Surah An-Najm #25 – Don’t Declare Anyone as Misguided

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The conversation discusses the negative impact of the Al Qaeda movement on society and the limits it puts on knowledge and behavior. They also explore the concept of "immediate knowledge" and how it can lead to personal growth. The speakers criticize people for not being guided and for not being clear about their beliefs, and discuss the use of " guided" and misguided people as common practices among Muslim men. They also mention the use of " operation of the Arabic language" as a way to portray guidance and guidance in Islam, and promote a study of the Quran in depth.

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The first part of the IR Donica babalawo. Minella is a criticism of their ideas. But the rest part the rest of the IR is about you can criticize their ideas, but you can't actually judge where they stand. That's mine. When Neji me either

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now what NASA people come why man

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that's when a group of men surprise King doubt in his chambers. He's the prophet that had 99 wives, right? Oh, it says, hey, just us being a TV. We break down every section of the Quran into straightforward understandable pieces I started but you know, TV to make the Quran accessible for people of all levels of understanding the beauty and guidance found within this passages shouldn't be limited to scholars click the link to start your journey into the Quran and Arabic today.

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And the manual oh well LNT fat mineral mouflon Illa Jaga This is also really interesting thing.

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You saw the previous iron, you know, turn away from someone, someone who turned away from our remembrance, and that someone didn't want anything but worldly life, how many people were being talked about? One. But now you see that Nikola Tesla, who home that is the extent of their knowledge, we went from one person to lots of people, all of a sudden, this is called indentified. Switching, the switch happened here from one person to lots of people all of a sudden, what's the point of that? The point of that is Allah is making a making a connection between individual emotions and societal trends.

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You have as a person, as an individual, you have your thoughts, your feelings, your emotion, but you don't even realize how much of them are being controlled are limited by the trends and the dominant discourse in the society in which you live.

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So then they come up the whole room, the culture itself, they've put a limit on how far knowledge can go. Like, for example, universities in the university. I know many universities in the world, especially in the science departments, Muslims, women that are doing their PhD in microbiology, or neurology or engineering, and they wear the hijab, they're made fun of a lot. Why? Because they clearly have a faith. And now the thing the trend in academia is if especially if you're in the science fields than it does, faith and science are supposed to be, they've decided they don't go together. So these they're always being criticized, ridiculed, mocked, etc. Because they have faith,

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while they're scientists, how can you be a real scientist if you have faith? So what have they done, they've put a as a culture, in the academia, they've put a cap on what you can be and what you can be what you can think about what you cannot think about, not only come up with the Home Minister in know, the ironically, these are the people that talk about individual freedom. That's the that's the funny hypocrisy of all of this. They talk about individual freedom, personal expression, this is my truth, except your truth is not everybody else's is fine. You want to be a chicken or a skunk, you're good. You want to be a Muslim. I don't know about that. That's barbaric. You know, that's

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barely human, this, this person who believes they're a fox is more human than a Muslim. Because they believe in Islam. It's too barbaric. The Alikum mob, la Hoo, hoo, minute. But it's not just individuals that have limits, culture, and society also starts placing limits that are based on one thing that muted ill Hayata dunya. And this isn't just a philosophical discussion, this has very real life application. I met doctors, for example, that see corruption in the hospital systems around the world, in different countries, right. And if they call out the corruption, they will lose their job. They can't be they can't practice medicine anywhere in the country.

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They can't do it. If they call out that they're giving the wrong kind of medication, or they are Miss diagnosing, or they're doing this, this this and they're scamming the patients and all of it, and it's happening in front of their eyes. And these are Muslims that pray five times a day, they want to do the right thing, but their supervisor says you want the job or not. Because if I if I end this career for you, I will make sure you work never anywhere else again.

