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AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the struggles of Islam's message to people, including the use of "has been recited" and the loss of a woman named Alice. The importance of sex in religion and privacy is emphasized. A recap of the message is given, along with a recap of a person who died after being cheating and a woman who recites a statement about "has been reciting my words for three days" and goes on to talk about a woman who recites a statement about "has been reciting my words for three days" and then goes on to talk about a woman who recites a statement about "has been reciting my words for three days" and then goes on to talk about a woman who recites a statement about "has been reciting my words for three days" and then goes on to talk about a woman who recites a statement about "has been reciting my words for three days" and then goes on to talk about a woman who recites a
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam, Salam

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salatu wa sallam

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while early he was suffering to human Euler let's go back to the story of yesterday and shift smiley smiling he said you know take one hour today because people are not sleeping hamdullah tomorrow there is no work so I'm just going to cut it short inshallah into two hours inshallah not only one hour. So we talked about the prophets of Salaam was walking in Medina and he met Hadith. He says carry for a spot called a squatter.

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How do you feel this morning? He said, this morning. I feel I'm a true believer. He said Yeah, hi, Nicola. COVID happy summer happy Fatmata pool. When you make a strong statement like this. You have to tell me what does it mean? He said yeah, Rasul Allah.

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What can I do any urahara be Marisa.

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This morning, I feel as if I can see the throne of Allah subhanho wa Taala. For a month and a half, it was too late. So what I do I practice fasting during the day. And I spend the night praying to Allah subhana wa Taala was about to open the

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genetic and genetic data.

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As if I can see those people who will make it to gender May Allah make us amongst them?

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Is this the amine? What's wrong with you? Did you eat too much? Or you ate nothing? What happened to them?

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Okay, so he said,

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as if I see the people

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yeah, they're still alive. hamdulillah

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What can

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I say the

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meaning as if I see the people of gentlemen, living in the place of Allah subhanaw taala. And as if I see the people of Hellfire and they are suffering there.

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The past Salam said, Yeah. Hi. I live into our of the fetishism. That's the way it should be. Now let's move to something else today. Let me quiz you inshallah. Ready.

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inserted Al Baqarah. The chef Mashallah has been reciting his thoughts on Bukhara for three days now. Right? Yeah, I remember. Let me just put a smile on your face. Those who heard that before. Don't smile, okay.

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There was a young man who was not practicing Islam.

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Okay. Alhamdulillah, Allah brought him to the masjid and he walked in, and the shed was reciting. And then the shake went on, and on and on. It was long. So when the brother said, I'm finished, like when the brother finished the Salah, he asked his neighbor, he said, what sort of was the shape of the sighting? He said, sort of Bukhara. He said, okay, just just the

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following day, he came, and he came late. And the shape already started, and he was reciting.

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Okay, and if

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somebody correct me, no, it's Alan. But it's the same letters. And that's something else.

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me see. He heard this. You know, have you reflected on what Allah has done to the people of the elephant? He heard the word elephant. He ran away out of the muscle. He said the last two hours. What about infield today is gonna take to midnight. Right? Okay, so with that smile, let's go on to the topic of today. Brothers in Surah Al Baqarah 8183. Allah subhanho wa Taala is calling special people. And I want you when you listen to this, I want inshallah to interact

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with Allah subhanaw taala addresses us in the plural in three ways either he would say

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Yeah, buddy Adam, and that's eight times in the for all he's talking to everybody out there right? What are those who choose to believe or not?

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And Allah subhanaw taala also says, Yeah, you harness 20 times, still Muslims and non Muslims, but 89 times he says,

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up to 11 Amazon says every time we hit

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the fire

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every time you hear

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Ali, listen carefully and attentively because Allah will say, after you do something, or stay away from something. So in this one, Allah says,

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what should you say now?

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I wish to be amongst those that you're calling. Can you imagine a law calling you?

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Again? I want you to feel that Alice calling you one lawyer was calling you didn't you leave your job? Didn't he leave your work in your home? And you're coming here to do what? Why do

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you want to boost your Give me the word he man say the word? Not your cousin because he's smiling Barcelona city man. Okay, so Allah subhanaw taala says,

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Allah subhanaw taala prescribed on us that we should fast.

