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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a marriage between Islam and religion, where the woman must live in a desert until she reaches the end of the contract. The type of marriage is limited to a certain time and executed after the contract. The speakers discuss the legal framework for marriage and divorce, including confusion over certain aspects and limitations on gay marriage. They also touch on the importance of becoming a Muslim and the difference between the royal family and the western world. The segment concludes with a discussion of the "verbal" atmosphere and the potential for parents to be raised by their children.
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managers were here before the slump.

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There were a few kinds of managers. Number one, there was the management, we know that we have to know, when the first one was like people's marriage today, we would ask another man's daughter for marriage. And that's it, there's no one we have to know. Then there was another marriage in the past before Islam King,

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and then would tell his wife

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after she finished her menses invite so and so, and get pregnant from him.

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Why? Because that person was

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very well known.

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high status in the society, prints something, whatever it is something big

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leader of a tribe,

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exactly, come and have my wife pregnant. So you can have an older baby, this was another marriage before Islam, then there was another marriage also, which a group of less than 10 men will come and have intercourse with a woman.

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And then when she got pregnant, she would call them all and she would doesn't she would pick and choose who's the father.

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then there was a worst marriage

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which is

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more than 10

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no limit to the number of men who would sleep with the same woman.

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And then she would come at the same thing, and that was officially prostitution. And that woman in the past used to have a flag at the door to say, old

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and is available

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there is a marriage that is prohibited now,

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but was permitted at one time. And that marriage is the marriage of Buddha.

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Marriage of Buddha was the she has still practice.

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As a matter of fact, not only the she asked in practice it, but they consider marriage and would it fall away to come close to Allah

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and if you hear that

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Subhanallah that supposedly, you would think that a lot of work or any

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very close to sum up.

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So what is the story with

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is a marriage that was permitted by Rasulullah salAllahu alayhi wa sallam when the Sahaba used to go for for jihad.

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And keep in mind when these two children could Yeah, they don't go by plane then go by car is typically four or five, six months to get there and come back. So there are some companions that have needs an order not to commit adultery. So loss is permitted the version without temporaries all the way up. I will talk about in details.

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was abrogated

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by rasool Allah Allah is Allah Now the she I said no.

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It was not abrogated by us Omar was obligated by Omar which is not true. But he is in Sahih Muslim

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the he doesn't say it Muslim. What also lost a lot of a sudden he said

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Yeah, you had pneus in the Quran, too, as into Leconfield instant definition this app we're in Allah called Hello Rama Darrick Min Jung Miko has

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you know, let me just trusted him and explain, oh people had previously permitted you to have wanted by way of Buddha. But indeed, Allah has now prohibited that until the day the day of resurrection. Thus, anyone who has any such woman should let them go and do not take any of what you have given them. There are certain things that are haram in Islam,

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but they become halal for cholera.

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Which is like you can see in

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Alcohol, all these would become valid if there was extreme lower, and you were stuck in the desert. And that's all you found. You are permitted. That's the only way to survive.

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So you're allowed for the ruler

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whosoever has

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read that he's allowed to do that, but this one

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this one no, no no like is your will give someone bad said that no, the law firm is it will, it is haram officially and will always stay home.

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Now, what is the version without those you put up is a temporary marriage number one thing about version is that it is limited to a certain time. When you tell a woman I will tell you for a day, an hour, five days, five months, two years, there is a limit. And after that limit is finished, that

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contract is finished them

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is during specified at the time of the contract is executed. At the end of the term. The two spouses need each other without divorce.

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And they do not inherit from each other. Let's say the guy died in that period of time, there is no inheritance.

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This type of marriage was coming during the jatiya also was coming during the JVM

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And subhanAllah

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just like Islam came and gradually prohibited few things that were coming into JD Yeah, like the dream of the Hubble did not came abruptly instantly it came in different levels. Similarly

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it was permitted a little bit then as I said that made it forbidden. So it was permitted in the past and some Sahaba actually performed.

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But as soon as I said and did not

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then there is the prohibited. Now keep in mind the topic is prohibited marriages then the prohibited marriage of deadly. We mentioned a little bit about it last week. We will mention it again this week. What is my marriage daddy?

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If a man divorces his wife three times, if a man divorces his wife three times he may not take her back unless she first marries another man.

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And then when the other man divorces her, then she becomes allowed to him to get married to her again. Now there are some people they want to play a trick. Danny Who are they fully Allah subhanaw taala and stuff. So they go and they bring a guy and they tell him okay

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make this wife had from it How dare you have for five minutes and divorce her so she will become harder for me. This is not what is meant from the cream of the crop. What is meant is that he actually marries the woman officially irregular marriage and that person that does that

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temporary managed to make

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anybody knows his name an army

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decent was that case? What they said in English is should I tell you about the billy goat? As soon as I said I've got a baby goat and he like you know the

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he is a person who performs that lead. May Allah curse the one who performs that lead and the one that has been performed you

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Allah rasool Allah yummy when you hear someone curse someone land, you should be shaken by

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a big job for you. What does that mean? What does when someone

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exactly Lana, will Allah land on your lawn? Jana from Amman B's opposite of mercy, Jonnie Allah will take the Mercy away from me. Yanni lagenda.

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married to non Muslims

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are my

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because I swore to

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I mean

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it is

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very rare

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if it's existed,

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as a matter of fact, we are living in a society and the parents, they look at their son 1516 years old, you don't have a girlfriend Are you gay or something?

