your well. We took a few cups of water, we learned a few things, and we're good. It shouldn't need that after the class is done. Then we're sick. I'm not sure no. Right now, you'll always have the well of Zamzam right now you'll always have Muhammad Ibrahim right now, you'll always have the fact that before we said Muslim, Christian and Jew, we had the Ibrahim

00:52:00--> 00:52:42

Abrahamic faith, which was Deen hanifa malice, and Allah bless all of us, give us the opportunity to come closer to his Dean, I asked Allah to put love and mercy into your hearts. There are many people from around the globe and around the United States who have attended Salaam stew you don't take that as something trivial. On the way home. I asked you, I implore you I'm almost begging you read the last if Surah Baqarah read this ayah and when you get to funciona lol Komal caffeine in the noon Burmese in the noun that says we that says fun so now remember the oma because they almost been praying for you guys. I don't even know what we all did. But hey, put it put a video on YouTube and

00:52:42--> 00:53:03

things work out. So May Allah Subhana Allah protect us and guide us. I will be here again till next week we have an en la tala. If the crowd is going to get if you want to tell your friends, we'll get back to normal pace. Next week we'll finish up the building of the Kaaba and we will start the introduction of Luth ra Sana my request to moms please, if you could explain the concept of

00:53:04--> 00:53:40

two daddies and two mommies it would help dads if you could bring it up at the dinner table that we live in a time in place where there are some families I mean our third datas if you don't know how to talk to your kids about it the channel third the PBS show Arthur did a clip on it I think was very good. Arthur discussed the whole two daddy thing and it was it was pretty good. I mean, if you want to give your kid a cartoon I would rather you sat them down and talk to them but Arthur works too. So inshallah Allah protect us along my narrow to becoming zawada neomatik with Dr. Theoretical Pooja Tina matejko Jamie and sakata Allah along with Elif beynac, lubaina was visited by Nina Nina

00:53:40--> 00:54:13

Suba Sarah mana Jean Amina Buddha Mattila no wasn't even an HTML Wilhelmina Bhagwan Allahumma barik Lana v s Marina, while others Latina waku, Bina was wodgina was to react in our Dubai Alena overlapping blessing in our in our hearing in our seeing in our intellect and in our hearts, in our spouses and in our children and all law at the end of the day, forgive us for you are the best of forgiver take 10 seconds ask Allah ask a lot to give you the theme to become Muslim. allama

00:54:25--> 00:54:33

Subhan Allah we got a bit Isaiah tmic fornecer Ramadan mercenaries hemlibra datamine It's wonderful to see all of you again, I'll give you 10 Now we'll set it equal to law.