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The "light" in the Quran is important in shaping behavior and the potential outcomes of actions. The "come is the Day of mutual loss" meaning that both sides lose their reservation and Easter is the day of loss. The "come is the Day of loss" meaning that both sides are losing their reservation and Easter is the day of loss. The "come is the Day of loss" meaning that both sides are losing their reservation and Easter is the day of loss. The "come is the Day of loss" meaning that both sides are losing their reservation and Easter is the day of loss. The "come is the Day of loss" meaning that both sides are losing their reservation and Easter is the day of loss.

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All right

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah where Allah Allah He was happy at Marin salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu. Inshallah, continuing with our series titled illuminated where we look at many of the ayat many of the verses of the Quran, in which Allah subhanaw taala talks about the concept of a new light in illumination. Today in sha Allah, we're going to be looking at surah number 64, which is titled pseudo to Turabian. And what that exactly means we'll discuss in just a moment, the ayah that mentions nude is iron number eight, but to be able to fully understand and appreciate what Allah is saying here. And the significance of that light that Allah

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is talking about. We're going to be reading through is seven through nine. And that'll give us a full picture. In it number seven, Allah subhanaw taala says, Zach, I'm a Latina, Cafaro

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unless you've asked

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that those who disbelieve they assume, Zam, they are under the assumption they are under the impression they assume that they shall never be resurrected. Those who live in disbelief. Those who reject believing in Allah, those who don't want to grasp or even open themselves to the concept of faith and belief. And they ignored all the realities and all the reminders and all the signs around them, that they continue to live in this delusion, that they shall never be resurrected. Allah says to the prophets, Allah, the simple say to them, Bella, that quite the contrary, will not be led to the Astana sumela to not only be maddening to me and I swear by my Lord will not be I swear by my

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lord, I swear by Allah, indeed, you shall be resurrected. And then after being resurrected, you shall be made to answer for everything you've done in the life of the world. That you will have to answer you will be made aware and there what that implies is you will have to answer for what you've done. Whether Lika Allah Allah he is he and that is very easy for Allah to do to resurrect you to hold you accountable. Confess the Quran, Allah says be in it is that is no task for Allah.

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And so what can you do? Allah subhanaw taala says for um you know, verse number eight for Army no so belief believe believe in watch for Amina villa, he was truly believe in Allah and believe in the Messenger of Allah, when no real lady and Zelda and believe in the light that we have revealed that we have sent down this is referring to the Quran. So once again, as we've seen in some of the previous sessions, here, the word nude the concept of light, is an analogy is a metaphor for the Quran.

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Right that this is a light. With this, you can find your way. With this. You can see you can no you can see the truth.

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Well, luck will be my time. Aluna. Habib and Allah is fully aware of everything that you do. Now, here's the interesting part.

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That knowing how to live in this life, being able to see where you're going and what you're doing, to be able to make proper decisions and do the right thing. What is why why is that so important? And why is that so significant? Why does that matter? Yo, Mm hmm. Welcome, Leon will Jimmy the day that God shall gather all of you together on the day of the ultimate gathering,

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where all the human beings will be gathered together. And then Allah subhanaw taala says something very interesting. This is the only place in the Quran where this word is used. Allah says that Lika Yom would to hoblyn that is the day of the problem.

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And the scholars of the seed have discussed at length what this is word mean. The root of the word lovin quite literally means to deceive someone to cheat someone

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to cheat someone out of something, Robin

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and but this is the derivative of that call to Hall button, which usually implies

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Something happening on both sides a mutual action. Right? So if you have, you know, cotton it means to kill the cattle, or Makhachkala. It's like two people fighting each other trying to kill one another. Alright, so to Goblin, what does that exactly mean? So they explain the translation, a lot of times that's given is, it's a day, it translated in two ways, either just translated the day of mutual loss, where both sides will have lost something.

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Or the second translation is that it implies both sides of the transaction, it is the day of loss, and the day of gain, the day of loss and gain. Now, what does that mean? Why is the Day of Judgment being called The Day of mutual loss. And what's really remarkable and fascinating about that? Is that in the Quran, Allah or in the Hadith of the Prophet salallahu, alayhi wasallam.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us that

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people will, there is a place that is reserved, potentially, in the name of every single person who has ever created in paradise. And there's similarly a place reserved, in the fire of hell, in the name of each and every single person that was ever created.

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And what what what will happen is on the Day of Judgment, those who attained salvation, those who are entered into paradise,

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their spot in Hell

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will basically be given to someone who is doomed to hell. And that person who is doomed to hell, his spot in Paradise is essentially being allocated to the person who attained salvation. So figuratively speaking, both sides lost their reservation, obviously, right? The people in hell, they really lost something, they lost their reservation and paradise. The people in paradise, they technically lost their reservation, no, but that's a good thing. But this is figurative language. That was stupid to leave. Right? This is kind of, you know, the rhetoric of the Arabic language. So it's called The Day of mutual loss, both sides are giving up or one side is giving up its

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reservation, and the other is losing its reservation.

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And it's a profound thing to tinker, to think about this, that Allah subhanaw taala is telling us that we have the potential each and every single human being has the potential to end up in paradise. That's why there's a reservation for you there.

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And similarly, every human being it is a possibility

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that they could end up in the fire of hell. And that's why there's a reservation in your name there.

