Hasan Ali – Power of the Kalimah

Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of the soul and spiritual heart in creating something, keeping the body alive, and connecting with the spiritual body. They emphasize the importance of remaining in Islam, as it is the only way to stop sinning, and the use of the "has" meaning in the title of Islam. They also emphasize the need for children to learn the topic of Islam and not to be advised on what to do in school, and advise against asking questions about religion and not building strong faith to build one's image.
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hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Nabina Muhammad Ali he was happy at nine

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how old him initially for the war the

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Iraq war he Lavina Commonwealth of Nepal Nobu with

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killer heats up my

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to call at Isla

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la Hezekiah

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case hero, assembly a homophone bottom of the sort of law nauseam, they restrict your brothers and sisters deceiving us in our corner of law who Ricardo

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when we engage with our minds,

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to create something with the human can become very creative.

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So when you plan when you try and create something, whatever it is,

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the human proceeds,

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starts creating ideas. When we use our hands, with those hands, we're able to make something we're able to do something. When you use your feet and your legs to run, we're able to move certain distances in short amount of time.

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Short spaces of time. When you use different parts of your body, are able to use you're able to get and achieve different things.

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When we use our heart, when I say heart, I mean our spiritual heart.

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When you use your spiritual heart, to find Allah azza wa jal, then you can move from the earth to the heavens. You can connect up with Allah azza wa jal, as in the heart is something Allah has created for the Dhikr of Allah. Allah has set the whole body from top to bottom, there is no way that that body will find any true inner peace, except through the remembrance of Allah. Allah basically lie he took my inner Hello, only through the remembrance of Allah, will those hearts be completely tranquil?

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The mind that we have the inside and all our thoughts and everything we've got running behind these eyes and behind our skull. And behind this chest, Allah azza wa jal has kept a very, very specific machine in there. That is our soul, our spiritual heart.

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And what we can do is if we you if we know how to connect up in the right way, we function the best this is this is the diesel, or the petrol of the body.

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This is the main electricity that runs through the body, to make it alive, and to make it well and put it into a good state of being, which is when my heart connects up, my mind connects you with Allah azza wa jal.

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When we sit down, alone, you're standing on one when we are lying, lying down. In any of these states, when we have a heart connection to Allah azza wa jal, we are keeping the entire body alive. The body, the soul, the whole thing is a lie. That's why Rasulullah sallallahu once told us in Hadith of Bokhari methodology, yet guru Allah, the example of the one who remembers Allah will lay the lay of Kerala and the exam example of the one who doesn't remember Allah come on selling high, you will my yet is like the example of the living and the dead. The one who remembers Allah is the One who is living the one who doesn't remember Allah is the light like the one who's dead. We see

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people alive on the earth, they are walking, but some of these people who are walking on the earth are alive, to the people in the heavens, they are dead, they are dead. And we need to understand that for us to become alive truly, is to for us to engage in the Dhikr of Allah azza wa jal What is it they could do? The record is when my mind connects up with Allah azza wa jal, whether my tongue moves or not moves, my mind is the main thing that has to connect with with Allah, as in Allah

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is watching me Allah is Seeing me. Allah is listening to me. And I may engage in certain words of saying Subhan Allah Singh and hamdulillah sing La ilaha illa saying Allahu Akbar. So in a Sufi hula, whatever words I might say, I may say, in connection with Allah azza wa jal, my mind is connected to Allah. This is the electrifying part that brings me alive. It puts me into real connection with the one who gave me life and more he, the one who can make me die, I'll meet, that is Allah azza wa jal, he has the power he gave me he gave me every energy that I've got inside me. I got from Allah, every energy that you have inside you, you got from Allah. Without Allah there is no energy Allah Who

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knows who somehow it will. Allah is the giver of life, the heavens and the earth. Allah is the one that is more he was a high volume, the one that is not only ever living and ever sustaining the one who gave everything life and the one who sustains everything. So for me to then connect up with my Creator, the one who gave me life is like a piece of building that is connecting up with solar power getting all of this energy inside. When we are in the Dhikr of Allah azza wa jal, we are making huge transformations inside. We are gaining the new moon and the light. According to Hadith, Muslim angels are throwing white dots onto the heart because you're doing a good deed any good deeds you

