The Greatest Generation #27 Umar Ibn Al Khattab

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What else happened in the story of the Islamic former? One night, he was walking around. And then he saw a woman trying to walk very peacefully and slowly. And she didn't want to be noticed. So Omar, when closed, he was like, No, where are you going?

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And then she said,

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I'm immigrating to Medina.

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What's wrong with you?

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Like, we believe in one God. And this is why we're persecuted and oppressed. And my husband immigrated, and I want to join him.

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What's wrong? So, Amara dlo. Anna was so impressed by the courage of the woman. And he ended up escorting her to the outskirts of Medina. And he made the offer like no, you may join your hospital in peace.

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And he went back home and he was still confused.

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But then, every time he thinks positively shutdown comes in, this is why he decided, Hey, you know what?

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The best thing to do is to go and kill this man. Stop is evil. Stop that division happening in the community. So he got his sword. And he was walking towards the house of the prophets the longest on his way.

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A man who accepted Islam, but he was hiding it. So the evil in the face of armor. So he wanted to stop him. He looked at him, he said, like, Omar, where are you going? Is it like, I'm just gonna go and kill this man. Man, we got to stop this evil. It said, hey, go and take care of your sister man. Your sister Saba, meaning she changed her religion. She accepted Islam. He said, What?

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So he turned around. And he went to the house of his sister father,

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who was married to sorry, didn't say one of the 10 promised gender while they were still walking on earth.

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And when he arrived there, there was side by side, her husband,

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and Alibaba are at one of the companies of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and then hubub urato sharing with them some of the ayat that just came down recently to the prophets of Salaam, the beginning of Surah Taha so number 20.

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And once they heard Omar knocking on the door, Al Shabaab was so scared. And he started like hiding. So when Omar made it, and

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he started asking his sister, he said about it, meaning did you change your religion? Did you follow Islam? She said, but I slumped. No, I was guided to the truth and I submitted to God.

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And then he said, What's that in your hand? She said, this is or or is it give it to me? She said, No, you can't touch it. You're not pure.

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And so Paula Omar got so mad. And he started like beating her up. I don't want her husband's items. I tried to defend her. He started beating him up. But when she was trying to defend him, you know, when Omar slapped her, she started bleeding. So the heart of armor started softening. And he started thinking,

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and then he said, Okay, so he took a shower, and he came back. And then she gave him

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the verses of the Quran that was in her hands, and he started reciting for

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When he read that talk, these are two alphabetical letters.

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Out of which the person is composed. We have not sent down the forearm for you to lead a life of misery.

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And he started thinking and so upon Allah, Allah put the love of Islam in his heart. He said,

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What should I do?

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To be a Muslim?

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And above will just jump out of where he was hiding and he's like, No, I know what the professor Selim is. I can take you to him. Let's go.

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Would you like to know the end of the story? My time is over.