08 Surat Al-Fil – The Elephant

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AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the chaos and chaos that follows Makkah, including the removal of the Kaaba, the removal of the army, and the effects of the army's actions on people. The speaker also mentions a woman who saw two blind guys and was reminded of them in the video. The video ends with a recommendation for viewers to donate to cover Makkah.
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This audio is brought to you by Muslim Central. please consider donating to help cover our running costs and future projects by visiting www dot Muslim central.com forward slash donate assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah or on weekly it's your brother with Sam Sharif be in LA with Allah's mercy today we're gonna start soufeel

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and hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we are starting surah field today. And you know this or a field means elephant. So what's the big story about the elephant here? Let's take a quick moment to recognize the surah is extraordinarily descriptive. So if you're picking up the Quran for the first time, you might feel like what's going on here? I need some backstory. So let's take a moment to discuss before the Prophet Muhammad Salah longlining with someone's birth, we're going to go back 1000s of years to the building of this actual physical cube of the Kaaba, who built it you know, Ibrahim, it said I'm with his son is smiling. We know from

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Surah Baqarah Ayah 120 that as soon as they finish building this monument to God, they stopped and said well, banner, Taka Ballymena, or like separate accepted this, you just built the GABA and you're saying Alexa, I mean, this is humility. Then they said, well, Bana wha boss Fie him Rasulullah sent to this city a resort. But then he said, and leave peace, tranquility and prosperity. I want you to hear these words, peace, tranquility and prosperity to the city of Makkah. Now we stop, we celebrate his we celebrate his assurance, his confidence with his Lord, that I'm going to ask Allah for this today. And 1000s of years later, I know my though I will hold true, as a

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matter of fact, is do I was put to the test when a gnat man named Abraham decided to build a rival to the Kaaba. He said, Look, it's a box, it's a cube. Everyone goes there, there's a whole bunch of money to be made. More importantly, there is an honor and a dignity that is associated with being the owner of the house. He went about his ways and built a magnificent house of worship, if you will, a temple. And by all measurements, it was more Grand joar than this little black box in the middle of the desert. He built it. And as we all have seen as children growing up in cartoons, he sat in the middle of his palace and said, Where is everyone realize that every one of the pilgrimage

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that was made yearly, was that pilgrimage was made to the Kaaba, pilgrims went made sacrifices, people who didn't even believe in the oneness of God still came. Even idolatrous came to this. So Abra has said, Look, I'm going to knock out the competition here. I'm going to very simply take my army, go to Mecca, crush this Kaaba, tell all the people what's up and go home and people will come to my place. So he did something that was which I need you to understand. Say the word feel. Feel means elephant and to you and me. We've gone to the zoo, we've seen them. But there's a missing connection here in the middle of the desert in Makkah, when's the last time you saw an elephant?

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Haven't. So this is the equivalent of war tanks. This is the equivalent of like, huge, massive machines as your Pacific Rim robot if you will. These are your kaiju is coming out of nowhere that had no idea what was going on. The mannequin society was astonished. Now I needed to take one big part of the story here on the decision to come destroy the Kaaba his own advisor said no way you can't do this look, there's just this unspoken rule there's something about Makkah mean you know that thing is the DA DA he mighty Sanam, but they're just something we don't mess with it ever. I was like, Look, I'm not asking for our opinion, mount up the troops. We're gonna crush this. So

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hours planning days weeks, getting the army together and even telling the soldiers we're about to go destroy that the Kaaba, they head out, they leave on their way and a loss of Hiawatha Allah picks up the story the narration from us and says, Now that you know this, let me remind you of the awesome

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effect of this event and how it affected the people of Makkah. So Allah starts with an elephant that grabs your attention and says that I'm down on cave

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boom can be else

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lm Have you not seen lm dharwad? k farfalla? And look at the word Allah says, Have you not seen? Have you not seen how your Lord thought Allah dealt with? It's not like how he had to make pepper. No, Allah dealt with their huge plan. He dealt with the US hobby feed. Do you hear Abraham's name? Do you hear any of the army? Do you hear the size? No, you hear what you they thought was going to be the unstoppable war machine. You see how Allah dealt with the US having field means to do something with intention file file, that means just to do something. Yeah, that's how it was for a law. He dealt with the people of habit feed. And automatically the people of Macau were like, Yes, I

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remember that. And um, yeah, john Qaeda, whom fee don't bleed. And a love reminds the person who was nodding and saying, Yeah, I remember I was having few lessons. Do you know how we dealt with them? Do you know how we took their plan their hours in the war room? feed, don't leave, and we let it astray. Do you recognize and realize that as the army trotted forward and as the dust raised up and under the horizon of the McCain mountains you saw this enormous army coming through? Do you remember that? And at this point, there's a hush there's a silent I remember that. Well was de la la him boy.

