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Rahmani Raheem

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in Al Hamdulillah Hina boohooman a star in a stock photo on our auto Villa Himanshu Rory and fusina means a tiara Marley Melina manga de Longfellow moody Lala. One a little further had Yella wash How do I live?

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In la ma de hula Sheree Keller wash How do annamma hamedan dumaresq solo

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I'm about to fire in Stockwell de kita Bula Hyrule head Jihad you Mohammed in sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam was Sharon ohmori mo to her wakulla Desert in with our wakulla with art in dollar Latin wakulla dollar Latina rubbish euro Holly sorry, your silly Emery. Well Hello Dr. Tammy Lisa Nia who co lead

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of the praising Allah Subhana Allah

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and beginning this journey

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of revitalizing Eman

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and inshallah hopefully trying to remain steadfast

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what could be classified as either minor days or fitten.

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And for some of us, major days of fitten

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even though we know that the real Fitton if you read compilations of ahaadeeth

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like Mr. Muslim, say you find Kitab will fit in the book of Fitton and other such alemayehu compiled works talking about the end of time and a fit and that human beings will face.

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And for many of us,

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we tend to perceive that the fit in at the moment are major tribulations.

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And this is really a perspective of one's Dean, the weaker ones he man, the week will be the fifth now the fitting and many people will crumble over these minor fitting, which have been classified, classified by many of the learner in the arena that we live in at the moment that for some of us petty remarks,

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Petty actions

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will make us crumble.

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And so we need to return back to focus upon what Sal said that Allah de la he Subhana Allah, ways of remaining steadfast

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steadfast upon the deen of Allah Subhana Allah.

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Remember the human being

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has been created by nature, to go through various changes, whether it be the physical changes from the beginning of being a baby, or before that being known.

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And then developing to become the human being.

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The man is full of change. The human being is full of change.

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The environment around us begins to change as well.

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Nothing is ever constant even a man fluctuates, it changes

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and thus we've been encouraged inside the center to find that when your Eman falls when it comes down, try to find your Eman to be constant upon the Quran and the Sunnah, because many young individuals have a great zeal and great passion.

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And then they begin to fall and when they fall. They've plummet all the way down and give up everything that they had gained before. So once you'd find the wave alesana in the middle, boca de la caja Mata Masato, we made you the mid the nation the just nation. Don't go to one extreme of being overzealous and don't go to the other extreme of giving up your deen and turning away from the path of Allah Subhana Allah

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and at times the obstructions the trials are placed there to begin to find out who are the real devotees of a loss of Canada Allah.

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Remember, even the non Muslims they face certain challenges on a daily basis. What keeps them going?

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Is it the the end light at the end of the tunnel that you find? And we know that the light for them is a prestige, the honor, the dignity, the position, the status, the rank which is given to them, the wealth to fame, that is something that gives them that energy, that boost of Eman linguistically to carry on their tasks to gain what they want to gain from this dunya

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and even when it comes to times of affliction and hardship, remember, they have courageous individuals as well who will be focused

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as the Quran documents for inom Yella Muna kimata the moon they face affliction and pain just like you face affliction and pain but different

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Between the Muslim Ummah and those individuals is what our June Amina Mahima, your June, when you aspire for to gain and want from Allah Subhana Allah is different from what they want to gain. As you mentioned, their perception is a gaining of the dunya. So what keeps them focus?

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And why don't we, on many occasions lose that focus?

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Remember, the more that you burn gold, the more it becomes purified. The more you shine a diamond the more it sparkles. The more you test a believer, the more firm he becomes in his or her email. That is the science of Islam that these people are trying to discover. That what keeps these people so preserved and keeps them upon perseverance and focus and focus and devotion towards Allah Subhana Allah. So for us being a Muslim, even if you are an average Muslim, you have to face the trials and temptations. Living in this country living in the West, one always has to be the state of struggling of observing their prayers, observing their Islamic rights and regulations, sticking to the handle

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and avoiding the Haram. That's all of us. You cannot classify it's only for a learned individual that they will face certain trials and tribulations with somebody who may know the book of Allah Subhana Allah, I'm just an average Muslim. Now every single Muslim will face the fitten will face trials and tribulations will face a concept of trying to find out are you really deserving to be called people of Eman? Do you really live up to the title of being a believer? And that's defined inside the beginning of sort of the anchor booth? The 29 Chapter The Quran Alif Lam? Meem has he been nice when your Roku and your Hulu and voila, you've done what are called photon? melodien?

