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Whoever introduces an act into the religion that is not part of it, it will be rejected. So, the first half it deals with work

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with the heart and the other hand it deals with work.

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Because the rituals the brothers Sallam said about the salaat What do they say? Follow karma

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are you to morning or Sunday? Pray like you have seen me pray. He said about the will do what is also man, man.

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Will do he had

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whoever makes you do like me? What did he say about

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Hulu Ronnie monashee Kaku

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allama Kowloon la vida de voz de

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Why should we be refilled? You see the way that the jurist

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worded that rule

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some of them said an oo Bhima Casa de

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and the other one.

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The other title?

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Binya T.

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Both of them are identical almost, but which one should you adopt? As a student of knowledge? Which one?

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What alamelu Binya alamelu beanie venia try. Casa de la sala How do you see, a casita is a statement of scholars,

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but Ahmed Roubini, it is a statement made by who, by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, so you should really feel what the prophet says because of

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our young people. Anil However, he does not speak out of desire it who are in what you have, and also the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was given the eloquence of speech, or three to jawaani, I'll tell him, I was given the perfect speech, the meaning brothers in Islam, the meaning of this rule that two individuals can do the scene, identical act.

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But they are not alike.

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We braid the same solid, didn't we?

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We did the same such that the same Roku, but we're not alike in reward.

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What distinguished

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the hot

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Yakumo radula nafcillin macom two individuals will stand and do the same exact thing, identical, but one of them has to act with reach of the

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but the other one

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was why?

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and this is the place where Allah subhanho wa Taala looks.

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Call us Allah Allah Allah Allah. Allah Allah yanbu illa suvari Kumar he says, Hello Allah subhanho wa Taala does not look at your bodies or your faces whether can neon blue Isla pulu become

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but Allah looks at your hearts and the actions connected with the hearts.

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We mentioned briefly we're going to make this quick inshallah, what is what are the types of intentions met here and while near

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the scholars they say to thigh, knee to marry, the intention behind the act, when he mamula who and the intention regarding to whom are you offering this act?

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The first one is addressed by the jurist, the FA p valid not valid, not valid, not valid. The second one is addressed by who?

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laughs either because it has to do with what we're talking about what if loss?

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Shall I say this again? There are two types of intentions. In the same act. You must have two intentions in the scene act.

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What kind of act you do

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When you bring to ruckus

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What is it? So Natasha slotless the hora the hire to mess it soon

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you're making up budget What is it? What is going to distinguish that

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the intention now to whom are you offering that Salah?

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Because somebody forced you if you don't pray, Abdullah I'm not gonna give you $1 or you're doing it for Allah Abdullah, you're doing it for Allah, you're doing it because you're showing off

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because people are gonna see that you're not praying you're getting that. So the intentions are two types. One type regarding the nature of the Act, what kinds of acting you're fasting today

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two individuals are fasting for example two individuals are fast. Okay, you're fasting what kind of fasting are you doing? Are you making up a miss day in Ramadan? Because you were traveling?

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are you performing a voluntary Monday fast? Or are you performing the 13th or 14th or 15th of the month? What is going to distinguish that

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the intention to whom are you fasting

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for the people to say that you're fasting or to Allah?

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Now, let me ask you an honest question, which of them is more difficult? The first or the second?

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And that is the one that shaitan what is after

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this is the one

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you see the maximum loss you will get if you miss on the first one is the act is what is invalid

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but the second one may make you fall into a shed

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and we know that the first three Muslims who will be dragged into hill or who?

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Half of Ireland. Shahid?

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One moto sub

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rajaraja Why?

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walk off

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walk off shift

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because of this because they like and also shaitan

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shaitan is after this one. And if he doesn't get you initially when you get it in like let's say okay, I'm making this for Allah I'm praying for Allah and you start praying. someone walks next to you. Oh,

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okay, get up beautified good. So Pamela and these thoughts occurs to a lot of people

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of course to a lot of people

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because you have to do Mujahid

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lien you know why if losses is the most difficult thing Why? Because you know who you're fighting Don't tell me shake on

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your nerves

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because the next one's the shield of the act in the neffs likes

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and who helps the laughs shaitan you see the next plays your game whatever game you want to play

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then x comes to you and okay what do you like

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and he will deal with it.