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do, that are white spots that are thrown onto the heart any bad did you do that or black spots thrown onto the heart, those white spots on to the spiritual heart, make the heart something that is more likely towards listening to Allah, obeying Allah coming closer to Allah, listen to the Messenger of Allah, Allah is wanting to become obedient. Those black spots are those that make our heart heart, our heart, they make it hard. They make it something like you know, it starts to freeze. It doesn't really want to obey it doesn't want to listen, it wants to, you know, it starts to stumble, it doesn't, it starts to get harder and harder. And there's disobedience that becomes

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something which is dominant in the heart in the mind. That is when a person sins. Allah has put a system where when a person sins, but our black dots are placed onto the heart until the whole of the heart goes dark black and become very hard Allah said some opposite Kulu boom, the hearts became very hard regarding certain people who became distant to Allah azza wa jal and then you don't want to listen didn't want to be Allah azza wa jal now, the opposite happens when I connect up with my Allah.

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white dots are placed on to the heart I become more vibrant I become lively I become connected to Allah my obedience level goes up I automatically start to feel the effects of Quran and Hadith on me. When I hear a certain Hadith it moves me when I hear an ayah it brings me to tears Allah has said that Imana it even increases the Imam this is all effects of the mind connecting up with Allah azza wa jal. This is the crolla what is the hula? Hula if you think in so far, it's only the sphere it's only the moments we do disappear on our fingers. No, that is only part of the part of the cola. The COLA is in a very bad every worship that we've got. When we stand in Salah from Allah Azza wa

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salovaara Curatola there is only the diploma only only the rooms of Allah. And what I'm supposed to do in my salah is I'm supposed to just think of Allah. That is the main purpose of Salah that I am in the Dhikr of Allah, Allah sarawakian, Salah Televic de established prayers for my remembrance, in fact, Allah said the thing that will stop me from sinning, the kind of Salah that's going to make me stop sinning is insalata tan ha and fascia you will mooncup in Sudha 29 and number 45 Allah says which kind is going to make me stop sinning Allah says well as the cupola he Akbar, the vicar of Allah. The remembrance of Allah in Salah is the most greatest thing that will allow me to stop

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sinning outside of Salah decrees in every door I make without the vicar without connecting with Allah. Allah doesn't even accept my dua. Allah will not accept the dua for a miracle being evolved from a heart that is absent minded. vicar is in my Quran Tila when I'm when I'm reciting the Quran, it is all because

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every other if you come across, you will find that Allah azza wa jal is moving us back to his remembrance. He ends the eye by saying Allahu Allah cliche in kadhi. And Allah has power over everything. He ends the verse by saying Allah who will be coalition in early and Allah knows of every single thing. He ends the idea of telling us all

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Allahu semi or embassy and Allah He is everything and Allah sees everything. Wherever you look in the Quran you will find a connection with Allah that is the vicar of Allah. So in Quran in dua, in Salah in every every time we are actually making some remembrance of Allah, it is known as the zikr of Allah, from these as from these zikr the most supreme OF ALL OF GOD Rasulullah sallallahu Artesanos Tollers. Hadith Timothy, after the victory lap in, in la ma, the best form of zikr is La ilaha illa. Why is it known as the best form of liquor? It is because that liquor puts everything right, that there is nothing that has been the first of all La Ilaha there is no deity except for

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Allah. La ilaha illa Allah, there is no one who is a god except for Allah. What does that mean? God, the definition of God is the one who has no limits in any way to do anything. And to be who is who is necessarily there, and who has no limits to what he wants to do. Finally, my God, who is ultimately infinity in every single way, when it comes to power, there is no limit to his power. When it comes to Mercy. There's no limit to His Mercy. When it comes to knowledge, there is no knowledge, there is no limit to his knowledge. When it comes to anything that he wants to do, there is absolutely no limit to what he can do. And that is the definition of God. There is no God. Like

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there is no God except for Allah we know that there is nothing that has got any power besides Allah except he got it through Allah azza wa jal, there is nothing that has got any knowledge, except for Allah gave it that knowledge. Allah azza wa jal has told us where I am now I am the one that I teach. I give knowledge Allah gives power Allah gives knowledge, Allah gives a person the agility of a creature, that agility to move. So when you say La ilaha illallah we are saying, there is no God but Allah was saying, there is no power in any sense, except from Allah. La ilaha illallah is a manifestation of La hawla wala Quwata illa biLlah there is no way I can stay away from any sin no

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way I can do any good deed except through Allah. La ilaha illa. Allah is a manifestation of reality. Nothing has got its true existence except for Allah.

