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invited you to his palace.

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I want you to close your eyes for a second.

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And picture that in your mind. You have received an invitation

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from a king

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to go and visit him in his palace.

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What's going on in your mind? Now when you receive that invitation?

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How should I be dressed?

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Well, what type of perfume? I'm going to weird?

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Should I be going on time or not?

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And when I am in the presence of the king, how am I going to act?

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When I talk to him?

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Should I look

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at him in the eye?

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Or while I'm talking to him,

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I'm going to be lowering my head or turning my face away from him.

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See, Think about this for a second.

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And then

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think about the King of all kings.

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When he invites you

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to his house five times a day.

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How are you dressed?

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And when you come in your arm is prisons.

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When you talk with him,

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is it lip service?

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Or is it a talk that's coming from your heart?

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Are you connecting with him?

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Are you happy that you are in the presence of the King of all kings?

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Would you like the conversation to end?

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When you go to a king in the dunya?

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And he asks you, what do you want? asked me for something? How much do you trust him? When he gives you the promise?

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Will he be able to give you some money?

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intercede for you at somebody

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gives you a job or a position?

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What about when we are standing in front of the King of all kings?

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And we know that he promised us in the prom

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and sort of

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a 186?

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Me? Oh Mohamed, when my sleeves ask you about me, for me.

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I'm very close. I'm very near to them.

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He didn't say is the gene. But he said to gene.

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He says I answered instantaneously.

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Notice the G which takes time

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and he says power.

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You don't have to make money. Just one.

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And he says

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meaning wherever you are. He wants you.

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He uses elephant law you are known to Allah. Even if it's in the middle of the night in the middle of the desert.

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And no one is there to help you except him. He likes or you call

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an old

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what he requests you to do. He said felonious, stingy, holy Subhana Allah, He answers right away. But when he comes to you, he said, let them take their time

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and answer my call five times when I invite them to my house when they hear a lot.

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what does that mean?

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Which means allows grades

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saying Allahu Akbar, which means God is the greatest. No.

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Allah says Allahu Akbar.

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borrow, that's a competitive degree, meaning God is greater Allah is greater than what? Then anything you are doing now, leave it and come to prove that Allah is greater in your part than anything else that you're doing. But you know what we're doing with this invitation. It's not likely to see that invitation from being in the dunya. Yes, I have to be on time. I have to go because it gives me this Hindu this for me. But when it comes to the coal coming from Allah, the invitation coming from Allah, what do we do? We still have time.

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Many a three, four hours tindora rasa? Why should you rush?

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What do you come? How are you dressed? Whatever, man.

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That's what I have for now. But when you go to the king in the dunya, Mashallah nicely dressed,

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you smell nicely. But when you come to the house of Allah son a big deal.

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When you stand in front of the king, he can never be distracted.

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You're looking at him in the eye. And you're focusing so much.

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You're giving your full attention,

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for sure.

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But then we were standing in front of Allah, we keep looking at the watch, scratching our face. Thinking about like, you know, this is exciting. 567 is That's too much. We have worked outside.

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But when you're standing in front of a king in the dunya, let him take his time.

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If you feel itchy here, you want to raise your hand to stretch your face. You know, it's not be fitting to do this in front of a kink. But in front of the King of kings, we do everything. Why? Because the heart is not there. We're standing with a buddy. Listen, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, in Allah Allah.

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Allah so oricom Why is it from Allah, Allah has a look

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into your looks. How handsome how good looking you up? Aren't your bodies, how muscular you are. And that's the main concern people. When you leave your house, you stand in front of the mirror. Why? You want to make sure that your face looks good. Your hair looks good.

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You're just the looks good. This is what the people will be looking at.

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What am I assuming watch the watch on Ileana nwachukwu NASA.

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This is called face because that's what we face people with. We want it to look good.

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But we forget a lot doesn't look into that. When I

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a lot looks into your hearts and your deeds.

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So do make sure before you say a lot

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to start your salon.

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That I was going to look into your heart. What's in your heart, love,

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tolerance, forgiveness,

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giving without expecting

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or what's in your heart, grudge, hatred, slandering, backbiting, jealousy.

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And that's the reason when we say Allahu Akbar it was thought if this is I was looking into has so many diseases, I'm not talking about cardiology.

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Then what happens? This heart will never connect with Allah and Salah is nothing

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but connecting with Allah.

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This is why Allah subhanho wa Taala says

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in Surah tillbaka i a 45 and 46 was

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always so good he was solid.

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If you need help, seek help through two main things a sub patience

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was Salaam.

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Salaam connecting with Allah maintaining that divine link with a Lost Planet Allah.

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Then Allah said why one in

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very heavy. Some people surprised low when they start salon

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They feel like they want to finish the law. Their main concern is like I want to finish the law.

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Is that how you feel towards a loss?

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You don't want to enjoy talking with him.

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Look at the analogy I gave you the beginning. Who is the king the madonia? compared to all to toe to the King of all kings, who is he? Nothing.

