An Essential Component Of Good Character – Consideration

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The speaker discusses the importance of being consideredate and not giving negative feedback to others. They give examples of how a professor gives advice to students on how to be considerate and not give negative feedback. The segment ends with a discussion of recording and recording negative comments.

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Number three,

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when it comes to good character is consideration, the considers What is the meaning of to be considerate? It's the ability to think before you speak, the ability to think, before you act. Some people,

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they never think before they speak, they never think before they act, and they crush the spirits of the people in front of them.

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They have no common sense, they have no consideration.

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And the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, again, is teaching us we have to think before we say a word, because a word might make it or break it. And as we say in Arabic,

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a short

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cut my life is easier than a scar on the heart by a word that was hurt you.

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And this is why the professor Selim is sitting with the Sahaba one day and when he conquered Mecca,

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he gave everyone amnesty.

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Amnesty International, the process of them started this more than 14 centuries ago. These are the people who forced him out of medical. And despite that when he enters McKesson,

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he granted everyone, amnesty, security. So

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once the aliens did this, he ran away, he took a ship and he wanted to go to Yemen.

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And Subhanallah when I

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heard that the pasta lamb is giving everybody amnesty, he started thinking What should I do? No, I'm the son of Abu Jamal. And I know what's going to happen to me if he can catch me. So Subhan Allah,

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the wife of Hakeem went through the process alone, and she took Shahada and she accepted Islam.

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And she went, you know, to try to find a coma, he went in a ship, and somehow there was a storm and the ship or the boat, and Ecuador was so confused. And he started saying to himself, if Allah subhana wa, Thailand would save me from this.

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I will go and try to talk to Mohammed because he's the most compassionate person.

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And Subhanallah

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Omar Hakim, his wife told the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam prophet of Allah comes to embrace Islam. Would you accept him? And the person who said yes, she says, but if I were to go and tell him that he wouldn't believe me.

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And then the professor took off his turban, and he gave it to her. And if an Arab does this, it means I am giving you amnesty. I'm giving you full security. So she took the turn of the filament, she went to elementary said, The Prophet sallallahu. wasallam is inviting you, if you come and accept Islam, he will accept you, is it? No, that's a trick. And then she took the turban out and she said, look at this, he gave me this. Then he believed her. Listen carefully to the common statement. That's what I mean by being considerate. Academics coming from far away. And the process of me sitting with the Sahaba. And he said to the Sahaba, had academic Chico moulana muslimah

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falletta soboba. For

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me, it was

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The prophet SAW Selim said, this is

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coming to embrace Islam. Don't say anything bad about his father.

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Because if you curse his father, if you insult his father, this is not gonna hurt his father, but it's gonna hurt him. Be considerate, and the porcelain told us

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many a time we act like beasts,

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and the porcelain said, Do not act like beasts. You beat your wife in the morning, and you want to sleep with her during the night. be considered. Think of what you say. Think of what you do. The Prophet says.

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there could be one word that you might say

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and it will make a loss angry with you.

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It will be the cost for you to go into Hellfire, which is 70 years deep. It will take you 70 years to get to the bottom of Jannah. May Allah save us all.

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So that's what the pastor is teaching us. Be considerate. Before you utter a word. Think about it. Are you gonna make the person feel up? Or are you going to put him down? Are you gonna make them feel better? Or are you gonna crush their spirits, because none of the words none of the actions that you say, will go without being recorded. My

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last part number 50. And number 17, and 18 is whatever an utterance that come out of your mouth will be recorded either here or here. So think before you speak, and think before you act. So conscience, compassion consideration.