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Now hamdulillah in Hemet, who want to stay in who want to study who want to start a funeral home now the villa Himanshu lorianne fusina Mr. Yachty I'm Melina Allahu Allah can Hamza Hamden Kathy Rhonda even Mubarak and V. loc al hamdu. Kemet, amburgey Camembert religion ology karate missile panic, or Salatu was Salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam Allahu Mehta, Sleeman kathira ameba all praise due to Allah his and his praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship, and Muhammad sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam his last and final messenger. My Deborah

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manga Allah Subhana Allah has gifts and favors upon us, that you have ordained for us who have legislated for us certain times, where Allah subhanho wa Taala offer us the opportunity to multiply our reward and to wipe our sins and to increase our or to raise our level in general, and to come much closer to him Subhana watan even though he's not in need of us, we the one who needs we the one who should do this offer, and more on put all was an extra effort to come to please Him subhana wa tada for a simple reason. Because the amount of favors the amount of new blessings that you have blessed you with, you will never be able you're not fulfilling, you know, you're not being grateful

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enough to him for it. Just ask yourself about or think about all the things that the last one that I'm giving you, in yourself in your body and the thing around you in this world, and how much how many things that you enjoy from a loss of hug as a gift from Allah Subhana Allah yet you know, thankful enough to Allah, Allah for

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yet with all this, he gave us these opportunities to even multiply our rewards and to get it much easier to make up whatever we have missed during the year. And we all know that in the month of Ramadan, but also there is other opportunities during the year. And one of them going to be starting soon in sha Allah on Sunday, which is the first 10 days of the headship. The first 10 days of the month of the head. The month of the head jack is the last month in the history calendar. And it is the second month in what we call a national hero, the sacred month, the month with Allah subhana wa tada have honored so much and he made them sacred.

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This month, known as the head jack, even before Islam, why because the Haram used to do Hajj during this month. And they inherited that from their father, isn't he Sam, who taught this by his father Ibrahim out of his center.

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It is important for us as we welcome in these 10 days. And these are great opportunities for opportunity for all of us to take full advantage of it. And how can we prepare ourselves for the 10 days of

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the hidden number one.

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And let's take it as a general rule. Anytime you want to take advantage of anything that the loss of panatela will offer you as an opportunity to multiply your reward or to worship Him more in order there is a virtue about this place or this time in order for you to take full advantage of it. Repent Allah subhanaw taala from the sins that you are doing prior to this time or going to visit that place. So if you want to full advantage of the last third of the night, don't disobey Allah before you sleep.

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If you want to take full advantage of selected fragile and awake for up for it, don't sleep upon something. While the last thing you were doing something if you want to full advantage of head make sure prefer had European to purify yourself and your income and your you know your soul. If you want to take advantage of ombre and so on. Anytime, Ramadan, the same thing. Also when it comes to the 10 days of the hinda It is so important for for you to start working on certain things that you know that you need to change in yourself, sir, nobody going to be able to be perfect, but at least maybe you can decide on one or two things that you're going to work harder in the next couple of days.

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Maybe you have been abandoning a salad

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Have you not been praying on time even missing a Salah This is something I'll change our repent from it right now as I'm talking to you, and you're up this will change and not gonna happen again. Maybe I'm missing something federal and I'm not gonna do this again, Yara, maybe you know what I've been bending over and since Ramadan I didn't read anything, and I will change that.

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So when Allah Subhana Allah says that from you, he opened your heart and guide you to take full advantage of these 10 days.

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It all start from that from the soul from the heart. You see, we all share the same knowledge sometimes. But there is a big difference between how we react and that reaction is based on how much you purify your soul. We're tubal in Allah He Jamie and I you help me know, let Allah come to free when I look I shall tell Farah and October. Allah subhanaw taala said if you want to achieve success, and the success religiously, spiritually worldly, you should have Taqwa of Allah subhanho wa Taala said if you have Taqwa, you will attain success inshallah to know that's why Baba McCann via noon letter CUDA near 10 min haraam a hambo illa yameen hamster me at the hijjah worker full

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Jawaharlal Mohamad have been Amina Tata were able had Oh, Ashoka Anna news, some of the early scholars to say, purifying your income from even Dan, if you're any small amount of heroin, of money that doesn't belong to you.

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And speaking of which, I want to say it is so sad. It is so sad how Muslims today are so relaxed when it comes to taking money that they have no rights for it.

