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Jannah Gems #13 – The Levels of Fasting

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Haifaa Younis

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There's three levels of fasting. Now I'm getting spiritually, there's three levels of fasting. There's the ordinary, the special, and the special, special, ordinary fasting, everybody will do it, which is the stomach fasting, we're going to stay away from food and drink, and the marital relationship, fasting on the special. You and I, your ob, I mean, let's hope and pray and ask Allah to give us this one. This fasting is actually when you stay away from every home, every home, in in speech and actions and seeing in hearing in everything. And you do everything a lot wants you to do so you do all the obligations, and you stay away from all the harm. So fasting from the Haram that's

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the special special of the special soul housel hawas. May Allah subhanaw taala give it to us. That's when you all your focus throughout the whole Ramadan, throughout the whole fasting is on Allah only. You don't focus on anything else. ask Allah these may be very difficult for people but ask Allah Subhana Allah, he will be able to give you this if I start by doing my first one, the ordinary good. And I start gradually moving away from the haoran focusing and doing only the obligations and I'm begging him to give me this one moment where I am not thinking about anything else but when subpoena I will get there in short lock be in the law