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amicably him do you perceive to say that you say you believe and you will not be tested? Indeed we did test the people before you for a lemon Allah Hola, Dena Sadako a lemon and Kathy Dean. So we may discover Allah Subhana Allah May highlight who are the truthful ones, and those individuals who are the liars. That's what a man is all about. To find out if there is real conviction inside your heart, and that is the prestige and honor that was given to the companions is not the throttle,

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aka throttle amyl excessive action, while I can mail Walker have equal obey Him, but that which entered into the heart to give them that devotion and commitment towards Allah Subhana Allah by qualifying such a yet inside sort of Baccarat while a number one condition in mental health, he will do every one of us in Middle America. We'll have to see what's the Murat, Baba Shira savarin and levena. EDA sabato masiva called in India he were in India he Roger on, we will test you for your loss of your lives. You sold your property, the fruits, people around you, you'll be tested by Allah Subhana Allah, those are the real individuals who when they face that calamity, that loss, they say

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to Allah Subhana Allah we belong and to Him we will return. So that's a package of being a Muslim, and believing in Allah Subhana Allah. And as you find even at stages, it became difficult for the ambia became difficult for them that they even made such statements if you look at the beginning of sort of Baccarat, and hasim to entertain agenda do you perceive to just enter into paradise? as many firsts that we think when a Marriott Tikka Masala Dena Holloman? publikum has not the parable for those people that came before you must settlement that sir was Dora was Zulu. Hector akula Rasulullah Dena Romero Mehta, Nasrallah, Allah international law he carried, you find that they were

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afflicted with adversities, calamities, hardships was Zulu, and the earth was shaken underneath them. And what happened in until even the messenger states had the akula rhassoul. Until the messenger even states were letting me no matter what and as for law, when when the victory of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah in natural law, he called him indeed the victory of Allah Subhana Allah is very close. Imagine this is the message and making the statement and the belief is around him. Today you find that people begin to highlight, take the law into their own hand. The power of Islam is a long journey.

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indeed this path is a long path, a long journey to Allah Subhana Allah. There were many trials and tribulations till eventually one comes to the end to meet Allah Subhana Allah. But a secret is your efforts will not go to waste. Because many people think they have to get to the end. They have to reach the fruits in their life. Allah subhanaw taala on many occasions destiny for individuals never to see the fruits in this world. They will come at a later stage, the fruits of the data of Ibrahim Ali Salaam, the days that we just went through

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He made the application that empty barren land. Did he asked last time and why are you telling me to pray in this empty land? Billions have responded to that. To that, to that call was dean fineness call out to mankind to come to the Hajj upon every lean camel. And what is the response today you find millions of performing that Hajj. So likewise today the way of the Muslim is just to give the quote Allah Subhana, Allah hickmott Allah He barely harness the wisdom of Allah Subhana Allah, and the fruits are preserved and presented in this dunya then that's something full of goodness and higher. If not, then the journey continues, continues towards Allah Subhana Allah because a believer

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remembers when are bookable lemonly abhi YOLO does not oppress the believers, the servants.

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Likewise, Womack and Allahu llyod our email nakoma last time to not let your Eman go to waste. Here Be mana, a Salah your prayers, but likewise the wider meaning every action that you do will not go to waste. Don't lose hope. Don't fret, don't despair. Don't give up, don't become frustrated, as many young individuals they do. continue the journey towards Allah Subhana Allah and he will show you the fruits of your actions either in this life or even when you've been lifted away by Allah Subhana Allah. So the current tests and obstacles that you find and nothing but to highlight those individuals who remain steadfast and firm upon the deen of Allah Subhana Allah. Some individuals

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what they begin to do is they flee away from Allah Subhana Allah. But the Quran highlights the opposite for Pharaoh Illa Allah flee to Allah Subhana Allah so times of affliction and difficulties. This The science is not to give up your deen to waver away the science is to return back and flee back to Allah Subhana Allah. And that's the whole theme of this conference. We ask Allah to make it successful for all of us in sha Allah. Is that simple Hadith that you find a lot with Allah de called COVID Allah Gemma,

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the one who is going to be holding on to his Deen a time will come holding on to his Deen it will be like holding on to hot coal.