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This person himself even if the person themselves doesn't have bad desires, who's putting a limit on them? Culture is then you come up with a whole home in a line from within now, the culture puts a limit on the knowledge and if demand of attorney Jimmy antibody Miranda who come to Florida who could be limited by the law, we other say that this is this is where I'm not so convinced about some of the decision literature. But anyway, I'm sharing it with you just as as a part of transparency, that men can be used for the singular and the plural. So they're both possible. Yes, they will possible but why would one be used still? Why would you switch anyway? So that's the second

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implication that's made here. The other interesting thing thing here is their manual

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Imagine that I mean, I'll explain without reading too much Arabic here.

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So when Allah was talking about these people, you notice the last thing I said is Allah was talking about the most influential thought leaders of macaque that were selling one to the rest of society. These thought leaders are the celebrities and the influencers of that society. Everybody knows who they are, they are the leaders, the the THG with them. They're not just anybody, they're not just somebody, they are the person. If they were the person in these ayat, you wouldn't see, you know, men in North America, in the previous IR for men, our law, you will see in the veto Allah, Allah, it would be a very particular person, but Allah calls them to turn away from this, whoever they are

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that turn away.

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Like, they're just a man, mobile home, they're not that important. Like Allah made them not worthy of being specified.

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And this is one of the things they hate because worldly life one of its great desires is to be recognized. You work so hard to lead us work so hard to become a millionaire. You work so hard to become famous, and you don't know who I am.

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You know, somebody came up to me after today. I liked it. I don't know who you are, but I liked it.

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I was like, I like you. What's your name was Ron, I was like, well, now I know your name.

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But there's this desire for recognition, Allah deprives them of like Allah told the prophesy, salam, ignore them, right. But in the word Mon, Allah ignored them to,

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like, Allah started himself lead by example. So he said, Man, so then you come up with the Wilhelmina and M, they're all the same. They're not some individual special thing. The other thing here that I've written is, inside versus outside knowledge. Notice the idea. Previously, we read yesterday, we read, they have no knowledge at all. Remember, that might not have been in my mind at home, be human. They have no knowledge whatsoever. But now he thinks something else. He thinks this is the extent of their knowledge.

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They seem like two different things. Because if you say this is the extent of their knowledge, that means they have some knowledge. It's just limited. So today's idea is about limited knowledge. And the last I was about no knowledge at all, you see the difference? Now we're going to see an interesting Quran makes equations that you don't find in mathematics and you don't find in literature, you only find them in the Quran. Allah is equating limited knowledge of something with no knowledge of something.

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I'm gonna give you a silly example, to help you understand this problem.

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My dad Hamdulillah, Allah has given him great recovery. He had a quadruple bypass a few years ago, he had surgery. And this man is terrified of doctors before terrified. So when he started exhibiting signs of weakness, and he has a having time, hard time going up the stairs and things like that. took him to the doctor, they said, Maybe you should see a cardiologist to come to the cardiologist who said, You're 80% blocked. We need to do something right now. And he said, No, I'm just going to eat bananas.

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He did. This is the most Pakistani thing. By the way. Bananas cure everything. Even if you don't know. You have a scaly Congress of people.

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You ended the doctors like

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no, you can eat bananas, but you still have to have surgery.

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The problem there was that dad has bananas are healthy, that's great. I'm gonna eat foods with less, you know, oil or less oily food, less cholesterol, whatever, right? He has some knowledge. But that's some knowledge in this situation is equal to what? No, no.

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No, I gave the silly example because Allah has given us a knowledge of the scene world. And combined with the scene world is the unseen world starting with ourselves. Part of me is seen part of me is unseen. There's a little hand side me. We talked about the AI the scene AI and the unseen, the scene here and the unseen near the scene heart and the unseen heart. Remember that?

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partial knowledge in many cases, especially in critical cases is equal to what? No knowledge in a court case because it's a serious issue. Somebody presents partial evidence, which in the end is equal to what? No evidence, partial evidence, no evidence. If a research paper produces partial results, practically it is the same as what no results. Actual results is not partial results or no results. So Quran is building a thought process here. You cannot build a world view on something partial.