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They talk to their kids like that. They bring them a girlfriend

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so this is something very normal that the society we're living in very normal

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so to find someone that has not slept with anybody before you, she was pure.

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Study hard.

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extremely hard.

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That's why most of the Anna including the chef, they say we even

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forget about the shoe forget about everybody. But I'm not only Allah right on he was the Khalifa, He prohibited banning the non Muslim spiritual for a short period of time.

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And he encouraged money in the Muslims

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is definitely not going against the area. But he found out that that that time

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the people have added Kitab al Kitab anymore many things

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are becoming different than when the source

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the brother came to the country very young. He fell in love with this girl at school of college. He got married to her three, four kids later, he doesn't want anymore 99% of the time, if not 100 The kids are with that. This is the law of the country because I'm with a mother

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she goes to church they go to church.

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I want you try it I can give you so many examples of I don't know that condition will be valid court because usually the court always thinks but it is something between you and her and she could negate it anytime because the court definitely you can always give us the gives the mother always always so the bottom line is we have tons of Muslim sisters that are looking for us look at first at your at your at your own people before you go out and fall into your following you're following your desire for that short period of time and then you regret it for a very long period of time. So first of all look at your Muslim

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become Okay

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she have committed adultery?

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Okay, and this guy the sister brother wants to marry her

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and she told them I repented

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that's a tricky question.

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Exactly. Job was a banner for Muslims.

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And only Koba like I said, is to become a Muslim. That's heckuva. But what if you make Zillow and you still having

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slack so it's not it's not allowed because a lot of people ask but she may tell you them and he said

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I would like this song so she's my girlfriend for 20

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condition is

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once used together, nothing happened. They made a deal with the beginning that they won't do anything till they get married.

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So I said

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no, she said but I have what I have some questions the woman

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she asked some questions your Allah chi is so deep in the

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so much knowledge about Islam. She shocked me and she was complaining about the brother that does not pray

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for a second I was wondering who's the Muslim

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putting his head like this

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so yeah, what

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it is recommended highly recommended to stick to your Muslim sisters. And if there is nobody and you can chama Thailand convince the sister. It's not a shot.

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Don't get me wrong, it's not a shot to convince her to become a Muslim. But if she has, does not have the other qualification that the only solution is to become is to become a Muslim. Okay, now we come to the

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marriage gold atmosphere.

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Now you're talking to

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Has anybody heard his wife?

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See, oh, the only reason

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okay, what is the what is the difference between the legend and the legend?

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the legend

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is very common in the

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in the Gulf area, and some of the work what is the legend? The legend is 100% official. The wife while he, she wrote me in a shoe hood.

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What's the only difference? The only difference is the woman give up some of her rights.

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I am a woman that I have my own house.

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I'm gonna get rich. But I need a man to support just to have a man in my life. Maybe for sexual needs for support for just to have a man in her life.

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I want to marry you. You could consider anybody your second third, fourth wife, first wife wherever you want. And you could come only three times a week to visit me in the daytime. You don't have to stay.

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I don't need no money from you. And she makes us

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conditioned for the marriage

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that allow 100%

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Now who permitted this and who said no?

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Champion does. Allah said this was just 100% Hello.

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Chef, I think the en la mala. He said First he said it's okay. But then when he found out there are men taken advantage of the hukou. He says hello.

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Enamel as Ben said, no, no whatsoever. Why What says the lead? He said because the main reason of marriage Allah sadly, test Kulu ha ha. So you can have sekian as we can live together. And this is what not living together or not. So he said, prohibited. Chicago he was still alive. He said it is permitted but my crew

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because but none of them. None of them said that the lash is not valid.

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None of them because that's what I started. It has within it as your who because it has contract of others there. Everything's there.

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But they said, Don't do it. Some of them said don't do it. Some of them said it is allowed to be done.

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And if you think about it, a man especially now, the best, the best. fatwah I found, I'm sure from what he said, You go according to the situation.

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Some young men,

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he just finished college, he cannot afford to have a house, open house. So you will keep that daughter with her family. His manager,

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his manager, he will keep living with them. And he visits his wife.

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One until he can afford everything he could move her continue. This is a situation a woman that lost her husband somehow and that she doesn't want to commit any harm. This is another option for her. But like I said, a lot of men unfortunately took advantage of this is a large and it became very close to the watch. And

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he goes it leaves her between four walls for one year two years, many doctors or he goes and visits her. So you know it's not this. This

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is reason why that was was permitted. That where did they get this whole thing from?

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So that

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our Mother mother in law had our daughter she gave up her night

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every wife of the Prophet size center, she had one night except he has two nights hers and Sundays. So from that they said the woman permitted

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if the woman permitted the husband, and she gave them her right of skipping over,

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then it's okay. So they did that they took that as a dairy as an evidence. Okay, so conclusion there was

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there's no limit. It only finished by divorce, insufficient knowledge, official knowledge. The only difference is that humans say other words your duck or other wants you to stay over, I will give you permission, you can stay with it. And most of the people this is very popular, very common for marrying a second life. And you don't want the first wife to know. So you could do that and everything is done properly. And

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you could go and visit her. Now where's the complaint from other people is how you can be let's say the children can

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this marriage lead to children? How is the children gonna be raised? If one by the mother alone I'm discovered by some of the items I said it's my crew, but they cannot

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but is

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that's so much