Ahmad Saleem – Eight at Eight #022 Perfecting the process of Perfection

Ahmad Saleem
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of individuals living on regular schedule and not being perfect in their religious practices. They suggest focusing on individuals who are not super-equitable and shaping their behavior with caution. The struggles of individuals struggling with their religious beliefs can lead to negative consequences, and individuals should not hold religious people to their standards. Shiny figures and shaming are deterrentary for those who do not want to do so.
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I said I want equal moments of life but a catalyst alone hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah.

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Frobisher, he said, reverse surgery, I'm required to look for the melissani of our body, I hope you guys are doing well. I was not able to do my live in the morning, as I said to my promise, these lives are meant to be a promise to myself, and a source of a commitment for me to be able to go live every single day, whether it is that I'm able to do live at eight in the morning, or whether it is that I'm able to go live at a different time. But the purpose is that I want to be able to do these lives on a regular basis. What I want to talk about today is a concept that, you know, it is something that that has been, like

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a source of concern. And the more I get to meet people, and I'm coming, I'm coming across this from a perspective that I'm seeing this,

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this sense of,

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perfection that people are looking for, when it comes to Sidama philosophy, you know, it's a sense of perfection that people

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are a sense of an unrealistic standard that people have created.

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For specifically individuals that are supposed to be serving the cause of the and and the standard is that, you know, they're almost there almost like

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held at a standard, which is like a standard of infallibility, or a standard that is almost unachievable. So what ends up happening is that, you know, a same particular action fit is done by another individual,

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it is seen as that it's normal. But if that end of that particular action is done by somebody who is holding a religious position, or religion, or religious

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MACOM, then for them, that's, that's, that's almost reviewable, and which should be. I'm not, I'm not saying that it shouldn't be. But But what is what is really interesting over here is

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you have

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within our society, this unrealistic expectation from

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the people that are in the religious spectrum. And the expectation is that they are meant to be perfect people are perfect individuals. And the reason I bring this up is, you know, just recently, you know, somebody found out about a particular family member of ours, and they don't have to be they have, they're not, they're not there, they don't happen to be the most practicing individual in this world at this very moment in their lives. And all of a sudden, like, what ends up happening is like that

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individual, and his lack of practicing gets super imposed on every single one of us, within the family who are practicing. And then it starts, people started looking down upon and they start saying, like, well look at this person, like, you know, like, isn't like who are you to talk about Dean, right? Isn't that individual in your family? Is he not guy? Is he not guided? And the answer to that is no. Like, you had no highlight Sam right, his own son, and his own wife did not accept the message.

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You had Lutheran salon, his own wife, she did not accept message. Like she was in the house of a Navy.

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And she was not able to, he was not able to dine here.

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And new Haile salaam son was in his house, they were not able to guide. So understand that the religious individuals or people that are there that are trying to spread the message of Islam in these difficult times. It is primarily a responsibility. They're fulfilling, and they are fulfilling that responsibility. But there's no guarantee

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that just because they're fulfilling the responsibility of conveying the message that their family is going to be perfect. And that is something very important that I wanted to talk about, like the fact that we conflate the tool and we say, if the person is super religious, or if he is a religious figure, hence his family should be perfect. It doesn't work like that. That person has religiosity, his practice is for him with Allah subhanaw taala and understand that the second thing that gets conflated a lot

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is this, this understanding that for some odd reason, if somebody is religious

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This, or somebody is speaking on the behalf of Dean, they've got to be perfect in every single aspect of their lives, that perfection is never going to happen. Right? I can tell you that that particular individual should be definitely focused on some element of perfection in his sound with Allah subhanaw, taala. And a very, you know, like, he can't have major gaps, right? But nobody is going to be perfect. No one's going to be super perfect. Nobody is going to be be absolutely like somebody who's never ever going to have any issues. They're always are going to have issues.

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But having said that, despite the fact that that person might have issues, his makan remains, his status remains. And I mentioned this because a lot of a lot a lot of individuals. Today, they're generally struggling like you, if we talk about Imams, if we talk about religious figures, they are struggling, because they might be spreading the message of Islam, but they themselves their families, for example, might not be the best role model or they might not be like, in their A game. And they might have tried. And, and I talked about this, because sometimes this becomes a deterrent for people who are doing hire and shaitan comes from this and say, Brother, you know, why are you

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doing this? Like, there's no hate on you anyways, right? Like, look, your own brother, your own uncle your own and your own x your own, why they're not following Who are you to go and tell the world like stop doing all of this data. And that is one of the plots of shaped line. The second thing that shaytaan once is, is is, is definitely he does not want if people are benefiting from your message. And you may have you know, I again, I'm not talking about major flaws, like if an individual, they've got major flaws, they need to address those flaws, and

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at least try their best

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that those address those flaws are addressed, like from the Cabal and, and if they're not addressed, then there could be some very, very severe consequences, and may Allah protect us from those consequences. But at the end of the day,

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you know, if he's got some minor issues, at the end of the day, as long as the person stays away from major, major

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Well, that's what happens when you do a live at this time at night, just to fulfill a commitment. But if they if as long as they don't have any major lapses,

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you know, major

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issues when it comes to their main, you know, the

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the Cabal, or major sins, then Allah subhana was, in general will protect that individual, you know, he'll be protected, that won't be an issue because he's doing some height. So let that not be a deterrent. So you know, in summary, don't don't hold religious people to an N like people who are doing the act of Dawa to an unrealistic

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standard. But having said that, also, I don't want people that are not ready yet to be able to come in, to come out and start you know, like, you're still for example, realistically, I'm gonna say You know, you're still have issues with drinking or other major major sins, cover, and then you're still focusing on, you know,

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guiding the community, whereas you should be focused on focusing on yourself, especially major and officers, you know, if you have like, major issues and stuff like that, but anyhow,

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this came up, because in one of our conversations, like somebody was very,

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let's just say harsh,

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when it came to like an individual within, you know, one of our extended families or something like that, and then, you know, when when they made the connection, though, this person is now connected to, you know, by proxy, you, then what kind of a religion person, religious person, are you? Why aren't you focusing on getting that word to him alone, and like, leave everybody else? Like, what's the reason for that? So I just wanted to talk about that, that, you know, we all strive

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to perfect the process of perfection. But we can never achieve perfection in this world. Perfection is only for our last panel data, what we need to focus on is perfecting the process of perfection.

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And that's where a lot of issues happened. When we dropped the ball on perfecting the process. And for every individual, that's going to be a different process for every person that's going to be different process. So I hope that you know, it was a heavy conversation, but it was it was something I just wanted to get off my chest. I wanted to talk about it so that I can make sense of this. That you know, it does not make me or anybody else who's in similar position, a lesser person in terms of spreading the message just because

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One individual in our family or one particular incident in our family

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one particular person within our extended family happens to

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be involved in things that he shouldn't be any you know, has a public presence and whatever and now by proxy somehow, I'm supposed to be the one that's supposed to fix him know, in lead demon, but we're lacking Elia do you mean insha Allah prophets that assumes that you cannot guide Don't you wish and your love? Well I can Allah do you mean you shall Allah Subhana Allah loves whoever he wishes. So anyhow, I just wanted to end with that. This was something that was bothering me and I wanted to just lay it off my chest, that doesn't bother me again. Sharla All right, Zach. Baraka lofi comm everyone I will see you all tomorrow at eight astrology comm

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