Reda Bedeir – Guide to Allah’s infinite mercy and forgiveness

Reda Bedeir
AI: Summary © The upcoming message of Islam sub hangroar wa Taala aims to forgive all types of sins minor and major, but it includes a promise to not delay and avoid giving anyone the opportunity to do so. The message also touches on punishment of the Prophet sallail, which aims to avoid causing harm to others. The speaker emphasizes the importance of small small mistakes and avoiding death, while also reminding viewers to make small mistakes and avoid trying to avoid death.
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No hunger is a

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mother who want to study you want to study you want to study

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when I was in LA

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Maja Hilah who Fela mobile Allah my little fella howdy Allah,

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y shadow La

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ilaha illallah wa de la sharika

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y shadow Anna Mohammedan Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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about in Stockwell de thicket Avila.

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Well hiral had he had the Mohammedan sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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was Sharon Moreno the third to her akula modesetting bidda aqui

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aqui La la la la, la

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la vida la hypertrophy LA or Sukumaran FC be taco la Hazara gel

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a loss of Hannah with Ireland.

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In sources Zoomer

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so number 3963 through 62.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala shares a very important message.

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And basically the theme of this ayah

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can be summarized in the following

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the mercy and the forgiveness of Allah subhanho wa Taala is infinite.

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And our job as slaves of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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is to check our intention between now and then and turned back to Allah subhanho wa Taala and repentance

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and he will always accept us

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and then Allah subhanaw taala tells us how to do this.

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And I add in with the excuses of people who will not listen

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when the day of judgment comes and they will continue to do what they do.

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What will be the three excuses that they will have a luscher them from now.

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So Allah subhana wa Taala starting with Isaiah number 53 says

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Lena is wrong

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fusi him

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Zulu by Jeremy

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in La foodora II. This is the first message

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a group of mushrikeen according to Muslim came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and they said Dr Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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the Swapna and fusina

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worth the cabinet Jamie almasi so here we have a cabiria

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welaka nanohub bu moto a file in national Islam now Yeah, for Allahu Allah.

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we have gone to the extreme and committing all types of sins minor and major.

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But we love that which advocate. So if we were to accept Islam, with the loss of hands on with the other forgive our sins.

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And the problem had no answer. But the answer to this is that I just decided

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Olia Eva the Allah subhanaw taala says, All Mohammed say to my slaves, I let the you know sort of

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foresee him, whether the believers that commit sins, even whether they are minor or major, but a lot did not say Polya a baddie alladhina as Naboo

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all my slaves who have committed one sin No, he said I sort of Alice reform which I was,

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meaning if you committed all types of sins, minor and major.

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What's the Messenger of Allah latter?

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never lose hope in the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala Why? in La Jolla fieros zunow by Jeremy

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Indeed Allah subhanho wa Taala forgives all types of sins, minor and major. There is nothing major for Allah subhanaw taala.

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In again, confirmation indeed he is a fool, not an offer. He does not forgive one time. No, he forgives all the time. Every time you come back to him, he will accept you.

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If you go to your brother, your sister, your father, your mother, your boss, whoever, they might not forgive you,

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or they might forgive you one time or two times, but Allah subhanaw taala will forgive you all the time.

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And he's not

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he does not shower you with His mercy one time. He's a Rahim it's permanent. All the time. He showed you with His mercy, because his forgiveness and his mercy. They are infinite.

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That's from the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala What about us? What should we do?

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A lot continue saying what any boo.

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Como esta la Mola?

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If Allah subhana wa tada will forgive all your sins. What should you do? Don't say tomorrow.

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Because shaitan will come to you. And one of the greatest traps of shaitan is at the sweet procrastination. Tomorrow after I go for Hajj after I get married, after I have children, after I start seeing white hair.

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Don't say tomorrow, because sometimes tomorrow never comes. So lesson one evil man and another and another phenomena Serato.

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Do it now. Do not delay. I cannot guarantee to step down to the salon. I can't even get it to finish the first

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enable in Arabic. So if you want to turn back, don't don't turn back to people turn it back to a law to your master.

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What should I do? Why as a moolah and submit to him completely.

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Before what

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before the punishment will come to you whether in this Junior if you don't make or if you insist and die in such a condition and is going to be

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the punishment will come. So

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nobody, nothing can help you at that point. They can bring all your titles, all your degrees, all your families, all your supporters,

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When you are on the deathbed, nothing can benefit you. When you're standing in front of a loan that they've judgment. Your own family members starting with your wife, your children, they will run away from you. yo maya

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everyone is gonna say NFC NFC, including the prophets and messengers.

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So Allah subhanaw taala said, Do not delay. Do not procrastinate.

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So if you will do this, if you will submit to Allah completely. What's the next step here Allah? What?

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As a member of become and follow the best that has come to you from your master. What's that? It's the Quran. And the Sunnah. It's the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And then

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the practical life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And the reason the Oh my suffering today is because we left the Quran, we live the sooner and we go to the human made law.

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We made the law and we respect the law. We don't respect the divine love Allah subhana wa Tada.

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So last part that I said what who said Mr. Kumar? Robbie, come again.

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Before the punishment will come to you, suddenly the tornado came. What did the people do?

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What did they listen to that they listened to allow and he said, the whole facade the full belly was democracy, but I didn't ask, you

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know, they listen to somebody saying Mother Nature.

