Nouman Ali Khan – Ramadan 2021- Qur’anic Expression #14

Nouman Ali Khan
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We're live on 109. Here again with you with another episode of learning something from Dr. Samuels book a tabula rasa Ronnie.

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We talked yesterday about super plurals, right? Yeah. Sometimes in in Arabic on classical Arabic, the thing itself is not a super floral, the way you describe it could be super or lesser. Okay, so the adjective could be super or less, or so to, let's go to the screen, I'll show you an English

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version of that. So you have an idea of what I'm saying. Because that sounds odd. If I say, for example, blue cars,

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blue cars, right.

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Now, it may be that the word cars is still cars. But the way that they said blue can tell you that this one is way more,

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they can have a super plural way of describing using the word blue. And that's telling you you're talking about way more cars. Okay? So this is actually another really neat feature of Arabic, that even by the way, something is being described, you can tell more of them are being talked about. Okay?

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And there are, there's another way of using the word blue, hypothetically, that if you use that you're talking about something that's very little.

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So there's a maximum,

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you know, plural Miss Maximus, and Pluribus minimus, like there's I made that up, but a plural that or an adjective, even that tells you that this plural is way more, and the other one is way less, even though the word blue has nothing to do with more or less. Okay, but that's just another quality of the Arabic language. So for those of you that are somewhat familiar with Arabic,

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I'll show you an example in Arabic.

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So if I say for example, photo one,

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photo one, and I say a Lima tone.

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This means great books.

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And if I say couteau, one,

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Avi Martin. Okay, I use the feminine floral pattern, right? This also means actually great books, but it's lesser

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and kotoba socoto. The word is written identically pronounced identically, it's just the adjective when the feminine world got used, that actually refers to lesser, okay? So you have a there are two times in the Quran that Allah talked about the way that we're gonna apply this to the prod now, there are two times in the Quran, Allah talks about the Israelites, or the people of the book that

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were saying things that aren't true about Allah was the way Allah will deal with everyone on Judgement Day. So a lot of things were changed in the previous scripture, according to the Muslims. And one of the things that was changed was what is actually going to happen on Judgement Day. And one of the things that they started believing was that even because they thought of themselves as true believers, so if true believers, even if God decided to put them in *, it won't be for that long.

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So they won't be there forever. Okay, so even if they go, it's not going to be for that long cycle weekend. Yeah, it's like a weekend a few days, you know, we can have her arm you know, we can have like one good a good equation. Yeah. So or a life of her arm and a weekend and john them was more like it. Right. So in one place, they describe Allah. Allah quoted them for what they say they say, learn Thomason and now Illa Yama, Medina actually, because this is a quote, it brings up another issue that a lot of you asked about quotes, so I'll talk about that today, too. So Len Thomason. anaru illa yaman mardu da. You see that the Tamar Buta here.

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A Yabba. Duda here means I'll make some space here. It means limited.

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Why can't I type anymore? It's all white.

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Limited days. But yeah, man Duda limited days, the fire will not touch us. Except a limited few days. Okay, limited days. And the limited here is actually bigger.

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Meaning it's limited but not that limited.

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And then another place now is an excellent idea. Everyone, learn to master the narrow illa yaman medu da Ting. You see the instead of madu datain or Yama do that and it's gonna do that and it's the feminine plural form right?

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So this is again, limited days, but limited is actually way more limited.

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Okay, so in one place, they're saying the same thing, but here they're saying that it's going to be a few days. Maybe not that few. Okay, and here there's a Yeah, totally just a few days. So, what's the difference? The difference is here, Allah is talking about the Israel light knowledgeable ones. He says women who me you over let's go further, actually know 70 from 78 onwards, for way too little Latina actor mood and kitabi ad him then the worst pain of * belongs is worthy or rightfully deserved by those who write the book meaning Allah's book with their own hands, author it with their own hands. So my Aqua Luna has Amina and they lie then they say this is from Allah Himself. Li

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ashtar will be here feminine kalila so they can sell it off for a small pathetic price. For weigela home in Makkah Tabata ad him, then terrible * is for them, because of what their hands wrote. Well wait, Allah homie, my xe boon. And terrible * is for them, because of what they're earning. Meaning they are changing what the word of Allah says. Just so they can be more popular, and it can be more acceptable to people who want the religion to be changed. And they do it and then they say, no, this is not us talking. This is God talking. This is what it actually says. And they do this unknowingly or knowingly, they do this knowingly, and they know they're selling or selling out the

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the book of Allah that they have, and they're committing this crime against Allah, because it's making them more popular, and it's getting them income. Right. And deep down inside, they know what they're doing well, homie on the moon, and they have they fully know. And because they fully know, even when they say even they think, yeah, okay, yeah, we are messed up. And the love will put us in Hellfire, but I mean, not forever limited days, but even because they know, they can't even get themselves to say limited in a more limited way.

