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AI: Summary © The European Church has a history of the Prophet sallama meeting with the Prophet sallama and finding out what brought him out of his house. The three types of pain and importance of actions are discussed, including the use of "will" in religion. The speaker also mentions a "will" given to them by someone named Emily and a "will" that was given to them by someone named Emily. They also discuss the use of "will" in religious practices, including selling one's eyes and trusting someone. The conversation also touches on a news story about a man named Probably and a coffee leaf, while the speaker asks the audience to taste a coffee leaf while they wait for the coffee to come out.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato

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Seville Al Hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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while I early he was so happy he Amanullah we stopped yesterday at the story of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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when he went out of his house because he has nothing

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and he met with Abu Bakr radi Allahu I'm, and he asked him, What brought you out of your house? abubaker. And he said, I have nothing to eat. And then they were joined by Amara de la Juan. And he was asked the same question and he gave the same answer and both have a bucket and Omar asked the prophets of Allah Salaam, what brought you out of your house prophet of Allah, He said, Well, la Hema khurasan illa de la la de Raja Kumar, nothing forced me to leave my house except for the same reason that you left your house have nothing at home to eat. So said hamdulillah you have something to eat for today for tomorrow, and you have a storage area. And we're still complaining. And some

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people don't know what they're going to eat for the next week. Well, why some people are fasting at some place in the world now. And they haven't broken that fast yet. You know why? Because they have nothing to eat. So say I'm the login. So the prophets of Allah Allah Salaam to Oman, and they went to the one of the houses of alonza.

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And when they arrived there, they knocked on the door and the lady behind the door said, you know, the man is not here. He went to bring us some water. So they turned around and they left. And that's the etiquette of the man is not there and the woman is alone. He cannot go to the house.

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While they were leaving, the man from an answer came and he saw them. He said, voila, he, man a lot of the Leo mom in the UK Chroma of the ofa. There is no one on earth today, who has guests more honorable than me who are his guests, the prophets of Salaam abubaker and Oman, and he invited them and they ate something simple. after which the processor himself while he let us know your monkey Amazon had an AI by Allah on the Day of Judgment, you will be asked about this bless. What not aimia Rasul Allah, you have nothing at all. It's just a mean that somebody is invited into. Yet he called them a bless. Are we grateful to Allah?

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And I promised you to talk to them about your pain. And there are three types of your pain and repeat after me.

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Happy not happy.

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I in eliakim, heartily happy. These are three degrees. You know, when someone that you trust someone that you trust comes to you with news? Would you believe him or believe him? Hello?

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Don't give them lots of food, okay? That's what happens. Okay, would you believe him or believe him? Okay, is there anyone more trustworthy than Allah subhana wa Tada. No one. Sony tells you that there is a day of judgment. Are you certain that there is a day and you get ready for that day?

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Think about it before Say yes, say loudly. Okay, think before thing.

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Okay, so

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I'll give you an analogy. First of all the words of the last panel, I mentioned Emily, a pin, idea, pin and pin. The first two elements in an IRA pin are mentioned sort of the castle with the last part that I said.

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So I'm

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say it loudly.

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that's the second one island.

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Because the other one is mentioned social worker. So number 56 and number 95. Allah says we're in

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La Jolla for Serbia Bismillah R Rahman. So now, what's the difference between anybody attain it? Irelia and Huckleberry Finn. Okay? We have a lot of other here called Dr. Rashid. Mashallah. I don't want to praise him to his face, but he's certainly our community. May Allah reward him and give him health say, I mean, you know, he's someone that I trust. And I think all of you trust him because I'm here. I'm new here.

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And he came with a story. He said, I went to Japan,

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and I found a type of food in Japan. That looks like an orange, but when you eat it, it tastes like banana. Don't go bananas. Okay. Because the roses like no one. Okay, now, let me ask the first question. If we trust rather underachieve, would we believe what he said first, that

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he came with news and that news became certain to us? Let's randomly obtain knowledge. That is certain. Okay, now, okay. shaqab dollars USA. I trust you brother up Rashid. But cutting seed.

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Can I see that fruit is gonna say Yeah, of course. Have lots of them. I brought lots of, you know, boxes here.

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And then he will bring one and mash Allah. It looks like an orange. You know, one of the close friends of brother Abdul Rashid in with brother smile. And brother Abdullah, where is he? About the lavash Allah, they say we love your brother obduracy. And we trust you, but you know what? We want to taste it. So now shut up the lonely ask it to see it. What is that? It's called infp I want to see with my own eyes, right. But brothers mine and brother Abdullah, what do they want? They want to talk to me again. We want to taste it. So is it No problem, he gets a knife, cuts it into pieces and they eat it. And Mashallah, you know, they love banana. So it will taste like banana, they're gonna

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say, Allahu Akbar Subhan Allah. So it is

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ultimately a pain when he gave us the news and we trust him, right. And also, when we sold our own eyes, what happened

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is, when you taste it, whatever comes out at the end, happily. So Allah subhanho wa Taala his method is Allah to Allah belongs to the best example. What Allah Subhana Allah tells us that there is gentlemen, do you believe in that? It becomes

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it becomes, first of all,

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and it should become I mean, even without you seeing it, and also should become for you. How can you obtain until you see to their own eyes? Right. Ibrahim Alayhi Salam and startled Baccarat. What did he want? He wanted? He said, Rob barrini.

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I want to see the data coming back to life. If you want this, you need to exert an effort. He said bring four birds alive. Is it easy?

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Mashallah, how can he catch four birds alive? It's tough. Then cut them each one into four pieces. That would become how many pieces 16 and try to find, try to find mountains, 16 mountains and go and put one piece on the top of each mountain. Is that easy? That's a lot of work right? Then you know the rest of the story. So if you want something, what do you need to do? You need to exert an effort, right? Let me conclude with the following.

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One of the Sahaba came to the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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His name is haritha

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and the processor lamb saw him in the morning he said Kay fosse Mata Hari, How are you this morning?

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He He said, Yasser Allah let me know.

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I have become a true believer this morning. So the prophets of Salaam said yeah haritha

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in the liquidity Colin

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in the liquidity power in hockey, family Fatmata pool.

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For every statement that you have to make, there should be truth behind it. How can you prove it?

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And how if I said something amazing. Would you like to know it?

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Fortunately, I wish I could continue but my time is over to orange a lot will continue because I'm lucky in Florida.

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