Omar Suleiman – Prayers of the Pious – Episode 10 – A Prayer More Powerful Than the Wind

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the story of Jonah's falling out of a ship and being in a panic situation. The speaker describes the experience of a woman named Hannah Montana and how she shows the power of Islam to save people from the devastation of the ocean. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of showing mercy and laughter in the situation.
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So are you coming back into labor Carter, welcome back to prison the pious.

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I want you to imagine the situation. And some of you may have actually been in this scenario, and you probably would relate it to the story of unit studies that I'm Jonah.

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But imagine being in a boat or being on a ship, and the waves start to crash, and the wind starts to blow hard, and you think that you're about to drown, you think that you're about to fall out of that ship and fall out of that boat. Some of you may have actually encountered that the ocean is a terrifying thing. And that's a very difficult moment to be in. And it's such a powerful analogy that a las panatela draws from it. And of course, in the story of unicity, slam the story of Jonah, we learn about those moments as well and what it feels like to be in those moments as well. This is a situation that Kamala narrates took place with the great scholar Ibrahim Ibn Rahim Allah Rahim, no,

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Adam was a sage was a scholar was an incredible human being, and who's whose righteousness was really recognized by everyone around him. So he's on the ship. And as he's on the ship,

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you know, the winds become enraged, the waves start to crash against the ship. And everybody on the ship is certain that they're going to die. And Ibrahim, Tom was actually sleeping. So he rose from his sleep as it became severe and the ship started to rock right and left and was about to flip and the people felt like they were all about to die. And they said, Yeah, but it's half Oh, father of his house. his oldest son was named as Hawk. Abraham, Isaac. Yeah. How?

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What can you call upon Allah with now to save us from the situation? And he has one sentence that is just so powerful. He rose, and he and he he raised his hands to the sky. And he said, Yeah, hi, you. Yeah, by you. Oh, ever living Oh, ever sustaining. But our eterna quadratic, you have shown us your power for any now I flick. So show us your pardon. You have shown us your power up at eight and our quadratic for arena Affleck. You've shown us your power. So show us your pardon. The strength of those words, as soon as he made that.

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Everything calmed down, the wind Calm down, the wave stopped hitting them and the ship continued to sell. And in fact, he actually just laid back down and went right back to sleep. That's a connection that the man had with a loss and Hannah Montana. But I don't just want to focus on that. Like, I don't want the moral of this particular lesson to just be that. Brahim Radha Mohan. Allah was pretty amazing. But I want you to think about a time where you're really witnessing the power of Allah subhana wa Tada. And you're seeing just how completely and utterly dependent we are upon him. And realize he didn't say you've shown us your punishment. He said, You've shown us your power. This is

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a manifestation of your power and that's his husband alone. That's as good expectation of Allah subhana wa Tada. So you've shown us your power. So show us your pardon. Okay, show us your pardon and pardon is beyond mercy and forgiveness. It's, it's when we are when we are left alone when we are left safe. So you've shown us your power. So show us your pardon. Oh Allah. The next time you find yourself in a very desperate situation or you might be in that desperation right now, where you find yourself completely dependent upon Allah subhanaw taala call upon the last panel to say Oh Allah, I am a witness to your power, this is your power. Now, I want you to show us your mercy and

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to show us your pardon. And to show us that safety May Allah subhanaw taala always grant us alpha will answer your pardon and and safety May Allah subhana wa tada just as he always shows us His power allow us to witness that power and allow us to witness that mercy in this life on the next as well along I mean, just like last night on See you all next time inshallah. So that won't come off. That's why he will but accounts

This episode discusses a du’a that Ibrahim ibn Adham made upon bearing witness to Allah swt’s power, and how it may help us to frame difficult situations in more positive light.
[ Day 10 Du’a ] أَرَيْتَنَا قُدْرَتَكَ فَأَرِنَا عَفْوَكَ
“You have shown us Your power, so show us Your forgiveness.”
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