Road to Return #33 – The Most Important Thing is Love

Yahya Ibrahim


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Love is all that matters. that mindset is also something that can lead to a transgression between you and Allah subhana wa to Adam.

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Allah Subhana Allah created mankind and has set for us the balance of life. He has intended for us to follow a course of action which is referred to as a suit often was stuffing the straight path, which is the path that has been tread upon by the nations that came before us. I wouldn't be you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the prophets I seldom said Laila her kanheri her. His way of life is like his day, it's like his night it's bright, it's clear, it's known. Love is something that is pleasing to Allah Subhana Allah. However, false love, infatuation Ah, and sinful passion is not. Love is always something that is pleasing to Allah because it is fulfilling the aims and the

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obligations that he has set for his creation humanity subhanho wa Taala. However, the fulfillment of desire and the sexual carnal needs that a person might have that that is all that it matters. And if that is the way the word love is defined, then it will be something that causes transgression and imbalance. I want you to know as a Muslim, you cannot just choose who you want. Without the guiding light of the Quran. You cannot build illegitimate relationships that are not accepted within our framework as Muslims and expect it to be blessed by Allah Subhana Allah to honor now of course, in any free society, in any free country, you're welcome to build whatever relationships you want, but

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that will never be seen as legitimate in the laws of the law of us as Muslims, and in the blessed lifestyle that was taught to us of our nebbia Mohammed Salah Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and therefore save yourself the pain. Save yourself the trouble of becoming emotionally attached May Allah protect you are becoming even physically attached to another individual in a way that is not pleasing to Allah. Xena has certain steps that arrives at as haraam and I want to speak to you about a powerful Hadith of the prophets I seldom where he said Li nanny has neon was in our home another the eyes commit fornication adultery before any other part of the body and their eyes commit that

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Xena and it's that of looking see you know people describe oh she gave me that look or he our eyes caught from across the room. That's one thing and then the prophets I send them said well we'll do nanny is neon was he now Homer the stima the IRS commit Zina and there's Xena is listening to other things that are being told, well femoral yesterday was in our whole column, and that the mouth commit Zina and Xena his words. And therefore now you're seeing the site and the hearing and the words begin to build an emotional attachment between people. There's nothing wrong that you've seen someone that you're inspired by you're interested in or sexually desire or find attractive. That's

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not the thing that's an issue. The issue is then seeking to observe of them that which you should not see seeking to converse with them in a way that you should not and seeking to listen and hear from them responses that are going to lead you down a path that is not going to make you happy and productive as a believer in Allah subhanho wa Taala then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said we're originally tested he was in a hellhole. After the eyes and the ears and the mouth. The legs commit Zina and their Xena is carrying you to a place of isolation and sinfulness. The prophets I sell themselves in a separate head Eve never is a man and woman never are two people who are

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attracted to each other, finding themselves in a place of seclusion, except that the third partner unseen to them is the shaitan never do you desire someone and they text you and say would you like to meet you meet up with them. But don't tell people we're going to go to a different part of the city we're going to a different place or Let's meet up where other people don't know where we are, except that the shaitaan accompanies you in that journey. The Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam also warned us about a lot. undue mixing, going to places where people are just mixing in parties and atmospheres that are not conducive to you remembering the places that are blessing for us where

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we can meet and be introduced to righteous pious souls that can be attractive to us in the right times. Leading us down to

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righteous path of marriage and happiness. And therefore these are important statements, the eyes, the ears, the mouth, the legs. And then the Prophet said, Well, he doesn't he was in a hell patch. And then fifth the hand commit Zina and Xena is touch. And then finally well Forge, the privates are going to confirm all of those steps that have led you down to a place that will lower your inhibitions, lower your time, lower your patience in holding fast to the importance of abstinence for us as Muslims, and you may fall into the major sin. A prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam described it as one of the seven fatal sins that a person can commit. And I want you to know that

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there are many societies where there is unhindered uninhibited regulations as it relates to promiscuous sexual activity. There's these you know, premises that you know that to, to let your body be used and to use another person's body in a one night stand. And, you know, to just, it's just about fun, and it's just, we're just here to enjoy the moment. And we're not complete yet. And, you know, I don't want all the responsibility of it. All of that is a transgression and counter to the way you and I as Muslims, view the world, there is no greater honor than you and I protect past our faith in Allah than the honor of our body, the sacredness of our body, that we reserve it to

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that which is halaal, that we enjoy the halon with those who are destined to be our life partners in this life, and hopefully into the next life, that we pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala protects our chastity and know that sexual desire is found in this all and whether it is a sexual desire of somebody in the opposite sex or a same sex, sexual desire have a homosexual leaning, all of that is something that is governed under the same principle. All of us have to restrict our carnal urges and fight against that which is seen as immoral and sinful and outside the laws of Islam. And therefore it's important for us to understand love is not just love and love is not that what it's all about.

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And love is important. But love is only true when it is pleasing and meeting the outcomes that Allah has set for us. Subhana Allah to Allah, and anything past that is a transgression against Allah, and against the tradition of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam May Allah subhanho wa Taala guide your heart to fulfilling your emotional, spiritual and physical needs in holy matrimony and in that which is pleasing to Allah And may Allah turn your heart away from frivolous in fatuous ah and sinful, untrue love that as it is claimed, that is temporary and temporal that is not confined by responsibility and the trueness of obligation towards each other in the sight of Allah.

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May Allah open and cure our hearts Allahumma amin And may Allah subhanho wa Taala guide our hearts to that which is pleasing to Him. Always