Rania Awaad – Islamic Psychology – healing mind, body and soul

Rania Awaad
AI: Summary © Speaker 1 discusses the Islamic tradition of bringing all aspects together to explain the human psyche. They use the example of modern clinical understanding to push for a cultural understanding of the nuances of life. They also mention the "verbal movement" of Islamic psychology, which is reviving modern clinical understanding.
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lemak psychology comes in it brings the knifes and the rule, right? The self and the soul back into the study study of psychology also explain why a person may be depressed, or may sometimes not be doing so well in life. And you have to take them together, all together. And this is the Islamic tradition, they brought all of the aspects together, Imam Ghazali had a wonderful model where he explained the human psyche as the metaphysical hearts being at the center, connected to it would be your emotions, your SS, your, or cognition, your the soul, the neffs, the central self, all of these things together are interconnected. If you don't treat all of them together, you're only treating

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one side so it's lopsided or skewed. This is to me Western psychology, where Islamic psychology brings all of it together. This is what we're calling the revival movement of Islamic psychology. It's not new, it's actually something we're reviving. And we're wanting to bridge modern clinical understanding from today's scientific understanding of today. What elements should we use?

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