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You cannot reach reality through a partial view.

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So he says about them. This is the limit of their knowledge explaining Yes, they do know some things. But even though some things they know because they are partial, they equal nothing. So the first statement Milea, whom behaviorism is actually true, and now it's even better explained. It's further elaborated. This Quran explains itself. He says in Nara Baka Hua Namo Beaman, by the way another ayah about this. He says yeah, la buena la Hera minute hayati, dunya. They know the outside of this worldly life. Well, homebuilt Maha Manila say that the homograph alone and about the afterlife, they have no knowledge about the inner reality of things, they have no knowledge, they

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only know the obvious. And that's what he's saying here, when he says that he come up with a whole mineral.

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The implication of an M here is also really important. This is there. There's the limits in knowledge, but the word knowledge has an L on it. And this is called animalistic rocks here. What nominal step rock here would mean is that complete knowledge is one that takes into account the seen and the unseen. Otherwise, it isn't knowledge and, you know, scientific advancement. We call it advancement, based on research. Advancement means you're moving forward. They're moving up, right.

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The nuclear bomb was a scientific advancement. But did it take humanity backwards?

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It did, didn't it? Chemical weapons are a scientific advancement. But do they take humanity backwards? They do.

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Science takes me create helps you create new inventions. But science is just the outside knowledge

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emaan in Allah eemaan in Revelation is the inside knowledge. If a scientist has emaan

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he won't create chemical weapons.

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If a scientist has emaan, he can create something that will pollute the earth for generations like a nuclear weapon. He won't do it. He can't do it. He the scientific mind science is neutral. You can research science in any direction.

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Sciences blind, explore anything and you can explore it and you can discover things emaan what does it do? It puts it on a path, a Serato musta team, it gives it a direction. And now scientific research has a direction. Business you can do any business. What is the Mon do gives your business a direction. It did and that's true knowledge. True Knowledge is okay you have knowledge of business, you have knowledge of medicine, you have knowledge of science, you have knowledge of politics, you have all these knowledges but it's partial knowledge. True Knowledge will be when the worldly knowledge is now guided by the spiritual knowledge that's when it becomes and

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they only have a piece of and not the whole.

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You see that? That's a very powerful, deep philosophical statement that's been articulated here. Now

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in Europe, Becca Hua Allah will be on Wanda and Sabina he will who will be Minister that there is no doubt it is your Rob. He in fact knows better, who is lost from His Path, and who is actually truly committed to guidance. He knows who's lost and who he knows who's guided.

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First, rant comment on the site because I talk about this too much. So at least I should say once they'll get it out of my system. Muslims are obsessed with deciding who's guided and who's not guided.

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And when we're when we're when we get bored of deciding how misguided all of humanity is, then we were like, who else can I deem a Kafir? So then they look at their fellow Muslim and say, Hey, you look a little loss. Tell me everything you believe. And then I'm going to make a video about how careful you are. And then we'll make a video about how how misguided you are and misguided you are, are obsessed with declaring what, who's guided and who's misguided. We're obsessed with it. And I don't I don't think there's anything wrong with criticizing the wrong idea. Like if somebody has the wrong idea you can criticize. But we don't do that. We don't criticize ideas. We criticize people.

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There's a little difference between those two things. I there's scholars that I talked to that I learned from that I strongly disagree with

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but I think their idea about something is completely off. That's what I think and I tell them that to their face.

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But you know what? I never consider them what

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misguided cafe. I just know. To the best of my knowledge. This is what I find more convincing. I don't have the guts to declare someone else misguided.

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Because misguidance isn't just here.

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Guidance and misguidance is also weird.

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I don't have any access to here, I have access to their paper, I have access to their lecture, I have access to their ideas. I could say this idea that Lauf this this argument, kind of weak, okay, I can do that.

