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AI: Summary © The representatives from Muslim Central discuss various topics including a man named Noah who runs away from public promises and a woman named Hope who is being punished for disrespect. They also talk about the prophets of Islam, including Hope's teachings and the woman who claims to have killed the gods. Additionally, they mention a woman named Holly who faced charges for disrespecting her husband.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah put on weekly This is Dr. Nasir Jenga coming back to you with another installment another episode of the stories of the prophets and exclusive Koran weekly series. Today we're going to be talking about new alehissalaam the Prophet Noah, may Allah subhanho wa Taala shower his peace and blessings upon him, you know, new heiligen cylinders, entire sutra and the Quran surah number 71 that is dedicated to the story of new heiligen salaam, but he is brought up and mentioned that other places in the Quran what I will talk to you about today, one particular event or one particular theme from the life the story of new Heidegger's Salaam, that I particularly

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find very insightful, very thought provoking and personally speaking, very motivating, very inspiring. And that is mentioned in Surah number 71. You know, one very special characteristic and trait of new highly solemn, was just his sheer determination, his perseverance, his resolve his determination, he just could not be deterred from the task that Allah had given to him. And that's actually a quality all profits exhibit. But our last panel it specifically mentions this about new Holly Solomon pointed out to us in sort of number 71 sudo sudo, the sudo named after New Holly Salaam surah Noor, Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us about Mohali salam, what he says to Allah about

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how his mission is going. So understand. Let me set the scene. Allah Spano tala sends him to his people, new highs, new Holly salam, by the way, preaches to his people for 950 years. Allah says in the Quran 1000 minus 50 to make us understand that it was almost practically 1000 years that he preached to his people for and knew holla his Salam is giving a status report. He's updating a loss portal on his progress, accountability to Allah. And he says Allah He said Robbie in need out to call me Laila. And when I heard on, my Lord, my master, I have called my people night and day in either out to call me Nayland manoharan I've called them to you or Allah. I've called my people to

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you to believe in you and Islam, night and day Laila and when I heard on Philomena z the Hindu IE in love Iran, but the more I call them, my calling them only increases them increases them in running away, meaning the more I call them, the more they run away from me, the farther they run from me, the harder they run away from me, we're in equal the mother out of the talk funeral home, Dr. Lou asabi I want to add on him, and every single time I call them so that you can forgive them a la jolla casabianca Danny him, they put their fingers in their ears in front of me, will still show Thea boom. And they take their clothes and they cover up their faces to ignore me in front of me.

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While Sadhguru was stuck, borrow, stick borrow. While Saru and they keep doing this over and over again, we're stuck but we'll stick around. And they are extremely arrogant, conceited. Just just very, very disrespectful with me. Through my you need to run. So then I continued calling them and I called them out in public meaning I give them dry and public. Summer in the island to the home was thrown to the home is run and I make public announcements. I call to them individually privately. Is that is what I think we'll work with them. For two stockfeed Rebecca Mina who cannot afford Oh, and what do I say when I call out to them? Are they not listening because I'm rude. I'm abrasive. I'm

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not delivering the message properly. No. I tell them it's a fedora. Come Listen, y'all don't owe me anything. repent to Allah in the who can have a photo. He's extremely Forgiving and Merciful. You're silly Samar, la comida. Aurora, if you turn back and repent to Allah, He will shower his blessings upon you. He will make it rain down upon you abundantly so that everything grows and life is flourishing all around you. Well you did a combi and while you were Bernina wage, Allah congenita in wage Allah caminhada He will give you wealth he will give you children he will give you families, He will bless you in wealth, and He will bless you in rivers, gardens, fruits, everything will flourish

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and grow abundantly around you. And then he says I've been reasoned with them. Malecon latur una De La Hoya cara, why is it that you don't have

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Any hope in Allah that Allah will take care of you? What are the Hala Kakuma Torah even though he created you so perfectly so beautifully? a lantern okay for Kala Kala huzzah Martin Tribeca. Don't you see that Allah has created the skies so magnificently, so beautifully. With a little farmer Rafi in a new era, he put the moon in the sky as an illuminating light, like a nightlight at dark in the night, which Allah Shem says he Raja and he made the the sun like a burning Lantern, a candle that illuminates everything around it will love one better communal Adina bata, and he makes vegetation grow out from the earth for you. So my your angel confy ha, where you could you come is Raja, and

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that same Earth one day Allah will put you back in that Earth and you will bring you forth from that Earth again. Well, luckily, john Allah, Sato, Allah has spread this earth all beneath your feet, and he has made it available to you lead us Lu, minha, subrule and fija. So that you can walk around in this earth as much as you want, and take different paths all throughout this earth. So new Holly Salaam keeps on going, keeps on calling keeps on going, keeps on calling. And you know the prophets a lot he some tells us that at the end of 950 years of preaching and teaching his message, only 80 some odd people believed in him. But new Haile Salaam he did not stop. New holy Salaam did not quit.

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He kept going, the perseverance, the sheer determination of this great messenger and prophet of Allah.

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You know, this reminds me of a very interesting story, a lesson we can learn from this. It almost makes me laugh remembering this incident. I was sitting with one of my teachers, one of our most senior teachers, and

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we were sitting with them and somebody came to him and was talking about some people and saying that, you know, share these people are bad and they're terrible. And pray that Allah curses these people, he destroys these people just very furious, very angry.

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And my teacher said to him, he advised him he said, you know, instead of praying that Allah destroys them, wouldn't it be a lot better to pray that Allah guides them to the truth to what's right. And he said, Yeah, but she didn't even know Holly said I'm pray that Allah would destroy his people. And my teacher said something very insightful, very interesting. He said, No, Holly Salaam did eventually pray to Allah to destroy these people. But that's after he called them to Allah, non stop day and night privately publicly, as you just heard from the Quran, after he called his people to Allah, for 950 years, he slaved away he sacrificed, kept calling them to Allah. Then after at the

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end of all of that, he prayed to Allah for the destruction of his people. And then my chef said to the guy, he said, Now you go, give Dawa for 950 years and when you're done, you come back to me and we'll definitely make dua together against these people. So a little bit of a lesson some food for thought from the beautiful powerful story of no Holly hits a lambda Prophet Noah may have lost peace and blessings be upon him. Until next time, on weekly. This is stories of the prophets of the Nasir Jenga signing out. I'll see y'all next time was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah

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Salam are they going to log on weekly? Currently in the woods, the Quran Weekly team has kidnapped me. I'm not really sure where I'm at. There's no cell phone reception here. If somebody is watching this video, please help me. I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to do right now, but please help me.

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Prophet Nuh (alayhis-salam) called his people to Islam for 950 years! He was patient with them longer than we can ever imagine. Video by Sh. Abdul Nasir Jangda

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