Sujud As Sahw and having doubts all day long

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The speaker advises the audience not to make small blunderes in prayer and not to avoid pursuing victory. They also suggest helping others in their process and praise Showman for helping others. The speaker emphasizes the importance of helping others in one's process to achieve success.

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Have you heard of Quran Lee? It's a habit building Quran app unlike anything you've seen before. The app tracks your verses pages time and has not gained as well. I've tried it to check out the seven day free trial and see for yourself. Take your Quran reading from inconsistent to finishing it twice a year wouldn't the meaning download it on the app store now search for only we're taught to do something known as sujood Saho. You know what is to do to sujood Saho means, if I've made a mistake in an error, I will compensate by fulfilling extra prostrations for Allah subhanho wa taala. Anyway, there is a method you will have to learn about it, I'm sure most of us would know. But those who

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don't know you have to learn about what is that prostration just to rectify an error that happened in prayer. But the point I'm raising is don't allow your doubts to consume you, Allah will accept your wudu even if you've made a small blunder in it, obviously, I'm not talking of major things, but you made a little mistake, you can't remember, it's okay. If Allah considers Tanium, which is cleaning yourself was dust as cleansing yourself, then what do you think you will do with water? I made a little blunder Not intentionally, but because of weakness of my mind. Because of the weakness of my mind. I made a small blunder with my wudu that I really don't know, but I am trying to

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investigate. Don't allow it to consume your mind. You don't need to investigate beyond the point you tried your best you did your will do now go and fulfill your prayer. If there was a small blunder in here, it's okay. Allah will accept it as is because most of us would probably have made blunders that we don't even know about. Allah says, Don't worry, I don't need this video of yours. You need it. You get the point. Do it correctly. Yes. Once you believe that I did it correctly, then keep going, keep moving. Don't go back and start investigating things because it's going to consume you and your entire life.

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The same applies to your Toba. The same applies to everything else. And you know what?

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May Allah help us and grant us the ability to meet again and again, and May Allah help us to meet good people and May Allah help us to learn from one another, and May Allah help us to care for one another. Remember, if you would like to be victorious, ultimately, you need to help others as well in your process. In the process, you need to help others. Helping others means if I want victory, I need to make sure that I am not a selfish person.

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It's a flight I'm supposed to catch it's landing now chat.

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I need to make sure I help others because victory comes to those who care for others, those who reach out to others the help of Allah comes to those who are helping others it's a hadith. It's part of what the Prophet sallallahu Sallam has said, victory comes to those who help others. Allah will help you when you are helping others so keep helping others and Allah will grant you strength and ultimately worship Allah, worship Him alone. Thank Him, praise him upon all conditions, good comes we praise Allah. Something that's not so good comes we always continue to praise Allah for Al Hamdulillah he well and Kira May Allah be May Allah Almighty guide us and help us and all praise

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definitely belongs to him from the beginning to the end before the beginning and even after the end. Akula kolayca was Allah Allahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.