Divine Remedies: Ramadan and Zakah – Part 1

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talks about the benefits and the virtues of fasting, the significance and importance, you know, the intention and all of that. But this, this is what we want to focus on.

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All right. And I've only chosen a few topics, right? Even though there are many more things we can do, right? These are, you know, kind of the heart of the matter right now, like just the important parts that that we need to focus on. Okay, so spirituality itself, right? We know that the loss of power we can highlight says a Somali one FC bit. Right? And these are powerful words, right? A loss of Hannah, who would say saying to us, as given by the prophet Alayhi, Salatu was salam, right? That fasting is for me,

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the person that's fasting, they're fasting for me, I was talking about himself, right. And I will reward Don't worry about the reward. Right. Which means that the reward is not limited by our understanding of reward, which is if you do a good deed, you get 10 times that good deed, which is 10% or 10, good deeds, and for it can be from 10 deeds up to 700. This thing right here, just exponentially increase the reward of faster. Why? Because a lot says it's forming a lot will not limit himself in rewarding you for your fast, if your fast is sincere, if it is for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Right.

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like we said earlier, right, the spiritual matter, or the spiritual aspect of this is that this past is between you and Allah.

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No one can verify it, no one can investigate it, no one can truly understand if you are fasting or not, or they can get to the bottom. Right. What, because fasting requires an intention. And the intention is between you and yourself and lots of panels. And it's as simple as that. So, it is something that some It's a promise to Allah Subhana Allah that you keep, without anyone else knowing, right? There is no showing up, there's no, you know,

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bragging and trying to say, Oh, look at me and look what I'm doing, you know, you might be able to do that with other worships but not with fasting. You cannot, right. So

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you know, inside the carpet.

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It's a beautiful book that Josie

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composed, you know, and

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he has this passage where he makes a comparison, right? And I want to share that with you. And he says, What would compare to

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basically, have you seen those who adorn themselves with the cloaks of the Judea? Beauty, like that of the garment that like those of the garden, like the garments of those who are righteous, right? This is the spirituality aspect, right? Somebody can wear whatever they want. They can look as nice as they want. Right. But is that adornment, that materialistic physical? cloth? Is it gonna equate? Is he gonna be equal? Is it gonna even compare to the cloak or the clothes? That the righteous wear? Right, what are the clothes of the races? He is saying that the fasting and the actions that they do for the sake of a Western kind of with that, this is have you seen a better veil than the sleepiness

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hygiene. So have you seen a better world than those who basically stay up in the night and what the veil here means is their eyes, right?

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Right. They're sleepy, right?

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The eyes are about to veil or cover their eyes. Yeah. They're keeping it open. They're praying for the sake of Lhasa, kind of Have you seen pure water like that?

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The tears of regretful right. Those who are,

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you know, they have remorse and regret for whatever sins they have committed whatever shortcomings they have, they have committed or they have they have. Right. Right? Is their water more pure than the tears that they would cry over their mistakes and their shortcomings?

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Have you seen meaning heads like those of the humble?

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Those who are humble for the sake of a lesson?

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Right? Have you seen anyone bowing down?

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Like those who are humble? Have you have you? Have you witnessed something that touches the ground better than the foreheads of those who pray?

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Think about

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the ground all the time.

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I don't want all over the place, right? Anything that falls on the earth, anything that touches the earth? Is there anything better than the forehead of a believer when it touches the ground?

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elevate, elevated through that worship of Allah, so kind of with that, right? And so

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is that is that spiritual shock that we get? Right? That fasting in Ramadan, it's, it's no shock there, that's what it is. Right? Your job done right with, with a man with belief. jolted, there's all these good things that you can do, and you do them. And once you do them was a pattern with Allah elevates your email, it elevates your status, it gives you a taste

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a taste of the sweetness of his worship, what it means to be a servant of

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what it means to be a slave to a lot alone without any partners, not, not to society, not to individuals, not to the environment around you, but rather Allah subhanho wa Taala and Anwar alone.

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there are

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two things that help with this with prepping our spirituality for Ramadan, and there are two major things number one is protecting the tongue and number two is lowering the gaze right. And we touched on this we talked, we talked about this earlier. But again, this is where our cost benefit analysis comes in. Right.

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is to refrain from speaking evil,

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to hold your tongue, right? Not to insult others

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not to backbite or slander, the cause is to lower your gaze, right? Not look at that which Allah, Allah has made it permissible

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to only look to look upon, or base your gaze on that which is permissible for you.

