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The Superstars of Islam: Umar ibn Al-Khattab was also one of the 10 who were promised Paradise. He is 2nd only to Abu Bakr when it comes to piety and taqwa. He is one of the most just rulers this world has ever seen, praised by Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Umar ibn Al-Khattab (#Justice) – Omar Suleiman

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So I want

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to hold on weekly. This is your brother almost today, man. And today we're going to talk about the next person in the superstars lineup who to be honest with you has too many virtues for us to cover in one video, so I'm not even going to try. In fact, I'm just going to try to cover one quality of his. And this is the man who was so great that the prophet SAW the law why he was so upset about him, low cannon, medium and birdie that can normal if there used to be a profit after me, it would have been almost in Qatar below the low of Thailand. Now remember how Pablo the Allahu anhu we can basically write books about each and every single chapter of his life. He's someone who is admired

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by both Muslims and non Muslims alike. In fact, Michael Hart he actually wrote in his book, The 100 most influential people that are remember the hot tub was number 52. Now to us as Muslims after Wilbekin all the alojado He's the man. Now, what are some of the qualities we can take from America, probably a lot of Thailand, we can take from his humility we could take from his fear of Allah subhanaw taala, we could take from his his ability to distinguish truth from falsehood. After all, his name was a federal law, the Federal COVID don't have to worry about that. He's the one who distinguishes between truth and falsehood. But what we see from the help of the law, and more than

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anything else, is the transformation of a man who was entirely unjust to a man who became a symbol of justice for all of mankind. Amen, amen. hotjobs, the Allahu taala and who teaches us many lessons in justice and leadership. In fact, under his hereafter honorable capalbo, the alojado would even fear for these animals and he would sometimes say to the animals will lie, I'm afraid that I will be asked about you. The same men who used to torture people before Islam used to say that I'm afraid he used to set tear saying I'm afraid the donkey in Iraq will come and testify against me on the day of judgment or the camel that is overburden will come and testify against me on the Day of Judgment.

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Think about how powerful that is a man who cares even for the animals under his rule, if we look at him with all the Allahu tada and who we can find that He instituted night patrols he used to go out every single night while the Allahu taala. And who, with pounds and bags of rice and wheat and flour on his back serving the people who were hungry. If there's an incident where there is a man whose wife was about to give birth, he goes and he brings his wife all the time to assist the woman and giving birth. We find so many different incidents that take place with our mahatama the alojado just while he was on those night patrols, but truly we can see how outstanding his leadership was on or

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during the year of Armada, which was the 18th year after his law, which was called the year of ashes the year that the Muslim was struck by a serious famine. In fact, that year alone 60,000 refugees had come to Medina because they had no food they were not able to eat. This was a year Under Armour. mahabodhi a lot of time on that wild beast began to attack human beings in the street, that ornamental hataoka belong to Thailand who had to prey on people by the tents. In fact, on top of the low tide and who that year, he made the art to a loss of hundreds and he said Allah Houma la touch al halakhah Ahmed Mohammed another ye D. O Allah do not allow the oma of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam

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to be destroyed on my watch our hora de la and he tells us of two instances that took two incidents with honorable kebab, the Allahu anhu that year, I'm gonna call Pablo de la Han, who used to come with bags of oil, and used to come with with all kinds of goods, and he would find people that were unable to that were unable to live that were unable to function. In fact, once on Pablo de la Han, who saw a man that was licking the edge of a metal piece for just to try to get some form of oil to try to get the last piece of butter. Every time I model the low tide and who saw someone who was who was deprived of something, he would deprive himself of it. So when people were deprived of meat, he

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deprived himself with me. When people were deprived of oil, he deprived himself of oil. When people were deprived the butter he deprived himself from butter. When people were deprived of anything, he felt like he himself had to be deprived of that. Imagine this leader. I'm going to help Pablo the alongside who once he walked into his home during this time, and he saw his son had purchased a piece of watermelon. And when he saw his son with watermelon and his son bought this with a few seeds, he went chasing after his son until his son started crying until he took the watermelon from him. And he said button, the son of ameerul momineen button

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has an expression, you know, being surprised. But if not, I mean what meaning the son of the commander of the believers eating watermelon? And he said, Well llahi we will not eat from this until the entire oma has this. And so he deprived himself of that will be a low tide on who also? And he said, a very powerful statement, which we should really consider in leadership case, Dr. nini satin, are you? Well, I'm your must any naomasa home? How can I consider myself to be a shepherd? How can I consider myself to be a shepherd, and I am not struck with what my flock is struck with soprano love. That's that's the true concept of servant leadership that Islam brought Omaha Pablo

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the Allahu anhu, that year, actually changed colors. So sometimes we can see some of the descriptions of the Allahu anhu that he was very fair skinned, sometimes we can see that he was very dark. And the reason being that because of the lack of nutrition, All right, we'll change colors. And in fact, the Sahaba said that we were afraid that if the famine continued any longer, Amina hottub, was surely going to die. 40,000 of those 60,000 refugees had passed away. And then when hamdulillah Allah subhanaw taala lifted the famine from the believers and they still had their halifa or whatever the hot tub or the Allahu taala. And he was a man of justice, even with non

