Allah is Al ‘Afuww (The Pardoner, The Eliminator of Sins)

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he used to make one bla bla every night. As a matter of fact I

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said to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam rasulillah messenger of Allah. If I call inside with Layla and we know that

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is one of the occasions when the doula is accepted, what I call inside with Layla rasulillah, which should I make, call

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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to him,

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you love to do our

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brothers and sisters in Islam is small law, a law firm, the name

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the proper noun of Allah, Allah foo

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occurred in the Quran five times.

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Four of them paved with a foo

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or foo, foo.

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foo, foo.

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And one time with a Raheem with a 31 khudiram with a poodle.

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So when you pay a laugh, we'll film together. That means there are two different things.

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As a matter of fact, when you look for a translation, for that,

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I tell you, there is no equivalent to it in English, because that name does not exist.

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This act only exists in Islam. The act of love.

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Look the translation. Oh Allah. Forgive.

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You love to forgive. That's one translation you will find Forgive me another way. You are the partner, the partner from Pardon me.

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Forget it.

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Forget it. That is not

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the point I'm trying to make is if Allah subhanaw taala paid you and a couple good together

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then they have two different meanings. There is a difference between a laugh and there is a difference between him and Farah what is the difference? Here it is.

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When Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and his companion Abu Bakr should be

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above your loved one.

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We're hiding in the cave.

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While migrating to Medina

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a smell of your loved one used to bring food to them.

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The traces of her feet

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would lead the foot for the non Muslims to the hiding place.

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Safe to

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someone who works for him. Yeah.

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Bring the flock of Shi

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Fu after a smell erase the footsteps of asthma have a hula hoop

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you something to the extent z retraces left

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Ella for is to cover it for you

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to cover but still there in the books.

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And in the Day of Judgment you will be asked about the sin. One the Hadith Yes, Allah will forgive it for you. We hope so now you are

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we have a beautiful

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Hadith Abdullah Omar

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Muslim, a famous Hadith is titled Howdy.

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When natural killer coffee in Nigeria is a private conversation,

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a law will speak to each one of us.

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Each one of us

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a law called the believer

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while he can suffer

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and he will feel him

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while he was sick,

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he will feel him they believe

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and then He will say to him at 10 kurio mcheza whatever them the cover.

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You remember, in this day you have committed that sin yeah nobody saw you.

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Nobody saw you I saw you look at the believer and say

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you're up I did it.

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And the question will be repeated as many times as sins are present in the book. Allah subhanho wa Taala will say to the slave, sotto la ke dunia I both acted your honor in the duty I did not let people know about it

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when you call a law

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you're not going to be asked about a sin at all

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in some Yari

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Allah subhana wa tada will erase the sin

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will erase it from the memory of the angels will from the memory of

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even you will make you forget it

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because of this draw Allahumma inaka

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to help

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you see is different

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almansa is different Have you ever heard some of the brothers you know the Euro them? So you come to him and brother forgive me?

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Yeah, I will forgive but I will not forget

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heavier muffin This is forgiveness. But forgive and forget

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the race while it Eric is while at home the name of the proper noun

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and the verb Allahu vokera was mentioned in the Quran says

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to age lambda the manager at como una to

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Allah has addressed in various right I saved you from the field. You so the see

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in the levina

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cassava Wallah.

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Boom, indeed those who fled the day afloat

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but a lot more than you

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laugh when you call upon a law brothers and sisters in Islam seeking him ask for laugh. Brothers. Can I tell you something? We learn

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that sometimes for Allah subhanho wa Taala to show you off

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to erase your sins without a trace.

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Are you willing to do

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yourself to the people who wronged you?

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Or you

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I think if you do this, your chances to receive a lot

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Have a really high

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or really high.

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If there is a story if What if you read with a living heart with a living heart if you load up shed tears if you do not cry, there is something wrong with your heart. The story of how the feel of the slander of Isola Bella won.

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Her second cousin

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was one of the people who promoted the rumor against her that she committed adultery.

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His name is Mustafa

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Abu Wakarusa Lee used to provide for him

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used to provide for him he had no job he's to take care of.

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After Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed the Quran regarding the innocence of the mother of the believers

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I will not provide for you anymore

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look at this Ally's asking

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are you too

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Gina fees

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well yeah

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you're not being you're not be someone accuses by a

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and here is a law asking me to foot not only to know

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from the heart

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not to think about it.

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Allah to a Buddha

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I would like it, I will go back and

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look at especially family relations

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overlap the liar a liar is Yahoo Haji

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CFO Haji

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Yeah, you are Lavina Amano. We believe in them as Where do you come? What are the

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some of your family members, your spouses, your wives, your children

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are indigenous to you.

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They get you to do bad things.

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Look, look at the verses look over. We're in Tahoe

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how many of us are harboring

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grudges hate

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towards our wives are

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not to forgive. You see, I know you may have forgiven them. That is why you still in the relationship know if you're

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in drama.

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from your heart from your chest, forget it. Let go. Let go brothers and sisters in Islam. And this is a sign of

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a sign of strength strim brothers and sisters in Islam, one of the people Allah subhana wa tada has taken responsibility for he

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is the one who performed the act of

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famine under the context of the verse by the way, if someone was

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someone who was accused of fees, famine, NAFTA, US law,

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Whoever shows up is the world with Allah. Now for the people.

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One of the ways to receive that our brothers and sisters in Islam is to show it show mercy, show forgiveness show up. So you will be shown it