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And if you study the signs of hot coal, that is very difficult to grasp that inside your hand. That is how difficult it will become for the individual to remain stagnant and firm upon their Deen.

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Obviously, that's something fearful. But at the same time we remember that the Prophet Mohammed some came between giving the Nazir and giving the Bushra the glad tidings and as we know from the science of the Quran as well for reuse for enamels reuse or after every hardship they will come ease after every hardship they will come ease. So once you pass the test of difficulties, there will be ease presented upon you likewise in the Hadith world and number three you know for a fact that when difficulty comes easy, they both put together a couple together after the difficulty will come to ease but obviously many of us when we're getting to that time of difficulty, we turn away thus you

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find that the work works of the relevant talking about so many benefits in for many of us will make into it the law he Subhana Allah as a mobile payment Josie a highlights a famous student of chef Sammy Tamia you making the app and your fruits are ripening. The fruits are about to ripen to such a degree they're about to fall upon you that is

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but man out of st journal out of hastiness grabs a fruit before it's about to drop down into his hand gives up hope. That's what many of us have become we give up hope very quickly.

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We give up hope we think that there must be a quick solution. There is no quick solution in Islam, there is no quick fix. It's a long, long path towards Allah Subhana Allah, the path of the Prophet Muhammad's Allah Allah subhanho wa Salatu was document for me, this is the path of Allah Subhana Allah and follow that path. And according to this verse, inside circle and and as I mentioned about the lead, you must read the profit margin you drew a long line and said this is the power of Islam. And on these are the shorter paths that you find you find at the end of them nothing but the devil waiting there, there is other short paths that people will call towards. And sometimes there may

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even be a new noble cause or mesmerize individuals. By the end of that path will be nothing but the devil waiting there for the individual. Likewise we'll come on we find Surya Allahu badassery Nusra and the the last time that I will place ease after every single difficulty. So remove me needs to believe in the in these areas that they will be ease given for the individual after times of difficulty. And thus this dunya and in the hereafter. Allah Subhana Allah gives this privilege to certain individuals, you submit to lava levena M and OB only said bt will hire to dunya Farah, Allah kind of make is that of certain individuals will only serve it with the affirm statement or

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eliminate the first seed highlight colusa bit, the man Allah Allah and Allah will remain upon the lead remain upon the oneness, glorifying Allah Subhana Allah according to the way of Allah

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Can you remain firm upon that, and I'm not trying to give you is bad in this world, you will be firm upon that belief. And likewise inside the era when you return back to Allah Subhana Allah when you do not have volley meanwhile you have Alibaba and a lot have done a census trade that oppresses the people doing wrong, the wrongdoers we have a logo on your shirt and a lot of panda does whatever they say it's his majesty. Subhana Allah, no one can question unless panda Allah, well whom use alone not even the messengers can question Allah Subhana Allah, everyone will be asked, no one can ask Allah Subhana Allah, that is the wisdom of Allah Subhana Allah certain traits that begin to take

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place in his Muslim oma and we studied in great detail. If I nothing but higher and goodness. For us we find the human perception that we see harm bloodshed, calamities, earthquakes, tribulations taking place. When you look straight through them, you find a greater focus of how many individuals begin to return back to Allah Subhana Allah become devotees of Allah Subhana Allah. In today's language, you find the focus of Hajj when you find millions attend to Hajj. If a small percentage are crushed, or they die, even though that's a form of being a Shaheed or being a martyr, in that state a few 100 a day. If you placed that percentage in the millions that go there. It's not even

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point 000 1% probably doesn't mean much that they've been lifted. They've been taken away. So Mike was if a few individuals go through hardships but 1000s returned back to the deen of Allah Subhana Allah 1000 begin to flock back begin to focus on your deen. Obviously, it is crude and harsh that some individuals may suffer and go through some hardship. But the opposite of how many will the influx of the individuals who returned back to the deen of Allah subhanaw taala outweighs those few individuals who need to go through that hardship even that hardship for them is lifted, it becomes a form of rasa ease for them and their sins and they are purified for the mistakes they may have

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possibly made upon this dunya likewise, you find in a Latino color buena LA for Mr. Como tetanus Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah azza wa jal while I'm sure Belgian neti neti couldn't come to I do not know how to do, Farah, Luca sorry glad tidings in the lovely Nakamura buena la Soma, Stockholm, those people who stay alone is Allah Subhana Allah then they remain steadfast upon that. And then the angels come down upon them and say, Don't fear don't grieve, while I'm sure we'll have glad tidings of Paradise because of what you used to do. And you find that a man has celibacy whenever you recite this verse, they will ask you Allah give me Make me upon st karma make me steadfast make