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And now it's on us for Army know Billahi rasool Allah he will know the lady and Sunnah believe in Allah.

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Obey Allah.

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Be devoted to Allah, worship Allah, what are SULI he believes in the Messenger of Allah, follow in the footsteps of the Messenger of Allah strive to be like the Prophet of Allah, when naughty lady and Sunnah, and believe in the Quran, that is a beacon of light, believing it, read it, study it, know it, practice it.

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And if you do that, you will realize your full potential,

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and you will avoid that terrible possibility.

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The second meaning of this stuff out one is loss and gain,

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that someone lost something and someone else gained something and that meaning makes a makes, you know, a lot of sense. And we can kind of infer from that what that means. But there are some very fascinating narrations of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, in a hadith of sahih, Muslim, the prophets Allah the salam, he asked him, whatever the Allahu Jalon, who says the prophets are some asked that money mirthless, who is bankrupt, who is truly bankrupt,

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and the Companions you know, they said Allah and His Messenger know best and he said, No, you told me. So he said that someone who doesn't have any wealth, someone who possesses nothing, and the prophets a lot he said him said that the bankrupt person of my alma,

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the mufflers of my OMA is the person who will come on the day of judgment and you will have a mound of good deeds.

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Right this person prayed and read Quran and gave charity and did a lot of good. But what happened? That the person they had rancor and hatred towards someone

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that person

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back a bit that person was backbiting about someone, that person was gossiping about someone, that person was taking away someone's right. That person violated somebody's wealth encroached on their personal property.

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And they harmed someone, etc. All these complaints will be made against that person. And all of these people will gather up, there'll be like a riot.

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people shouting and screaming. Because he has his mountain of good deeds, it seems like he's on his way to Paradise. And these people will gather around yelling and screaming and shouting, we want our right we want our right

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and Allah subhanaw taala

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will say today's the day of justice,

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you want to have one

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right, someone will lose something and someone will gain something appropriately.

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And what will happen Allah subhanaw taala will say that start giving away his good deeds to them, his reward to them to compensate them, they deserve that compensation. It is only fair only just and all of his good deeds will start to be distributed until he is left with nothing.

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And then when all those people are done, when all of his good deeds are done, and they're still people shouting and yelling and screaming for their rights, then Allah will say no take their burdens, their sins, their darkness, they gave away all of his light, and now take their darkness and Pilate on top of him.

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And where this person started off with this mountain of good will be buried under a mountain of darkness, the day of loss and the day of gain.

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In a hadith of Sahih Bukhari the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says that whoever owes anyone anything in the life of this world,

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you should discharge it now you should take care of it now you should seek forgiveness for it now.

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Otherwise, there is no money. No, there are him no Dan and Eve. There is no wealth, there is no currency, there's no money, that will absolve you that can set off your liabilities in the life of the hereafter. The people who you owe something to will be given your good deeds in lieu of the wrong you did to them. And when the good deeds are exhausted, the sins will be piled on the oppressor, the person who did wrong

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and in another very beautiful narration. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, like Allah, Allah, I have done

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that on the Day of Judgment, every single person, when they meet Allah, when they stand before Allah, when they stand for judgment and reckoning in front of Allah, Elana demon,

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everyone will have regret.

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Every one will regret something when they stand in front of Allah.

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It makes it in kanimozhi and Illa Musa.

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If the person was sinful, only did bad, then of course, it makes sense why that person will regret because he'll regret that he didn't do good when Dan Messina.

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But what if the person didn't do good?

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The person did a lot of good. What does he have to regret? What does she have to regret? In the process? Some says ilang yesterday,

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that person will regret that I didn't do more.

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The person will regret Subhanallah that I didn't do more. We talked about it just you know, a few sessions ago that the people in paradise, they while enjoying themselves in paradise, the bliss, the eternal bliss of Jana, they're going to look up and they'll see things sparkling.

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And there'll be people of such a high level in Jannah, sitting in their balconies enjoying the look like stars shining to these people in paradise. And the people in Paradise will look up and say who are those people? Those must be the prophets

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and the prophets a lot and there'll be told that no, no. Those are people who showed loyalty and obedience to aliveness messengers allottees and so Allah subhanaw taala tells us believe in Allah believe in the Messenger of Allah and internalize the Quran, soak that light of the Quran into you and let it guide you. Because there's a day coming the day of loss in the day of gain. May Allah subhanaw taala make us amongst the people who will gain May Allah protect us from being the people who will lose on that day. I mean, we are blind I mean, Subhan Allah who will be Humpty he's from Hannah Columbia Hambrick. Nashua. ILAHA. illa Anta Sophia one or two we'll take

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just a quick announcement in sha Allah.

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A couple of things. Number one is

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that on Wednesday Insha Allah, we will be completing the recitation of the Quran and salata, taraweeh. So we'll have a DUA and supplication for the completion of the Quran so we request you to join us on the day in sha Allah. We have the nightly program going on for the last 10 nights here every night starting at midnight, with some reflections and then after that some prayer, so we invite you to join us for that as well. And lastly, and finally in sha Allah in these blessings last 10 nights as you are here and benefiting and enjoying and inshallah as you're departing, please support the work that we are doing here. Just like my location was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.