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The Superstars of Islam: ‘Uthman ibn ‘Affan was one of the 10 companions of Prophet Muhammad who were promised Paradise. He was known for his extreme modesty and abstinence from alcohol and unlawful relations with women even before Islam was introduced to him.

Uthman ibn Affan (#Modesty) – Omar Suleiman

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Santa Monica Welcome to labor capital Quran Weekly This is your brother almost today, man shala Tada Today we'll be continuing with the superstar series. You know one time the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam saw a man who was representing his brother, because he was telling him that he had too much higher he had too much modesty. And also loss I said I'm said leave him alone, because barely higher modesty is from a man it's from faith. And if we could identify one companion from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam his companions that truly exemplified HIA, in every single aspect of his life, it would definitely be earthman. If not, I found it a long time. It's not only Allahu anhu was someone

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who like a bucket and the prophets lie Selim, he never worshipped idols before Islam. He never drank alcohol. And in fact, there was something else very powerful about this model the law No, he was extremely handsome. In fact, he resembled the profits on the license more than any other companion.

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Who hasn't won the alongside on it. He said, I've never seen a person more handsome than Earth man. He said, If you stared at him, if your gaze came upon him, you would not want to remove your gaze because of how beautiful he was only alone in Thailand. And that's because he looked like the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And in fact, the prophets lie Selim said to the player, his daughter or the Allah and he said to her that nobody resembles Your father will last a long time and your grandfather Ibrahim alayhis, salaam as much as your husband earthman, I want the Allahu taala. And so what that tells you is and this is a very important fact that before it snapped, many, many

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women wanted him in fact, he was approached in many different circumstances, many different instances. And as normal, the low tide on who always abandoned Xena, he never came anywhere close to Xena, although Islam has still not come to earth model of the low tide. And that is because he had the strong sense of modesty. And you know, many times we neglect modesty. In fact, some of you might be watching this on Facebook right now, or watching this on some social networking site. And this is where there's an outlet of immodesty, you know, even for Muslims, as well as non Muslims and SubhanAllah. We look at this man's life and we can truly learn this blesseth character. He was

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extremely beautiful, extremely handsome, but with that Earth model, the Allahu tada and who was extremely soft and his mannerisms, he was very soft spoken, he was not arrogant, he did not boast about his looks while the allot of time. And in fact, he was so modest that it has some of the alojado says when Earth man would change his clothes, even behind closed doors, he would not stand up straight, he would do it while he was bending down, even if there was nobody in the room with him just because of the amount of modesty that he had. And he was so soft spoken about the allot of time, that anytime you wanted to hear something that he had to say, you would have to lean into so

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you could properly hear him just because of his softness. And we know the love and hope for other virtues also. So one of them is also his generosity are phenomenal. The Allahu anhu is someone who was extremely rich, but he used his wealth the right way. He inherited from his father $30 million homes and some had a lot with that money. He spent FISA vitola throughout his entire life, but I throttled the law on who even when he gave charity, we can see his mannerisms in terms of modesty. One time there was a child that came to earth Monrovia Allahu anhu in the masjid, and I can recognize the financial situation of this child. So I smiled and said, stay here, I want to get you

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a shirt. I want to get you a garment. So he went and he brought a garment, and he hit 10,000 that hums inside the shirts, and he gave it to the child and he said, you know, wear this and show your parents and see what they think about it. So this child goes home and he shows his parents this new shirt, and his parents discover in the pocket of that shirt 10,000 their home so it's not the law. No, his modesty showed even if fulfilling religious obligations like a lost contact says yeah, you enter the nominal law, legal sakata COVID manual other Do not you know do not void your sub aka, your charity by consistently mentioning how you gave charity or by harming the person that you gave

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charity to. So his modesty was truly all encompassing. What they allowed Thailand and he is also he has several distinctions. Amongst those distinctions is that he was the first person after low poly his celeb to make the hits along with his family. He made the his lot with his family to add Habesha. His wife was Rokia the daughter of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam may Allah be pleased with her so they both went in the migration to Russia to Abba senior because he was also being persecuted, while the Allahu anhu and Rokia was previously engaged to eartha ibn Abdullah hub ertico, the son of Abu lahab and she also