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me a derivative of love. And every time we came across these bars, give me a comma. That is the way of a believer to ask a last contact to make us amongst those individuals who are guided and firm upon the path of a Muslim Hannah to Allah. Likewise, you find he made the statement Aloma Antara buena for sukhna comma, Allah you are a load give us provide us give us sustenance because that's what risk is but the risk is asking here is the risk of st karma. So many times we always ask about the dunya we need good in the world. And obviously that's the believer which is acceptable Robin at enough Indonesia has Santa Clara de hacer una joaquina Allah. But a more inner supplication a

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believer is what gives me is the karma. Keep me firm upon the deen of Allah Subhana Allah. Likewise, a similar verse in the lady Nakamura buena LA for Mr. Como Fela homophone la mala homea has a known Allah equals Habu jannetty Holly Dena fee Hi, Jessica and Bhima, Kenya Manu. Once again, the secret in this verse, don't think that his DICOM will be given to you jezza and the Macan yamanouchi reward because of what you used to do, the actions you tried to do in this dunya as the moment has an impossibly highlighted lesson, a man determined me while attending a man isn't just false aspirations that I aspire to have imagine. I don't carry the journey of me and that's what many

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Muslims become that everything about. Islam is inside my heart. My hijab is inside my heart, my bed is inside my heart. My prayers are inside my heart. That's what it's become for many individuals, all type of deviant views. Everybody has their own supplication, their own prayer, whatever they want to do. No, it's according to whatever the Quran highlights and explained by the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, and likewise define the order given to the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam for stocking up on the earth for stocking amid in he remains steadfast with the commandments which have been given to you. This verse inside Surah Hood when it was sent down you

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find it the feed is mentioned by mom so you defeated women for Shabbat The Who? Were to her Surah Hood, the 11th chapter has Jenny made my hair go gray go white. How's that possible the meaning of the Quran made the hair of the Prophet Magnusson go gray go white collar. Shabbat neihu hood and his sister sutras. Study the suit is talking about the final day the country

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calamities the destruction the heart you can begin to take place. Likewise among the highlights as well from our Iago Hagen. After the surah was sent down the Prophet Mohammed was never seen laughing after that day wasn't seen laughing. And remember the Prophet Muhammad only laugh on real occasions that you could visualize his back teeth on certain occasions. As for many of us today, we become an oma of just entertainment. That's all that we think about. How can we just enjoy yourself enjoy our lives, the oma doesn't have time to enjoy itself anymore. The actions of yesterday day before yesterday of what 200 and so on, individuals have just been totally annihilated taken away. We don't

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we don't cry. We don't think about these calamities. All that we think about how 1000s and get together and clap their hands and rejoice together and chant the name of Allah Subhana Allah Sing praises regarding the Prophet Mohammed says it's all a misunderstanding of Deen of Allah Subhana Allah doesn't mean we don't have an entertainment that is time for entertainment. According to the Quran and the Sunnah. There is entertainment, but become an omen of just law of play and amusement shows the downfall in the bad state of this Muslim Ummah, that this has given preference over returning back and establishing the deen of Allah Subhana Allah was talking about while at the top

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of our home. Our desire is what takes many of us away, remain steadfast on the path of Allah Subhana Allah, while at the tibia well don't fall into false desires, temptations that take place around you, once again a commandment given to the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, what is the meaning of at least the karma lemma talked about? allistic karma and karma Allah towhee to remain firm upon the belief in the oneness of Allah Subhana Allah Lam you Shri Kabila he shall never associate any partners with Allah Subhana Allah estacado Allah for those individuals who remain stagnant upon the fora obligatory actions. That's what many of us we get excited we begin to talk about tertiary

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issues and other issues we begin to get so worried about them get so frantic about individuals, if the hijab sizes right in their trousers correctly, this right that No, these are important issues, there's no doubt about it. But make turbie of your own self don't become so focusing upon the external you forget the core elements within you. Because eventually over time, if you're not rectified purified inside your heart and focus and devoted to extend it will begin to crumble very quickly. And we see that visually many times brothers who've been around us, who've grown their beard and remain upon the center after a month or so month to fit and come and everything is taken

