Reflections On The Morroco Earthquake and Flood in Libya

Mohamad Baajour


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The speaker discusses theics and theics, emphasizing the importance of trusting oneself and respecting others. They mention a recent flood that hit their city and theics about theics and theics. They stress the importance of knowing one's power and weaknesses to determine one's success and potential for disaster, and emphasize the importance of support for people who need support. They also discuss the impact of a recent flood on the town of Nine Hundred in Nigeria, emphasizing the importance of knowing one's power and weaknesses to determine one's success and potential for disaster.

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But today I want to give just some reflections about

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the earthquake in Morocco and the flooding in, in Libya.

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Few few lessons first.

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As believers,

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nothing, nothing that takes place in our life, without the permission of Allah azza wa jal. Every house that God destroyed was with the permission of Allah, every soul that was lost was with the permission of Allah azza wa jal was with the permission of the Most Merciful was with the permission of the one who has more mercy on us than our father and our mother. It was with the permission of the only one who knows the Unseen. It was with the permission of the one who said, what Allah Who Yeah, and I'm one to let Allah Moon and the one who said, Allah knows and you do not know.

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Nothing, nothing happened in our life without his permission. That canceled that you have that son that you lost that sickness that you're going through that poverty, that job that you lost, that operation that you are going to do. Everything is with the permission of Allah azza wa jal, that's why Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, the matter of the believer is amazing. If something good happens to him, he is grateful and he will be rewarded. And if something evil happened to him, he is patient, and he will be rewarded. And that is only for the believer. Think what do the non believers do? Or the lack of belief the ones who have lack of belief, when they have

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so much good, they go extravagant, gambling, drugs, alcohol, and when they are hit with even they commit suicide, but not the believer. That's number one. Remember that everything that took place, like Rasulillah Salam said, if all mankind and all Jinn kind they all gather to harm you was something that Allah decree did not decree, it will never happen. So whatever happened is with the permission of Allah azza wa jal, and we have so much trust in Allah, because he only only decrees higher even though to us, it looks like a catastrophe. But in Allah subhanaw taala is decree it's always clear. That's number one, number two

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Subhanallah all these things come every once in a while

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to show us how weak we are. And how strong is Allah azza wa jal yeah Allah and tell kawaii when not to Alpha Lake. Yola, you are the Almighty, and we are so weak, when you know how weak you are. And you know how powerful Allah subhanaw taala your DUA will completely change. Number three.

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That's a major lesson. Yeah, one

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hour life could change

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in a fraction of a second.

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Do you think the people of Libya or the people of Morocco know that there was a

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earthquake or a flood?

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One day they woke up in the morning, everything's gone.

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Everything's gone. 1000s of people lost? What does that mean? That means we are just like, we are sitting here comfortably with the aircondition carpet, brother next to you, you're going home safely. You're not thinking about nothing. This is exactly what happened one night before the flood. This is exactly what happened one night before the earthquake, right.

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So please, I beg you telling me what guarantee you have that this is not going to happen to us a tornado or a hurricane or tsunami. What is it? So what does that mean? Be ready? Be ready. Tonight could be my last night. Tonight could be my last night. How many people we know they slept and they never woke up? Which brings me to the next point.

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There are people in one household in the same household.

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They do not talk to each other.

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Can you imagine the feeling when this guy woke up and he doesn't talk to his brother in the same household? And he woke up and his brother has gone in the flood.

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How much regret does he have? I wish he could come back just to give him one hug. Tell him I'm sorry to bring peace back together.

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Crying on your shoulder when he is alive is way much better than weeping on his grave.

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Make amends, fix things between each other. A brother came to me. A sister came to me. I haven't spoken to my husband for four

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or months in the same household, same house. They don't talk to each other for four months husband and wife. What is it? What could that possibly be? That made such

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no communication in the same household? Wallah he no matter what it is, it's not worth it. Wake up all these things. This is Libya. This is Morocco. This is Burma. This is Subhanallah we have so much arrogance. No no no no play no no taxes. Nothing here.

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That a bustle wait.

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This This lesson is not only for Libya. This lesson is not only for Morocco, this lessons for every single Muslim on earth. And the last point Subhanallah

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This is just like a test for them with what they lost. It's a test for me and you What are you going to do?

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What are you going to do?

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How many of us should adhere last night for the sake of Libya?

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Your job because this is Islam Rasul Allah I sent him said we are all supposed to be like one body, one body, if one part of the body is aching, the whole body sleepless who was sleepless yesterday, who look how far we are. Who wants sleep this yesterday? Who

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Subhan Allah and for Susannah to say that and the Sahaba feeling that they know what he's talking about. So yeah, when I don't want you to go sleepless, all I want is to please a sincere from the bottom of your heart, sincerely, from the bottom of your heart and do not belittle your DUA who am I to make? No, make a sincere to Allah Ya Allah save them. Ya Allah accept him in the shahada, Ya Allah Ya Allah. Imagine 1 billion Muslims making dua for them. And with all this luxury, and all this money that ALLAH blessed us with, on your way out, or any organization that you know, help financially, what is the $100 or $50 $200 is gonna go do to us, but it might do some change to

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others. So please, support support your brothers, number one because of the reo brothers, and number two,

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because we might reach a day that we need support, don't let's get rid of that arrogance we might need there might come a day that we will need support. And because we supported our brothers and sisters and hamdulillah nobody has a word about this community because we are always supporting everybody in sha Allah to Allah when we need support Allah with some of those people to support us.

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In Allah Mussolini now almost Lima de one meaning I will not Mina the one on et now I look on it the more slowly again I was saw the bond the one saw the Rena was Slavia rod the one before she you know before she

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was before she I mean I want to call her she is the one downside BP now one downside the party was slow on me and I was all in

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one heavy Lena photo gentlemen, one half the awardee was good enough to get on. What's going on. I don't know who

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