Exert your efforts – Ramadan

Mufti Menk


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The speaker talks about the importance of praying harder and becoming a better person to impose on oneself. They encourage others to pray more as they can, and reminds them to use the holy grail as a guide. The speaker also mentions that millions of people have commenced their prayer and are trying to please Allah in a way that benefits them.

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My brothers, my sisters, sincerely seek the guidance of Allah go out and search and look for it and at the same time be sincere about it work hard towards it. Make an effort to, to make practice on it or to practice upon it and make an effort to become a better person to improve yourself. If you have witnessed this month of Ramadan, it is a favor of Allah upon you. Allah is going to question you I was standing in prayer in Masjid Nabawi looking at hundreds of 1000s of people And subhanAllah I'm telling myself each one is here for his Lord. The Masjid was full before Anon, it was already full. At Adan like I said they closed the doors. Imagine all these people are here for hope for Allah

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trying to please him. I don't want to lose out on this competition. I don't want to lose out on this moment. I don't want to be the one who is not going to achieve the Mercy of Allah. I want to in fact do better than everyone. I want to make sure I'm closer to Allah I want to do as much as I can. I want to pray more if you feel that the prayer they offered might have been a little bit less than you wanted to. The scope is open for your voluntary prayers continue through the night and pray more as much as you can that is Ramadan, masha Allah, read the Quran, engage in the remembrance of Allah, learn, teach others do whatever you have to improve yourself. Engage in Toba spend your time in

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worship that is Ramadan. So remember, we are not the only ones there are millions of others out there tonight. They have commenced their prayers they have started why why are they all there? Why did they make an effort to fly to this part of the world for example, they spent their money to please Allah to be able to worship Allah in a masjid where the reward of one prayer is up to 1000 times according to some narrations and some of them take it even higher than that Masjid. Nabawi so we'd like to pray we'd like to spend our time you know, people might be outside and hamdulillah doing their own things we are inside. Thank Allah thank Allah. So this is why Allah Almighty reminds

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us to say guidance is from Allah.