An Essential Component Of Good Character – Control

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Number five, control. What's control.

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Control means the ability of self restraint. The ability to control your desires, your urges, because you're not an animal. You're a human being, a lot prefer to

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honor the children of Adam. So you need to learn how to control your whims, your desires, your urges, and also your temper. This is very important. This is very important because one word, you divorce a person, one word, you might crush the spirits of a person, one word, you might break a relationship with a person, one word could take two gentlemen, one word can take you two gentlemen, control yourself. Because when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam asked the Sahaba, he said, matter of doing a shady Chico, he's asking about strength, who is a strong person amongst you?

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A strong person is the person who can wrestle people down, who can knock them out?

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The person said, No,

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it's not about being masculine. No, in

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a strong person, is the person who knows how to control himself or herself when they are angry.

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That is the meaning. And this is another component. If you want to display good character, control your desires, control your urges. Don't let your anger

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get you out of control. Because how many people when they come and say, I divorced my wife, and I was angry. That's not an excuse to control yourself. And the professor told us, he told us in

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the Hello. If you want to learn, you have to sit down and learn how many of us find the walk around and go away.

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And then he regretted the Day of Judgment. When you see people out on higher ranks engine,

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you will regret that you missed. To learn your dean will learn how to make money. We'll learn how to be diplomats, we learn how to be promoted in this dunya. But you need to learn how to be promoted in Africa.

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In MLM, you have to have the patience to sit down and learn and humble yourself.

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Because if you meet along with everything except your faith, and your deen, you're a loser. If you meet Allah subhana wa Taala with nothing but your dean, you're a winner.

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If you want to learn how to be patient, when you are put in situations, you have to control yourself, and I gave a football about anger management previously, Makoto, if you're styling, sit down, leave the place. But do not say words that you will regret for the rest of your life. And it's not too late. If you wronged someone, if you act in a way that was wrong, go back to your wife. It doesn't make you look bad. In fact, people will respect you more