The Greatest Generation #07 Uthman Ibn Maz’oon

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Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Today we have a story of one of the great Sahaba His name is off manipulatable own.

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And he was one of those great Sahaba, who has been exposed to many battles and Subhanallah he ended up so sick because of the stamps and his body and all the ones. So when they came to Medina, he was kept in a house just to be taken care of. And

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when he was in the deathbed,

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the lady who was taking care of him,

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she said, she had the Dr. Lake herbicide.

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And Nick Elgin,

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and when the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam heard this

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he said, Oh Malala

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How did you make sure that his agenda?

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She said familia, Rasul Allah said, who, if I was one of them alone would not make it to Gemini, then who?

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And the past Salaam said, and listen carefully to the statement by the prophet SAW Salah. He said, voila, in Nila Rasulullah, while a dreamer that you follow me,

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by Allah, I am the messenger of Allah. And I don't know what's going to happen to me tomorrow.

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She said, further ahead and bada bada Rasul Allah said, I will not praise anybody after avocet meaning that was the title of the kunia of mine Animal Farm. So we learned from this that we shouldn't jump to conclusion because some people would say this man is going to origin this man is going to go to hellfire. We don't have a list. It's only the knowledge of Allah subhanaw taala. It's not up to us to decide this. So let's be reserved when it comes to judging who's going to be in gender? Who's going to be in Hellfire because this is the authority of Allah subhanho wa Taala salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.