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None of us have got an existence, true existence of our own kind, except for Allah. All of us are dependent on Allah. Nothing is independent from Allah.

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La Rania Illa Allah Allah says, Yeah, you are not so uncommon for Quran, Allah, Allahu Allah. Allah Hamid. Allah says, oh people you are all in need and in and dependent on Allah. You're all in complete need of Allah Allahu Rani Yun. And Allah is independent and Allah is most praised without needing your praise. He's already Hamid, he's already praised. Salida and Allah sets the record straight of reality. Anything I look around me, I don't see anyone who's got any power, any power, except it came from Allah azza wa jal. And if Allah wants to take that power away, he can take it any moment he wants. If Allah wants to restore power, he restores it. If Allah wants to increase

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power, he can do it. If Allah wants to decrease it, he can do it. That's why when we know through we know Allah azza wa jal through Allah Allah is Allah Morris. He is the one that gives honor and dignity he is almost in good basis and puts people down. We understand Allah says Allah, Allah says Allah Houma, Malakal monk, we've turned to Allah and say Malik al Mulk, one who is in control 100%, who owns the entire dominion, entire ownership of anyone who owns everything, no one can own anything except that ALLAH gave it to them and Allah will take it from them. Till Monica, man Tasha, you give part of Your Dominion to whoever you want, but Thanks y'all Milka me mentor Shah, and you

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will take it away from whoever you give, eventually you will take it away whether it's in this well whatever list that they're still alive or whether they've died but you 10 Zero you can actually seize it and * it away and take it away from someone. Tourism and Russia you dignify who you want to deal with them and share you throw down and you base whoever you want to did you lay left in the hub, you're the one that makes the night night turn into the day and the day turn into the night that they're interlinked with one another get they have the distinct features get they're interconnected with one another. So critical high em in and make it you can take a dead thing out of

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a live thing.

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But origin may you terminal Hey, you can take a live thing, a dead thing out of a live thing a live thing that of a death in this is your power Nikka Allah condition you are one that has power over everything. This is La ilaha illa manifestation of that which is your empower your total power you do what you like. If you want to you can extend the night at any moment, you can do that without writing God Allah Who Aleykum will lay that settlement and Isla uma piano. Allah says How about if I was to make the night continue? What will you do about it? Mine yet to come? Biglia Who's Who is the one that's going to give you any light will allow you to enjoy Allah Allahu Allah Hakuna horas

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Ramadan Eli, how about suppose I was to make the day they like continue forever. And never never cast in the shadow upon your night that comes above you know, over you. What will you do? Minute t can be late in the school Nephi who's going to bring this night in which you you have rest and you find peace, who's going to do that? We recognize that Allah has full power. Allah says, pull around a tomb have a dream. Do you see ma under the water that you that you drink? Koran if Allah wanted to, he could make it something salty. He could change it. Allah says if you wanted to, he can make the water salt if you want to. He has the power of everything. So everything around us we recognize

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that all power comes from Allah, everything came from him, everything goes back to him, he is in full charge, and he is in full as a fully in charge. And he does as he wishes. Now of course, humans have been given free will, but that free will has been given temporarily and our free will will be taken by Allah azza wa jal at any moment Allah wants to your health is not guaranteed. Your Free Will today with your health to roam around any moment Allah wants straightaway Allah can do something to the heart, to the lungs, to the spine, to the legs, to the blood flow to the brain, to the cells in any moment allowance. He can just stop you in your tracks. Unlock and stop me in my

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tracks. May Allah azza wa jal give us the benefit and give us the baraka of good health say I mean, so the thing is, we understand that yes, we've got free will, but our free will is limited. And our free will comes from Allah azza wa jal at any moment Allah has we ever can stop me, the free will to think Allah can take that away. Allah can put a person in, in a hospital,

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they are in that hospital, in a coma. They're not even thinking right now that free will to think can be taken away any moment Allah has given him the free will that you've got of moving your arms, your legs, your feet and going to where you want, Allah can move it anytime you want. And we recognize in the most supreme decree of Allah, La ilaha illAllah. When we say that word Allah, all power, all might, every form of unlimited infinit power that Allah has the Infinity Allah has, it is in that inner La Ilaha there is no one that has in law Allah except for Allah Zoda La Ilaha illa Allah puts me in a stage where all once I know all of this, I know that no human can help me.