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As if it means you're smart,

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or it means that you are you know, it is hard for you to do so.

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And we see this so clearly when people disagree with each others over business.

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And we see this clearly when marriage fall apart.

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And a man taking full advantage of the law to take as much money as he can from his wife or she do the same to her husband.

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We see that when a dispute happen.

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And you hear about all these stories that make you sick to your stomach

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and thinking that this is okay.

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Or cheating selling or buying that's not being a smart

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that those color said one day one Dan have just a little bit of money from haram to leave it to repent from it better than 500 hands

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better than 500 hat for those who sell what is how long do what is how long and they think by going to Hajj and Umrah.

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I remember one of my friend, a rich man came to him. And he said, Yeah, Chef

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I want to start an Islamic channel TV channel.

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I feel bad I'm getting older. And this guy owns a chain of channels like MTV type kind of channels and the Muslim world

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you know, like all dancing all movies taller. So my friend told him he said yeah, Sansa

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closing one of these channel better than making better than opening 100 Islamic channels called ion channels a channel.

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We don't want you to open any current channels for us TV, just close down this one thing that you spread and eat the poison that you poisoning society with every day.

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So and then he said and controlling your tongue and your eyes and your ear from seeing saying watching listening to what is how long. It is better than extra volunteer head and the said and it is much harder than making Hajj and Umrah

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has had an ominous once in your lifetime once in a year. But this is an everyday thing to watch your tongue to watch your eat your ear to watch your own

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life. For example, when you see young boy boys now or young girls and the mustard, they talking while I'm talking.

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They can control their tongue and the other person listening to it can control that ear said hey, don't talk while I'm on the shift.

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It's hard. That's just a simple example.

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Another thing is make sure that you have the determination to take full advantage of it.

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Make sure that you have the intention that you know what this will be a different 10 days,

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I will start planning from it from now and plan for it, you cannot have a good outcome unless you do a good planning I'm willing to do in this 10 days to come up or on which it means I read three juice a day.

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You know, maybe, maybe he said I'm gonna listen to the whole Quran if I can't read it.

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I'll listen to three hours a day. Maybe you know what I will listen to lectures, I attend certain series lecture, I would read a book.

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You know, maybe in this 10 days, I'm planning to make sure that I will call and do 123. So have a plan

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and make sure that you have this determination and insincere will but that what you're going to do in these 10 days, it doesn't need to be so much. But even if it's a little bit, even if it just one just extra, even if it's a little bit of a discount, you know what I'm going to make sure that our premium domestic in these 10 days way more than before.

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I'll give donations

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I'll donate for the sake of Alliance. So for one lady in a jar Hello, Fiona Lennar, Deanna homeschooling, those who struggle for our sake, we will guide them. The guidance is a result of that struggle of that commitment.

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Stay away from sons, that is nothing can block you from good deeds like sins.

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Make sure that you have people that you know a buddy, someone that will help you to do better in this 10 days, family members, friends,

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you know, someone that you thought reach out to them said, Hey, this 10 days coming up, I need your help. I need to someone to remind me of do 123

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reach to your parents reach to your spouse, reach Hey, we need to do 123 in these days.

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Maybe even if it's one thing that we can help one another what are our soul will help What are also the Saba will remind one another and we encourage one another and we help one another to stay patient.

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Also, and this is I will make this as a special point. Make sure in this 10 days that you reach out to your family and you talk to them. Many of our children don't even know what's 10 days of the HUD job and what is special about them and what we Why are we even talking about them right now. So share some of what you're going to learn today in this whole debacle. And or you what you learn online but listening to somebody trusted talking about this subject, I have a full talk in sha Allah to Allah if you're interested to know more in details about the rules of the hedger and inshallah tada Saturday at 4pm. It will be live on online. But at least some of the things that you learn you

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here you share it with your family with your children. Make sure that at least use one other thing that we'll talk about. It's so important that can be teach your children let the children see you as a mother making tech be and while you're in the kitchen while you're out in the living room. Your father the father while he is in the kitchen while he is in the living room while he's in the garage while he's working out. You know walking or driving in these 10 days it is highly recommended to increase your tech bill. Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allah.

