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Hafidh Wisam brings the opening chapter of the Quran to life with this concise explanation.

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This audio is brought to you by Muslim Central. please consider donating to help cover our running costs and future projects by visiting www dot Muslim central.com forward slash donate assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah Quran Weekly. It's your brother with Sam Sharif with the greatest of recitations that I could share with you. The opening of the Quran, a treasure of the Quran. Surah Fatiha, no introduction to be given only Allah subhanho wa Taala his words serba amin al masani walco, an Elohim Allah refers to Fatiha as its own treasure, as its seven gems, and then there's the rest of the Quran. Let's spend some time together and take a look at the opening chapter of the

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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Allah alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah, Nabil Karim, brothers and sisters I welcome you to maybe your first grown weekly video, and maybe one of many, but today's very important and special to me. It is the discussion of the fifth revelation to all of mankind, the first full surah to ever be revealed to mankind, the gift of Allah subhanho wa Taala to communicate with his creature, with his servant with his slave with me and you. And Allah subhanho wa Taala starts this fifth revelation first complete surah with an amazing phrase. I don't need to give you time and place of Revelation, you just need to understand the first word then after that

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every piece of this puzzle will fall in place like you've never understood before. And then you'll say that's the Quran. No, that's the first surah of the Quran and of that this is the first word of the Quran. Allah subhanho wa Taala starts out with the word al hum do this sentence this phrase means all praise and thanks are due to Allah. But there's a nuance in this word, I need you to say it with me say touch your fingers with me twice. And hum do it means all praise and thanks are due to Allah subhanho wa Taala whether me and you praise him or not, unless not in need of us. We're in need of a law. Get that one phrase. Let the rest of Surah Fatiha sink in and hum do all praise and

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thanks are due to Allah subhanho wa Taala and we're the ones who are lucky enough to get to praise him. No one else gets to do it. Everyone else gets to follow him. We get to praise our Lord. Let's take advantage of that. Let's take a look at Surah Fatiha together. Although below Billahi min. Ash Shame on you Raji. I can't start the words of God without seeking refuge with him in him seeking sanctuary protection from everything around me Bismillahi levy la gurumayi schadenfreude er the wife is summer. What was semi Allah name? Allah protect me and who do I need protection from the only one who took his rationale and put it above the rationale, the logic, the thought the statement of Allah

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which was shaped on a regime, I seek refuge and protection with my lord from Satan the cursed who thought he knew more than God, and who is this God Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem? In the name of Allah With the name of Allah the joy that it brings me to speak of my Lord but who is my lord R Rahman. R Rahim, the Most Beneficent, the source of all benefit in my life, the Most Merciful the reason why my mother loved me and cared me was Allah. And who is this Allah? How do I get to interact with this Allah and hamdulillah here on

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me, he chose me. He said, You're allowed to praise me so say these words, all praise and thanks are due to Allah whether we praise him or not. Because, believe me, he is a law of the Lord of all of the worlds and if you follow him or not guess what every one of the atoms, every one of the protons and neutrons in an atom follow a lot already. So why don't you jump on the bandwagon? Because you don't know a lot. Let him tell you about himself. Our money Rahi the Most Beneficent, the Most source of benefit in my life is not my iPhone is not the technology is not the sense of confidence I have. It is my Lord. Ottawa him the most merciful every time I get overconfident and forget about

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him. He says the lightest

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It's always on come back. And if I never ever come back to them and turn to Him, there is one fact that illuminates me that wakes me up when I say ma de ke o me D, Owner of the Day of Judgment, Master of the Day of Judgment, he Ulla whether you accept him or not, you're going to meet him on that inevitable day. That will be the day of judgment. So because of that meeting, I want you my sleeve. Allah says, I want you to get one phrase in your mouth, say it. Keep repeating it throughout the day, 17 times of day in prayer up to 40 times a day. If you're praying all your Sunnah voluntary in the waffle prayers, you are saying it you're gonna boo we're

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gonna styrene you alone a lot. the oneness of God is what I worship and give myself in servitude to you alone, your oneness, your that though he is the oneness of you is what I worship. It is you a lot that I acknowledge and take as my Creator, I am your slave, your servant, I am a subject in your kingdom. And because of that, don't leave me alone with a young Ghana starin and a lot Don't leave me alone because I need your help. And you truly are the only one that I can ask help for. And Allah what is the greatest help that I can ask you for? What is it that you can ask Allah subhana wa tada for that no one else can give you you can request videos you can search things on the internet you

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can ask your friends for a ride. What can you ask no one else for? He didn't sleep at all one more stealthy. Dino slow or more stealthy request from your Lord. Beg from your Lord. Oh Allah guide me to a straight path which is consistent. When you plug in a location in your GPS you're driving if you took a wrong turn what is the GPS do naturally? What it just sends you in the wrong order? No, it recalculates. Oh well like give me guidance that straight but me being a human being I'm gonna rear veer off I'm gonna take a straight road and be like Wow, look at the pretty colors and walk veer off the straight path was talking a lot when I stray off make the guidance consistent. I'm

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human. I need you. And what is it that I specifically want? I don't want just guidance that's consistent. I want to know that I'm on the right path. I want to know the mile markers along the journey to know that I'm going the right way. So Oh Allah. Oh my Creator. Oh, man. Yeah, Kareem Yabba Doo dia Allah. Slidell slit all lovina

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de la him a lot. So I know I'm on the right path. Can you guide me to that straight path with consistent guidance, but all I need to know that things are going right. So could you tell me and make me like those people that travel this path before and you love them? You chose them? You favored them? ally I need I need the right is too long. I don't even know if we're there yet Allah Could you tell me along the way by giving me signs that I'm following the path of those people you favored? And Allah look, sometimes we we get full of ourselves. We feel like yeah, I am chosen. I am the chosen one. I am the favored one. So Oh Allah as I'm on my path. What if I'm on the path and

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like their looks? path looks good to me. Right? The road is smooth. Everything's beautiful. Everything's going wait right but you're going in the opposite direction.

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All along. So all blood levena

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De La

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Hoya de la bu br la him Allah on.

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A lot on this journey. I want to know I'm on the right path. But there were people who took this path before I can see the remnants on the road. I can see their cars broken down. I can see what happens when people who walk this path, they earn your anger. A lot do not make me amongst those who have earned your anger. Stop for a second what does it take? When you say the word anger you think of some angry person know the displeasure of Allah subhana wa tada is when someone arrogantly knowingly device. And Allah I see along the way here, the path is really beautiful. I don't want to get lost in this path. I don't want to stop at a rest area and go astray. Just like wow, look, it's

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so pretty here. But this is just a rest area. I know it's gorgeous. But do you want to get to the destination? That's you saying? What a boss or would it be amazing if we could read this every day with this passion with disconnection

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Only Allah gave us a place to read this 17 times a day. This is Salah. I close with the smallest thought. I can't share all of it with you because of time. There was a man named Abu huraira amazing character but very close to the Prophet peace be upon him. He used to stay close to the Prophet peace be upon him so he could hear everything he said. He said I heard the Prophet peace be upon him say a law set by some to salata, Bini ouabain abdeen is famous in Spain

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in a just a law called Fatiha that what we just decided he called it prayer. I want you to reconnect. Use your chance 17 times a day no matter what happens. Ask for that consistent straight guidance your brother with some Sharif mela protect you was that a modicum walk into law

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Alhamdulillah here on

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me urashima new wahi molokhia de yonka Khanna boo yah Kana stere

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Dino slit all glodon will stealthy

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slit all levena tala II hidden ya de la boo Lu vi lay him down on

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