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Tonight we will learn verses 18 – 26 of Surah Al-Kahf, inshaa Allah!

Friday Jumuah Khutbah

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One minute

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he was he was interesting

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he brought along with

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on your machine

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Yeah, thank you

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up just not

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enough North

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my brothers and sisters

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I spent before

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in registration I need to congratulate too much.

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Yesterday registration for July opened up all four registrations all four prayers were closed within four minutes. And only Allah Subhana Allah Allah knows to what extent you have to go through to register for today's break. So I asked him to add that to accept from all of you and make you follow those whose hearts are connected to the mustard and to make you from those who are under the shade on the Day of Judgment, there is no shade acceptance sheet.

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So please topic inshallah, to Allah revolves around a practice that we seem lost due to the new norm.

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when we used to see our friends on the streets, to run into our neighbors, they may have shaking their hands

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because of the current climate or the current situation.

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We've lost almost all physical contact with other human beings,

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including that

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household family

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and I wanted to remind all of us because this is something

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what physically,

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emotionally, I came to the masjid and there's a brother who whenever I

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would love to just give him

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always positive. always feel

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like the world is okay don't we're doing good.

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expresses that positivity.

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Not only into speech, but just in his conduct. So whenever I see him, I like to give him a hug because I feel like when I give him he's reminding me of how a hostel can take care of everything.

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One other night, I couldn't give.

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And it reminded me of the fact that many of us have lost that personal.

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But I also know that within our community,

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we have people who have expressed personally to me, the fact that they no longer

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even touch their own home.

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Brothers in particular, or fathers in particular, because they feel I'm going out, I'm going to resort to going to work, and then home so they do not touch physically touch their children anymore. And my brothers and sisters, I want to remind all of us of the importance of trusting

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that in the

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long run,

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and one occasion when the prophet SAW longer, it was some of us invited out somewhere for dinner. And he was on his way going, and in the streets on his bed, some are saying, we'll be alone.

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And the profit from the longer it was some of them put his hands up and he went to he was a little kid, he went to chase around. And the narration mentions that regret, and some of

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them was laughing so much. Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam fought him. And then he brought him close, and he put one hand under his chin, or on his face on his cheek here under his chin, the other hand, his head and the prophet SAW.

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Now of course, there was no pandemic going on.

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within our own households with brothers and sisters, as long as we are taking precautionary measures,

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we need to continue to keep that connection with our children.

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And this is a year when we are reminded of that

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leads up to the picture

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of heads and the month when we find those who don't go for hikes either.

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with Anna shows us the beautiful example of

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his son, as is mentioned in the Quran.

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Allah says

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when they finish building the car, they raise their hands and they need

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know for from us in the answer 70 or barely You are the one who is all here, all knowing

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we need to have

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him I need to set up

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what it was called out to him to do anything.

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When we see the sacrifice that is coming up next week's topic, inshallah, we'll be discussing things to do with

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money, and the importance of it. So prepare for it, or is it three weeks from today. So we asked them, to kind of look at it to make it easy for us to learn from that example of Human Design.

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But in the building of the character, it's not just picking out which one of our teenage children are going to build

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is our connection without strong enough that they will want to volunteer

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for the sake of doing something right, receiving who wants to

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do something for their parents, not just something like shoveling the driveway, or, you know, cleaning up their room, or doing

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something that takes a lot of time. A lot of energy. It was hot. It was the desert, right? There was some zone

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that was found, of course,

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I was young, but the sacrifices that she

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showed us

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to build a stronger relationship with our children.

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Don't lose it because of the tendency.

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That's immediate physical touch, have with your children. We know that when they get older, there's certain things we may refrain from doing. when they're young. We pick them up, we throw them around and so on. They get older, we have to show our love and affection for his house.

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Think my brothers and my sisters,

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sometimes our children are going through hardships times, we as parents are the ones going through those hardships. We need to find it within us to receive that help, that support and that love and that appreciation from those who

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share this message with your children. share this message with your spouse, talk about it.

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Ask them how they feel. Ask them Is there anything missing from their lives? One thing that we know is that if we as parents don't give our children what they need, they will go and find it somewhere else. If we don't give them the love that they are looking for, they will go and find love.

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Also, to conclude, just as a side note, we know that the registration has become very difficult on every single one of us, especially for tomorrow. And so,

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management's we saw a lot of people looking at other ventures to be easy. So please bear with us. We know that the registration was gone, sold out in four minutes or four minutes. So we do request that people are respectful.

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For tomorrow, don't want extra sponsor

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spots, and don't play games with using like multiple email addresses and so on to like trying to find a secret way to ask a loss of

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Peace and blessings upon the profits of a walker It has

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nothing, yeah.

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need external

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data to access every single one

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of us to forgive us our sins to one another. So

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suppose we

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had to make this new horrible, one that is easy, and one that we are struggling to get through all together as a community. We ask Allah, Allah to practice

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to be strong for us,

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put forth before us. And lastly, ask the most secure all those that are seeking

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community member who had the

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accident and was known as impossible, and spies from his neck down.

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Here, his name is brother. Please remember.

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To forgive all of us, secure us, friends, our family members, relatives, neighbors and friends and people around the world who are seeking help and an easy cure.

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