Q&A Can you say Talaq for a joke

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The customer is asking the agent about getting married and getting divorced. The agent advises the customer not to joke about getting married and suggests discussing the topic during the conversation. The customer expresses their desire to get married and the conversation ends with the agent reminding the customer to say their reason and say "oh no."

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Yanni in public, yes? What if you said as a joke to your wife?

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Are you married? No.

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Hello when you get married, we advise you

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to joke with one with your wife.

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Yeah, but we're not with divorce.

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If it happens, let me know.

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Discuss it, but I advise you not to do

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any worse. You want to express your why. And say, oh no.

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I love you. I was thinking about you for the whole night. yesterday.

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Darling, you are divorced.

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Last question.