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So we mentioned is in elf last is more difficult

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for you.

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Let's go into quickly into the evidence is normally a what a legal Maxim like this as a maximum like this. You must provide evidence based on what are you presenting this to us?

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The Quran, the sun and the age map regarding this legal Maxim Koran delille Cooley all the commands in the Quran that commend you to be sincere,

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such as Julio

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boo Melissa la hoody say only Allah, I worship. Sincerely wama O'Meara Illa Leah boo la her. Mo leucaena la hora de for suddenly in Athena Cal Casa fossa, Lee.

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To who? To who? lira beaker, you don't memorize

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in Argentina calcofluor saucily lira beaker. don't pray to the people don't pray for any other purpose, but that as soon Of course, the famous Hadith which is really, the legal Maxim is extracted from it. Which Hadith what, Omar mahatama the Aloha toluna de sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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Amen, amen rubini yet

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we're in number four when you see that word enamel in Arabic is Allah has

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we call it kg that anything that comes after it is key

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to enamel

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all the actions are judged by the intention so all the actions are caged into up with the intention.

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You cage two things together

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in Nana is a tool in the Arabic language called Allah to adapt to hustlin waka serene wakai

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it's like a key you play something in a cage, what are you doing with your caging the actions with the intentions they are together.

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If your intention for Allah and His Messenger then you will be rewarded accordingly. If your intention is for the dunya for our marriage, then likewise a

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couple of more Hadees quickly and we'll let you go inshallah.

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But one more thing before I leave this Omar that al

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there is a rule in Arabic the Arabic language that if a noun is joined with le fu lm which is D in English,

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you see armelle called actions and a man called v actions What does he say? He says actions or the actions what what the actions enamel

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do when you join a noun with the nRb it means every single act

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unless you have an evidence for an exception

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Take for example

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this is one of the argument that that he will use

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well as in finesse, he will call upon the people

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to perform

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then you come until the Jews and Christians can look you guys don't even know what

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the verses and ness what it means the people means what

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means what

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but I have the exception

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for the Quran was soon so Koran enamel Mashallah kuliah Johan Latina man Oh, you believe in them and Michelle coonan is a problem Mashallah.

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Indeed the mushrooms are infused, because they have shed, they should not come near Nottingham. So you may have that rule, but as long as you have an exception you can why we're saying this because there is a debate between the school of thought of Lima Abu hanifa Rahim Allah and the rest of the Imams regarding the Wu.

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Whether that will do requires an intention or not.

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And and that's the answer that we give the jumbo Malik athma the chef he said for sure requires because what because a man every act. Now, Abu hanifa said no, you can actually go and watch like this and you have auto without having the intention that what type of intervention we're talking about the first one the second

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Nia to do that you want to be better yourself to be able to pray.

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Then we respond to them and say, okay, the Hadith says Allah amen every single act so you're making an exception for will do where is the evidence? Matthew Murphy.

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Dolly they use reasoning Well, it's a means to do an act. Law nor do I know we can take

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another evidence here.

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Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Hades Abdullah hypnobirth de la Juan Houma Casa Loma Holly wasallam La Jolla tada delta t new hegira after the fact what fat Mecca you know the Muslims were commanded to migrate from Mecca to Medina before the conquest of Mecca the Prophet sallahu wa sallam is saying well, no hegira after the conquest of Mecca you don't have to migrate to Mecca anymore, while a king G has to money yeah. But only having the intention to migrate from the Haram to the Hillel from ignorance to knowledge from shillito hate from Big Data Sunnah from hafla, heedlessness to the remembrance of Allah from following

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The desire to, to follow in the commands from showing after be sincere that type of intentions. You make hegira that way.

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We have another Hadith beautiful honey so Hadees man, IGNOU yazeed ebru man, Allah and those three are Sahabi

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the son, the Father, the grandfather, man, he

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the son his generators, then then the narrator said, Can you read?

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Nero leota sadaqa biharmonic father wanted to give sadaqa

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so he brought it to the masjid and he left it with somebody. So his son came to the masjid. And then somehow the person shared with him what his father wanted to do.