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It's like somewhere in their, in their, their conscience that they've suppressed so much is still letting them know, it's gonna be bad. But they're, they're suppressing it. And this is very telling, because this is

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it's not just a grammatical little nuance, it's telling us something very powerful about psychology, sometimes somebody is doing something wrong, and they know they're doing something wrong. But by doing something wrong, they're getting some kind of a benefit. Either it's out of the satisfaction of getting revenge against somebody, or it's getting them popularity, or it's elevating their social status, or it's making the money something, they're doing something wrong, but it's bringing them some kind of benefit. Right? Something's coming their way. So part of them realize is what I'm doing, I'm gonna pay for it. This is gonna be this, I'm getting in trouble with Allah because what

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I'm doing, and I know it, I know better. But they suppress that part of the of what Allah they know, Allah will do. And they rewire it and say, Yeah, I know, it's gonna be bad. But I mean, how bad could it be? Right? So they're not dismissing it. But they're trying to minimize the seriousness of it as best as possible to be able to live with themselves and more importantly, to be able to continue to do the wrong that they're doing. This is a way of someone rationalizing, justifying their own wrongdoing. Right.

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But it still doesn't. This is a less way of saying even your conscience is still poking at you. And on Judgement Day that conscience will testify against you. I was trying to tell you, you kept suppressing me now I get to speak against you limit on 21 Alena, right, also what why are Why are you the human being will say on Judgement Day, Why are my hand speaking against me? Why is my tongue speaking against me? Why am I speaking against me? even maybe even our minds are going to speak against us? And then we're going to say the conscious will say, why are you speaking against us? Well, we're gonna, the one who gave everything a power to speak, give us a power to speak. Actually,

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these hands were designed only to obey Allah. And we then Allah handed us the remote control to use them however we want. Right? But then he's going to take out remote control away on judgment day, and these hands will be entirely only belonging to Allah again. And then they will just say Allah, I was made to obey you, but this person made me disobey you using these using me. It wasn't my fault. It was this person's fault. Right so our bodies will realize how much we don't own them on Judgement Day when our own the our limbs, our muscles are going to speak out against us for the way we misuse them.

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Anyway, so May Allah protect us from that day and forgive us for our mistakes. So then the other side and I'm Tara Illa Latina una ceiba mineral Kitab Didn't you see those who are given a portion from the book? You're the owner meaning they don't have they don't have a lot of knowledge they have some understanding. You're the owner. You're lucky that Qatar Villa heliacal Marina home, they are being called to Allah's books so it can judge between them. So Maria tawanda Faria, caminho Mohammadi loon, then a group among them just turns away and ignore it completely.

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In other words, they never took the learning seriously to begin with.

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So the previous group was, they know it themselves, they author it themselves, they teach it to others, they sell it off to others, this group commits a completely different crime. They know some things about their religion. And they're like, that's enough. I don't need to know more. And the moment they're being told more, they're like, Can you not I'm not that serious. You know, first of all, you guys are just way too conservative. You guys are just way too ultra religious. And you just want to just slap me with the book and these verses and these, you know, these proofs of yours, because everything's Haram, right? Because you know what it is, even if we did go to *, God's

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loving, he's so merciful, that he will not the fire won't touch us, except for even really few days, they are far more confident in how limited punishment will be, because they refuse to learn. And they're very good at ignoring the teachings to begin with. Either the first group knows the teachings well, and then edits them and sells them off. So they at least they know better. So it can be in there or it does the words don't come out easily out of them that it's going to be a few days. So they don't get to say Matt do that. They say Matt Duda, but this group is so oblivious, yet I wonder for the commonwell mortally wound, they're deliberately ignoring it. Like, and this is

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describing another group, another type of person. And Allah describes these types of people so we can learn something about ourselves, I can learn something about me, you can learn something about you. Which kind of person am I becoming? Or do I have some glimpses of this kind of person or this kind of person? What is this kind of person? This is the kind of person that says, Yeah, I mean, growing up, we knew some things about Islam. I know what's helot in her arm? It's not like nobody knows, right? But I don't know the exact verse to quote, I don't know Arabic. I don't know exactly where this comes from. And you know, I'm pretty good. I have a pretty good idea that what I'm doing