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But even that is not for me to put on YouTube for you to say, Oh, this is what he thinks about him. We you know what we like? The guys, you guys, some of you guys like UFC. Now we have Islamic UFC. This one's doing this one, this one. And then you come after the lecture you say, oh, Stan, the man. What's your opinion about this person? What's your opinion about that? Let me send you a video. Give me your opinion.

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What are you going to do with my opinion? You're going to make salad with my opinion? What do you what are you going to what do you get? You're going to become a better person because of my opinion, your Islam you're gonna get closer to God because of my opinion, your personal problems will disappear because of my opinion, and my opinion on this person. Why do you want this because you like the entertainment of Muslim infighting. All of this has an obsession with what declaring who is guided and who is guided. Allah says to His Prophet sallallahu, he says to His Messenger SallAllahu Sallam you're Rob is the one who actually knows better, who has guidance, who's who's lost, and who

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truly has guidance, because someone would truly wrong ideas in front of you right now, like holiday believe, is actually guided down the road.

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There could be a Hamza who hasn't accepted Islam yet will become a companion. You don't know yet. There is an Abu Sufian, who will be on the battlefield against you multiple times. And we'll be doing such dialogue with with the rest of the believers in Salah by the conquest of Makkah, there's a bunch of people in Macau right now that hate your guts. But when Macau is conquered, these are the people that are going to be doing Hajj with you. And not Baca Hua, and a movie Mangala and sabini. Well, who are the movie manager, he knows, we can judge ideas. So there's a really interesting split that happens inside this if we can judge the limit of their knowledge. We can't judge them. You see

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that? The first part of the ayah Danica Marbella, oho. Minella, is a criticism of their ideas. But the rest part, the rest of the idea is about, you can criticize their ideas, but you can't actually judge where they stand. That's mine.

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That's not for you. That's why it was put in the same aisle. Because what happens with us is, once we criticize somebody's ideas, then we decide we are ready to now make judgment on the person to so he's separate that line is drawn by Allah folks, unless you want to cut the ayah Lavina. Jacqueline Khurana even those who take the Quran and tear it up, to tear it to pieces, unless you're interested in that. Now I put the word last here. Because in the beginning of the Surah, Allah Wanda Sahagun como Maha I gave you the several meanings of loss, I made the super small, so it's inconvenient for you to read, but I'm going to explain the secondary meanings of last again, one was when two things

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appear as one, when two things appear as one, you know why that I wrote that because blah, blah. Now for a lot of people also is because of the limits of their knowledge, they see all religions as a cultural anthropological phenomenon. This Arabian culture developed Islam, and the Mediterranean region developed Christianity and you know, the Judaism and Hinduism from you know, the East and the eight, the, you know, the Asian regions, Buddhism, etc, 2500 years ago, all of these religions are cultural anthropological phenomenon. So we're gonna study Buddhism the same way we study Islam the same way we study Christianity, just as a historical phenomenon. That's what academics do. You know

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what that is, when two things are looked at as one, the right thing and the wrong thing are being conflated as though they're the same. And that's one of the meanings of the law. When two things appear as one remember, when the the body is buried under the dirt and it looks like just dirt and that's called bond. Right? When two things become one, the other is wasted. And this is true. These people that have great knowledge of the world, their intelligence is being wasted because they don't want to think about what's going on here. That's a profound mine. I met a brilliant linguist when I was in Italy. Among the 32 cities I was in since August, I was in Rome, and I was in Palermo to

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Palermo. There was a Quran conference of Orientalist in Palermo, the exact convention, so non Muslim academics mostly, and some Muslims also, were there attending this conference. And I met a brilliant group Marian and linguist of the Arabic language. I won't name him non Muslim loves the Quran that did a PhD on the Quran because it's literature for him right? And the when you ask him Do you ever think about it? Like whether it's from God and they go that's not my concern. My concern is the grammar

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Valley come up level Hamina nine

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in Rebecca who Allah will be one Wanda wasted away so close. There are billions of Muslims who would die to learn 1/10 of the Arabic that you know, bro.

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They would die to know it. And you have it. What a waste.

