Human Power Has Limits

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and it should cause fear in the hearts of those who are oppressors to realize that above them is a loss of Magellan, he's truly the one with true power should cause fear in their hearts.

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And it has the ability to give those who are oppressed.

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A sense of relief,

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knowing that Allah is actually the one who's more powerful.

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And then all the rest of us to do our parts.

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Even if that part is getting up in the middle of the night and praying to the cause, raising your hand up in the middle of the dark of your bed, making dua. For others, it's writing for others, it's talking and protesting for others. It's not buying certain things, rather, it's, you know, doing educating, right. Every single person here has something that they can do so that when we are asked on the day of judgment about what's happening in front of us,

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we can at the very least say I'd be I did what little I could.

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And maybe that little was at the very least speaking to

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imagine if we're not even making dua.

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Allah forgive us May Allah forgive us.

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So with Brahim

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when he was talking say that when he was talking to the king, and the king thought that he had power, well, he didn't stop and realize was, but he doesn't actually have power over the son.

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Power ends, it has limits, human power has limits.

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And this is not just all the tyrants of the world. It's also all of us to to realize that we too, are going to die at some point. And all the things that we think that we are a malloc of that we are possessors of that we own. None of it comes to our grave. As we mentioned, none of it comes to our grave with us.