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suffered some form of persecution. So we had the situation where we had these two people that traveled feasibility law and earth model the law of Thailand who in fact, also had a very, very special distinction. And that is where his nickname comes lunar rain, the possessor of two lights. And you know, we look at this great human being Subhanallah and you look at the province, it sounds love for him, the province isin and married one daughter tune and that was real clear. And on the day of budget, Rokia on the Lahore and had fallen sick, and Nokia passed away on the same day that Allah subhanho wa Taala gave victory to the Muslims and better. And so they called this the date of

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great joy and the date of great sadness because it was a victory for the Muslims. But it was also the day that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his daughter had passed away, and that the wife of earth model the law had passed away. They had a son together of the loving Earth man. And just shortly afterwards, Abdullah northman was pecked in the face by a bird and he also died of an infection. So it's not only Allah on who was left all alone, he divorced all of his wives before you know whenever he became Muslim, because none of them accepted Islam with him. Now the people love the earth mom will be allowed to add on who everyone wanted to be around him. This was true. Anjali,

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this was true in Islam, in Jabalia, it was a lullaby that they would sing to their children when they would say, hey, look, man, I love you by the Most Merciful grace in the earth man, the way that Christ loves Earth man, so everyone loves him. So they cared about him. They recognize how hurt he was. And also last I saw him was the one who told her to stay back. And to accompany his wife Rokia, the daughter of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam because of her sickness and also loss, I'm still counted him from the veterans of beddit. But when Earth man went through this tragedy, he was extremely depressed all the time. And in fact, for two years Earth man would be extremely, you know,

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he would be extremely

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quiet in gatherings he would not be as social as he was before. Until the Prophet sallallahu wasallam he once came to earth model the Allahu anhu and he said, Yeah, Earth man, what's bothering you, Earth man, two years after he lost his wife and then lost this child and earth model and the Allahu taala. And who he said the death of Rokia and something else and the prophets lie so I'm selling What is that? And he said Jada saddam law in Qatar sad or quarter beaming can be multi ha, my relationship my tie to you, my my family tie to you has been cut by her death. At that moment. Look how truthful he wasn't what he said. jabril Ronnie is Salam comes to the Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam and he says, marry your daughter, Uncle film to Earth man with the same model that you married rakia to him. And so phenomenal. The Allahu anhu the new rain, the possessor of two lights, marry two daughters of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and that has never been done before. And even when she passed away, well, sola, sola lahardee was sometimes said, Yeah, man, if I had more daughters, if I had more daughters, even if I had 14 daughters, I would marry each and every single one of one to you, until each and every single one of them would die. Subhan Allah but he didn't have anyone else to marry to Earth man. Well, the Allahu taala I know, this was because of

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the modesty, the generosity, the benevolence of this great man will be allowed Thailand. And that's why, when our phenomenal the amount of Thailand who was assassinated when he was under siege, Allah subhanaw taala blessed him with with a vision of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and the prophets lie some informed Earth man on the day that he was fasting, that today, you're going to break your fast with me masala sly Salaam and avocat and Ahmad are the Allahu anhu ma and the highest level of genital for those and Subhana Allah, that is a beautiful distinction. What more could you want? So let's think about this quality. Again, I'll hire how modest are you? You know,

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the types of pictures that you have on Facebook? How modest are they? The type the way that you interact with people because as we see with Earth man, it's not just about being you know, it's not just about not showing off your looks. It's also about the way that you interact with people. It's about not being flirtatious, not being promiscuous, it's about not boasting. All of this is from the modesty of a Muslim and modesty is truly a branch of faith. So inshallah tada I hope that we will all try to incorporate this great characteristic, this great trait of modesty, that orthonormal the Allahu taala and who perfected and I asked Allah subhanaw taala to allow us to break our fast one

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day with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Abu Bakar with our Mother Earth man and Ali, and the great Sahaba and the family of the prophets. I send them in Jonathan for those Allah I mean, I'll see you all next week in sha Allah desert malachite on WhatsApp Mr. de como La Habra cattle

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