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maybe wrong, but the moment somebody might try to show me why how wrong it is, and open up this book. What am I going to do yet Oh, Allah, you call me home, Omar, we don't turn their back, turn away, a group among them. And the word group was really important here too, because a lot of times, it's not you who's turning away, but you belong to a group, where the thing to do is to mock religion was the thing to do is to get away from any kind of reminder, right? That's not your thing. That's not what you do with your boys. Or that's how you would use your crew. Right? Or in your circle. That's just too extreme. And so it's better for you to just ignore it. And the only time you

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want to talk about God is God is so merciful. I mean, he I know he loves me so much. And you know, people just keep talking about *, it's so depressing. And even if he did put anybody in *, he couldn't put them forever. Just be even if I did go, it'll be just for a limited time because he knows how much I love him. Right? So you want to just come up with your own version of what and it may be true Allah loves you. Of course it is true. And it's also true, Allah doesn't want to punish you, but you don't get to take those truths. And then, you know, smudge, doubt the word of Allah and erase it and ignore it and just hold on to but I know Allah loves me. That's you lying to yourself.

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Right? And so, then it can be unknown carniolan toamasina narrow Illa Yama, Mehrdad Vergara Humphrey Dini, him McConnell yesterday, what a what a remarkable conclusion. And in their religion, the things they made up themselves, kept deceiving them.

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What a way to end Araya, like Allah is telling us exactly what these people are doing. They're taking a truth within their religion, within their Deen and they're allowing their truth to deceive them, which is a profound thing to realize for a person. Right? It's a really heavy thing to realize that you don't have to be deceived by a lie. You can be deceived by a partial truth.

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As it does, it's a pretty important thing to know. Like, we Allah is merciful. Allah is loving. That's the truth. But holding on to that truth at the expense of all the other truth Allah has given now you're holding on to a partial truth because this partial truth makes you feel better allows you to be allows me to be complacent, allows me to carry on doing the wrong that I'm doing.

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Right? Yeah. And then the other extreme is what do you want me to think Allah is gonna throw me in * no, Allah will not throw you in *, but you have to make changes.

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You don't get to play games with Allah's religion and hold on to one thing and ignore the other and and tell yourself a false story. And you can, you can certainly do that as the ISS, you can ignore the book, and when they are presented when they're called to the book of Allah, no, no, I don't need to learn the book of Allah, I already know Allah pretty well myself. alone, I have a special connection. Okay, well, if you have a special connection, I guess the book of Allah is irrelevant for you. It's for the rest of us fools. Right? That this is the attitude. And this attitude is very toxic. It's very, very dangerous. You know, what's even crazier? These two groups, right? One group

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was they know a lot, and they're corrupt. And the other group is they don't know. And they don't want to know, and they're falling into corruption. And they feed each other. That's the crazy part. So the people that don't want to know say, Look at all those corrupt people. That's why I don't want to learn. So they use them as an excuse to not, you know, change themselves or learn anything. Because you know, most people, they sell the word of Allah, and they do this, and then they make up stuff all the time, you will also follow them. No thanks. I think I'm better off on my own. So they use the example of the corrupt, knowledgeable, to justify themselves being away from Allah word,

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right? And then on the flip side, those who sell the word of Allah, what do they do they want to cater to some of these people, and then tell give them a version of the religion that doesn't actually question the wrong that they're doing. So they could just continue to feel good about themselves and stayed, stay drugged up. You know, like literally turning the religion into the opiate of the masses. That's That's how that's done. Right? So this is why these two diseases, like religious psychology diseases are identified in the Quran, and really beautifully, just embedded in the two different kinds of plurals that got used tells us a lot about how they think, look, people

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that don't know any better are much more confident about judgment day for some reason, right? They're just, they're much more bold. mela not make us you know, ignorant and bold and, you know, delusional about what's going to happen on Judgement Day. We all beg for Allah's mercy. None of us are good enough. None of us are, you know, are. We've done enough? doba we've asked for enough forgiveness or we've shown him enough gratitude. We're all trying, but let's make a sincere effort to be loyal to Allah His book, and to not turn our backs to it when it's when we're being called to it barakallahu li walakum phylloquinone Hakim one of our annual iacobelli it was the summer come

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guys, have a good day Ramadan. guadec. Remember, do your best and

by Dr. Fadel Saleh Al-Samerai

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