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OVA v.

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And we sent upon them What? Allah Allah him and we sent upon them. Play your one. Bobby, ever seen a cloud? You're out in the hot day? A cloud discoms and it blocks out the sun? It's almost like that temporary shade of pulling up the sunscreen. Can you imagine the entire sky sky going dark in the middle of the desert in the middle of the day? A lot of the steam that you have in your army kind of goes dull. And there's a deadness. The sky just went black well, oh Sonata him. Play run about Abele. There's nothing left in this guy you can't even see. It's night in the middle of the day. And let's be real, all of your steam just got pulled out. There's a calm, there's a quiet, there is a

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silence that comes over Abra over the elephant's over the soldiers and almost amongst over the person reading the surah. And you can't hear anything.

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Except don't want me

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behave, john.

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c g. Silence. You're an army. You're moving forward and you look over at the soldier next to you. And then you look back and he's gone. You look over to the elephant behind you and you look back and he's gone. just nailed to the ground. You can't see this. that'll mean him. ijarah small little bait. Clay stones are being dropped from the sky. But do you hear it? You don't hear anything. You just look around like a Batman scene where there's a bunch of bad guys and

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one by one they drop. Okay, maybe he fell maybe he's sick. Maybe he's sad. But now the elephants are dropping, and you can't see it. Can you imagine the horror the overwhelming feeling that comes over you and Allah says as this one by one, they're being knocked away by Jolo, whom girls

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coup. Now these past weeks or past months have passed and you're sitting in the city of Makkah looking out into this dead desert. And all you see is the sandstorms blowing away, bit by bit part by part until there's nothing left but tumbleweeds blowing through a left them there was nothing for Java home girls from school. And as this description is completed, how do you feel? Is there a quietness? Isn't there a sense and a feeling that this event whether you believed or not? This event shaped Makkah? I'm asking you to look for two things. Number one, can you say the word what our Salah say? was what our seller? Doesn't it sound like Siri are Russell's right, you can hear

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rustling inside that. If God could cover the sky with birds knock out an entire army. Because of the law of evil he might've said he couldn't send a messenger who brought a revelation of God on a man couldn't bring a book but God could come you side. God covered the sky with stone with birds that drop stones. As that settles in. I'm going to ask you this question. What was your field? What was your event of astronomical proportions like you've never seen an elephant before? You've never seen a dinosaur? Like come show up to your house with a dinosaur. How are you going to feel how what it is

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Impact is that going to make? That's what I'm asking us to do. When you find that event that prove to you not rationally, not through some, like textual proof, but something you saw and said, Look, Bro, I don't care like this is God's word. What was that event for you? And if you haven't found that yet, maybe you need to look just a little bit closer in your own life. When did Allah our Creator, make you feel?

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We've taken this first step in the first surah you already know the year of the elephant was the year the Prophet peace be upon him was born. So there's a lot of not only backstory, but there's a prelude coming. If this event took place, and now eight months from now, I tell you, there's a man who's born his name Muhammad. 20 years from now his character blows you away. And at the age of 40, that's 40 years from using the sky covered in birds, a man tells you His Prophet, how tough is it to believe that

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everything that we learned here is a means to get closer to our Lord, if this work for you, if this video was your feel, get up and pray to Raka to full prostrations. Touch your head to the ground and say Allah I want to feel I want to feel a lot I would like to feel.

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I'll see you in the next set of videos. I hope that you're taking the opportunity to experience the Quran.

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As it is, as it's real in its nature. If I give you a closing story here, I shadowed the Allahu taala on how I shall the mother of the believers. Read the love with Ananda as a young girl in Makkah, she one saw two blind wandering beggars. You're not just the guy who comes around once but the guy who kind of just wanders around your city, maybe you had one of those I had a guy in a bicycle with a fireman's hat we just drove around making Ring Ring sounds that guy always wonder what's his backstory? I shall not be allowed to on ha asked. So who are these blind guys? And she was reminded unequivocably by the people of the town or those two. Those are two stranded soldiers

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from the army of Alberto Ha. They lived but they were blind. What did Allah take away from them? The ability to look at the Kaaba make or unreal in your life. Zach Lowe Hayden what's that Ahmad akin to LA

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although we learn he may not Shame on you, Raji.

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Bismillah he will

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When the army of Abraha and his elephants came to destroy the Kaaba, Allah deployed His own army against them. He dealt with them and erased all signs of their existence.

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