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These are the costs. What are the costs the cup, this is you want spirituality?

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If you want to connect with Allah subhanho wa Taala get closer to work on spirituality in robot, you have to start with that. Because

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we walk around

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we talk we communicate as humans, right? If our communication is not, it's not up.

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If If our communication,

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our communication is not right.

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If our eyes are wandering or going places where they should not be going, right, they can affect the whole body.

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They can have an effect.

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How do you get around?

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Right, you see your way around, right?

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That's a blessing in itself.

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Some of us are not grateful for that lesson.

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And how do we communicate? If you want something? You want to convey something?

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You know,

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he mentions a recent thing, and he says that

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in the creation of a lot of these different senses, right?

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is proof of how important and how severe the consequences will be for that equation. So the IRS, they have no cover, right? There's no cover.

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Is there a cover in the year

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so you say something

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So he says what's higher than that? Is that I

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got a cover.

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Yeah. When you shut your eyes

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right, why? Because you can do more with your eyes and you can do with your ears. Right?

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The tongue got to

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your teeth, right? Like at the back, like their second line of defense, you got them.

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So even if your lips You know, they're not cooperating your tongue, you know can be held back with your, with your team

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say something, you know, maybe I shouldn't say something

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so powerful I know that has some truth to it.

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Perhaps you know,

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a lot creativeness like this

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makes sense. No. Think about right?

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So lowering the gaze. So some of the benefits of lowering one's gates, right?

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we'll just go

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through these inshallah. Number one obey Allah,

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Allah Subhana, WA, tada tells us to lower our gates, right. So when a person is not obeying a lot, right, then they will not be rewarded. They will not benefit from this disobedience. If a person who based on lesser kind of without a, there's no doubt that

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they will benefit They will be happy, right? And Allah Subhana Allah

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and the Prophet alayhi salatu was set up, he says,

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you know, protect.

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Remember that Heidi would Center, the IQ test center, the I command center, and the center is to lock. Right. So it's something that is happening, something that can happen, everybody has a sheriff. So the more we try to abstain from that, the closer we will be

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number two, avoiding a poisonous error. Right. And we know that if the gaze, and the person sees and whatever they see affects their heart, right? So any, any poison, anything that is tainted, anything that is harmful, cannot enter the heart

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without having some type of passive, right? If you don't see something,

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if you don't see something, can you be affected by it? I mean, given that you're not hearing it or talking about it, right? Can you can you be affected by it your heart? There's no gateway, that's it, you haven't seen it? Right? What is your heart going to be affected.

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So this is a way you can avoid any, any, any poison to the heart. Number three fills the heart with a loss.

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You are a avoiding,

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you're avoiding certain sites because of a loss. So alone, replace that. replace that with

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you know, with the love of a loss, it

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was kind of weird panel data, because you are leaving thing for our last panel with Allah, Allah will give you something that is better. It will give you his remembrance, he will give you His pleasure. Right. And this is what we see.

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Of course, it strengthens the heart. The heart is not affected. Right.

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And it's you know, the more

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the more

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you know, the more that the more evil, the more inappropriate, you see, the weaker the heartbeat gets. Why? Because it becomes normal.

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becomes okay. Right? It's no big deal. Yeah.

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I see this, and I see that what's the big deal? Right? And this is something that our communities are struggling with. Right? Why? Because things that were not permissible things that were not okay. Right. They're still not okay. They're still not permissible. But people are

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the reaction that whatever, what's the big deal?

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Okay. All right. See, see it walking down the street. We see it here we see it there, right.

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in the example, I mean, the example that can be

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You can be given is

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someone's discipline.

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someone likes to

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go to the beach.

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Now, of course,

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in the society we live in, right? When you go to the beach, there are certain things you expect, right? So now, when a person that goes normally to the beach is exposed to everything at the beach, you know, whether it be the opposite gender, other things happening, right?

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If they were walking down the street, and they see someone dressed in beachwear, is that a big deal to them?

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Right, for a person who hates beaches, never goes to beaches, they hate the sand, and their sandals or the ocean and the saltiness and whatever it may be, right? When they see something like this on the street, like, what is this? What's going on? Right? If anything, if anything, we like, Oh, this person is in the wrong place. You know, why? shocks? Right? And this example, I mean, you can really see so many different examples that we have and we see around us, okay.

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gives the heart

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a lot to set up. Right. He says the truth is clear. And