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It's enough to know about this 10 days that Allah made and offered them one February when I add in ash as an ambassador, Allah made an offer with these 10 days and he is the greatest one subhanho wa Taala and when the great make an offer was something he only make an offer something great. Which is these 10 days in the sun Allahu Allah Subhana Allah Allah said, they are well known days to Allah well known to what to be a virtue, days of virtues, well known to Allah to be days of forgiveness and rewards and breaks and gifts. When the core word Quran Allah Javi a yummy Malou Matt Well a Yemen matter lumati I shouldn't mean that hinges on I'm arasaka homing behemoth in and I am so the

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mentioned Allah in this well known days and jamming and all the Allah angle pata pata Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam of Balu a yummy dunya a yam will ash Yanni Ashleigh dill hija Pina wanna mithila hoon Nafisa de la.

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Buena Vista de la in module on our for our job up. Oh, come up at Asana. lauricella. General the answer that the prophets of Salaam said the best days. The best of days are the best days in the year, the best days. All the 10 days of the project

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In the eyes of the head,

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in these 10 days, there is even one more special day which is the day of alpha. The greatest day of had a woman had Janaka the day of forgiveness, the day of freeing from Hellfire and it's been a neuron wasn't any other days in the 10 days of the hedger except the day of alpha it will be enough.

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And it also another day, which is the cream of the pie

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in the be Salalah solemn the greatest day and Allah Subhana Allah sight is the date of now. Pa vamos a yummy en de la Yamuna. So as a group of days, the best days are the 10 days. And the best of these days will be the day of read the day of return of ha as reported by albida Rahim Allah Allah

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they've been hands on Rahim Allah said, Look at these 10 days, people fast people make Hajj and Umrah people make Salah people make sadaqa give charity people do sacrifice the Halley so he said all the great actor for ships are done during these 10 days. Even better ramadan ramadan we pray we fast we give sadaqa we read Quran we make thicker. Yeah. But in the last 10 days people make had jenama which has made it even more higher level than just the regular days. If a man said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Ma'am in a Yama niyama Asana, we have a humble in Allah Haman had hit a Yama, Yama, Yama, Ash. The prophets of Salaam said that any good deeds done during

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this 10 days are more beloved to Allah than doing it in any other days.

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You pray for her now. But you pray for her during the 10 days is way more beloved and way more reward than praying it and other than the 10 days. You make fun of you make thicker you make her Are you any good did she do the Agile in the 10 days is way more than outside the 10 days.

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as a great opportunity for you to take advantage of it.

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Then they give an example Cindy abasolo What about someone go for Jihad

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except somebody die, call us if he dies outside the 10 days or inside the 10 days it's equal the same.

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Among the thing besides making 100 an hour which is most of us are not going to be I guess all of us not doing by now if you're not there, and I doubt you will be in Mecca and making had this year best May Allah Allah grant us all to go to Hajj and Umrah soon, Lama amin but one other thing that didn't to be sallallahu alayhi wasallam or anything that you should care for a Salah come early to the masjid come a little bit early. You know it hurts me so much sometimes when I see people you know I'm not gonna say even my kids or my children older kids young age I'll say even people who are much older

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when they tell me Yeah, but still 10 minutes for Salah

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that's like what

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he doesn't want to come she doesn't want to come 10 minutes earlier before the account

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is too hard.

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That's just wrong.

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You come to the mustard as early as you can and you pray and you prepare yourself for the song. You read Quran you make the curry pray the Sunnah before the Salah start

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there is people just timing it exactly

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that's why I never like ever and I hope any our

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semester our administration follow that to do any exactly because I'm very picky about this issue which is I never ever say when hot must finish and when salata do Master, I can't stand it when someone told me Salah has to start two o'clock

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What if I want to start at the salon five minutes to share how I'm going to miss it Who told you to be late when you come 130 up here before 130

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there's no such thing as saw start at Salah start 130

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as the that's the attitude of the Muslim

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you know when you say when you pray you pray what time potato a finish. I don't know what time is finished.

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I know what start

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you come you pray finish whatever it's finished.

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There is an estimate which is not by the minute.

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Why because the Salah when you come to the solid that's a solid mean something great to you

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today I hope I told you why people don't even come early.

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comes late. I give hot one different massages. Sometimes I come how

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To come early is costing us 30 minutes I'll go to the master. This job was still 30 minutes. I said, Okay, can we just go for a real Quran until Salah start? Oh, as if I come from some, you know Mars or something. I'm like, I'm still you know, I'm from America. It's sound weird and that's so strange So, so hurtful. I remember when you were young, you know it I know we have a different culture because we work on Friday, but even when there is no work on Friday it became the norm. I still remember and growing up, you know, coming to the mustard one hour before hotel tomorrow was too late.

