Reda Bedeir – Ramadan 2019 – Reminders 16

Reda Bedeir
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the use of money in war, including a deal with a Jewish race to make up for lost lives, and the importance of avoiding giving too much money to a person giving credit to them. They share two acts of kindness, one related to a woman who gave a drink to her dog and another related to a cat who lied about a dog. The importance of patient actions and returning to Islam is emphasized, along with calls for believers to be patient.
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Miller from the LA salatu salam ala rasulillah Salallahu alaihe salam wa ala alihi wa salam off he Amanullah.

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Last night we stopped the story of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam.

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When before the battle, they didn't have money. So he made a deal with one of the Jews to make him swords. And then he said after the battle inshallah we will win and out of the spoils of war will pay you back. And after the battle was over, the prophets of Salaam distributed the shares, and he gave that man, you know, the payment, yet the homes the one fifth of Allah His Messenger out of the spoils of war was a big pile. So that you were standing there looking.

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And then the prophets of Allah, Allah seldom saw this that he was like greedy for that. So the prophets of Salaam said to him,

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Do you like it?

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They said, Yes. I said, It's yours. Take it.

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So he took it. I while he was walking away,

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he kept looking behind, thinking that the pastor solemn will take his word back and say, Come here, I was checking you. The professor will never do this. So he took the money, and he went to his stripe. And when he went there, what did he say about the processor?

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He said, in a Mohammedan yautja Otto.

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Indeed, Mohammed gives in a way that he never feels poverty.

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You know, imagine I'm saying imagine I'm not doing fundraiser, okay? So it's like, imagine if I say, give to the measure to the because the masjid needs your help.

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In a, everyone is going to give me a smile, say? Didn't you say smiling is charity?

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We're going to give you smiles.

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It's exactly like someone who said, Why do professors who teach Islam at the university and imams who work at the masjid? Why do they have to take money?

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A lot.

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That giving down the Rasul for money, they shouldn't take money. I say, Well, my that's a good idea. So when my kids are the university come and say that we need the tuition, I said, Hold on, I'm gonna make you a check of $5,000.

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What about the idea?

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With the university, take $5,000 check.

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Let's change that mentality. You know, if a doctor that you go to see, you have to make an appointment, and for you to see him if especially if he's a specialist, you have to wait for three to six months. And you pay the money and you're very happy. He started for seven years.

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But that person who will teach you the he might have been studying for 20 years.

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And use the time and experience of that person. And exactly use the time and experience of that person. A lawyer studies for four years. And for you when you call him they say can you give me a credit card please before we start speaking.

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But he comes to the Imam, you take all his time as a staffer, rather than asking for money. Stuff Allah.

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Let's change that mentality.

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a lot about myself. I'm talking in general.

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We need to change that.

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Because the Imam or somebody who guides you into your D

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is giving you the knowledge that will save you not only in this dunya but in the it's priceless.

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So we shouldn't treat people who teach us our D with that standard.

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it changed the story. And I wanted to talk about fundraising, right? And everybody's still smile. They're not taking me seriously.

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If I say can you give like the processor, we have nothing at home. And he gave all of that to the man. Well, I abubaker Did you know why? Because the processor I'm asking him and this

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You asked, What did you bring the armor and armor came that

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he brought half of his wealth. He said, I brought half of my wealth profitable. So what did he leave your family? If the other half is like, let anybody beat me. But then the man number one, walked in a pocket. And the professor asked him, What did you bring? Is everything profitable? I

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said, What did you leave for a family? I said, I lived the one who gave me everything alone.

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until we reach that level of any man, I'm not saying, shall I give them everything that you have in your bank account to at least give 1000 books and below you see when I say Oh,

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why do I have to say this? Because of our nature.

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In Santa Monica Hello, I am so sorry, Joshua

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Romano Allah gives you my money will decrease. But you know, our beloved person. He He is a solid color. I mean,

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even the mic is allergic to money when I said money stopped the house.

