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Sabr – When someone enjoins good they will need to be mentally prepared and patient for what will come next.

Those who invite towards the Aakhirah are often persecuted and belied. Do not engage in conflict during this journey and remember that whatever comes as a result of this dawah and conflict and patience will be good. Not everyone will oppose the message. This is a triumph. Always keep the focus on Allah. Constantly renew ones intention to remain patient and not get discouraged.

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should have been in the wild earlier he was having one on one.

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We are on the last of the

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series that we have been talking about, which is from so to answer, the last round that I said in our last in and in Santa Rosa Illallah. Zina Amano, I'm going to say that the water was oh, we have to water water, we

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took an oath by the time I swear by time

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that all mankind is in loss, except those who have who believe, do good deeds, and join

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the truth, and luck and enjoying summer.

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And we talked about all these three out of those four things.

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And today, we look at the last one, which is what was ob sub?

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Why is LS manager talking about sub

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because it is the nature of

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that when anybody invites them to anything, good afternoon, they love them, they respect them, they honor them, they welcome them. But when the same person invites them to the good of the ACA, they deny them, they resist them.

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And in some cases, they oppose them,

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even to the degree of actually imprisoning and torturing and killing them.

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And therefore, if somebody is going to enjoy and good,

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then that person needs to be mentally prepared also to be patient with what comes as a result of that.

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We enjoy and good and we enjoy and

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do not engage in conflict, not engaged in arguments, and not engaged in anything which is negative, but continue to invite towards Allah subhanaw taala continue to invite towards what is good

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or narrow, and continue to stop people from our bunker. And to do that, with patience. And we know all the ads in Syria seen with regard to this from bothering lahoma Fernandez, how well Korea is is

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that was

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his alma mater, Rome.

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From there all the way down to where I was one other benefit of Pinnacle region. So it shows what the people of that Korea did. When I was one of the roles and the MBR. To them, they resisted them, they denied them, they threatened them. And then when a man came and invited towards Allah subhanaw taala, that man they actually killed

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and he will shape this availa shows the issue of what happens when you invite towards good, or the purpose of saying this is not to discourage people from doing good. But to help them to understand that two things one is that we have to understand and be patient and not engage in conflict. And second, is that what is better than being safe is real. So if you enjoy and good, then Allah will reward you in this video. And

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second issue of also agenda good is that obviously if you enjoy and good, it's not as if the old world will will resist or which will oppose, there will be people who oppose, but there will also be a lot of other people who do not oppose and who understand and know people who have a good heart. And when they are invited, then they accept the invitation and they come to it. So therefore when people invite what good, you will find that a lot of higher also surrounds this. Some people No boss, but a lot of other people don't have a lot of good happens as a result of somebody

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in front of average. So a lot of good happens as a result of somebody enjoying a laugh.

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And so therefore, one has to deal with this with patience. The most important thing in terms of being patient is to keep the focus on our last run outside and say that we are doing it for the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala there is no other reason for doing this. And because you're doing it for pleasure, one last matter only that matters.

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If people don't like it or am because I say this I'm not popular or something doesn't matter because they're not doing it for popularity. So how does it matter if you're popular or not popular? So that's very important to keep the class of the near clear, to measure that the sincerity of purpose and clarity of the heart is clear and it is not compromised. And that is the way of

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Ensuring that we continue to have several people who get sidetracked and distracted and the people who lose hope and get discouraged or people whose Nia has got corrupted from

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seeking the pleasure of Allah, somewhere the popularity with people and the pleasure of people and praise from people and somehow corrupting and Satan is there to ensure that if that description and then people lose the momentum and they say what is the point in working you know, nobody appreciates is a thankless job.

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So we leave it up. And that's what I don't want you to do that and exactly once you do that, if you if you are doing something which is good, he wants you to stop it. And one of the ways of stopping it is to get you discouraged. And that's well as rather as they were the ones with trouble, do not get discouraged, have server applications you are working for the pleasure of Allah Don't worry about anything.

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Somebody comes does not come with why that's not your problem. You do what you're supposed to do, and do it with sincerity only for the pleasure of Allah. And then inshallah Allah subhanaw taala please and who Allah wants to send it will send

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and develop wants to use you in order to beg somebody that says, Allah subhanaw taala stress, in any case, it is not in our hands to get anybody. So that is remain on what we have is sincerity. Adam and myself and you to constantly remember this beautiful surah it was the habit of the Sahaba that when they finished about this and never whenever they finished gathering, it was sitting to discuss something and so on. When they would get up from there. They will reflect this or

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the last thing they would do was they would recite this or and then they would get up why because it reminds us going forward into the world going out into the world. What is world while Arsenal insanity that's the world

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and therefore what do I need to do 11:11am on Sunday has what I was always up to what I was on the server. Let me concentrate on myself and say Do I have my plan in place? Am I doing the right things?

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Am I inviting towards good? Am I do I have someone let's focus on this to not get sidetracked and dazzled by the words when we get up from here and we go and there was to recite the surah.

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Allah before they dispersed, and around the law that's beautiful. So now the Sahaba We ask Allah subhanaw taala to be pleased with us and to keep us on the beautiful part of this message Obama sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and to enable us to do that which is pleasing to Him and to save us from everything, which is displeasing to Allah Allah Allah, Allah will kurniawan it was against me.