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No human can benefit me. No one except if Allah wills the hadith of Timothy very clear once Rasulullah sallallahu Iseman spoke to Abdullah bin ambas for the Allah Hanna on a conveyance and he told him, Dr. Ghulam, oh, young one, I'm going to teach you in me or I live mukha kalimat. I'm going to teach you certain words. And he told him know that if the whole world came together, to benefit you, everyone in the whole world comes together to give you some but this is not one community. This is not one group of people. We're talking about the entire Western Australia, entire Australia all on your side, they all come to benefit you the whole of the continents of the world of every person

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wants to now do something good to you. But Allah does not want that good to happen to you, and you can make it happen. And Allah's messenger says the opposite of the whole world was to come and be against you. Imagine this whole community is against you. This is the person of Lightline Allah what He says, if so, and so is against me so and so is against me, but I'm with Allah, and the entire parts of Australia and parts of the world. Or maybe the whole world as the ruthless Allah horseman says they want to harm me.

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And Allah decides that I'm not going to allow anyone to harm them. Nothing, nothing at all is going to come my way and that is our face.

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A La ilaha illallah which is he is the one and only in power. So when we now go to do the zikr of la ilaha illa Allah, all the vicar of the entire whatever we've got in the Sunnah of vicar. It all comes in light, light Allah. Because when we see that there is no praise. No one should be praised except for Allah. Because no one deserves to have any praise, true praise. Of course, we praise people on the earth, that's fine, Muslim, assuredness Lama scrilla whoever doesn't really praise people doesn't really praise Allah that's there, on the surface level. But on a deep level, we know that the real Praise belongs to one and only Allah azza wa jal, and therefore Alhamdulillah comes in

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light and Allah, when we see that Allah is most splendid in his in his being. We know that he's so splendid in what he does. Then the whole of Subhan Allah comes in La Ilaha illa Allah, when we see Allah is the Greatest in every aspect, the whole of Allahu Akbar comes in line Allah. That's why we say that line Allah is the most supreme zikr and Allah azza wa jal has given us the Zika such as Zika, the one and only Zika you will find that you can do by saying it without even having to move your lips.

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If you close your lips, you seal the lips and you say Hola Hola. Hola. Hola. In your mouth, you can have Lila heilala just with the tongue moving. And you've just done the Dhikr of Allah without anyone knowing that you've done it and that's why it's also of God, because it will also the best because it has the maximum sincerity. You can do the Zika without anyone knowing that you're doing that decal, La ilaha illa Allah is most supreme why? Because Allah azza wa jal in a hadith Timothy says when a seven says La ilaha illa Anta there is no other day T or one row has any form of power, anything or anything they have of their own kind of power or quality except through you Allah.

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You're the only one and only that gives every form of whatever energy and power and any kind of existence anyone's got. Allah says what Allah says La ilaha illa Ana, Allah says there is no there is no one that is a God, except for me. There is no one that has all those qualities and so on except for me, you say La ilaha illa. Anta Allah says La Ilaha illa Allah, Allah loves it when, when he's when his servants, genes and human beings do zikr why? Because Allah has already got

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the heavens and the earth that are praising Him. Without without any without without any pause or stop. Allah says to serve your Allah who said, Santa Rosa will be one on fee when the whole of the seven heavens of the earth and whatever is in between them. They're praising Allah, they glorify Allah azza wa jal, the only one Allah gave a free will to do their vehicle and to OBEY Him and to try to have the free will to want to do that. Or the genes and the other human beings. And when we, when we do the vicar of Allah, Allah azza wa jal appreciates it more. Why? Because the angels, the trees, the whole of the existence of the heavens and the earth, all of them are praising Allah, that

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word, Allah is Allah made them do it. They have to do because Allah made it in a system to do it. They're always glorifying Allah. Whereas human beings and genes we have a free will. When we want to connect with Allah, we do it. When we do we have the free will. We went against our free will of disobedience. We went against the free will of wanting to remember anything else. Yet we wanted to prioritize the remembrance of Allah over that that's where Allah loves it more. And we say La Ilaha illa Allah we have to understand is the beginning of our faith is the first thing that brings us in our faith. And Lila and Allah is the last thing that should be on our tongues before we leave this