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So why would the 71 Why? Because he knows our nature, when it comes to giving money, this is the last thing you want to do. So I'm not gonna ask you to do anything tonight. I'll leave you with Allah, the seller who is the most generous person on earth, especially on Amazon, who is extra generous. She lives in our city tonight before you leave, and tomorrow and after tomorrow, because you are going towards the last thing. They're coming very soon. And that could be a letter to them. And guess what?

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$1 you're given later the other is multiplied at four years as a shot give being given $1 for 84 years. I don't know how to come down.

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But let me talk back to Islam the essence of Islam, as we mentioned, what did I share with you about the professor and giving? Let's assume that we should revive giving? What else? Little acts of kindness can take you two gentlemen, what's the ultimate goal of everyone listening to me now? Is it gentlemen, if it's General, raise your hand. One hand.

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Two hands. That brothers like

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it's gone all the way. Okay?

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listen carefully, because I'm going to share two acts of two people. And imagine the act, not the person himself what they have done.

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A woman

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a woman will go to jail, because she gave a drink to a doc.

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And I believe in woman that woman is a prostitute. I believe in woman, okay, because if our actions will go to Hellfire, Kashi loved a cat.

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Is that clear? This is Islam.

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So that prostitute was walking in the desert, and she was almost dying out of thirst. And Subhanallah when she saw a dog, sorry, she saw Well, she stopped at the world and she dragged her fall. Then she continued walking. And that woman was from Israel, as the professor told us. And then after that, she continued walking, she saw a dog licking the ground was so thirsty, she said that dog must be suffering, the exact same way I was suffering. She felt compassion to a dog. She felt empathy for a dog for an animal.

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So she went back, took a photo of her shoes, filled it with water, and she offered it to the dog.

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Allah subhanaw taala because of that little act of kindness, if we forgave all of her cells, even though she was a prostitute, yet another woman who Mashallah prays and fasts, like many of us, but then she has a cat. She loved that cat. She wouldn't feed the hat. And she wouldn't let the cat eat out of the bounty and abundance of Allah out there in nature

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until the cat died. So where would the woman be just going to be in Hellfire?

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Little acts of kindness.

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And look at the opposite story. Let's conclude.

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Alia La Jolla one day was coming to the masjid

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on the back of a mural

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and he stopped the mural outside the mosque and he saw a man he said can you please just hold the saddle and just like you know, guard my * until I pray and come out. And then I said yes. Once I have your mind made it inside

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The man stole the saddle of the moon and he ran away.

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And when he came back, he found the moon without a saddle.

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That man went quickly to the market. And he sold the saddle for two terms.

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So when Alec came out, he took to the house out of his pocket to give it as a gift to that man who was guarding his new, but he didn't find the man. And he found the mule without a saddle

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the view and he went to the market to buy a new saddle for the mule. When he arrived there, he found his own saddle being sold in the market for how much for two terms? It's it's upon everyone in the lab data you could type

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in a summary

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while Osama la sala horas can holla that man, what did he do?

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He stole a song. And he sold it for how much to

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he came out of the match it used

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to give it to him as a gift. If he had waited, who would have taken the total home and it's Helen

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Harmon law, political internal manager in the in Santa Julio. Hello, this is why in the Koran, you will always always find a lot of talking about the reward of patience. It's without reckoning, if you go to Surah 39.

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So to zoomerang number 10, Allah subhanaw taala says in

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indeed those who are patient, Allah will give them reward some scholars in

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general right away

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or in abundance until they will have lots and lots and lots of say, yeah, Allah we have enough, but Allah will keep giving him

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so power law. I'm going to leave you with the cliffhanger. The shade has cited a very important call for the believers.

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in sort of a he found that he's reciting now.

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And number 24. It's a very special call.

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And Subhanallah in that call. Do we have problems with our hearts? Do we have diseases of the heart?

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Hello, everybody.

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Do we have problems in our hearts? I'm not saying you need to see a cardiologist. I'm talking about real problems right. This is a hole for special people. And it's secure for your heart would you like to die

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shala tomorrow will continue

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