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away from her to such a degree a lot kind of protect us they don't even pray five times a day. That's how bad it becomes a certain individuals is that how weak your immune has become. Try to focus make turbie of your immune to be focused and stagnant upon Easter como Allah fara in the obligatory actions that you have to do. And we know that the basic obligatory actions living in the West are difficult. We're not living in a Muslim arena, whereby in a Muslim arena you can just stop and get up and pray whenever you want to pray No one can stop you walking over you want to walk in dressed whenever you want to go for Juma and no one can really stop in a Muslim man, no matter how

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corrupt they may be. They still that freedom that exists there no matter what anyone highlights because Hamlet traveled through the Muslim nuns is quite visible. But here you find more and more than that. The difficulties that begin to take place are people trying to display the deen of simple basic things that every single Muslim should be doing is no difference of opinion. But people are beginning to shy away from them. And not remaining firm and steadfast upon the deen of Allah Subhana Allah. Likewise, finally stick karma here yes with an insane Allah Sheree as Allah is the karma to keep you so firm upon the Sheree of Allah Subhana Allah, we're calling Allah unlisted karma Loompa

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delay Subhana Allah, The meaning is the karma is Lulu holdfast remained committed upon tatula his 100 Allah, obedience towards Allah Subhana Allah, the order remaining steadfast is not just for the Prophet Mohammed Salah is for all of us, as an individual came and asked this question. Only fill Islamic colon less than Hydra. Give me one statement. Give me one statement your Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam that I cannot ask any other individual caller, the prophet Mohammed made the statement. I meant to belay for Mr. Pym, say I believe in Allah Subhana Allah fomos doctrine remain steadfast upon and had the, in the sight of a Muslim. So once again, belief and what action that is

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the way of Islam that's the web listener you believe. And then you follow that up with actions is the way and the belief of Alison nativa, Gemma, and very quickly ways of remaining steadfast because that's just the macadam of the trials and tribulations. How can we practically remain steadfast upon the deen of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah may have collected various forms, overland Allah compared to Al Quran Firstly, to take from the Quran to reflect over the Quran to drink from the Quran the found in the Quran, whereby many 1000s of memorizing a Nasheed memorizing this that and the other than the book of Allah Subhana Allah, recite the book of Allah and Allah study it read it to see understand

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the irony, the meanings of the word, the possible meanings of the words of Allah Subhana Allah will call a Latina truffle Lola New Zealand Quran Jonathan wahida the disbelievers say why does it look uncommitted

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Do Fatima Haider in one revelation that the previous books came down? Why did they alika we looked a bit a bit He added that we may make make your heart steadfast jasola make your heart firm that's what the Quran has been sent down it to the road in steps in stages to strengthen your heart. That's the reading the Quran from the beginning and all the way to the end, strengthen Jihad begin once again. Don't complete the citation and close the book of Allah spandana kita bla bla

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bla bla moon for the book of Allah subhanaw taala behind the backs as if they don't know the book is not just for Ramadan throughout your life. Shadow Ramadan and lady on Xena feel Quran houden leanness, Oba unity minion who devil for con. This is a book of Allah and Allah sent down for what purpose? guidance for mankind, not guidance for the dead individuals for the living individuals. Take from the Quran, not just in the month of Ramadan, but outside the month of Ramadan, or attend the hooter Tila Anika is sent down a form of 13 Walia to NACA be Masonic legit NACA will help Western Sierra who is an active Sierra, we don't bring any parallel but we bring a better parable

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forward. In this example inside the Quran the word of Allah Subhana Allah likewise was stuck in Cana Amir remains steadfast and be commanded to do so. Mmm Sophia and authority highlights is stuck in animal Quran remains steadfast upon the Quran, returned back to the verses of Allah Subhana Allah. And the greatest lessons that you find inside the Koran is what is classified as constitution. ambia which had never been conceived is written a whole book keytab talking about stories of the prophets, because in the stories of the prophets, you find everything that individually is searching for whatever you may be thinking about trials and tribulations. They're petty, they're minor compared to