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Man was in need of money, he took it. He said, Well, my father will give me the salad. I'm in need for soda and he's my father. I'll take it

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for her son to who Ellen levy. So his father came very upset. Why did you do this? I didn't give that money out for you. I was trying to give it to someone else. So I went to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam presenting the case to him. The Prophet said laka

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he Welcome to Yama.

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You're gonna be rewarded for your intention. The father he and man What do you got? Because you need it you qualified for the solder heartache.

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Or you

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should get one and I love this because this there is a big confusion in the army regarding the subject. Alien appleberry

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combined in one of his chapters, bearable chapter. Never say to somebody who's Shaheed

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the Buddha you call the Fulani.

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You can see that

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Allah Sybil is just

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being determined.

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But you could say what insha Allah is shade.

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I hope Allah will accept him as a Shaheed

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you're accepting him as a Shaheed, but can you go to somebody who died

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in the pools of Allah and all the criteria official he obliged to him and say this person is a Shaheed you can't

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why what is there is that Can somebody tell me why?

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I can tell you this has to do with the heart. And also you ruled that he's in gentlemen.

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If you say Shaheed he actually is not in the grave. He's way

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sure he doesn't go through the grave right? Like he goes to jail right away. I can tell

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and this has something to do with what

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and he he combined this beautiful Hadith Mammon meglumine nuclear fee shabby lillah Allahu Allah Moby man new club fee shabby. Anyone who is killed in the cause of Allah.

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His mobile shed in the Hadith, he is the point of reference in the Hadith. And only Allah knows who is killed in his schools. Not you not me. Illa j omega t ama al Hadi

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and also a for another Hadith, Hadith. Tabu Quinta Prophet sallallahu Sallam was returning from taboo, he said to his companions, howdy, jabber and demandable Harry, in Neville Medina teorija, massive Tomasi euro Wakata Toma, the bill with whom? comb Hadassah Hulu

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imagine certain people could not make it with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam because they lacked the means to travel that long distance the Prophet is telling them in a move that you made those people who are unable to join you receive the same exact reward like you

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should for the holiday for whoever

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in intends to die as a Shahid sincerely for Allah.

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Allah will give him the status of a Shaheed even if he dies on his bed,

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she will feel the need

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to get the intention.

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You go to sleep at night and you want to make up you intending to wake up for the hedgerow that night

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and some how you could not wake up you get work

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that you should just to show you the intention inshallah

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just two minutes to give you some practical

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application to that maximum,

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in a state of major ritual impurity. You know what that means, right. He can pray without what

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He goes to take a bath or a shower. Without having the intention. Will that shower lift that major ritual impurity? Can he pray? Yes or no? No. Because of what

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of the tool lacks the intention.

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Look at this. You got an auction car auctions.

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You know what auction is right? I'm sure you

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everybody who's participating in this auction is lawful except one person

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who, someone who had an agreement with the seller, that he's here to raise the price so that he will not compete with him. This type of sale in Islam called in Niger.

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You know, that just means that you're having an auction, and you go to negative negative, just come you don't have to buy just raise the price. So this one says 100 is 120.

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So you have an agreement with who

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you're called energy and energy.

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Because of what

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this one is, what is committing Haram, everybody else is committing Khaled is okay. The business transaction is perfect. It has nothing, no one except the person because he's cheating.

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One more.

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I love this idea. Men, Amal and Nancy and with that said, the law one.

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Whoever takes the wealth of people and in his heart, he intends to return that money. Allah will help him help him pay back

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woman unwell and nasty and we halakha and whoever takes the wealth of people yen we it left

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that he doesn't intend

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to pay it back at length of law. Allah will deal with him accordingly. Likewise, it

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is one of the most challenging they find two people giving them one of them is is a lot you know, it's trying to get people closer to Allah.

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You know, it doesn't matter. And the other one is worried about what fame name, Facebook, all of that stuff. So Panama, look at this dial on that person and of course, huge difference between the two. Fellas, Allah and Yoshino Ayana inshallah will continue the maximum there are a lot of branches from that Maxim. And tomorrow we have one more with Sunil 15. sha Allah

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Allah Allah