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earth. It's the beginning. It's our end, when we get to the next world, La ilaha illa Allah shows us a new meaning. What is that? It shows us that nothing really mattered to us sexual for Allah. On the day that no my mother is going to run away from me. My father will run away from me. The Quran says that you may fail to remember when he will only he will be brother will run away Sahiba he will burn in your own wife and your children will run away. So did they really matter? No. Who is the one that I can't run away from On This Day of Judgment. Allah says Allah manager Amin, Allah He in that lay, there is no other way of you running away anywhere, anywhere, except that you come to him. And we

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realize that everyone is in absolute awe of Allah

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because of what they've done and any rescue you have, any way of any rescue mission you have on this day is through Allah. And the only one that matters on this day is Allah and that is a new way of looking at Lila and Allah because nothing really mattered. All the things that had possessions on this earth, they were only a means to an end. And I'll find out on the day just mean all those things perished. My man is perished. The gold perished, my silver perish. But the Sahel remained the agile and the reward of South Africa went to the Accra and that's in form of Hassan ad. And that is the only thing that will probably if I now bargain myself out with a lot of good has hundreds of

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good deeds, all the things that all the good deeds that I did on the earth. If I bargain that with Allah then in Allah hash that I'm Ian Molina and murder whom we another Jana, I can gain my Jana I can gain Allah azza wa jal through the exchange of giving these things to Allah and not getting something in return. That is a new way of looking like that Allah when we go to Jana.

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When we go to Jana Rasul Allah, so Allah has told us, every person in Jannah is going to breathe in and breathe out the crab Allah.

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The one and only thing that really matters for us in Jannah is going to be Allah. Because when we're in JAM man, we've been given every single gift on this earth.

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Of what we would have wished on the on in Janissary. Every single gift we would have ever wished. In gym, we've been given that.

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And then Allah azza wa jal says, Are you pleased, oh, pupil of Jana, and the people of Ghana say? Yes, of course we are pleased. How will we not be pleased when you when you have whitened our faces when you're brightened our faces? When you have saved us from the fire? Allah says today give me something more. And they say What can be more? Allah says, oh, hallo La Cumbre Dhwani. First, Allah says, I'm going to now announce to you that I have given you my permanent happiness and my pleasure is with you. I'm never going to be upset with you again.

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And people are so happy in Ghana. Then another time Allah asks, How long are you pleased? And we will say appeal of gender? I will say yes, of course we please. Why would it be pleased? We pleased Allah says, Allah that wants to give us something more was more than that. More than that is the route of Allah is to see Allah azza wa jal, and Allah will tell His angels to remove the veils that he has between us and between him.

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And Allah azza wa jal puts everyone on cushions, reclining in different positions in different parts of Jama and everyone, some set, some are in the air. Some are some are different, different places. Allah arranges it like a whole theater, where everyone's going to be in a different position to see Allah. When Allah tells the angels to remove the veil between him and his servants, and the servants see Allah they forget the entire Jana. They forget the rivers. They forget the beauty of Jana they forget everything that ever received in China, they forget the women of Jana. The fact that the whole reign of Jana they forget the golden silver and the diamonds rubies agenda. We forget the

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faces of Gemini we forget the people of Ghana. We forget the beauty of Jana because we've seen Allah the the because Allah Allah He has no he has no limit to his beauty, just as who he is, there is no limit to anything he has. And when we see that, that is in in Allah something that is not there's no there's no beauty without Allah there is no there is no real existence without Allah. There is no one who can become anything on this earth without Allah azza wa jal and that is the power of light light Allah so however much you can turn on our let's turn on our minds in our Salah in our dua in our sphere, in our in our tilava in our Quran recitation, in our iba, that in our forms of worship,

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and think of Allah azza wa jal because when we do that, we connected with Allah, we electrify ourselves, make ourselves come alive. We remove our sins from from inside us, we replace it with new light, we become obedient, we get connected to Allah, we find our energy connecting to Allah. And most of all, we start seeing the world in different way. And we start seeing the Power of Allah in every single thing in everything single thing around us. And we become those people who then connected with Allah, and we find him in our hearts in this world. We find him in the Accra, we get to see him and Allah azza wa jal give that to those who have connected up to him connected to him

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and try their best to make them make make an effort to remember him as much as they can. Allah says yeah, you handle ADINA, I'm an O you who believe all karula Remember Allah

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The Quran Kassir. I remember that is abundant, a sub Bihu and glorify Him book Ratangarh sila morning and evening. Allah tells us to constantly be in his remembrance we are lucky to still fit that Mohammed Rashid dharana and then hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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so two or three questions inshallah if anyone has any we can take those questions and then we will end inshallah

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I was supposed to be there on Friday Mr. Ghosh, madam and Mr. Football it was called I hadn't

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and it was a must

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for the for the

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now, someone must have been there he was there was

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sorry, you tell him electronic content electron Shama.

