Tarek Kareem Harris – Instructions on How To Change Yourself Upwards

Tarek Kareem Harris
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Hi Dr. Harris here. I'm an MD A fancy doctor of neuro psychiatry. I made this course but I'm not important. Here you are, these little clips will prepare you for learning that actually works. If you stick to the rules, we'll straight off we're going to break that rule of changing the way your mind thinks. So take all of this with a sense of play, take it slow. Repeat these lessons a lot rather than learning 20 new things. Try learning one thing 20 times in 20 different ways. Welcome to the Art of procedural learning. It's deceptively simple. That's why most people especially smart people, don't get it right. It's about repetition and refinement, not splitting the atom to make it

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work. You're gonna have to interact with it to stuff get a pen get a fresh blank notebook. These are the tools that will bring your brain into play much more effective than passively watching or reading pause these clips stop write something down if it strikes you as interesting. This is the way get your learning space right a small area comfortable where you feel good clear your learning time make some time every day that's protected guarded put your phone on airplane mode, this is your time nobody else's half hour a day is a good start splitting it up into morning and evening is even better. Half an hour for learning and half an hour for practice. Learning Theory and practicing are

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two different things. Your brain is a lump of fat, immerse mostly in water, coffee and tea. Hold it long and sodas water drink a lot more water than average. But don't go crazy. Just make a rule like a glass of water or coffee before each half hour session. Easy to remember and do so do it. Learning happens better when you're active in some way. Doodling moving, walking around mixing it up. Remember how those absent minded professors tend to pace up and down when thinking about something that's called psychokinetic modulation. Try it mix it up, find what works well for you. Don't worry if it stops working after a while just move to something new. Get comfortable with your brain's

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objections. And while we're on that, I hope you find this stuff confusing, overwhelming, distracting, whatever. These are the signs that your brain is trying to change itself up to figure out something in a new way. Be at peace with not being at peace. Good things don't come easily be a king of confusion. Take it in your stride. It's like your brain has a stomach but it feeds on information. Now you're trying to help it's digestion to the food better. Break the information down make it simple. Don't try to overfeed yourself. And while we're there, eat better avoid eating just before you do a session. The guts take a lot of energy to digest food energy that's better off safe

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for the brain. It's more like learning how to play a new sport or play Jenga foster a sense of lightness, playfulness agility, be unconcerned with stuff that isn't clear. Trust your mind more go with what you think works. A great mind isn't full. It's open. I'm not your teacher. This isn't school. This is real life. We're learning a new trade, how to build your mind the course is a toolbox for that purpose. So let's go Are you ready?

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