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what the ambia went through. wakulla nakasu Allah come in and by Russell man who's a bit too big for added every time we narrate the story that profits down to you is to strengthen your heart. Go back and read Osasuna been read the stories of the prophets cosas will ambia read the stories about them and the calamities that they went through? Beginning with Ibrahim Ali Salaam Ibrahim attento mutton, Ibrahim Ali Silla was one man one nation. You know sometimes there is perception you need many individuals create enuma there will be times in his Muslim ummah. One man will come one nation, Abubakar Siddique was one man became one nation one law he lokasi lendermon for Rockabye no Salah T

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was occur, I will fight those individuals make a distinction between the prayer and does occur. And likewise, Mr. Ashman who people champion his cause of being a listener, why is he classified as a listener? Why, on that day of the missioner, the Inquisition, the Phaeton the trials and tribulations, many of them have had Nabila, they gave up they took a backward stance, but he's remained steadfast. One man changed the course of this nation. So don't ever think you need a group image more than one. One early one scholar, take a stance take the whole stances Muslim woman to highlight this is what needs to be done to return back to the cause of Allah Subhana Allah, we find

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Ibrahim Ali Salam Hello, hello Riku one pseudo earlier to come in contemporarily they said burn him. Throw him inside the fire if you want to rescue your gods. And what happened to Ibrahim Ali someone is thrown inside the fire. lacuna Yana Cooney burn the masala man ally Brahim became peaceful. For Ibrahim al Islam the best days of diversity they write the best days of his life. His narration need to be checked but the meaning is there. The best days of his life were inside the fire, rejoicing inside when he hit the fire. Remaining wakulla yanari Leonardo Cooney burden was Salam O Allah Ibrahim, this was Abraham Allison went through he was thrown into the fire this fire you find or

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eliminate the fire see the highlight these will first individually invent the catapult he was thrown. Even a bird flying over the fire were roasted, were burned alive, but he hit the fire and Allah Allah removed the sudden of burning and made it something peaceful for Ibrahim Ali Salam. Likewise, we find Musa alayhis salaam, Fela Mathura, Germany call us have most indelible dracoon color color in an era

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when they saw the two groups coming to overtake musala samis followers, what happened? The inner quivered, they crumble, they melted. They said inala Mudra cool we're going to be overtaken Look at the face of musasa call a killer in America or a big Navy with me is my Lord and He will guide us after everything that took place when Israel still crumble. They gave up the Eman but Musa and Islam was firm upon his email use of Alison the greatest lessons that you find the 12 chapter of the Quran. Right from the beginning you find nothing una casa la casa and apostasy Bhima or hyena ilica had the Quran. Indeed the best of the stories we mentioned the Quran, occur inside the surah of the

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12th Chapter The Quran surah Yusuf. Likewise the end laqad can have a process for him to lead and indeed in their stories is an elaborate lesson for you. And this surah was sent down in the year of Amazon the year of grief to highlight to the Prophet Mohammed summed up all the grief that you've gone through the difficulties you've gone through. Look at the story of use of Allison. I'm the only student

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And right from the beginning to the end following one same story from the beginning to the end and a few are yet inside the end talking about some other issues but a generally a complete surah. So every time your Eman is taken away you feel sad. You're feeling down and you find lots and don't grieve, as someone that may have written reseller such work title but such focuses on realism as in people of great uni focus and unique devotion that you find thirdly we find a door a door in Allah Subhana Allah such application Robin Allah to sepuluh bonobo it had a tener habla Namenda Doom kurama inaka until Wahab Robin Africa sobre was a bit of dominance una comida fury in South Sudan

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mucho liberal colusa bit kalbi Ana de yamasa, reefer calusa with called the other party excessive to Arab, the prophet Mohammed Hassan and he would say don't even leave me for the blinking of an eye we get left for many hours, and we go off the path of Allah, Allah and that was the Prophet of Allah subhanho wa sallam asking such application remaining firm keep me firm and steadfast upon the deen of Allah subhanaw taala Thirdly, we find a full fledged dhikr of Allah, the decree of Allah Subhana Allah Yeah, you're letting me know either lucky to attend first boo. Once Kuru la casa de la la come to flee when these are inside. suta Nisa took about a year to jihad. You meet the enemy, remain firm

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upon the vicar of Allah Subhana Allah. So we're not in Jihad at the moment, outside the days of jihad, what do you find even more, become firm upon the dhikr of Allah Subhana Allah, that Allah Subhana Allah will make you successful, which many of us have forgotten. You find many a hadith keep your tongue moist to the dhikr of Allah Subhana Allah, whenever you remember Allah Subhana Allah, many of us have become full of academia Subhan Allah will be Hamdi subhana wa are the column attorney fee for attorney Habib attorney Laura man, tequila attorney attorneys in all these ahaadeeth they just go over a mind we don't pay attention to them. We think it's got something to do