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we're gonna get going, I'm gonna not be able to repeat the whole thing right now, but we'll leave it at that inshallah. And they will anyone else with the with the question.

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We were wondering if you emphasize the little bit of importance of going to a mock top sending their kids to a mock up, and also adult,

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and children equally, how important is to go to a doctor to learn the theme of Islam, if you're finally

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coming to a place of learning, not a Mother Son, for example, important because the foundation everything that we will ever learn and get to know what to do. Without that you don't know what to do in a religion, you don't actually know what to do.

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You can see people out there praying and you're copying them. You're following them, you're copying them. But that is not really our form of knowledge. Real, real impetus insight is something that drives us forward is my own knowledge. And that's where we come to the market. And most importantly, please, your children, don't miss out on sending your children to this place, place of learning. Because when children go through, you know, beyond a certain age, you can't do anything to to control them to make learn. It's only at a young age, you have to instill it at that young age, when the young are so cute. And the like so innocent, and this kid is no no, this kid is always gonna

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listen to me. No, he's not. No, he's not. He's going to mutate to something else. You know, the kids, when they get to 12 1314, they become something else. They get their own mind, they get their own, you know, own way of thinking, for the future. And it's, you're no longer you're no longer person who they think they should listen to. But if those important information coming from Allah and His Messenger, if they are instilled in the young person at a young age, it gives them that drive to listen to you because of Allah, because of the messenger, because of the era. They're not listened to you because you know, you're just a source. No, they will, they will, they will listen

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to you because of their connection with Allah, their connection with Rasulullah sallallahu and that's a very important part because every behavior that we've got every educator we've got everything that gives us you know, the thing that what makes us a Muslim countries about education, and that education is not there without the connection to the Quran and the Sunnah. So do send them yeah and yourself as adults come and learn from from what the centers have these modalities and the centers of learning have sent the golden don't just leave it to you learning the learning your religion from other sources you cannot learn Islam from the from from the internet, you can't

00:34:01 --> 00:34:14

you cannot learn from it from the internet. Why? Because first is you don't know what's genuine on the internet. Even if you go to a genuine place on the internet, you're only getting one thing you're only getting information but you're not getting human

00:34:16 --> 00:34:55

you're not getting human change human change happens with another human in front of you in real time. So allah sallallahu sallam was sent he says boys to Malema I was sent as a teacher so the teaching you might get you may get online but also loss Allah has also said Boris to Tammy Rama macadam Allah come up I have been sent as one who is who's that to perfect human character. That part you won't get you won't get the market information but you won't be able to mold yourself. The molding of oneself according to Dean happens face to face in real time in front of one another in front of a teacher when a real teacher so take benefits of this inshallah any other questions

00:34:58 --> 00:34:59

the importance of

00:35:00 --> 00:35:08

I really wanted to give you the heart so, you can give some practical tips as to how in our daily practice to give that a sense of

00:35:10 --> 00:35:10


00:35:16 --> 00:35:18

or contemplation or sitting

00:35:19 --> 00:35:56

in polls start, how do we do that? There is there are multiple ways of getting that into that and ultimately it takes it takes some time. A person needs to have the right knowledge, the right belief, you do an Akita course so you go, you know, do a course where they teach you about the beliefs about Allah azza wa jal because you couldn't go you could be an error in the way you're thinking about Allah. So Allah said to us all about me thinking Allah is watching me, Allah hears me, Allah knows me, that's the, that's the way to do. But you have to do a proper course to know what things to think about what thing not to think about how to you know, have the right beliefs,