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You're not the only one people before you there faster too. But let's talk. What's the fruit?

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We fast because Allah commanded us to fast Muslims. But what do I get? What's the summer? What's the fruit? Like?

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Give me the word that

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from now on, when you read the Quran, I want you to read it this way. Every time Allah says

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stop there and see what I was talking about.

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I'll give you another one.

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And I'll share with you a story.

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The Sahaba were sitting together and a Sahabi started reciting. And I you know what happened to him, he passed out.

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And then when he came back to consciousness, he recited the eye again. And then he passed out. Third time, he decided to die again. But this time he passed away.

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And they were cheating What's going on? And they call the processor and the porcelain key and he cheated him out he passed away. And the porcelain said to them after the rune mmm at

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Do you know? Why did he die?

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You know what that mean? Right? I'm gonna cliffhanger you right?

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But just imagine I'll give you another 10 minutes because it's okay, we'll continue this one with another one in Salah. says

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Do you know why did he die?

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They said Allah hora

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con la cuenta de COVID har*ha Madhavi LA,

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his liver devastated because of his fear of what is the content of this? I do want to know that I am.

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Yeah, can you repeat after me? 66 six. It's very easy. 66 a soft terrain. And as number six, and it's one of the 89 Yeah, you listen to it. Yeah.

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Love what

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Allah said or you who have believed, save. He said yourselves first. You know what we do? Sometimes.

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We take care of the children. We take care of everyone and we forget about ourselves.

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Right? And I said, save yourself.

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Then your family from hellfire.

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The fuel of that fire is mankind and stones, you know the stones that they made that used to make Gods beside Allah and worship, then they're going to enjoy the company and they're going to be partying in Hellfire together. Ally Hammond villalon she died. You know the gatekeepers of Hellfire, like they are merciless, they have no mercy in their heart.

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if Allah says to them,

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to execute right away.

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So what is it that we learned in Ramadan? Allah says, Who emphasize what's

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gonna make a barrier between you and hellfire.

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Because most of the times of how long, we always think of a last pattern as the merciful, right. And we'll always want to hear that message, which is great. But also remember that as a last part that has gender waiting for those who obey Him. There's Hellfire for those who disobey Him, as if we want to hear.

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So number 15. Number 49. We love to hear

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what does it say?

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Say to my slaves, the exceedingly merciful

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and I am the one who forgives all types of sins. But we wish they would stop there. But you need to decide the next time.

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So what's our job?

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The Safe every single day in the Duluth he says Aloha.

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Lila Yala, you save a different number of people from Hellfire every night. We are law makers amongst them tonight. We are making our parents amongst them tonight. We are going to make our loved ones amongst them tonight. I have to cliffhanger before I stop.

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So I'm just going to stop at another iron that talks about again the fruit of Ramadan when you read and I kept saying this many times. So number three,

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three, you know the idea by now you should know by heart was

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for whom?

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Who are those who will reap the fruit of Ramadan? Those who learn

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amongst them.

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Every time you read the Quran, read what comes next because Allah is going to give you the recipe, y'all I want to be amongst a team. How many times you heard a man say

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and somebody says okay, why are you hungry?

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How can I do tacos? That's

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right. But give me a recipe. How can I be amongst them? Hakeem, Allah always gives you the recipe. Allah says number one, would you like to be

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ready with me? One Allah.

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Make it your habit every day. Put your hand into your pocket and give something to the Muslim to the needy to the poor.

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Lady Sabah, that's number one. Number two

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who amongst you have issues with temper?

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amongst you lose it quickly? Raise your hands, don't worry. We're not going to collect taxes.

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Okay, so Allah said, when they mean you know, what does that mean? It means those who swallow their anger or just control swallow their anger

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Subhanallah You know, there is a saying they say a hungry man is an angry man. And somebody will say in Ramadan, brother, I'm fasting.

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Brother, stay away. I'm fasting. What does that mean? I'm hungry. I'm going to be angry.

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no, you learn

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one of the questions, they swallow their anger. Don't take Ramadan or fasting as a pretext for you to get angry and lose it. In fact, you should learn in a moment the Hallo Ramadan is a School for you where you learn to be patient. Then, one last thing I

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didn't say, when was me being a nurse, one nurse, every word means something very specific. So what is awful, you say means to forgive?