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Muslims. So we have an incident that took place once were in Egypt, one of the children of Ahmedabad and also the Allahu anhu, was racing with the Christian Coptic. And when he lost the race, he went up to him and he lashed out man, he hit that man on the face, in the name of his father that I am the son of the nobles. And so whenever that Christian man was hits, he knew that there was a man of justice in Medina that the halifa was adjustment. He went to Medina to come to complain to topple the law. When he got to Medina, he found the top of the alojamento, cleaning the masjid, and he told me what had happened. Now the only real hot top say, Look, I'm busy spreading Islam all through the

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corners of the world. I don't have time for this. No, I'm going to be summoned. His governor Ahmed Ignace, will be alone and his son to Medina, to stand in front of the Christian Catholic, and he confirmed the stairs, the story, and then he gave the Coptic a whip. And he said, lash The one who lost you. And then you also should lash his father. And he said, he said first he said, you know, why would I do that? He's an older Maha babila. Han, who said, because you were hit in his name, somehow look at this justice. So I'm gonna I'm gonna hop out of the low tide and who actually commanded this, this Christian who was living under his rule, look at the justice to lash both

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honorable also the alojado and his son. So there was justice with the Christians, there was justice with the Jews, there was justice with the animals, there was justice with the poor, there was justice with his own family on top of the low tide and who taught us so many profound lessons and leadership and justice and not transgressing other people's rights. And some had a lot even whenever he conquered, or when he opened Jerusalem, there was no blood set when he came to Jerusalem. And we all know the type of welcome that he received, and the way that he was dressed. Whenever the patriarch took honorable hop out of the Allahu Allahu to the Church of the Holy supplication. And

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the time of salaat. The LORD came in, he told honorable hapa Why don't you go ahead and pray here? And I'm wondering how powerful the Align who said no, because if I pray here, it wasn't because he was he was looking at it from the foci aspect. He said, because if I pray here, I'm afraid that Muslims will come later. And they will say this is a Masjid because all monumental hubbub prayed here. So he took a few steps outside of the church, and he prayed his slot to the hood. And lo and behold, today at that very location, we have Masjid Omar, the Muslim honorable Pablo de la Hondo. So this was a man who truly saw things in the light of justice and compassion. And in fact, even today

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in the United Nations Charter, we have a statement from Oman called Fabiola hotel, in which he said how can you enslave a man who was born free Subhan Allah, this is from our Deen. So we should take pride in these figures, and then these role models and we should try to implement that concept of servant leadership. Now, does that mean that you know does that mean that this message is only directed to message board presidents or people that are in charge of Islamic organizations? No, because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, could look camera and each and every single one of you is a shepherd. And every single separate is responsible for his flock. The mother is

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responsible for her home, the husband is responsible for his family. The you know the person who's in charge of an organization is responsible for that organization. Everyone is responsible. Whether it's the Imam or whether it's done that morning, whether it's the husband or whether it's the wife, whether it's the father, whether it's the child, everyone is responsible for someone else, and they need to deal with them with justice, feel their pain and at the same time strive to better the conditions of everyone around them. And if we embody justice and compassion, Allah subhanho wa Taala will show us just

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To some compassion, so think about this. And we ask Allah Subhana, which Allah to bless us in sha Allah with that quality of justice, and the quality of compassion. And I just want to mention one thing, which is so powerful, even the day that Ahmed will be allowed to Allah and who was killed the day before, he saw absolutely, Medusa and Abu Luma, juicy, he made a comment to the Allahu anhu, that Omar understood meant that he wanted to kill him, and all the love and who even shared that with his companions. And they said, so why don't you go ahead and kill him in order to hop over the Aloha, who knew that it would be injustice for him to kill the man or to punish the man just because

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he understood from his comments implicitly that he was saying that he wanted to kill him somehow. So he showed them in justice. And when Allah will have followed the law, who was leading the Salah, and he was stabbed, and he was killed, when almond will help Bob live for some time to speak after that stabbing, he said something so powerful, and I want us to really think about this as Muslims. One of you know, his two key concerns. One of them was that the believers continued to pray that they continued their Salah, the second one, and this should really bring tears to our eyes and soften our hearts when we see the condition of the oma today. armament of katapola the Allahu taala and he said

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who was the one that killed me? And they said it was Abu al Medusa, the fire worshiper and he said Alhamdulillah The one who killed me was not a believer of La ilaha illAllah Muhammadan rasul Allah and hamdulillah wasn't a Muslim Subhana Allah He was so concerned with the unity of the Muslims, that even at that moment when he was stabbed multiple times and the blood was flowing from his body, he said Al Hamdulillah it wasn't a Muslim that killed me. Now you can understand why upon many other reasons, no canon IBM embody that can Ahmad if there has to be a prophet after me it would have been almost we asked a lust palletised to join us with him. And with the rest of the great companions in

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the family of the Prophet sly send them in the highest level of generality for those alarmed me. Does that come along? We'll see you next week in sha Allah was set out Mardi Gras Allahu Akbar cattle.

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