00:35:56 --> 00:36:31

but also with my bother with my worship, I need to try and make an exerted effort to put my mind into the right place with the devotion I need. The more you do that over time, the easier it becomes. Also with my practice of iStan following the Sunnah of the Prophet of Allah, Allah tell him in every aspect how I can it grows you closer and closer to Allah. And that Lila and Allah automatically massive manifests automatically settles in your heart for that to settle in the heart when I say settled in the heart, of course, we're all believers. But for it to become very deep conviction in our hearts. It takes a person to

00:36:32 --> 00:37:15

to engage with the Amal and the practices of the deen. And the more you do it, the more you become, you know, the more automatically you feel the the, the fluidity of Allah Allah Allah you feel the presence of the feel the effects of if you feel that your heart gets softer, you feel that it is easier for you to stay away from sin. Because now you've gained Taqwa. Now you've gained, you know, the ability to stay away from sins. And that becomes then again, another step towards getting closer to the requirements of Allah. And the person can go can carry on, there are many Daraja there are many different levels. The lowest level is that a person you know knows that Allah azza wa jal is

00:37:15 --> 00:37:23

watching him seeing him hearing him and you know, he might be touch and go, but that's the lowest level, the highest level is a person

00:37:25 --> 00:37:53

does not see anything around him or anyone around him, that has got anything at all of the real power of their own kind, except Allah gave it to them and Allah is in charge of it. And Allah can, Allah sustains it, and Allah can take it away at any moment he wants. But that happens at a higher level, but the person needs to carry on engaging the mind having the right beliefs, doing the right practice, and you do overtime. And then you know, the question on the back, so yes.

00:37:56 --> 00:38:07

personal question, from a theory perspective and master educational psychology? Was it complimenting you with your articles? Or what was that condition?

00:38:09 --> 00:38:10


00:38:12 --> 00:38:19

Actually, it's going through the psychology process these days, they want you to know what to be able to

00:38:20 --> 00:38:29

give advice on sort of modern day psychology and Western psychology doesn't really have any, any space for religion in it.

00:38:31 --> 00:39:14

Let alone Islam doesn't have any space for religion, I was, I had already finished my LM course, before I went to study psychology. So if they were saying things that were not to do with religion, or not even engaging it, and saying, you know, the, the human has his own psyche, the human thinks himself is independent from anything outside, all these things are there, but I'm not going to look at it like that stood up, got my face. So any student has going towards psychology, or philosophy, or any of these sciences is to be careful, your image needs to be strong, before you go down that pathway. Because you can easily have your image undone. You can easily going for a degree and then

00:39:14 --> 00:39:54

you start to question about your faith, because that's what they'll do. The philosophy of the Western civilization and psychology has departments where they make you question your own beliefs and make you question your subconscious mind. And we know there are limitations to your questioning. And we wouldn't put those questions that Allah Allah as messengers, Allah has told us that one of the way shaytan will work is that he will carry on saying, you know, who is the creator of this who create this and eventually a person then, you know, shaytan takes a person to the question of a man holla Allah, so who created Hola, right? So it's a cheetah and trap to trap with the shutter. They

00:39:54 --> 00:39:59

will take you down that pathway. Now if you're not ready for it, and you're going for a study that is going to kill me

00:40:00 --> 00:40:40

question like that, you have to be careful. So either your faith is very strong, or you have Muslim teachers or Muslim individuals around you where you can find your grounding in the religion with the question that comes to your mind. You can ask Imams and Muslims around you and they will reassure you of your faith, then Alhamdulillah. Otherwise, you need to study carefully of going into this thing into this whole science. So for me, it wasn't it wasn't a question because I had studied the deen for many years, that my teachers, so these questions wouldn't really bother me. And I wouldn't even entertain them. But for somebody else it might be might be the thing. I remember the question.

00:40:40 --> 00:41:05

So there are people that are youngsters who are looking for good, you know, good jobs, and so on in these in these departments, which is fine. But even when you're working, we have to understand that we may be limited to what we can say to someone in counseling, let's say your your counselor now is giving you some kind of counseling to someone or you're a child psychologist

00:41:06 --> 00:41:37

in that in that field, you can't use God and you can't use Allah. You can't use faith to try and talk to but if you've got the right, you know, Eman, you can sort of say the same things without mentioning those you know, without mentioning Allah without mentioning God, you can do that. But it still takes your you know, you still need your knowledge in Islam to be very, very strong. So that you know how to direct and direct yourself. Can we ended there because it's called to and we're going to slowly stop

00:41:40 --> 00:41:41

that one

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