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Reda Bedeir
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the meaning of compassion and how it can be used in various situations. They give examples of how people show compassion and mercy to others, such as during a situation where a person is stolen their money, or during a situation where a person is upset and is told they have a wrong attitude. The speaker also discusses how people can use compassion and mercy to benefit others, such as during a situation where a person is upset and is told they have a wrong attitude, or when a situation involves a situation where a person is wrongdoing something, such as causing a person to die.
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What's the meaning of compassion? Compassion means the ability to feel for others, the ability to feel with others, the ability to feel the pain of others.

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And it's very easy to be compassionate and to be good to someone who's compassionate is good. But real compassion, when you show mercy and compassion in a situation where the person in front of you doesn't deserve that mercy.

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I'll give you an example.

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Kumar went to the market one day,

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and he wanted to buy something. And after he choose whatever he wanted to buy, he put his hand in his pocket to get the money to pay and he found out that his money was stolen.

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So he said to the man, listen, I'm putting this back because my money has been stolen. So the man made the public announcement in the market.

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And of course, you know how many people Mashallah once you say this, there, there are lots of volunteers.

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So some people you know, started cursing him, may Allah curse him, Allah destroy him. May Allah do this to him.

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But look at Abdullah Omar, he's teaching us a lesson in the real meaning of compassion. When you show compassion and mercy to someone who doesn't deserve it.

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Allah de Sala family, he has it in LA, a la home abetik level fee.

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So Dr. La, if that person who stole my money is in need of that money,

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money for him. That's compassion.

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your mind, this man is a professional thief. Make it his loss.

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That's compassion.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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will come to the masjid and he would leave the salon. And he would say my intention is to raise at least 100.

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And then he says, I start praying, and then I hear a cry of a baby.

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And then he said, I showed in my Salah. Why, out of compassion to the heart of the mother of that baby. I feel her pain. And the Sahaba will ask him prophet of Allah sallallahu. You made your song very short. This is one so you heard the cry of the baby.

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I have to show compassion. Because Allah subhanaw taala described him sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in circle MBs number 21. I have 107. And he said

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to me, oh, Mohammed, we have not sent you a symbol and embodiment of compassion

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to all nations, to all cultures, to all civilizations, to all colors. Where's the compassion our hearts today? Let's learn from the process of them. If we want to display a good character, the prophets of Allah.

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One day is given a goodbye like this. And then he

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comes crawling.

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Guess what the stop the hood, but when he saw them, because they couldn't make their way to him, and they will come in to him. He went down from the member all the way to them, and he can and he came back. And he continued his cookbook. And he says,

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indeed, your wealth or your children are a trial or a test.

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And he counted them showing compassion.

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The prophet SAW one day he was spraying

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around him like a camel in his resume. And he made a very long sujood

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and the Sahaba after the salon. This is prophet of Allah, we thought that something

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bad happened to you? We thought that you have started receiving revelation. It was a very, very long so Jude, even some of them thought that he passed away.

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He said no, it's a hustler. kasane wrote me like a camel in the salon, and I hate it to stop that enjoyment.

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Feeling for a kid? How do we treat our kids when they come to the message today? Even if they made a mistake, that's compassion.

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