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But do you feel the greatness of a lot? When you say a law? What

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do you feel it while you're saying Allah and you may with in your salon, you wouldn't like your salon to finish.

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And this is why

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I always say thanks to that bit when

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that man who used to live in the desert who came to the masjid according to the Hadith, narrated in Bukhari and Muslim by

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the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam while he was sitting with the Sahaba, one of those nomads veterans, walked into the messiness of the salaam aleikum.

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And the man started praying very quickly,

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the Express way that most of us do in our salon

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and then the process alum.

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When he came to join them, the person said, it helped facilitate in a column to solid, go back and try because he's not praying.

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And the man repeated this three times, he will pretty quickly come back and

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we'll give him the same answer. Go and pray because he did not pray.

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Even though Mashallah he did the movements that we do.

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In the first five, he said, Allahu Allah, so Allah, La way, Susquehanna. I can't you know, I don't know any better. That's what I know.

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Then the Brazilian started teaching him.

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He said that a Salah when you come to pray,

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stand up straight, and start with tech bill, but you have to mean tech.

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You have to feel it when you save.

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And then

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my tears are on your side.

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And some verses from the Quran? And of course, you're not just reciting reading, you're reflecting. When you say yes or no, Do you mean it?

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Are you

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a slave wouldn't leave his spot, without giving it without getting instructions from his master? This is why right after

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that contract that you signed with Allah 17 times every day, only in the form. What do you say after that? If you mean it, and you're a slave, and is the master yet?

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I'm a slave and you're the master? Then what does the master wait from? So what does the slave awaits from his master? instructions? guidance, what to do? What not to do when you ask for it

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mastered? Show me the path at the end of which

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there is the safe destination called gentlemen, guide me to that. And then he guides you. But do you do it? Do you enjoy Salah. So I'm told that man, and they said America had mine naraka make Rocco until you are having too much Nina. And the scholars have said that to me, Nina, that peace, that serenity that you feel is at least when you go with your back straight like this, they say the back of the process. And if you were to put a bottle of water or milk, it wouldn't shake or wouldn't move. So his back was three, not like some of us will do this and go up very quickly. So then at least you say one time. So what

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is the meaning it?

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Is any king in this dunya if any tyrant

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if any dictator in this dunya tells you make the record for me, would you do it? The answer is no. We do record only to Allah.

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So can you imagine we do record that you are bowing and you're lowering that head in submission to allow them the most glorified? Do you feel it? Or is it just a mechanical movement? This is the only way you can connect with Allah. What do you mean every move in your Salah and that's the meaning of

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the name

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said the mother in law,

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then stand up straight until each bone goes back to its place and you're straight like me like that.

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And then you said the same thing you must do. Hot does have Marina sajida make sure that when he makes a June you make Sassoon with seven organs Otherwise, your Salah is invalid. First one is your forehead and your nose. If your nose is not touching the ground, utilize invalid some people only put their forehead, no your forehead and your nose should be touching the dust. To remind yourself, whatever money you have, whatever position that you have, you came from dust and you will go back to dust because the message of the processor doesn't have carpets like that what you have now, it was sand, it was dust. Earlier the law needs to say we'll be praying and it will rain and they will

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finish Salah will have mud all over our body, our face, our hands, our knees, and our feet. These are the several organs that should be making.

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The minimum requirement of that to Marina is to say super

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far from imperfection is my job, my master the Most High. What about me, I'm the lowest of the low because I'm putting the most honorable part of my body, my forehead and my nose interest only for him. Do you feel that when you're in your session or it's just a mechanical movement?

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And then he said Thoma

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when you sit up between the two sessions, again, every bone should go back to its spot. But Laurie I see people the way they're praying is exactly as the professor mentioned, you know when you see a crowd, just like we know with its tip just walking into the blood and going fast or decent cannot cannot fatigue. When you see a roaster you know just like you know, hitting the ground quickly with it's quick.

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And this was the prop Selim said there is another line and Mr.

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Salim said

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I saw necessary for a lady yesterday woman Salatin, he says the worst type of a thief is somebody who steals out of his salon.

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A woman salatu salam ala, this is how prophet of Allah could a person stealing from us Allah.

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Allah, Allah de la, la, or la de la. Rocha was Judah.

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He said he's the one who does not perfect his rapport and his salute. Meaning he just goes like this quickly. And then he goes up totally, and then he comes down quickly, without even standing up straight like this. And then when he goes to sujood, he comes back and sits up completely up straight. When each bone goes back to its place in his back before he makes the tech sector. And then I've often said to Muslim, if you say Salah, and didn't do the rest, you know, do the same in the rest of your Salah.

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That's how Salah should be. We are communicating with Allah. And we're trying to connect with Allah. And we're not connecting with our tongue. We're connecting with our heart. I'll conclude this first.

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by something very beautiful. You know, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that Allah subhana wa Taala looks at you and your Salah

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as long as your heart and mind is present.