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One hour was late.

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This must tell people hamdulillah when you go to the mustard, one hour before Salah, I remember I went to one of them chef mustard in Egypt. I prayed in the street, the Second Street next to the master as one hour before the

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people how early become the commitment to the Salah is something important. You know, and don't expect to go from zero to 100 but at least push yourself a little bit more.

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Also, one thing that increase your pmla you're praying in the night you're soon and make sure that you care for it during these 10 days. I asked our last panel to Albanian panel jacobina semana eponymous American stuff Romani.

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hamdulillah vida salatu salam ala Nabi abajo, but also among the thing that is recommended during these 10 days that the person offer. It could be Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allah. Allah Allah. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, when he Langham Yanni and the way to make the Kabir it can be done in many different ways. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah three times a log of Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Akbar three times, or two times then will lie in hand. You can say Allah, aka bottle law, aka bottle Kabira. Also, you can say something like that any in any different way, it doesn't matter, that'd be so solid did not specify any format. This

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format came from the Sahaba and the tablet. But the problem said increase your tech beer in these days, many more of number one sin in the 10 days are used or I am at the ship, I see people making the commute as if it's the wave of the ocean. Allah who aka bottle low you can raise their voices, you can do it lower. You know Lower your voice with it doesn't matter. But the point is, make sure that you make clear as much as you can during these 10 days. And in the midst of Solomon. He said these are the best days and the most beloved deeds he said so increase your so make sure you do allow make the Kabir Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allah, Allah and Allah and the

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community doesn't mean only a lot, but you can add Allah Allah Allah Allah and hamdulillah Allah Subhana Allah Akbar, including Talia with the spear Hamid as well. So you increase your victory during these 10 days. And when it start from that day, the failure of the first day of the 10 days and it continue three days after after read an aha. So either I've had three days after that this whole 14 days or 13 days, that's where you increase your liquor and you do it all the time. From the other day of our offer, and the day of read and three days after it is highly recommended to make sure that you said after the Salah, so after he finishes solar Santa Monica de la Sol de la

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alignment, the cinema minca set up. Then after that you say Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar Allah Allah Allah Allah Kabbalah Kabbalah wanted to help him and people do it individually.

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it's not a chanting you know somebody leading and everybody following it, people need to learn how to do it in their own and their street and their cars and work when you are an online you're just making your tech heavier and thicker. And that's something easy to be done and it's important that the numbers are solid mentioned it for all of us. Also, in the B cell allow yourself it's true that never was reported that He fasted any of the days of the 10 days of the hedge. But fasting is an act of worship that is so rewarding and so great. So you can do it the only day that the prophets are seldom highly recommended us to fast is the day of alpha but other than that is nothing from the

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center of the problem specifically about that there is a general a highly talked about the importance of fasting solo and he thought he was an all good deeds being good to your parents good to your neighbors learning learning the dino philosophy I thought I didn't put on it.

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Anything that you can think and setup, it's also greatly important a bother to make sure to have shared over during these 10 days. and adapt Is this something I will end with, make sure that you make a lot of data for yourself, for your family for the believing men and woman and man last panadol except from all of us, you're in

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your help us to be great during these 10 days, yada help us to take full advantage of these 10 days, you are making a blessing 10 days for all of us, these 10 days to be a blessing for us and for the whole Muslim woman to the world. Yolanda we ask you for forgiveness forgive us and your parents or family, or all our believing men and women, the living and the dead among them. Yeah, I hear you. Yeah, we ask you to protect us and our family from all kind of fit and what we know and we don't know and all kinds of evil that we know and we don't know. And we ask you a lot to grant us agenda will not arrive at him early what I mean and what brings us closer to it. We ask you to always

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beautify a man or heart and to make us love it and love to do with bring us closer to you and to make us hates and dislike and distance ourselves from all evil from all sins and to help us to stay away from it. Yeah, Allah beautified us with the best of manners and purify us from the worst of character traits. Alumni mean, Allah Amina Silikal, who doubt what to call an FF our Lena alum finally Muslim ina mustafina modelu mean if you could Li McCann yahia Allahu malvani vokera Anna Juan de la luna, Tanana or even a Allah homolka even Allah whom in Nana's local Buddha. Allah home in earnest local Buddha Allah and in a circle Buddha was about an odd wish tatelman Matt yahaya you

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also Leila humara Muhammad Ali he was off behavour como de Salud.