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It just went by, no, it's a wake up call from Allah subhana wa Tada. Those people who have been stricken, and they will lift homeless, it could be me and you, those peoples who have nothing to eat for three days, because the food went bad in their fridges. It could be me and you

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these are wake up calls from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah said, the punishment comes suddenly

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somebody died. He was intending to make Toba before he died. But this came suddenly he didn't have a chance because he kept procrastinating.

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Then if that happened, if the death comes, if the punishment comes, what are the excuses? These are the last I thought I'm gonna share with you. A Lost Planet. Allah said, if the punishment comes, or if the person dies insisting on that, and then the day of judgment comes, what's going to happen? Allah said, these are the three excuses that people will have will have. Number one.

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First excuse people will say how much regret do I feel now? Because I have neglected my duty and my obedience towards Allah subhana wa Tada.

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You know what? Allah is talking about these people. They're gonna say this when it's too late. It's exactly the same idea, and soft and fragile. When Allah subhanho wa Taala says,

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when the day of judgment comes, and Allah subhana wa tada will show up and people will see gender, and they will see hellfire.

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far in front of you, you will remember it's too late.

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That reminder will not benefit you because it's done. You're in what shall we say?

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I wish I've done something for my life. Which life you're in.

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Oh, now you realize that the real life is that

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that's exactly what I was saying. And takuna Neff, sorry. Yeah, serata Allah for up to Fijian Bella. I'm so regretful that I have neglected my TT towards Allah. I did not feel Allah, I feel people. My main concern is my image in front of people, not my image in front of Allah. Am I checking what I'm doing is to please Allah or to please myself, and my family and everybody around me? No.

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Not only that.

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Not only I disobey the law, but I used to make fun of those who used to avail Allah subhanho wa Taala. Look around you. People who are practicing Islam, people ridicule them.

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That's the first excuse. What's the second excuse?

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To me

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or the person would say if I

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Last time I had guided me, I would have been amongst

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Allahu Akbar. Are you waiting for gibreel to come to you with the revelation? Why didn't you say this when it comes to your risk? Why don't you sit at home and say, you know, if Allah wants to provide me, he will provide for me. Know, you wake up in the morning, and you go to work.

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And you go through hardships, and you're patient because you want the paycheck at the end of the month.

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But do you want Jenna?

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If you want Jenna, then you would have to go and look for guidance. You will have to go and be patient

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to seek knowledge. And what's more importantly, to act upon that knowledge,

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then you will get the benefit.

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What's the third excuse?

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The third excuse?

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Or the person who when they see he'll fight in front of them, they're gonna say, I wish I had another chance to go back to the dunya

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I will not only be amongst the Muslims,

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North America

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No, I'll be among

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the top. It's too late.

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Because you will live in this dunya one time you will not be given a second chance. And how many times I say this in the Quran. Say you

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have that regret now? Because it's gonna benefit you there.

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Allah subhanaw taala described to us and so forth and moving on. So number 23 is number 99. When the death comes, when death comes to someone, what do they say?

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Send me back to The Goonies.

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I may do something good.

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I gave you 50 years. I gave you 60 years. I gave you 30 years. Now that this comes, you will go back and do this in

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your life.

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It's just a word that you're saying.

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We will write him.

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No, he will stay in the grave until all the size and you will be resurrected, no more chances.

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So what are the lessons we learn from this is number one.

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Whatever minor, major sins you have committed, go back to Allah. Allah will forgive you.

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Number two, that's what Allah will do with you. What do you need to do? You need to go back to allow that procrastination. You need to make your toll by now.

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Number three,

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Allah subhanaw taala gave us the excuses of people. Do not try to come in the day of judgment with one or two or three of these excuses. Give your excuses a black eye and work hard to prepare yourself for that day.

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A whole family has our stuff for lalibela

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wa salatu wa salam ala Abadi Latina stofer

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why shadow el

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ilaha illAllah Hola. Hola. sharika

00:19:38 --> 00:19:44

why shadow Ana Mohammedan Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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about a habit of Allah.

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Allah OC C'mon FC bitok Walla

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Walla, mo animoca una vida de la vida.

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Santa Ana Soviet Republic Kabir

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remember will be standing in front of Allah subhanaw taala tomorrow will be asked about everything that we have done in this life

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and the most beautiful Hadith that I would like to conclude my second football with is the hadith of Abdullah bin Omar. But the Allahu anhu Omar

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in which he said that Allah subhanho wa Taala

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certainly abdomen pm in

00:20:35 --> 00:20:38

some ways did Allah He cetera Kalia

00:20:39 --> 00:20:49

Allah subhana wa Taala will bring each and every one of us individually and he will cover him or her in order not to disgrace them or embarrass them

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firehole rd does the Quran bacchetta yamaka

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my slave Do you remember that since that day, for a whole lot Nam Europe? The slave would say yes Allah I remember. So my

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don't go to them.

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Did Allah subhanaw taala will keep reminding the person. Do you remember that sin that they did remember that sin that they remember that sin that they would say yes you're until the person who feels that he is doomed. He's going to * forever Allah subhanaw taala would say

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I have never embarrassed you in the dunya

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I have never disgraced you in the dunya

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and I will forgive you today.

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If Allah subhana wa Taala is preparing this for us. What should we prepare for ourselves?

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Allahu Allah tala will hardly know them but Allah Fatah wa will I even illustrata Walla

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Walla, Walla,

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Walla, Walla, Walla. Walla.

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aromatica hamara. Me

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unfortunate Aqua was a canta Hiraman Zika and Ebola

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Hello, hello, Amina Amina dounia

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illa Illa law also La La Hamada Mohammed

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