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Like so you're not going to eat you're not gonna drink you're not gonna have a relationship marital relationship from

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who said so what

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what I like to eat for six to five

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is what we call it that's what it was Panama Tyler says

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to say I'm referred to

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on the reverse quantum investor we don't know cocoa

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banana now it's gonna come but nonetheless you will know a bit of a local know what would wash alone had

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a fabulous wedding

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and I put it for you

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eat and drink till you see the white line in between the dark between the night and then they and then don't eat and drink till

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till dawn till the most yummy and they continue to eat not to eat not to drink not to have a relationship to the night comes in and then this is where the takeoff comes in. This is where the calf comes in. We're going to come to it very quickly where it is that the calf comes in in the masjid that's the I see you I will advise you do not want to give wonderful massages don't get close to them when you're in a state of Attica indigestion that's why a lot of this color fills your ticket

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because that's what wasn't for you. Okay, and when do you start the fastest?

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And he says in Medellin, this is by Natalie say guys in the beginning

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the guy who's been

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on the call for prayer began and he's spending this hour teaching them this is one of the ways when you teach you teach indirectly in the video anyway they don't believe without calls for theodon in the night focu were shown even during the 98

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he didn't really tell the son of a new actor who's the son of a

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exactly right nothing wrong but you

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know we like to eat and drink till the sun off every Maktoum call for the meaning to ignore every employee warming up to the sun or the sun the subject of pronouns which are non fragile

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you look

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why he didn't know he doesn't know very much at all.

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For me

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mother yes is Kenya in the our

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tradition up to this date. It's very common you call people with an accordion like Armando

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that's called kuhnian right so every only Maktoum the son of the mother of Macedon meaning his brother name exactly

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okay different from

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his father

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yeah the Mother of

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God was ignored that's a completely different person

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he didn't say

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hi to unity it really only look to the be the one that says

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I understand that okay.

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But then the call to stop the fool that he would be a different person

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you know what I don't know this you could be right we will check it and the mind

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is this I couldn't be easy. Who doesn't pay and then when to eat? When do I break the fast literally tough iPhone? Why is

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simple that's why I really love when we simplify things and I really don't like when we complicate things. simply look at them, either at home or in a room and

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Well, what about the shoes? Slide sample. When the knife come from here, and the sun comes from here, and the sun will set? The person who is fasting God eat what does that mean?

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read English when night falls from this site, me

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nightfalls reading

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sunset right model and the day vanish from this side meaning model vanish right and the sunsets model and then the fasting personally I don't have a watch my watch

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is not working or very common example happened to me last week you're in the plane right? I pray

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I have no idea where I am in the middle of the ocean open the window look

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and I actually did see

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you see it I actually have a picture of it I wanted to put it in but technically I suppose I wasn't able to you see so when you're when you're traveling you're going to see the sun becomes for example, the fun will become random and it's it's setting that's

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these days our life is way easy. How many alarms you have in house.

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Right? I would.

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I flew for 47 for four, and then the calendar so don't have the reason I share this with you is because people don't know why. Because there's a lot of why these days Why you are