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with the with the subwoofer sufia whatever it no is the wave and so not to say La La La La La La La La La quwata illa Billah Kansan consume in canoes agenda for Monza treasures of Paradise, to say the kelemen to say some panda let's say Alhamdulillah say hello Akbar. That's the way the believer make dhikr of Allah, Allah after the prayer, when you go to sleep, walk in the marketplace, wherever you are, that is revival of the Quran make you firm upon the way of Allah Subhana Allah and likewise you find for free mama Sita, Mama so Dara is Allah Subhana Allah to give that right Allah Subhana Allah, when you call people to the way of Allah Subhana Allah, it's not about winning the argument or

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convincing individually. Every time you preach the deen of Allah Subhana Allah it's a reflection of your own self, because that's what Islam teaches us. I told us individually to do something to do it myself. Do I stablish the reading the Quran in my own life, do I make victory my own life to establish a pseudonym online that's what Islam is. That's why that always encouraged by the alumna, encouraged by the Quran as well Sally Delica further was talking about Ahmed and likewise go out and cool to people invite people and then remain steadfast upon that in who are illogical in Al Amin. Indeed, this is nothing but advocate for all of the words dementia, I mean, come as to him, once

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again, whoever wants to become steadfast. So way of becoming steadfast is giving the dhikr of Allah Subhana Allah giving people the reader the admonition the reminder to remind them hon macrofauna here and in monka, Audrina good forbidding the evil or the lsvt or applicable Hekmati. bellmawr edited hacer una vida de l'homme bility acen cool to the wave of last panda I would say preaching admonition and debate with them in a good way. These are the talking about whom talking about an Ott of the People of the Book which I didn't build let he acid think about the Muslim Omar the Muslims around you how you supposed to debate with them be rude harsh, make the clear upon them, make a make

00:33:41--> 00:34:16

them as innovators, take them away from the powerful not kind of throw them in the Hellfire now cool to the wave of love. And I will say preaching admonition, remind them it will stem from your own Deen and make you think that I need to become those individuals who practice what I preached you need to other individuals. And in conclusion we find with a bit of love and Edina Avenue, once again we make that part a lot kind of make you firm inside this dunya and inside the Akira but the most important, important Pinnacle point is blessing from Allah Subhana Allah never ever think that you remaining firm remaining steadfast is from your own self. Even the Prophet Muhammad's Islam you find

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inside the Quran, Walla Walla Walla Walla answer but NACA laqad, kita, Turku, lmJ and calida if we hadn't made you steadfast, you would have slightly inclined towards the disbelievers towards the Quran in the temptations that they were trying to offer towards you. But we made you firm and steadfast. So likewise, the way of the believer is always to think you're gonna make me steadfast, not for the sake of people sake of humanity but for your own sake, that when you return back to lost contact with a convinced Sally with a pure heart with devotion and commitment, what Allah Allah wants from us, his foot kuwahara mustapa last panda as much as you can. That is a key secret for the

00:34:55--> 00:34:59

believer. If you develop that envelope that inside your life that wherever you are you tried to

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focus upon fearing I'm not spending as much as you can, you'll be successful wherever you go, and you will be upon Easter karma. Remember, there is no obedience to the creation at the expense of disobeying Allah Subhana Allah La ilaha maroof there is only obedience in the good things that will make you become steadfast. And we have to face these challenges. And as I began remain the challenges are very small and petty, but they become very difficult for us to overcome to stop and to pray and to express ourself to non Muslim what our belief is what it entails the way that we need to dress the way we need to behave. But if you remain focused and left handed, we'll open up the

00:35:35--> 00:35:43

doors as you find inside the Quran, Allah, Allah Allahu makaya while you're looking at omega tawakkol alimony for

00:35:44--> 00:36:06

whoever phase Allah and Allah Allah will provide a way out for the individual will provide a way out for the individual, it will only be a matter of time. May Allah handle In conclusion, give us all the trophy can ability to remain steadfast upon the deen of Allah and Allah and I pray that Allah lifts us up from this world in a state of focus and devotion, and makes us return back to love panduranga pure and ascend heart Baraka lofi come inshallah.