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Do what awaits us you

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just learned Chinese or something I don't know.

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Then destroyed the word will also means destroyed like advantage al Qaeda, let me attack okay don't feel the need, but that also means destruction. The Allah knows who's headed towards destruction. But while also you know Rajon bol is Kathy rota dumper

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so it also means a person who listens to just anybody. They're easily convinced they follow just anything gullible people, Allah knows people that easily get gullible and turn away from his path. It's interesting the word his path was used also, because a path symbolizes direction, right? And while symbolizes his lack of direction, Allah is saying he gives direction, Allah knows people who don't want to follow that direction anymore, but who will lead will be monitored, and he knows better? Who truly does and doesn't have guidance. This is also a really important idea about judging and not judging. I want to expose the hypocrisy that's happening in woke culture right now. Don't

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judge anyone, bro.

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You just judged me for judging this idea.

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Don't listen to anyone. Why am I listening to you right now?

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You're telling me that to listen to anyone. And you're like, thank you guys for listening to me. Make sure don't listen to anyone.

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It's just internally, there's no direction in this new found freedom. We don't know what to do with it. We're going in every single crazy direction. And Allah has given us the manager, the one who committed to guidance. The path isn't path and guidance have been equated here for an important reason. Because guidance is not one thing. Guidance is a journey. Somebody is on their way to guidance, their Christian Right now they're reading the Quran. They're learning some things. They're actually already on the road to guidance, even though they're going to church every Sunday, they're still on the road to guidance. There is somebody who's just started just became Muslim, they're just

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starting to get into the prayers. They're learning them, you know, they're still having a hard time committing to all five prayers. There's a process for them. They're on the road to guidance. It's a journey for them. They'll get there. Allah didn't give five prayers a day, immediately to the people who took shahada, even the Sahaba he could have been could have been the moment you take shahada, food, alcohol, prayers, all of these restrictions would have been on day one like we do with Muslims when they become Muslim, right? Take it easy, let them grow into it is it's a journey. And Allah knows who's more committed. It could be the people who are struggling with their prayer but on this

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journey may be closer and guidance to Allah than the people who are praying five times a day and judgmental about others because they're doing something blasphemous when they pass judgment on others because it's only for Allah has to do it. Now Rebecca poor Allah will remember the unsuitability for who Allah will be benefited up

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in our immediate fear is larger than man and kina Eva Maccon Jota Allah Allah medallic Fela, Moqtada elitek Ed, McConnell, Fatah, Ben B and the B SallAllahu. alayhi wa sallam is really interesting, even though it says, Why did Allah say certainly your Rob knows. It is is only your Rob who knows who has guidance, who doesn't have guidance. He's talking to the prophet, the prophet is not a doubtful audience. Remember, emphasis is used when you have a doubtful audience. And there's double emphasis almost like a refusing audience. That's how he's been. And it's the Prophet who's being talked to so why would Allah talk to his prophet in this way? Sometimes you talk to one person, but

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you're actually talking to someone else.

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So for example, if I tell you,

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these volunteers are so lazy,

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I'm talking to you, but I'm actually talking to the one the volunteers are amazing. By the way, I was just came to shutdown, the shutdown gave me that example but

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but the point is, if I did that, I'm talking to you, but I'm actually talking to them. And the issue is, they're not worth my time that I should talk to them directly.

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So there's an anger of Allah and these words, but it's not directed at the Prophet even though he's raising his voice at the prophets. I some of some of you that are married know this, sometimes your husband or your wife calls you very angry, not at you at someone else. I can't believe they're doing dirt.

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And you know them long enough to know they're not mad at me. They're just mad at their uncle, or their manager was and they're not throwing punches at you. If you early on in the relationship. You're like, why am I receiving this? Why the hostility towards me later on, you understand? I'm okay. Okay, I'm the sounding board. And I'm supposed to say yeah, yeah, you know,

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That was that was my role. So this is kind of the this is my

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A way of

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explaining a banal shooter

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