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Allah Allahu la

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phaedon salam Stoneleigh in sort of a loved one. Once your heart and mind this distracted a lot doesn't look at you and Salah anymore. And if Allah looks at you, He will never torture you. May Allah make us amongst those. I mean

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wa Salatu was Salam and Allah evadne Lena Stouffer

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why shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa la sharika

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why shadow Anna Mohammedan Abu Sulu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and my bad better Villa?

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OC C'mon FCB taco Lucha

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brothers and sisters

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When was the last time in your salon

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that you wished the amount with doctrines that salon?

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When was the last time when you were praying night prayers alone at home

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and your Salah went on and on. And you were crying? Because you were reflecting on the ad that you're reciting Tell me when

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yet when was the last time you're listening to the lyrics of a song and it brought tears to your eyes. When was the last time that you watching a series or a movie? And then it brought tears to your eyes. What happened to our hearts?

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Sometimes nonsense bring tears to our eyes. But the words of Allah subhana wa Taala stopped moving our hearts there must be something wrong.

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We need to go back

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and study inshallah, in the next Juma I'm going to talk about the Salah of the prophets of the lion and send them

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How did he used to interact in his salon with a lot?

00:21:54--> 00:21:58

I'm going to see examples of his salon de la jolla salon

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but I want to in the second hop of the question

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most of us have read the Quran

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and many of us do happen and Ramadan Mashallah.

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I just want to challenge you with one question. I dare you to bring me one ayah and the Quran that Allah Subhana Allah said, was all

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over at the Salah, or one more Idina Salah

00:22:30--> 00:22:36

can never find an eye and apparently Allah said, Do salon or performance salon

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or describing the people who do salon just single muscle Li

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there is always a verb or a qualifier, a quality that describes a muscle lean, which is akiles Allah, what is Salah? What is it? Okay, Nina salon is a big difference between performing something, doing something because it's an obligation, you have to do it.

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And there is something that you do out of love. And you want to establish it with Sure. And with focus, and with reflecting on everything that you say. Look at the very beginning of the Quran, in Surat Al Baqarah.

00:23:31--> 00:23:34

first ayah is introduction to the

00:23:36--> 00:23:37

next four is

00:23:39--> 00:23:42

they describe the first type of people.

00:23:44--> 00:23:48

Number six and seven. It describes the second type of people.

00:23:49--> 00:23:56

I add from eight to 20. They describe the third type of people. So you and I is one of three.

00:23:58--> 00:24:07

The first time Allah said at the end of it number one Alif Lam Meem verticale kita Bulava v honan.

00:24:10--> 00:24:12

That's the first time we have one make us all amongst them.

00:24:13--> 00:24:53

And then he describes who are takim This is how we should read the Quran. When Allah says about the Muslim in, he will tell you why. Why they will be successful. Read what's next and apply it in your life. So Allah mentioned tacchini said the first thing I levena you mean Oh, boy, see, they believe in the unseen. Have you seen a lot? No. But you believe in Him? Have you seen him? far? No, but you're working for that. Have you seen agents writing down everything? No. But you weren't aware of that. Have you seen the child thing? No, but you're working hard. Stay away from them.

00:24:54--> 00:24:59

Have you seen the day of judgment? No. Have you seen what's going to happen in the grave? No, but you believe in all

00:25:00--> 00:25:02

unseen and that's how we shake your life.

00:25:03--> 00:25:18

Next while you play Muna Sala most important thing, the pillar of this team, I didn't say they perform salon they start the salon meaning you have the proper will do for salon.

00:25:19--> 00:25:36

I'm going to talk about this inshallah, next time, the widow and the seller of the prophets of Allah, Allah just to change your life and makes a lot something meaningful that you do out of love. So you are really amongst those who do you came Salah, not you at the Salah.

00:25:39--> 00:25:41

And many times in the Quran you'll find this

00:25:43--> 00:25:54

Allah subhana wa Taala talks specially about those who do Salah was for sure as we mentioned in the last book, but insert number 23 I wanted to have a

00:25:57--> 00:26:03

successful will be the believers who are they? And levena Humphrey salata him hi Sharon.

00:26:04--> 00:26:24

Why did the law say hi Sharon and he didn't say yaksha own there's a big difference. We're going to share this inshallah, in the next by next week. May Allah subhana wa Taala make us amongst those who listen to the speech and follow the midst of it along Medina and Minister Moana to build a center

00:26:25--> 00:26:30

for center data data now what how the number 11 what are you going

00:26:31--> 00:26:32

What am I

00:26:33--> 00:26:34

What am I eating?

00:26:35--> 00:26:36

What are they?

00:26:41--> 00:26:50

What are hydrated Yella cara de la la. La Habra. medica Morocco me alone. makuleke Sudan Allahu

00:26:52--> 00:27:13

Allahu makuleke Kashmir alone Papoulias one and a half equally McEleney Allah, Allah mean, a lot more humba mustafi akula homeopath alameen wa Malaika top our compound, Allah majali hiraoka la mina mina dounia

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la la