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Yes, Yahoo, to forgive and forget

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to turn the page and you never bring it up again. This has degrees. So was one

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who was like Allah subhanaw taala. To do offer to him. One hand stuck for a while.

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Right? If you want a lot to do with you, you need to do a show to people. How many of you find it very difficult

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to forget,

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they can easily forgive but they find it difficult to forget.

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You see, you need to learn that phenomenon. If you want to be amongst

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one long

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mazzini Subhan Allah, Alaskans in the hobbit in the grandson of Allah.

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You know, one day he was making

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and the maid was pouring water and wine is making will do the job fill off and splash the water into the clothing of Allison. She got angry. But the main he was a good Muslim.

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And this is a difference between them and us today. He started reminding him of the book of Allah He said to him.

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He said

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as if he's saying I listened to Allah, I listened obey. Imagine today when you have a fight with your wife. And she says, well, girl, they mean boy, don't bring the Quran here now please, please, please, please, please. Okay, let's finish the fight and shall gonna go back to the Quran.

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Even better.

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You know

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what I was talking about?

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Right? I said, Our charm means extremely thirsty. What takes away? What takes away? A cup of water? Right? We see Joanne right before.

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Extremely hungry. What takes away somebody?

00:17:53--> 00:18:06

Right? Okay. Very angry. What takes away just calm down. Right? So the maid. Once he reminded him, he says, Well, let me know. Right? What did he do? He said,

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I listened to Allah. He said,

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the maid was very small, he looked at him and he said, Hold on.

00:18:20--> 00:18:32

It's exactly the same typical thing that happens at home, when you wronged your wife. And you come home with a gift. Maybe a gold diamond, something like that. Right?

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And then you give her the gift. She can say, Okay, I forgive you.

00:18:39--> 00:19:02

You should not face does this mean forgiveness, but handle as men, which is like 100 actually Forgive me. One month later, what happens? You make a mistake again, right? And you now you buy something like a dress silk or something? You get some gold? It's like, I'm sorry. She said, Okay. I will forgive you like last time.

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Why? Why do you bring it up? Yeah, for me to forgive. And

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do you hear me sisters? To forgive?

00:19:14--> 00:19:22

Don't bring it up again. Right? And then somehow law. The maid was very smart. He continued to iron. He said

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me and Allah loves those who do good. So Hassan said, What good can I do to you? You know what? Go you're free for the sake of Allah. Allahu Akbar. So what did that mean me? So Pamela, what he did is he used the Quran at the right time, and Allah gave us freedom. But what did he do?

00:19:51--> 00:19:59

He listened when he was reminded of the Koran, brothers and sisters. Ramadan is the month of the Koran and will lie if we don't

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interact with the book of Allah. There is something wrong with our hearts. How many times you go and visit someone and when you go to visit them, you find the Puranas on what's the first reaction? If you go to somebody's house and the moron is on I heard it many times some people come to me and they say in

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who passed away

00:20:27--> 00:20:30

I'm like why? Instead you have to put on

00:20:32--> 00:20:37

I said we have we can only have the poor on somebody pass away they said, This is what we do at home.

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Lower lying. Lower my last scene talking about Prophet Mohammed Salim

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in Hawaii

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Obi Wan

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is it for the day.

00:21:19--> 00:21:22

The Quran is known for the dead.

00:21:23--> 00:21:33

The dead or dead? They know the results are announced for them. They know they're not coming back. It's still for you and me.

00:21:34--> 00:21:49

Right? That's what we do. And here's the cliffhanger inshallah, before I leave you the same exact situation happened with Al Bukhari Rahim Allah, he was sitting with his students. And you know, Buhari Rahim Allah was blind.

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And the students are writing down whatever he's saying about the honey that he collected. And then the maid passed by and she pushed his elbow by mistake. The ink

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fell off, splashed all the ink on the book and it was gone.

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And subpanel elbow him Allah.

00:22:15--> 00:22:21

He just like kept silent for a few seconds. And then he smiled. He did something amazing.

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Would you like to note

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I took it over my time today with the permission of the people here okay. If you want them at the end of the story, join us tomorrow.

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Oh Rama

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Murthy. Merci.