Ramadan 2019 – Reminders 18

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah work at

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smaller hamdulillah salatu salam ala rasulillah Salallahu alaihe salam

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wa ala alihi wa salam wasafi Amanullah

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I have good news, and I have a surprise. Where do we start?

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I can start with both.

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You want to surprise first?

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Nobody's even interested in anything.

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So better go home early today. All right.

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So the surprise first

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it's going to be a surprise. We have to keep it till then.

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Okay, so we're going to start with the good news. inshallah.

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The good news, I have one ayah from the Koran.

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And it's an offer from Allah subhanho wa Taala. But before I give you the offer, I need some people who are ready to accept the offer of Allah raise their hands. Would you trust an offer from Allah?

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One hand?

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Two hands, remember a luck and see those hands? Here's the offer. Sort of soft sort of 61 at number 11.

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Allah is calling you What should you say?

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Now Amira? Yes, Allah. I wish I would be amongst the true believers. And every time we hear a Latina hamano dream, so it said, listen carefully and attentively because I was gonna ask you for something to do or stay away from something written to Allah. Let's try it again and see the response. Yeah.

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Yes, Allah.

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Allah saying, Oh, you have or you will have believed? Shall I guide you to what Allah, Allah

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it's a business deal. Between Who? To Allah and you To je

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le LED, if you accept the transaction with Allah subhanaw taala. It will save you from severe punishment. Are you ready? Can I see the hands again? Not a single hand of this will go home today. Without having that transaction with a loss of financial What do we do Allah if we want to have that business deal with you? Let me repeat that again.

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G. Mina, me What should we do to me know

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you believe in Allah? Will Hamza believe in Allah and His messenger? Excellent. So we fulfill the first part of the deal was the second part. What to do Nafisa?

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And you do jihad for the sake of Allah with water Allah first became more alikoum.

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The American what's American by giving money? Who is the who's who's offering the deal?

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what are the two most precious things to isn't it's your money and

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your souls your lives.

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So if we truly believe in Allah subhana wa Taala This is the fine Ramadan is the month of the Quran. And the Quran is not something theoretical, that we listen and say, my show luscious, beautiful recitation, Mashallah, let's go home and shall know there's a time when you want to prove it. So let's say if you want to do business with a loss of Hannah Montana, and you want a loss of panatela to save you from a severe punishment, what do you need to do? What did he say to Jihad?

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Was Jihad you know the origin of the word Jihad? It comes from Jehovah

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And join means you do your utmost effort. you struggle, you do muster effort to come up with something good.

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Like what? Who gave you money?

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No, I want to hit it loud. Who gave you money?

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And if I were to ask you money back would you give it?

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Unless money is the love in your heart? If money is a trust in your hand,

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and here's the business deal with Allah, Allah saying, you need to exercise this iron. Do you want Jenna? I'll give you another offer. I'll give you another offer. When you read in Surah number three, and we recited this many times, by now you should memorize them. Why Salli ala monferrato murghab become

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our two alarms. Allah said race. Today is the race to compete with one another. Now we're gonna prove if we are truthful or not. To do what for the forgiveness of Allah, and gender, the size of which is equal to the heavens and the earth. Allah said

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the agenda is ready for Mottaki those who first Ramadan is in Ramadan.

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Okay, Yama Give me the first quality of taco and make it two gentlemen, Allah Deena.

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There are those who spend when they have lots of money and when they have little money, so don't say, I'm not that rich. You never know. Whatever you give. That could be the difference that will make it in the record of good deeds are ready to do business with Allah? Are we ready? Okay, let's show Allah subhanaw taala. You know, I'm not gonna talk about that. We have both, you know, a church next to you here. And you all know about it before even I came here, we have 600 to 700,000 deaths still to be paid. And then we need to change this into something that our youth can use something we can turn into a leadership institute where we train Imams, and we train people and we give more

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lectures. Are you happy with the change in the masjid?

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Do you want to see more? So we have to do something to make this happen. We don't have a ministry of our staff that will give us money. It all depends on Allah, then your bounty in Ramadan. Let me share something with you. There is a loss of a sense to angels every morning. Allah subhanaw taala since two angels every morning, and the two angels make dua, and I hope inshallah, after listening to this Hadith, no one would leave the masjid without putting at least $1 i'm not i'm not even saying 100 or 50 just $1 to save yourself from this Howdy. These two angels one of them will say, Allah Martin lymphokine halifa Yala. Those who spend give them more and more and more. And then the

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other angels would say Allah Mahathir musi can tell us, those who withhold and they don't give your Allah don't bless their money.

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So don't be one of these. Don't be one of these. Even if it's $10, even $5. Before you leave, there are pockets at the back inshallah, make sure that you give whatever you have, will lie. The process Selim said

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Don't ever look down upon something that you might give. Even if it's little. There were two brothers, one of them donated 100,000 dirhams, and the other one donated only one term. But guess what? The person said, Roger ham sahami Alpha ham, there could be wonder ham, but in reward, it had the reward of more than 100,000 How come? Would you like to know?

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Hello? Would you like to know? Today? I can't stop you know, because we have a surprise. I'll continue this one. The person himself because the one who gave 100,000 is a billionaire. But the one who gave wonder he has

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all his monies to the rooms. So when he gave one to him, how much did he give half of his money. So it doesn't, it doesn't count how much you give.

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Okay, whatever you give, it will be multiplied.